Robert Scoble
"NRU" hot new iPhone app for finding things in big cities.. Details: -
"NRU" hot new iPhone app for finding things in big cities.. Details:
This is Marko Balabanovic, head of innovation at which makes a very cool iPhone app called "Near You" which shows you bars and other items of interest by just pointing your iPhone around. Requires iPhone 3GS because it uses the compass inside. - Robert Scoble
Location based services will have success, especially on the iPhone. - Torsten Eckert
It is called "NRU" and it isn't out yet. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
It is the coolest use of compass in new iPhone I have seen so far. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Methinks I'll definitely need to upgrade now. - Anthony Baker
kind of like a better version of 'aroundme'? - Chris Heath
Is there some where we can read more about this new app NRU? May be a demo video? - Vinko
There is a video showing it here - - Russ
Is the same app that's on the Android HTC Magic. it's seems to do exactly the same thing, show you what's in the direction you're pointing the phone - Rachel Clarke
Rachel: yup, it's the same app as on Android. Very cool, I filmed a video of it on my iPhone but can't get it to upload to YouTube. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
I'll be keeping an eye on the response from AroundMe. - Nick Wade
It would be cool if the iPhone recorded compass direction when you took a photo. - Bruce Lewis
I wish Orlando was considered a "Big City", but it almost never is. I miss out on a lot of city oriented tech out here. Awesome concept, and I think that the augmented reality apps will be a growing phenomenon in the next few years. - Ryan Massie
I was told AroundMe will have this functionality soon - Eric Andersen