Robert Scoble
Is a Twitter retweet or a Facebook/FriendFeed "like" better. My answer my surprise you:
The retweet is better. Why? - Robert Scoble
1. The retweet shows up as a top level item here in FriendFeed. Which gets you more branding. - Robert Scoble
Yes, but your tweet got me to FriendFeed for the first time in months. So now I'm totally confused. - Jennifer Leggio
Facebooks like system is pointless. - Simon Wicks
2. A retweet usually gets retweeted, a lot. I retweeted a guy this morning saying that Eric Schmidt had resigned from Apple's board. That got retweeted a lot. - Robert Scoble
Likes, just "bump" content, while a retweet duplicates the content and potentially gets shared several times. - Rob Diana
I like retweet better. But if facebook had a dislike button, I would be equally happy! - Dakota O'Neill
like is only promoting to shared friends where are retweet is promoting to everyone. No? - Edwin Khodabakchian
3. A retweet gets you credit, while "likes" just get you buried and no one is sure why they got lots of engagement. - Robert Scoble
The retweet also directly acknowledges the original author, building relationship. FF Likes on Twitter have no such attribution. - Peter Kelley
Johnny: A retweet will get more conversation going and get you branded more than clicking like will. - Robert Scoble
That said, I love likes. You can check my likes out at -- that's something that's hard to do with a retweet. I've done 21,000 likes so far. I don't know of a way to count how many retweets I've done. - Robert Scoble
I think that you're right, Robert. The Twitter retweet is better because there's some action behind it. In my opinion, the Facebook "like" feature really doesn't do much. It's more of a placebo than anything. Facebook's like is just a "slap on the wrist" letting the author know that it's "approved" by other people who come to the site. There's no reward for getting the most "likes" - it's like Digg but more retarded and something you wish you could euthanize already. - Kenneth
A like is just FB's way of trying to copy twitter and facebook, but I guess google reader has the same thing now - Billy Fung
Also, here, likes can be used to search. You can tell FriendFeed's search engine "show me all items about Google that Scoble has liked." - Robert Scoble
I think likes are great, but FriendFeed should also work on its presentation of reshares. I'd extend the datamodel to support an optional "originating item" for each item. The text (via: [url]) looks a bit messy. - Meryn Stol
your #1 reason for why RT is better than something is because it ends up in friendfeed??? not much of an incentive for the ~44 million twitter users really, is it? - Jeremy Toeman
With a retweet, it can be shared with multiple friends across MULTIPLE networks - my tweets can be posted onto Twitter, FriendFeed and even Facebook. Where does the Facebook "like" come into play? No where! Tweet away! - Kenneth
Exactly my thoughts too Meryn. Twitter should implement that as well. The original source gets lost after a couple of RTs. - Sumanth Kolar
Kenneth: you can send your likes on FF to Twitter, I do - Peter Kelley
Too much noise on Facebook, I still keep RTs in high regard. - Amy Chorew
Jeremy: a large percentage of my Facebook friends are sending their Tweets over there. Facebook has a similar liking system. I guarantee you that there's more than 44 million on Facebook (last number I heard was 250 million). And I'm getting WAY MORE engagement here on FriendFeed than I am on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Twitter's reach is the key -- added to FriendFeed's real-time conversation, it's a powerful combo. Facebook is still too much of a walled garden. - Don Tamihere
Peter: good point. I think I was dragging on Facebook's "like" and not FF. Now if you want to compare FriendFeed's likes with Facebook's...that's another can of worms I don't wanna go into. - Kenneth
The database guy in me (my left elbow) is screaming that re-tweets duplicate data in a way that isn't easy to track. The social effects are nice, but can't this be replicated in a way that's a lot cleaner and more useful? - Ryan Massie
but ya said friendfeed, not facebook. :) - Jeremy Toeman
Jeremy: read the headline again. I specifically mentioned Facebook. And, anyway, we're all here on FriendFeed. How did THAT happen? - Robert Scoble
well i came here because i wanted to see what you were up to and since you don't blog anymore... ;) - Jeremy Toeman
Jeremy: heh, why blog when I can have engagement with you here? - Robert Scoble
RT as it feels like more of a commitment to the content rather than a passive vote - Daniel W. Rasmus
because you need to keep up your overall internet presence. doing it here is not in your best interests. IMHO that is. :) - Jeremy Toeman
On a side note: currently Google Reader "likes" are worthless as you can´t even subscribe to someone else´s like-stream. It´s even hard to find a way to see your own like-stream in Google Reader (although there /are/ at least 4 ways...) - peter huesken
Yeah, duh, likes aren't viral! - James Watters
Re-Tweets have this very natural word-of-mouth feel, but I'm concerned that you loose metadata by doing it the way twitter does. Instead of taking the firehose data to re-assemble this metadata after the fact, shouldn't the platform build the metadata as part of the process? I'm not saying that the word-of-mouth feel should go away by any means, but how accurate are the re-tweet counts that I have been seeing on sites recently? - Ryan Massie
James: They're more viral on FriendFeed due to the friend-of-a-friend views than they are on Facebook. But you're right, it's nothing like twitter. - Ryan Massie
Also Re-Tweeting has another problem: How do you retweet a tweet of more than 133 chars without paraphrasing at least part of it? - peter huesken
FriendFeed Likes are much more elegant than a retweet - the Grey Poupon of SM. :) - Nick in Manila
Why does one have to be "better" than the other? They are two different apps for sharing thoughts about content. The RT works well on Twitter, you just RT anything you like (and feel other might find interesting). When you like someone's content on FB, you give it a vote and everyone who is a friend can see it. If you want to add a comment you comment. If you want to share it, you use the share function. Now you can share tweets RTs on Facebook anyway, I'm not sure why it even matters which is better. - nicky jameson
A retweet takes more time to do and shows more interest. - Randy Allen Bishop
This is wrong. A retweet is copying someone's work and trying to drive traffic towards yourself using it. A like and/or a comment is much better as you are acknowledging the work of the author. Retweeting is parasitic. Liking is symbiotic. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: that's interesting. As a content owner I'd rather you retweet, though. Why? Gets my ideas greater distribution. - Robert Scoble
What Randy said. A "like" means different things to different people. To me it might mean, "the title of this sounds good, the topic interests me, but I don't have time to read it." I would "Like" something like that, but I would *never* retweet something without visiting the link first and at least scanning it, preferably reading the whole thing. Also, Alex, I don't think a retweet is an attempt to drive traffic towards yourself. How do you figure? - Laura Norvig
Because when people see the retweet they are seeing what you wrote. It's the same as if I copied a blog post from Robert and put it on my blog with attribution to him. I'm doing this to get people to read my blog, I'm not doing it to help him. If I really wanted to help him, I would link to his blog post and write something about why I agree or disagree with that. A retweet is parasitic and non-participatory whereas a like and a comment is symbiotic and participatory. The friendfeed model is ten times better. Oh and also retweets just clutter things up with a lot of noise. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: first of all, nothing you write in 140 characters is going to have much value, and certainly won't be enough value to charge for it. Second of all, if you RT: properly you also link to the source person or URL. Third of all, it's nothing even close to copying an entire blog post, but that really is sweet that you think Tweeting is blogging. They both have the same attributes, I don't agree that liking is all that much more participatory. If anything, retweeting is more in your face liking, which usually gets more engagement overall. - Robert Scoble
RT's on Twitter are more manual and take a little more engagement then Like unless you are using SW to manage your tweets - RT duplicates... - Robert Freeze
Alex, your logic is twisted, no? RT is intended to share with your followers something someone else said or found, who they might not already be following. If traffic is driving anywhere it's to them; those reading your RT are already following you. Your point also assumes everyone's playing the numbers game. - Jim Barry
@Scobleizer It looks like you RT % is 1.85, of total tweets. Data from: - David Damore
First off, I don't write in 140 characters, because I do all my posting from friendfeed. 140 character limit is whack, but that's another argument. Second, nothing about Twitter really builds participation. It's all about islands versus on friendfeed, which is why reposting (I hate the "tweet" non-word) is even necessary. The fact that it's necessary is a symptom of the problems of the service. The fact that you get more out of commenting and liking on friendfeed (notice how I'm using commenting AND liking) is what makes friendfeed the superior product. We wouldn't even be having this conversation on Twitter, ergo, liking is better than reposting. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
They serve different purposes. FB/FF like is just a quick shared bookmark. Twitter has a Favorite option that's similar, but it's geared toward recall more so than sharing/recommending. Retweet is not even a built-in Twitter feature, but many Twitter apps have the feature and people use it to share/recommend other people's tweets. - Lawrence Liu from twhirl
Alex: if you visit my blog you'll notice that my like feed isn't showing up in the FriendFeed widget there, while my retweets are. That's a huge problem and one I don't know how to solve. - Robert Scoble
How about the share option in FF, then change the FWD: to RT? - Lee
I will like things here when I don't want to comment, but I hadn't thought of it as a proxy for RT. Now you have me thinking about forwarding my likes here twitter. - dthree
You could combine the feeds using Yahoo Pipes. It's a bit messy, but here's my combined posts, comments, and likes: - Ryan Massie
Isn't this just like a Scobelizer chat room? - Peter Mullen
I think I'm going to take the core of your question Robert and post it to my Facebook non-social media friends and see if they can even parse the question. I'd expect some funny "uh...what?" responses. - Elliott Ng
the like SHOULD be much better. this is a voting system. FF needs to help you filter content this way however. retweets just confuse things even more and create even more noise. FF should have default searches that are all your friends with 2+ likes...this is your personal best of the day. if FF does not make use of these advantages, then it will continue to muddle about. - lew
Here's why Robert and I disagree. He sees these spaces as primarily a marketing tool for building a brand and getting his media out to eyeballs. Reposts work great for that because it's like a ball thrown in to a room of mousetraps. I mostly want to have conversations and am here for fun. Reposts suck for that because they fragment conversations. I don't like that...AT all. :) That's why both services can coexist. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
as soon as we have threaded conversations on twitter, i suspect you will hate conversation being distributed on duplicates (retweets). My vote is for likes on ff. - Sajida Hina Khan
when i like something it gets tweeted... so it's like a retweet for friendfeed content... it doesn't come back over here as my own, but that's okay with me - Chris Heath
The ReTweet is -sometimes- better as it keeps track of the last RTers. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Once again, FriendFeed and Twitter are complementary: it's better when a FF 'like' is ReTweeted again and again. Facebook's like.. huh.. it's.. different (?) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Retweeting on twitter is equlivent to "share" on friendfeed. Retweet and like are uncomparable, in the same way that twitter's favorite and ff's like are uncomparable. - Andy Bakun from Android
the spammers are here - how do we report the guy above? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Taken care of - boom! Like That! - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Robert, I think you're completely wrong. FriendFeed ranking is poo. A retweet is mostly poo --- depends on the context of your Twitter experience, and your POV. Is your POV "Is it better to BE retweeted? Or liked as a status update on FaceBook" ? or "Is it better to retweet someone ELSE'S Tweet or to Like someone else's FaceBook update?" I'd argue in both cases, the retweet sucks. Within the Twittersphere, for most people (i.e.: Not Scoble), it's better for someone to Tweet about one's creative efforts OR it's better to BE liked on FaceBook -- these are both signifiers that your thoughts are worthwhile. A barfing into the void of the average Twitterer's Tweets by another (ReTweeting) is generally worthlless -- it's a "Me too!" -- liking someone else's FaceBook status or input (or liking someone else's) signifies within a closed social group that this particular update or comment etc. is more important than others. Branding is for marketers; communicating is for people. - Gib
Gib: where do you get the poo from? Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Robert: OMG! you're like the fasted gun in the west! By poo I mean, as a person without your scaling issues, if someone Retweets any random Tweet of mine, I'm like, "huh? THAT'S what you want to repeat to your following?" For mortals, viral stuff isn't everyday occurrence. On the other hand, as a mortal, on FaceBook, when a few people like a photo or update or comment, my other friends DO tend to comment more on FB or give me direct feedback in person. There's no ReTweet equivalent for that, and so, really, Retweeting is poo for me. - Gib
I agree with Andy that a Twitter retweet is more like a FF share than a like. "Retweet", in my opinion, is simply Twitter-speak for "share". - Dennis Jernberg
On the moment itself an RT is better, but a 'like' has a longer life, since it can be used in FF search queries. - nooble
I think we can expect Google Reader and Facebook, among others, to emulate FriendFeed's useful "Like" system in more ways, including likes in feeds, as a search filter, etc. SOON. - Ryan Sholin
+Alex. I agree much more with his sentiments than Robert's; likes are a much better way of showing appreciation for a post. 1. I don't care about building my brand. 2. Why wouldn't likes propagate just as well as RTs? They both show up in my FF stream. 3. See 1. Don't worry, Robert will come around eventually, just like he did with following people on Twitter. - Niklas Morberg
I guess I'm against the grain on the RT versus Like feature. I don't hate RT but I think they can become Spam noise in some ways. If you follow several people who follow the same people, you get an endless flow of the same tweet for a while with no extra value. Whereas a "Like" (in FriendFeed) bumps the conversation back into many peoples focus. In both FF and FB, the "like" also tags it to your attention when future comments are made. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
If you use Feedly in Conjunction with Retweets and Tweets you can kind of follow your Karma and get feedback on how they are dynamic and changing - Robert Higgins
RTs are better so I can continue to play with extracting valuable trends from them on my little experiment! - Ben Hedrington
We all know Twitter is the front-end & FriendFeed is the back-end ;) Hype builds quicker on Twitter, FriendFeed hosts the discussion. - CannonGod
You can add ur own opinion on a RT if space permits. with ff its commenting and liking which are 2 different things. U can comment and not 'like' the post. - Freddie Benjamin
Very good point Freddie but that usually gives you no room when you include the "RT @username" or the new person alters the original tweet (I hate this). RT is to Like as @ reply is to commenting. Both serve close to the same purpose but work very different. FF's direction keeps everything tighter coupled while Twitter is very loosely coupled in the approach. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
This one is worth a retweet in itself: That said, I love likes. You can check my likes out at -- that's something that's hard to do with a retweet. I've done 21,000 likes so far. I don't know of a way to count how many retweets I've done. - Robert Scoble - Riaz Kanani
Facebook is closed, essentially, as I will always only ever see a "like" from either someone who is already my friend or a friend of a friend. Twitter is open, in that when someone I'm following retweets (from either someone they're following --- a 1st gen RT --- or a 2nd/3rd gen RT of someone they're following is also following or exposed to...whew!...) well, then I am exposed to a stream of new tweeps, links, posts etc. A stream I never would have seen in FB. That's why FF is the best of all worlds --- it has exponential degrees of separation - discoverability - AND threads, groups, filters, better search etc. - Thom Kennon