Robert Scoble
USA is Doing Fine in Broadband Race, NCTA CEO Says -
Interesting that no one wants to listen to the guy who runs the cable industry association, or argue with him. - Robert Scoble
Nobody wants to listen because that's a lot like Ronald McDonald telling you that cheeseburgers are health food. - Brad @ The Next Web
hey, i have 50 Mb down and 20 Mb up. I'm doing fine ;) - Andru Edwards
FIOS is the only serious US option. Has not rolled out very far yet. Meanwhile, here in Asia, I've been soaking up 10 Mb FTTH for years. 10 up, 10 down. $35/mo. Silicon Valley, ya caint' touch dis'! - Indio Apache from twhirl
20 down, 2 up here. I'm not complaining. But less than 3 miles away, my parents have ZERO options for broadband. - Brad @ The Next Web
I had a great FIOS phone call with Verizon the other day. They were trying to convince me to sign up, but they don't even have it rolled out here. Great job, guys! - Brad @ The Next Web
Funny, Rocky cut out what I said right before "who are you?" I told him he was the most hated man in America, cause everyone hates our cable companies. We had a good laugh about that. - Robert Scoble
just like US doing fine in war on terrorism, war on drugs, war on poverty. Doing just fine... - Indio Apache from twhirl
Yeah, the U.S. leads the world in bullshit deployment: - Karim
Well .. I am both a cable guy AND a local elected official, and sorry, Robert, but from my experience in both fields and given only those choices, the cable guys would be the second-most hated, far from politicians, I assume you ...:) - Walter Neary
loved this...less govt regulation on net/broadband. HA 3 channel world. - Tanya