Robert Scoble
Fun video made with Google Latitude -- when is iPhone version coming? Friendfeeders will enjoy this one. -
Neat video from the folks at Google. Google Latitude is quite nice, but one problem: it crashes on my Nokia phone because of a bug with too many friends. It looks like they might have fixed that, at least on Android. I gotta get myself a G Phone. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Fun thing is this video is fake. You can spell out anything you want (click on create). Heheh. - Robert Scoble
aww thanks for spoiling the secret robert ;-) - Chris Heath
Fake or not it's a fun concept. - Brian Acklen
Chris: I'm a spoilsport. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
somebody has an imagination! - tom
agreed Brian - Chris Heath
Hah! That's fantastic. - Jeffrey Marsh
rad! waiting anxiously for the iPhone version... - metalerik
...just reminds you of how cool a city San Francisco is! - .LAG liked that
didn't google say that an iphone app would probably never come out w/o apple's special approval (because it needs to background and even the new 3.0 firmware won't allow what latitude needs)?? ... all because of battery life, right? - Chris Heath
the "fakery" is all my fault (and without the knowledge or endorsement of the Latitude folks, btw). I actually think it's pretty darn clever and funny how they created this viral option. It got me to "make" and send videos not only to Friendfeed, but also to a bunch of friends, too. :) - Adam Lasnik
Man, I almost didn't click this link to see this cool video, even if it's fake. Too good. - Kevin Elliott
This is really cute!!!!!! LOVE it - Thanks @Adam :) you guys rock!! - Susan Beebe
When I read the headline, I thought Google had launched a competitor to Seesmic with geodata! - Pat Hawks
Hey Matt, I swear I'm not meaning this as a "did you plug it in?" prompt, but... sometimes it can be easy forget to turn GPS on on the G1 (I don't think it's the default). Have you checked? It may just be using (much less accurate) non-GPS methods of determining location. - Adam Lasnik