Robert Scoble
What are the top 10 apps I should load on the new iPhone 3GS? I started out clean. More here, please tell me what you suggest here:
I've already loaded Facebook, Google, Evernote, and TweetDeck. Which apps are MUST HAVES. Only suggest apps you actually often use. I filled up my old iPhone with too many apps I never used. - Robert Scoble
Things. Best task manager I've ever used. I use it so often that I moved it to the bar along the bottom. - Akiva
Kevin: I'm not a big gamer, but would like to try out a couple. - Robert Scoble
Try the AP mobile news app to try out push notifications. - George Deane
Robert, you might also consider Blocked. It's a quick-play, no-impact puzzle game. - Akiva
when will we have a friend feed app, i like camerabag - Eran Even-Kesef
If you ever come to the UK, the National Rail Enquiries app is awesome. Can't live with out it now. - Roberto Bonini
I got Tuner so I could listen to Leo on the go. ;) Also just installed HeyWAY, might be interesting for you. Games: How about Star Defense? - Holger Eilhard
Try Snap2Twitter for tweeting photos - they just updated with geotagging...will compliment the new autofocus feature! - Tom Parnell
Peggle, without question. Best game on the iPhone. - Josh Bancroft
Remote - for controlling music through my home stereo system - joeszabo
I know you upload to Flickr... Try Flickit. You can upload your iPhone 3G S images with ease. - Jason Hansen
You definitely need the Read It Later app, extremely useful - Antonio Montero
Check out Numbrosia, an original and addictive number puzzle. (Yes, I developed it.) - Amir Michail
Instapaper. Great for those times when you don't have any internet. Also, Stanza for ebooks and Shazam to find out what a song you're currently hearing is. - Leon Freyermuth
Definitely want to see a Friendfeed App - Keven Elliff
I'd say Tweetie over TweetDeck. TweetDeck is still kind of crashtastic. Still waiting for my iPhone 3G S to be delivered! Analytics app, WordPress app, FlickIt (for sending full res pictures to flickr), Pandora, Kindle for iPhone, Scrabble (connects to Facebook FTW), Evernote, Peggle, Skype, Shazam - C. K. Sample III
I would think Pandora, but that's just me - Spirit 2.0
Keven: I second that, although MotherFeed isn't too bad. - John Fox
BeeJive IM is one I can't live without. Also Skype, Sonic, Flight Control and Last.Fm - Jono Russell
TweetDeck, Pandora, Dictionary, FStream (I use it to listen to when I'm away from my computer) and Colloquy (IRC client). - Antoniu
if you like to be in the photo - check out fototimer - I have used it quite a few times - Eduardo Merille
BeejiveIM and Stanza/Kindle are my two most used ones you haven't already added. - Antonio Zahra
You should get Twitterrific, AP Mobile, Flixster, What's On, Pandora, Dictionaire, Instapaper, TWC, Asphalt 4, and Shakespeare. - Alexander
Evernote, Instapaper, Tweetie, Facebook,, RTM, Satchel, Beejive IM and some games or something. - Brett Kelly
it would be nice if someone took this whole list and did a review of the actual top 10 3.0 apps. - Amir
Def prefer Twittelator Pro for tweeting. Pano is pretty cool for panoramic photo stitching in-camera. Pandora is a keeper. Free Memory or iStat could be crucial for killing runaway bg processes. HoldEm is the only game I end up returning to. Good advice on overloading. Better to overload with podcasts and tunes! - Laura Scott (@lauras)
I'll cast more votes for Things and FlickIt - both superb. 1Password is great for digital wallet / password manager purposes, although, like Things no Windows client - you need to be happy with Mac and iPhone. Animoto is a great app for knocking together slide shows really quickly. Autostitch is nice for stitching together several photos for a panoramic effect. If you ever do voice notes, iProRecorder is the best I've seen for that - as it's the only Ive seen that lets you continually add to existing notes, even if you've fully quit the app and gone back in. SmackTalk will make your little guy (and you and the wife and everyone around) crack up continually - most hilarious and funny app ever ... - Patrick Jordan
Pandora, Shazam, Boombox, Flashlight,, LaTwit, craigsphone, Units, Carpenter, & NYTimes -- I also have homescreen bookmarks for Wolfram|Alpha, FriendFeed, Wunderground, & GMail - Chris Heath
Kevin, there are several already. I've been playing around with amigo lately. - Akiva
Things, reQall, Weightbot, GroceryGadget, Photogene, iFlashReady, SpeedTest - Ronald Barnett
Shazam - it listens to a song playing and identifies it for you. Use it surprisingly often when listening to the radio or in a business when music is playing. Very accurate. The majority of apps on my iPhone I never use... - Steve de Mena
the only one I didn't see mention on this that I use all the time is I.TV - Kim Landwehr
TweetDeck for the iPhone is NOT the best tweeting application. It uses up too much API, although I would still have it on my iPhone just to look at every now and then. Twitterrific is definitely the 5-star app ever since it realized its 2.0 version. TweetDeck is only a 3.5 to 4 star app in my mind. - Alexander
That vibrator one that was posted on FF yesterday somewhere. - Steve C, Team Marina
1Password. I can't live without it on my Mac and my iPhone. Tweetie, Pandora, Fieldrunners (still love this game), GV Mobile for Google Voice. Many more above are great as well. - Kelly Sims
SportsTap. I'm not a huge sports fan, but the ability to set favorite teams and get real time updates is great. Hopefully they'll put out a new version for 3.0 with push notifications. - Carlton Prest
BuddyFeed, Tweetie, Skype, AccuWeather, AirSharing - Susan Beebe
Photogene -- very cool photo editing application - RobinDotNet
Here's one that is a must for you: PangeaVR: - Orli Yakuel
i.TV for sure :) - Justin Whittaker
Try out Gokivo - the first TBT navigation app for the iPhone. We are excited to finally be able to launch our app on the iPhone. - Mark Goddard from BuddyFeed
I think I might have too much time - here is a count of the apps mentioned so far:Pandora 9 Evernote 7 TweetDeck 6 Stanza 4 Tweetie 4 Shazam 4 Facebook 4 BeeJive IM 3 Skype 3 Flickit 3 Things 3 Flight Control 3 Instapaper 3 Kindle 3 NYTimes 2 Peggle 2 AP Mobile 2 I.TV 2 Photogene 2 Twitterific 2 1Password 2 2 1 Shakespeare 1 Peggle 1 AirSharing 1 Star Defense 1 Eye-Fi 1 Docs To Go 1 amigo 1 reQall 1 Fieldrunners 1 Sonic 1 Flashlight 1 Tuner 1 Animoto 1 Units 1 AccuWeather 1 Pano 1 Flixster 1 Read It Later 1 fototimer 1 Satchel 1 Free Memory 1 Cardstar 1 Fstream 1 SportsTap 1 Gokivo 1 Colloquy 1 GoodReader 1 craigsphone 1 Google 1 Twitterfon 1 GroceryGadget 1 What's On 1 GV Mobile for Google Voice 1 PangeaVR 1 HoldEm 1 Boombox 1 AP mobile news 1 BuddyFeed 1 iFlashReady 1 Remote 1 Asphalt 4 1 RTM 1 iProRecorder 1 Scrabble 1 iStat 1 camerabag 1 Autostitch 1 Snap2Twitter 1 Banner Free 1 SpeedTest 1 LaTwit 1 Carpenter 1 Lose It! 1 The Weather Channel 1 Midomi 1 Things 1 MotherFeed 1 TWC 1 National Rail Enquiries 1 Dictionaire 1 Night Stand 1 Twittelator Pro 1 Nintaii 1 Dictionary 1 Numbrosia 1 Weightbot 1 Air Video 1 WordPress app 1 Off 1 Blocked 1 - Ryan Barnett
TWC is The Weather Channel, so there have actually been 2 TWC recommendations - Alexander
New to iphone but was a Touch user for a long time - I have many of these apps already - some new ones to check out now also. I just restored from my ipod Touch backup and all my existing apps came over. They seem to be working OK. Question - is it possible to rename my iphone as it now says it is my ipod Touch? - Tony Vota
Yes, you just right-click on the name of the iPod on the right-hand side in iTunes and select rename. - Leon Freyermuth
Trailguru, Sportacular, Livestrong, Foursquare all make my front page - Ryan Barnett
SnapTell, 9-toolbox, Flixster - Chad McCoskey
@leonf - Got it. Thanks. It was actually a double left click to select and rename. - Tony Vota
I'd swear by Remember The Milk as a task manager. Outside the built in apps, this is my most reliable and useful app, and there's an imminent update that I'm hoping will include push notifications. Other than that, my most oft used are Beejive IM, Kindle, Byline (for Google Reader syncing), Strands, Facebook and TweetDeck. And I'm posting this through a new FriendFeed app: AlertThingy which seems pretty awesome. - Owen from Alert Thingy
Must have for me is : Camera bag(Must have), Facebook, Tweetie and/or Tweetdeck(Not too stable), BeeJive IM, Shazam, Evernote, Airsharing, Urbanspoon, Remote for Keynote, Google Reader Web and GTalk Web. - Yan PHUN
Must try HeyWAY... Cool app - Mike Diaz
Oh yeah, and Documents to Go (Exchange edition) is proving very useful, just needs xls editing and MobileMe iDisk access. - Owen from Alert Thingy
@techsavvyguru - No problem. I just thought the right-click and select rename method was easier to explain. That does work, doesn't it? I haven't tried it in awhile. - Leon Freyermuth
Great question, tons of valuable answers here.. very nice :) - Susan Beebe
Evernote, tweetie, facebook, motherfeed, camerabag and camerakit - Thomas Chai
RssPlayer is my most used app. - Christian Burns
Why Jared, of course! - Daniel Krech
another vote for Weather Channel and the radar videos. Also Bloomberg for stocks and Checkbook for jotting down expenses to be entered into Quicken later. - Sarah Brinkerhoff
Agree you need to add Skype, BeeJive, and Pandora. I also like Todo and NYTimes. Just getting my head wrapped around TweetDeck for iPhone; been using Tweetie up to now. - Scotty Perkins
I'm setting mine up right now. I can't believe how well it works here! Thanks for asking this question here. This is my first iPhone, so I need all the advice I can get. I love this phone! - Michael Fidler
iFart, iBeer and the iphone star wars sword. The most popular iphone apps. - Charbax
I can't believe no one mentioned Yelp. I use it all the time, especially here in the bay area where you live. - Sam Pullara
surprised no one mentioned truphone - skype and push notification support - Riaz Kanani
'Things' is a daily go-to workhorse of an application, One of the best values in the app store. - Dean Kakridas
Remember the Milk, Bloomberg, Evernote, PCalc, Amazon, the Wearher Channel - Robert Hafer
appsniper - Jay Clark
I know this is lame: but I am addicted to the "Blowfish" game we downloaded for our kids. Trust me - it's very addicting. Weather Channel best weather app IMHO. Shazam. BuddyFeed. LinkedIn. Skype. - Curt Mercadante
Reisertris! - Vezquex
More votes for Photogene, Bloomberg and Weather Channel. ShoZu. USA Today. Is Urban Spoon a must? Not sure, but it came in handy when I was traveling. - MiniMage
Evernote, Red Delicious,Skype, Google Voice Search, FaceBook,Yelp, BrightKite, Domain Tool, iSSH, and FTPOnTheGo are a few good ones to start with. - Mike Elliott
I would but I ask you about a month ago in email what camera should I take on my bike you never answered back. But here are some ideas good mapping gps, google search, evernote. Now how about a camera pick please. - Darren Lowery
thirsty pocket, Tweetdeck, phoneflix, shazm,skype,facebook,google mobile,mint,yelp and iwant - Sai
Kindle, Shazam, trade Tweetdeck for Tweetie, FB, PageOnce for your bank accounts, Evernote, Google, and Wordpress. What's amazing about your list is that there's a lot of overlap among all the omments above considering how many iPhone apps exist. Very Few rise above the noise. - Francine Hardaway
You need BeejiveIM and TweetDeck, that is all. - David Ford
WeatherBug Elite, BBCReader, NYTimes, WSJ, Bloomberg - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Nambu for all things Twitter. Password. Google. Conversion. Linked In. NetNewsWire. iFirstAid. Flashlight. Wordpress. Currency. Dictionary. Level. A good, local weather application. - Greg Smith @ PR Lab
For the Twitter power user, Twittelator Pro 3.0 - Louis Trapani
Smugshot - Tony Fluharty
BuddyFeed is the best FriendFeed app I've found, and I'd go for either Twitterific or Tweetie over TweetDeck. Instapaper is vital, and either OmniFocus or Things depending on which you prefer on the desktop. If you're not a desktop app person for to dos, then RememberTheMilk is great. - Ian Betteridge
compass, skype, bubbles, Google Earth & document viewer. - Robert MacEwan
For video uploads direct from the 3G S to over 40 services you should give the new Pixelpipe 1.4.1 version a shot. Details at - Brett Butterfield
LOL. Now you're going to have a ton of Apps you never use! - Dane Deasy
I like the one that puts mullet hair cuts on friends head shots. - Christine Taylor
Robert - have you tried ALL of the above suggestions yet? If so, please report back with findings. :) - Patrick Jordan
Waiting for push notification support for IM apps. - Ashish
Robert - For news headlines with awesome photography - Thomson Reuters New Pro. Great for catching up whilst on the move. Keyword customisable. - Tom Ablewhite
get pandorabox best app - Blake Mathews
Public Radio, Pandora,Classics, Twitteriffic... tho I honestly haven't checked out any other Twitter Apps. - Orville Chomer
Thanks for great list of recommendations. :) - Daniel Schildt
2010 best indoor navigation without GPS unbelievably is FastMall - - Jennifer Jolie