Robert Scoble
Qik and Twitter goes to Congress - here's the follow-up interview I did on Wednesday, and a link to Aaron Brazell's coverage (including some of my articles) here: - Andrew Feinberg
Thanks Andrew and Aaron for following up on this. - Robert Scoble
I don't intend to leave the issue alone. - Andrew Feinberg
Really following this. QIK and Twitter are two things that give members of congress the ability to get back some of that human quality. Makes it more than just seeing them in shades of black and grey. - Dean Clark
Please, anyone who has any information on this that hasn't been published but wants it out, feel free to contact me privately. - Andrew Feinberg
Indian Gov does live webcast from parliament. Is the issue here in US of individual congressman's sharing of live proceedings or more about the lack of control over the conversations it will start outside among people? - Sudha Jamthe
wow finally the tech main stream media picks this up, , this hit the web a couple days ago! - Tanya
Of course should Twitter and Qik be allowed. Politicians that use this kind of technology should be admired. Barrack Obama seems to use all available forms of modern technology. That's my man as new president although my vote doesn't count... - Håkan Dahlström
It's all the more impressive some are using the technology because it's your political opponents who scrutinize these materials most closely and critically. I learned that lil' fact the hard way by blogging as a local elected official. Posting material adds hugely to the time and energy demands of elected office when you give your critics more material to work from. But the overall payoff is huge: a healthier democracy. - Walter Neary
Maybe big media is getting ticked off and crying to the politicians. After all, some folks might decide they don't need to buy a paper/magazine if it's on Twitter, and the computer is competing with tv (at least, it's owning the tv where I'm concerned). - MiniMage
MiniMage: The process for getting access to politicians in the Capitol itself is convoluted and designed as a gatekeeper. There is currently no way for freelance writers or bloggers to get accreditation. Watch my full interview with Culberson at about 6 minutes to go and see what he means. - Andrew Feinberg
@agfhome: I'm just not getting to your interview vid. I'm sure the problem exists between my keyboard and my bed (PEBKAB), since I can't recall going to qik before. - MiniMage from NoiseRiver