Robert Scoble
I already have a Kindle. Bigger one? I would like it with a color screen, but not for reading books. What for? Answer here:
I want to hang a few computers on my wall, whch would pull down new images and news. - Robert Scoble
I thought about this use case when I saw TechCrunch's CrunchPad. The new Kindle looks very cool, but I want one with a color screen. Even a black and white one would be cool, though, for things like friendfeed and SkyGrid. - Robert Scoble
Sounds like you want Arrington's CrunchPad of a month-or-so back... - Walter Whinnery
Are you buying a new Kindle? Which one, small or big? - Robert Scoble
You need a bunch of networked picture frames pulling in random images. Imagine a collection of your Flickr friends coming down an presenting you an 'ambient' view of the world--images there when you want to look at them but not requiring you to go find them. - Andrew Leyden
I'd see great uses for them for picture frames or like PADDs on Star Trek, but the price is just too high for that sort of use to catch on. - Talon Lardner
No, iPhone is sufficient for me. Plus, I like the book-smell. - Walter Whinnery
Walter: yes, that is pretty cool, but the Kindle looks thinner, so caught my attention. - Robert Scoble
Like a flat chumby, I like it. - Tony Zito
Are all those Mac rumors going around still about the large touch-screens they've bought? - Walter Whinnery
I have a small one, and would like a bigger screen, but not as big as the prototype they've been showing for reading newspapers. (It's huge.) - RobinDotNet
Hmmm, social networking, friendfeed, twitter, photoediting and upload (sd card slot in the side and gimp onboard?) - Matthew Sauer
If it's going to be that big, it won't fit in my purse, even though my purse is huge. Should do that new OLED(?) technology and let me fold it. - RobinDotNet
I guess there still won't be a Kindle for us over here in - Mike Hellers
It would look pretty in a new Prius? - Mike Lewis
Mike: the larger Kindle is too big. My existing Kindle, however, will fit right in! - Robert Scoble
The thing I worry about with the new Kindle is how it will perform in the bathtub, which is where i usually read the paper and/or magazines. Could be a problem. - Andrew Leyden
waterproof, flexible epaper - that would be the ticket - Iphigenie
Andrew -- I don't think you should drop the old Kindle in the bathtub either. - RobinDotNet
I want it to float. "Zindle" - Elizabeth Hannan
actually since there is no power needed to keep the image, it might survive a soak - Iphigenie
I would like color e-ink. Mostly because I read web design and programming books. Code syntax in different colors is great. and in web/graphic design books, pictures are extremely important. - John Wang
It's a neat Idea, Scobert. Perhaps a slide-out keyboard, so you don't have several keypads visible on your wall. Perhaps have one with a keyboard and networking, and the rest run ad-hoc off that parent screen. It would certainly bring the cost down, and be more practical, in my opinion. - undacted
I'd like the larger Kindle, especially if it supports pen and touch via e-Ink's Broadsheet chipset. Actually, even without pen and touch I'd give it a try. I'm curious to see what content I can create for it and the only way to tell is to get one. - Loren Heiny
If CrunchPad becomes a reality that might be a better option - Kiran Patchigolla
What about that new Fujitsu color e-book reader? - Peter Kelley
Wasn't that Fujitsu e-book a zillion dollars? - Kiran Patchigolla
USD1000 when ordered from Japan: - Peter Kelley
disclosure: I work for Fujitsu though not in hardware - Peter Kelley
Surfing the Web! - TheHenry
Chris: too complex. I just want it up on my with a web browser displayed. - Robert Scoble
Glen: good point, I hadn't looked at picture frames. - Robert Scoble
But, if it does more the let you read books you might as well call it a tablet PC. Then that destroys the purpose of it. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I had a similar thought for my soon-to-be-new home office, using older laptops I have lying around. - Jeff Harbert
We've been using a gen1 kindle, which has been good to us on the whole -- especially for catching up on things when commuting that I never get around to otherwise. To that end, color + larger screen would be great for catching up on comics that I don't have the time for otherwise (having a wife, little kids, and a finite amount of space doesn't provide the option of having a collection of physical comics; so life would be good if I could do some digital subscriptions..) - Marshall Uy Alexander
Well for comic books of course. I already read what digital comics on my computer by physically standing my widescreen monitor on end and it's a pain. - Jason Hammer
@Robert Scoble - If I had the money, I'd have a whole bunch of ~42" flat pannels on my walls, that would pull down new images every so often- and essentially function as digital paintings... (I would love even more to have some beautiful scenes with a little bit of animation in them too) - LarchOye
Comics is the future for the Kindle. Think Big, the movie, and think big, the end result. If Marvel and DC got involved and Amazon brought out a range called Kindle Jr or somesuch with lots of colour options and skins, they'd make an absolute fortune. It wouldn't even have to use the CBR format - they could team up with Marvel/DC and make something unique and privacy free that requires a unique code. It can be done - see World of Warcraft. - Shéa Bennett
What about the PlasticLogic device? Has no-one else really not seen it/heard the hype? Aren't prepared to wait until 2010?? - Tom.Pasley
I'll wait until it comes to where I live! (Canada), and it is way too expensive. I really like the form factor though. I'm not too picky about the color part, although, I'm sure I'll want it once I start using it - Shivanand Velmurugan