Robert Scoble
My big TED idea? Have breakfast with Jeff Sandquist of Microsoft. He gets stuff done. What's your big TED idea?
I won't bring any mosquitos, either! - Robert Scoble
I'm off to NYC this afternoon, too. My big idea there? Answer 300 emails between SFO and JFK. - Robert Scoble
I hope mine is in between those 300 e-mails and not buried under spam! - Andre
Go work for Jeff like I do. - Thomas Lewis
Same as it ever was: Eradicate Poverty by encouraging the TED tribe to get behind as leading model for on the way to in order to incrementally free up human cognition for next stages of human advancement and beyond. Not that such a path is big enough for the likes of This path is far too DOABLE for the perpetually just-out-of-reach, thereby unaccountable crowd. - michael silverton
Thomas: I already did that. He made me do too much. :-) - Robert Scoble
robert - did you hear from anyone at Intuit? They responded directly to me last night... not sure if they responded to you. - Brian Roy
Dump the Big three bailout, I WANT MY DISNEY STYLE MONORAIL! - Darin R. McClure
Steal TED ideas... (nah, kidding:)) - Hector
Brian: I haven't seen a reply yet, but I have a ton of email to go through. - Robert Scoble
michael: that would guarantee even more businesses would leave US. - Robert Scoble
Use Tweetdeck search on TED as a RSS feed. No need to go near TED. - Chris Frost
Chris: no mosquitos, either! I know a guy who got $6 million in VC because he went to TED last year, though. So, there's that. - Robert Scoble
Not fully worked out yet but my TED idea would involve the environment and robots. - Andrew Smith
robert: actually, it's a global agenda; so would they then leave the planet because they can't exist without Poverty? Mission Accomplished! not mission of eliminating business -- puh-lease! -- mission of moving forward beyond our little incubator planet! ;-) - michael silverton
Michael: nice try there, too. But giving out free money increases costs. All you would do if you did that globally is increase poverty around the world. - Robert Scoble
++Awesome Garin - love the meta context as guide-meme! - michael silverton
Create a globally available phycological/lifestyle help/coaching institution or just culture and somehow teach people to recognize when they need it - jay
robert: "free money" is a popular misconception; it's not free, it's the decades and decades of Productivity Dividend returned to stakeholders from which it was extracted and hoarded. TANSTAAFL! There is a serious Journal of Postscarcity Studies being formulated by much more qualified team than us, even as we chat here. Way too complex to engage with using the usual cliche's we'd be tempted to trade here. ;-) - michael silverton
michael: ooottttaaayyy. I live in the world how it is, not how I would love it to be. Glad to talk with you, let me know when your idea turns into reality. - Robert Scoble
robert: (chuckling) you're welcome in advance. that's probably what you would have told me in 1997 when i said, "we need symmetric gigabit ethernet to every home," too. so enjoy the Free Ride we give you in your easy World As It Is while we keep improving it for you. it's always the damned Free Rider problem, people getting something for nothing. "it's the Debil, Bobby Boucher, the Debil!" always fun to touch base, keep on skatin'! ;-) - michael silverton
++ScottBourne! Often the most striking and poignant lessons of all come from such sustained discipline and fascination. Sounds promising! - michael silverton
community currencies on an openmoney platform - any community, any network, any association can create and manage these recirculating currencies as easy as creating egroups on yahoo/google/fb/ff - people/businesses/orgs manage their own accounts like online banking, nobody in the middle to be the deciders, NOT a tax dodge - what's the catch? too good to be true? - ernie yacub
whatever you do, jeff, make sure it's in a place where the world Is As It Is and As It Always Should Be; or robert might get motion sickness from the accelerating change. :-) [i'm *teasing* robert! hope you know by now that i'm an unapologetic fan.] - michael silverton
jeez i show u the next big thing (yo ted u listening?) and all u can think about is food? how u gonna pay for it when the money runs out? - ernie yacub
ps its not a competition, everybody wins. - ernie yacub