Robert Scoble
Where has my FriendFeed gone? The picture says it all. By the way, this is the "best of day" right now. Sad.
Compare these two. FriendFeed has great pictures, but content that is, well, not interesting. Twitter, on right, has 6,000x better content but doesn't look as nice due to no pictures. Will Brizzly come to rescue? - Robert Scoble
I hope somebody comes up with a fabulous client to maximize content and serve up more media - Susan Beebe
And people wonder why I don't come here much anymore. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed used to be very heavy in tech discussions. Now it's rare I see a tech discussion on the "best of day" feed. - Robert Scoble
The cap on the left is infinitely preferable to the right. I can't tell you how glad I am not to be inundated with tech stuff all day long. One man's trash... - Jim #teamFFrank
Time to adjust your subscriptions. - Bruce Lewis
try PowerTwitter ...also, which service has 6000x more users? doesn't that affect content choices? - .LAG liked that
I keep looking for the comments link on Brizzly. - Tom Landini
PowerTwitter is a great add to the twitter website (Firefox add-on) - Susan Beebe
There's more to talk about than just "tech", seriously... - Rob H.
The left is a best of day from your 28000 subscriptions. The right is a heavily curated list focused on something you are interested in. Try "best of" on a curated list (there is a link at the bottom of every list feed to best of for that feed). - Benjamin Golub
Ben - great advise! - Susan Beebe
I know twitter is occupied with infrastructure and list improvements, but you would think they could be building brizzly-esque features pretty easily. - Sean Montgomery
Sean - right. Twitter has to stablize their platform, then focus on UIX - Susan Beebe
Matthew: I'm a geek. Other people are doing news lists. I might start one, though. You are the second person to ask for one. - Robert Scoble
ffcode: sorry, I'm tracking the geek participation here and sorry, the really geeky stuff has definitely gone down. - Robert Scoble
Glen: sorry, where the geeks go generally the general public follows. Generally. And, anyway, compare this stuff to Facebook. Even there it's a loser, sorry. I watch my wife's feed all the time and compare it to FriendFeed and FriendFeed loses. She said "ew" when she saw my page here. - Robert Scoble
Glen: by the way, I can make such a screen shot for a bunch of different genre's, not just tech. Twitter has far more diversity and has far more flow of all kinds. 's huge first weekend demonstrates that. - Robert Scoble
Jim: if you don't want just tech, check out -- what list would you like? In one weekend Twitter got more diversity thanks to lists than FriendFeed did in 18 months. And no "ew" pictures. - Robert Scoble
You still have to come here. It's mandatory - Charlie Anzman
Charlie: I do, but now you know why I don't show off FriendFeed at conferences anymore. - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed's still here. Unfortunately when Scoble, FriendFeed's top user goes, so go the users. - Jesse Stay
number of places on the twitter display where you could see an inline discussion: zero. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
I follow Scoble, but I'm not going anywhere, Jesse. - Jim #teamFFrank
Either that, or this just means FriendFeed has gone mainstream, and is no longer just tech users any more ;-) - Jesse Stay
Code junkies best of week: - Bruce Lewis
@Cristo: +3000. @Robert: Change your subscriptions. You just haven't curated your worldview here as much lately. Things change, so must your prism. - AJ Kohn
as usual, Robert's death of FF posts shoot up the charts. get it? - Steve Gillmor
Matthew, see my second comment. I think some of it is that FriendFeed's userbase has changed as well. It's not the tech early adopters any more. I expect with Facebook's acquisition it will become more so that case. - Jesse Stay
My point being this comparison doesn't mean much - Jesse Stay
Mehmet: geek is someone talking about technology or talking about building something or excited about using such. Do you see any geek in the friendfeed screen shot? I don't. - Robert Scoble
Agree with Jesse here. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Bruce: is that the best example you got? All those items have no discussion! - Robert Scoble
And like Tom's comment [keep looking for comments link on Brizzly] LOL! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
The most active discussions I've seen on FriendFeed lately are only when someone proclaims or laments its decline. Sad but true. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Or when Jason holds a live chat. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Robert, twitter=no conversation. I'll deal with the 'ew' pictures by simply using the 'hide' button, that's why it's there. You go your way, I'll go mine. It's all good. - Jim #teamFFrank
do anybody no why Scoble can't just leave us alone. Friendfeed is dying according to him, no need to make it a self fulfilling prophecy. The more you "high profile" users criticize FF the faster folks will leave it. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Coding geeks communicate best with code. Neither twitter nor FriendFeed let you indent. So there's going to be more sharing and less conversation for coders. - Bruce Lewis
Robert ,the best of the day are comments and likes on a post ,not content. all the contents from Twitter,blogs,Rss etc are here and its better to get them here or in public groups or in private , I am not sure that on Twitter ppl are acting ,they are just reading same as here - Johni Fisher
You're comparing a hand crafted twitter list to friendfeed's user-generated best-of-day? - Andy Bakun
Gunny, give the guy a break. He feels forced to be on twitter and misses the conversations on FriendFeed. Did you look at the right-hand picture from twitter? No conversation happening there at all. Zero. I can't imagine hanging out there all day. - Bruce Lewis
I skip all the tech anyway. Who says it's "better"? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Why can't there be a friendly friend feed and a tech friend feed? Is there no other use for the internet than to talk about the internet? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Robert- regarding your early early comment- I find it refreshing that FF isn't about tech - anna sauce
+anna, +Glen, and even +cristo - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Does Plurk get this much attention about its inevitable death? Now there's a service that could really use the wake-up call. - Mark Trapp
Robert most of the change is in the place that you decided to open a subject and to post ,I remember 3 months ago your posts here were with tooons of comments and interest and from the day that you are posting your Twitter FAV here, there is not much action ,just think on that ,I like to read your Twitter FAV but I would better have them in a group and get yr posts like in the past - Johni Fisher
Yeah, you're pretty geeky there when you have to search how to make screenshots - SergeiR
thx ff - Johni Fisher
To be honest, any social network with content governed by who you're subscribed to, and having image media in a feed is going to come up with something you don't like. This is because no one is on topic all the time, especially on Twitter. If you want sanitized feeds from *only* tech experts, geeks and what have you, these sort of services aren't going to cut it for you. Filtering/sanitizing this early real-time web is clearly a difficult thing. I guess Twitter is working better for you, since it's not a media feed, and there's far more people using it - hence a greater chance of the quality you're after. - Mo Kargas
I sure like the interaction here, comments, community...this post shot over to Twitter, but there is nothing going on there about it. - Eric Matas
@Eric Yes exactly, to me it looks like a glorified RSS stream from different sources, fundamentally a list of content and that's it. The topics Robert is after may not be present on FF, but the conversation is far more intuitive. - Mo Kargas
Hey GUISE, we're forgetting that the list on the right will fail-whale often as twitter never seems to remember how to run their servers. As to the content on the left not being interesting, least I know it's real people who aren't trying to get me to buy into some new brand or some interchangeable tech company that will just be bought by facebook one day and disappear. :) - Jonathan Hardesty
Twitter has no "ew" pictures because it has no pictures. You can use the fftogo option that turns off media if you want no pictures. - Bruce Lewis
For conversations, friendfeed wins. For tons of blabbers and links, twitter wins. But agreed, activity has gone down heavily on friendfeed. Twitter mania has caught everyone. - Amit
Interesting tech discussions from are "Think big. Code small" and the ooc one. - Bruce Lewis
One anecdote deserves another. I've posted on FF regularly for 1.5 years. I comment frequently on others' tech posts, but most of my own posts are not strictly tech-angled. This week I asked "FriendFeeders : NEED ADVISE: Best all-around value Netbook today - which one?" and it got 16 LIKES and 20 COMMENTS. The last time one of my posts hit/surpassed that threshold was early August - Micah
One thing I noticed is no conversations. Just straight links to other sites. Kind of boring. - Todd Hoff
BTW is it possible to stop getting the twitter updates from others on Friendfeed? Slowly I am seeing my friendfeed aggregating only the twitter updates. - Amit
Robert is just being Robert, always stirring things up! LOL, I really do ♥ you for it though. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
You know what makes me laugh... People who use FriendFeed in other languages probably don't see this or any of the stuff Robert is interested in... - Johnny from iPhone
+Johnny W. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
BTW... Heaven forbid we actually have fun on a Sunday... Your lawn's that way - Johnny from iPhone
You're really going to show me Wall Street Journal on your Twitter feed and compare that to Friendfeed's personal interaction? You know better, Robert. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
KapitanObvious++ for the burn. - Andrew C (✔)
One of the nice things about Friendfeed is the way you can hide a post like this and not see it ever again. It would be nice to have a way to filter posts from specific people if they contained certain words such as twitter, lists, dead, or friendfeed. :) - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Robert GFY dude, seriously. - LANjackal
""glorified RSS stream" - yeah, except my RSS feeds have been culled down to sources that add their own insightful commentary so it's not an endless stream of retweets of _all the same damn links repeated over and over_. That Twitter screenshot looks really information-light once the repeats are filtered out... - Andrew C (✔)
FRIEND Feed. - iTad
And this coming from a man who posted this online: :P - Jan Ole Peek
The Friendfeed screenshot shows 222 total interactions in the first three entries. The twitter one shows 14 (and I'm counting the one at the bottom that is cut off). Oh wait, those aren't interactions, those are links to other places. - Andy Bakun
I think Robert is just confusing the point of the site. The name is FRIEND Feed, not interesting feed, useful feed, news feed, etc. This is where I hang out with my friends. - iTad
Amen. - iTad
For someone who doesn't like Friendfeed or thinks Friendfeed doesn't offer as much value as twitter, he sure does post here a lot. - Andy Bakun
This is exactly the kind of post I don't want in my feed. Adjusting my subscriptions now. Sorry Robert, but I gotta block you on Friendfeed. See you on Twitter. - Rodfather
Robert. You are stating the obvious: of course friendfeed is going to decline: there is no more engineering or innovation power behind it! The key question is: "is a friendfeed++ going to reborn as part of facebook and have a much more profound impact?". The jury is still out but knowing the quality of the team I would not bet against it. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Holden: I have removed my Twitter favorites from FriendFeed because of your post and my Twitter account too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Scoble, you need to clean your Twitter DM's like stat. - Outsanity
@Robert - Just because FriendFeed isn't 90% tech and personal branding posts doesn't mean it doesn't have value. You used to be such a big proponent of lists here and molding your subscriptions so they were full of info but not noise... now that you've neglected your pruning efforts and gone over to Twitter then your feed is full of more noise (to you) than info. It's not FriendFeed's fault... that's your lack of interest in it that is causing the "degradation". If you don't want to see posts from Louis, Helen and Johnny anymore then unsubscribe... - Lindsay
Her Lindsay-ness: sorry, so many geeks have left and there are just more interesting information (FOR ME), more interesting conversations (FOR ME), and I'm learning a lot more over on Twitter (ABOUT WHAT I WANT TO LEARN). FriendFeed HAS changed and that's OK! For you. Not for me. And, sorry, I looked at rejiggering my accounts here, but the info just isn't coming here and Twitter is exploding. Facebook is more interesting because my family and personal friends are online there and not here. So, basically, FriendFeed isn't appropriate for most of my uses anymore. That's OK. - Robert Scoble
I agree with Gunny. YOU caused the mass exedus from Friend Feed Robert, by announcing its demise. Let's see what would happen if instead of moaning about its lack of techy feeds, you began promoting it instead. Look on it as an FF experiment. - Technogran
Its all becoming a Robert Scoble 'self fullfilling prophecy' lately on here. You can't have a conversation on Twitter like this, twitter is a newsreel of headline news, that's all its good for, Friend Feed is as its name implies, a feed for friends to discuss anything under the sun, and not just about technical stuff. - Technogran
I don't agree that a person who's become dissatisfied with a service should leave. I've often heard change should come from within. With that said, I'm not sure Robert is pushing for positive change. Can it occur? With Zuckerberg calling the shots, maybe not. Maybe he owns every idea that the FFounders will ever have for the next few yrs, keeping those changes for Zuck's baby. Maybe FF will improve, & maybe the techies who were drowned out on Twitter will find they can be seen & heard here. Who knows? - MiniMage
Gone mainstream? - Amit Morson
it gone mainstream alright - Fajar Nurdiansyah
You can't blame Robert for the fact that the FF guys sold out AND left the ship more or less rudderless. If they had bothered to figure out even a tiny bit of a PR strategy around the take-over, then things might not have gone downhill so fast, or at all. And, yes, you can filter out all of the emo stuff (nothing wrong with it BTW, but that can be had from your IRL friends on Facebook) by blocking a bunch of people, but the flow that's left is nothing like what it was in the spring. Groups/Rooms seem basically dead too.. and it pains me to say this. - Alex Schleber
Robert: accepting the accuracy of observations about the amount of interesting conversations from your perspective, there still remains a question regarding what could be the cause? while one theory may be a decline in friendfeed activity, another possibility is the decline in your own activity. what evidence can support one hypothesis over the other? - Mike Chelen
methinks a service can go on without an ego? personally i pop back here every now and again for the occasional conversation. i'd prefer more intelligent discussions on here, not just tech related, maybe i'm not following enough people? eh. - Terry O'Fee
+1,000 joey. "emo stuff" that can be "found on Facebook"? LOTS of arrogance on display here from several directions. Alex, I know that you're tempering your statement by saying that there's nothing wrong with "emo stuff", but that's still awfully dismissive. FF is more like a number of simple blogs because the whole world can access the posts. FB is a walled garden, and tends to be way more dumbed-down (except for when I look at the FF people I'm subscribed to in FB). - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Hey, guys? Don't feed the troll. - Akiva from BuddyFeed
now you tell us. - Jim #teamFFrank
Friendfeed never gone..! - ★ Soner Gönül
Well if FriendFeed has nothing else going for it, I can at least read a deep exchange of ideas here as to why it's toast. Perhaps thats why I'm sticking. Btw, slightly off topic, but am I the only one finding Twitter list creation a complete chore compared to doing the same on FriendFeed? - JSLeFanu
I don't see the problem. My pecs dominate your feed. Who can complain about that? - Rahsheen
Rahsheen, it's ok to let the one's own fun part of life intersect one's social media sphere , but not when it's someone else and it can be used in the wrong context to misappropriate a point. - Micah
It amazes me how people will continue to use a service just to complain about it. Just STFU and GTFO. - Steve Lowe
Micah, I don't follow what you're saying... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Robert, setting aside your point, your methodology here is insulting. Why? My response is here: - Stephen Mack
Kamilah, fair point. I'll explain without sarcasm. Robert's shower photo was a bit of fun that is fine and doesn't represent the whole of his on- or off-line contribution. Andy's photoshopped photo of Rahsheen doesn't represent the whole of Andy's contribution (which is very much technical, btw) or by extension the community's many contributions through the friendfeed medium. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. - Micah
friend feed is totally awesome! - Bishal Adhikary
great one man... - Bishal Adhikary
COMMENT 1) "There's a lot more than me here. shows lots of things that are getting engagement. - Robert Scoble" ... COMMENT 2) "You are not following the right people. This is always the problem if FriendFeed isn't working for you. - Rahsheen ™, Coach of FF" - Micah
I just looked, and still is getting a lot of engagement and there's is stuff to learn there. - Micah
Robert, I am considered a "geek" by a number of people, but I don't need or want to talk about technology 24/7. I have other interests and I like to see where they connect. I want to see coalescence. I can't get disparate connections always watching or listening to the same track. Even Richard Feynman believed do many others in other "geek" fields. When I was little I happened to be playing with my aunt's train set on the floor of my grandmother's living room. Up in the attic was my grandfather, who incidentally got me interested in technology. On the TV was a program with Jonathan Smith, who at that time was recognized as one of the few "renaissance men". I was fascinated with the word then and I am still fascinated by the idea of that approach to learning. Today, we sometimes mistakenly refer to these people as "generalists". I believe that no field could long endure or grow without them. - Melanie Reed
Robert, are you reading the tech related groups? If you read Best of you are going to get all sorts of stuff as you know. I have lists and saved searches for specific topics and browse them for the likes of tech. Best of it not the best place for tech only (well any single topic). - Kol Tregaskes
I've come to the conclusion that all of Robert's posts must be read with one fact kept in mind. Even when he doesn't say it, his posts are based on the assumption that many/most people want and like what he wants. - Eoghann Irving
Robert, why do you constantly feel the need to shake the death rattle? We are well aware that FF is dying and even more aware that you see it coming. If you really did care about the service you would try to reverse the trend instead of speeding it up. - Jason Williams from iPhone
Robert I joined FF when I saw you singing praises of it on Twitter and have been loving it ever since, you seem to have a lot of interesting stuff to say, and a lot of people follow you. But, you seriously need to stop coming to FriendFeed and doing everything in your considerable power to kill it, and then complain because you are successful in doing that. Twitter is for people who like shouting through megaphones in a crowd of people shouting through megaphones, FF is for people who like conversations. - Ed Millard
@edmillard ..said the man who only imports one thing into FF, his Twitter account.. seriously though. Scoble can't kill FF because it's already dead, it just doesn't know it yet. And yes, I am still using it for a bit because it makes such a handy searchable archiving/surfacing tool, and for some aspects of the community. But the reality is that FF founder's sold out b/c they were lacking confidence that they could change FF sufficiently/quickly enough to sustain any real growth. - Alex Schleber
So FriendFeed founders gave up and sold out to Zuckerberg more or less for the liquidation value, i.e. for their IP and continued highly-skilled/paid labor for FB. It's that simple. Thinking about it any other way is a fantasy. 5 Stages of Grief... And yes, it pains me to say it. Had high hopes for this platform. I wish they would have found a way to evolve FF where it would have continued to grow, I don't think they were very far off. It's like the gold-miners who gave up 10 ft from the mother lode. - Alex Schleber
Alex you are mistaken, most of my recent posts are from FF and sometimes cross posted to Twitter if they are short and not FF specific. I didn't know the FF etiquette that twitter posts are shunned when I started. Most of my limited time here is spent in comments anyway, since I prefer the conversations to the megaphone. - Ed Millard
@Ed "Twitter is for people who like shouting through megaphones in a crowd of people shouting through megaphones, FF is for people who like conversations." You basically summed up my blog post about this whole thing ( - Lindsay
Lindsey, same concept, yours was thorough, mine was short. I think part of being a geek is we opt for the superior tech, not the popular tech. FB and Twitter are popular but inferior for conversation. I had no interest in them until I found FF recently. Its a problem we geeks are letting Zuckerberg kill the superior tech here with his checkbook. I'm thinking we should launch an open friend feed like directeur is talking about, free of business conflicts. It is the geek thing to do but it would be hard. - Ed Millard
One bad day does not mean it is bad for the whole year :) - Ashish
LOL, let's see you sort though hundreds of reply of Twitter, shoot a video of that... - Robert Higgins
Sadly, FF has largely become a photo sharing, jokes and food pics sharing site - tech community is gone. - Susan Beebe
Glen LOL - Susan Beebe
ZING! I shared a lame joke a few minutes ago, Susan! I don't feel really bad about it. That's true, many people know me as a developer, but I'm not only that. I'm a jazz/anime/languages... LOVER :) - directeur
seriously, talk about mis-matched comparisons. This general list is less focused than that built-for-a-purpose list? Well, no offense, but no shit, Sherlock. - Chieze Okoye
So Scoble, what do you think about this Google+ you've been all over lately? Specifically how uncannily similar it is to ye old FriendFeed? If the old FF team feels like doing some actual new development, it should make a G+ theme that would make it a spitting image of it. Except, the +1/likes on comments that is. - SergeiR