Robert Scoble
What to do if you see friendfeed spam (you are part of the solution, please help):
1. Report it to the friendfeed spam group: - Robert Scoble
2. Delete the spam, if it is underneath your item (only you and the friendfeed team can delete items underneath items you start, so if spam shows up here, for instance, I would have to delete it). - Robert Scoble
3. Block the user. Blocking the user reduces the surface that they can attack. It guarantees you won't see them anymore and it guarantees that they can't see you, so they won't be able to post more spam on your items. - Robert Scoble
I'd say to tell your users to block the account too, but that will give some accounts attention that they want. Plus, by this time the friendfeed team usually has removed the account anyway. - Robert Scoble
Anything else we should do? - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed's usually fast enough dealing with it that even blocking the user is unnecessary. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: true, but it's an extra defense just in case friendfeed can't delete the account fast for some reason. - Robert Scoble
I personally don't block the user because I want to be able to check that they have in fact been removed. If they haven't (FF staff isn't omnipotent after all) I report the user again. - FFing Enigma
Either unsub from the person totally or move them to personal if they post a mixture of spam and good stuff. - Dan owns
send warning to friends - Lorenzo Strambi
I would recommended hunting them down and making them pay.. but hey that's just me. - Terry Bruce
Dan: I have a zero tolerance level for spam. If they are a normal user and perform spam-like behaviors I'll send them a note explaining that they are close to being blocked. - Robert Scoble
I block spammers to ensure that my friends/followers/stalkers/subscribers don't see more of that stuff. - Robert Scoble
I wonder what (if anything) Twitter are planning to do about spam. - Rich
You could also point out to them they're much more likely to be successful on Twitter... ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
As this spam war escalates (and it almost surely will) - it would help us all if FF introduced a method (maybe a link?) attached to a post or comment to automatically report spam. The current method is way to cumbersome. - Brian Sullivan
Rich: Fred Wilson, who invested in Twitter, told me this morning that they have a team working on solutions. Friendfeed is more resistant to it because of the decentralized moderation feature here and because a block removes them from the search engine too. - Robert Scoble
I agree Brian - that would be useful. - Rich
That's useful to know Robert. Surely a spam button on Twitter wouldn't be too difficult... - Rich
Then again, I suppose that it's about reducing the motivation to spam, rather than trying to stop it once it's happened. There is little to no spam on StackOverflow for instance, as the motivation is low - things get removed almost instantly. - Rich
1. Block spammer 2. inform friends 3. ask FF for a spam figure that applies 3 strikes and you're out rule. If person is reported for spam by x number of users, the person's account is suspended. If FF proves it is a spammer - black list them and put them on the Wall of Shame ;) - Shane
@Robert - tell you how slow I am - I didn't even think of sending them a DM. My personal listing is a pile of people who post occasional spam or nudity pictures. Since my students go here, I have to make sure my main feed is 100% professional all the time. I'll see what happens. If people get a DM from me, it's cause I need to keep my main feed 100% professional all the time. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it. - Dan owns
I don't quite get what telling your friends/subscribers is supposed to accomplish. If they see the spam, and it's spam, they'll know it's spam, and they'll block/report it. If they don't see it, what does pointing it out to them accomplish other than spamming them? - Ken Sheppardson
Rich: each person here on friendfeed has his/her own community. So if everyone blocks spammers that removes most of the motivation. Let's say I want to participate with you and talk with your community, I won't do stuff that pisses you off to the point that you block me. This is why friendfeed is resistant to spam -- we both have our fingers on the community equivilent of nuclear weapons. Use them sparingly. :-) - Robert Scoble
Maybe services should build a distrubuted blacklist for usernames/content. Posting x on here, where x turns out to be spam means that posting x anywhere is auto marked as spam. Bit like askimet in fact. - Rich
That's very true. - Rich
Ken: by telling me I can block the person too, which will reduce the attack surface available to a spammer. - Robert Scoble
Start by defining spam. - lisa padilla
You know it when you see it! - Rich
lisa, usually it's obvious. The same exact comment appears on a bunch of unrelated items. - Bruce Lewis
Robert: Then maybe the trick is to suggest people subscribe to, so if they want to pre-emptively block spam, they get the centralized reports. - Ken Sheppardson
Points taken. - lisa padilla
lisa: that's another reason to talk to your community about it. Your community will tell you if you are judging wrongly. But Ken has the good solution. If you post in the friendfeed spam group then your community can see it and block it and talk about it. - Robert Scoble
Keeping the discussion in the spam group seems preferable to me because then people who want to see discussions about spam can see it... some of whom might not be following you.. and people who don't want to don't have to see it. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: good point, I agree that that's a better solution. By posting in the spam group you let those who care about the issue know. - Robert Scoble
hide it - andy brudtkuhl
Ok for me (as n00b) I need Spam clarifeid/defined in this space. I've had blatant sale stuff tossed my way already. But since I'm just figuring out how to cross the feeds- and not really used to the way they feed, I don't know if my FB post of "< I > is under caffenated." is noise and not signal. FB friends its sort of expected. Here its more content oriented. Is noise = spam? - moon_shadow70
No, noise isn't spam. When you make a post about X and someone you don't know makes a comment "Come by shoe warehouse for all your shoe needs URL" that's drive by commenting spam. Usually the obvious spam isn't what people post to FF, it's comment spam on other people's posts. - FFing Enigma
A balanced responses really hinges on what one considers spam, Scoble - I believe the case that your rreferring to would not be considered traditional "spam" however, when for you and your FF community & when uit came to your response you acteed appropriately/proportionately/ and professionally. Sincerely, I applaud you for acting as such, it was more then deserved on the receiving end. - sofarsoShawn