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Real-time social wars: where's the money? -
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you're on Posterous now? Wonderful! - follow me will ya! :) - Zee.
the stream is the answer to everything; engagement, monetization, and analytics - khrisloux
I followed you, will you follow me? :-) - Robert Scoble
khrisloux: I disagree. When I am looking for pizza I don't want a stream. I want a list WITH the stream inside. - Robert Scoble
If poss I would like to see FB and Google and not FB against Google ,if they will work one with the other we will all have a better world - Johni Fisher
Jeunelle, I knew I shouldn't have started this. Autofollowing was stupid on Twitter and it'll be stupid here. But I will check you out. - Robert Scoble
Johni: that's not how this will play out. Facebook wants to be the next Google. - Robert Scoble
I followed you immediately Mr Scoble :) - Zee.
It's definitely a crazy space right now. The post helps explain or elaborate (for me) on our very brief conversation from this morning at Shel's. How do you think Google Reader and all the enhancements they've been doing plays into all this. It would seem that they are trying to be more like FriendFeed? - frank barry
Btw...did you know, you can add tags by typing ((tag: abc, def, ghi)) ? i only found that out today... - Zee.
consider that one "pans" the steam for signal/gold, using ones social graph, etc... we should look to turn the stream into a gushing river of data that we ride ... the stream is your friend(feed) :) - khrisloux
frank: Google Reader falls apart for me. They still haven't fixed their speed issues. I hate it. And, anyway, Facebook or Twitter is where I get the news now and it comes in a lot better than Google Reader. - Robert Scoble
khrisloux: I love the stream as much as anyone, but it does not solve all problems. If I want to find a pizza place in Half Moon Bay the stream is worthless. Now, if you give me a list of four pizza places, each with its own stream, now THAT is huge value! - Robert Scoble
Robert : FB are soooo far from Google ,Google knows to make money and FB are far years from that ,if we are talking on the real time - Google is going to win it big ,,, FF is with FB as they understood it 2 months before FB - Johni Fisher
Johni: did you know that Facebook has $500 million in revenues ALREADY per year? Do NOT underestimate this company. It is going all the way. - Robert Scoble
Reader has sped up some with the addition of "PubSubHubbub", but i agree it's not Twitter. Twitter works best for me from a news standpoint. Reader is doing something though. Reader needs some sort of crazy seach or Google needs to push reader "comments", "likes" and "shares" into their search results. - frank barry
[first i think you should go get dinner!] both views are relevant 1) the aggregated stream of "pizza" and 2) the content level stream for each restaurant ... why should i have to filter/sort/read each restaurants stream when i can manipulate a giant river of pizza (data) with the click of a mouse? - khrisloux
Tyson: actually that just creates the necessary ingredients for money. The real money is in Yelp's offers. But those will appear right over the stream. :-) - Robert Scoble
khrisloux: if you give me both we're both happy! :-) - Robert Scoble
ha! only requires global deployment of Echo ;) - khrisloux
So Twitter and Yelp need to meet eachother ... match made in heaven :) - frank barry
frank: yelp and Twitter would be a VERY interesting combination. The problem is @ev wants to be a billionaire and Yelp doesn't have enough money and Twitter doesn't have enough money to buy Yelp. So, I don't think that will happen. - Robert Scoble
The last line of your post astounded me since I wasn't aware that Facebook had hired a former key employee of Google. When you talk about Gmail or the monetization system at Google there's nothing small or insignificant about it. :) - James Stratford
Robert :OHH no I dont underestimate them at all but they are THE social community and far from Google ,yes they are the best and the biggST but in the real time I cant see them doing the war against Wave and the integration with Google reader ,Gmail and Google apps ,and reg the FB revenues its great for them if it will help them as well to get profit from that and not to eat it :-)) - Johni Fisher
Yea, Facebook could gobble up Yelp, but that seems far fetched (though they did buy FriendFeed). I see you're point on how it would need to go down. Maybe Twitter will figure out how to make some $ or get more funding. Possible I guess. - frank barry
Off topic I know, but by the way it's good to see you've adopted Posterous! :) - James Stratford
If Facebook was thinking (which they obviously have been lately) going after Yelp might just make sense. It would be powerful especially with the iPhone (or mobile world) and people on the go. That sort of falls down because of the type of sharing that goes on within FB though. Twitter is much more "open" and the "culture" of the users is more about sharing/giving than I see in FB. Twitter/Yelp wins on use ... let's see if we can make them figure it out =) - frank barry
Johni: Google Wave is too geeky and the interface is too complicated. It won't get mainstream acceptance. - Robert Scoble
Was just looking for your posterous last week. Glad to see you there now. - Katy Barrilleaux
I can't believe I was on before Scoble! - Prokofy Neva
I am relieved to hear you say Google Wave will remain too geeky and not get mainstream acceptance because it is the great destoyer of chronology. You know how time is so that everything doesn't happen at once, and space is so it doesn't happen all at once *to you*? Well, that's what Google Wave removes. - Prokofy Neva
1. I use Google to search for everything. I never think to search Facebook, unless I know someone is on there for sure - i.e a friend. 2. Posterous is good for 'quick and dirty' posts, and great for grabbing and snatching stuff from emails etc. - Ian May