Robert Scoble
Sliderocket Empowers a New Kind of Presentation -
I love Sliderocket. It's very different than PowerPoint and shows yet another way that work is changing thanks to the Internet. - Robert Scoble
Love Sliderocket! - Noah Carter
I want to check these guys out. - Hutch Carpenter
terra210: yeah, sorry, sometimes I get pulled into the World Wide Highschool. :-) I do track who is cool, based on their products and services. Male vs. Female geeks are tough. I try to fight that, but truth is most people I come in contact with are guys, so sometimes I fall into that trap. Thanks for the kind wishes! - Robert Scoble
Robert. Thanks! Never knew about these guys. Looks veryinteresting. - Lon from twhirl
Awesome, AWESOME interview Robert. SlideRocket was the missing link to my online office suite software mix. Thanks for posting this piece. - Frederick Johnson
Definitely looks worthy of consideration for integrating into site-good point. - Mark Forman
check out Zoho Show 2.0. Prrrrrretty. - john conroy
Nice interview. Robert - you get them talking, then get out of the way (as it should be). Easier said than done! - Noah Carter
John: I'm definitely going back to Zoho. Would love to see a comparison of that to Sliderocket. Sliderocket sure has a nice interface. Going to be tough for Zoho to beat that. - Robert Scoble
Although.. the twistage player needs a parameter to stop autoplay. Annoying. - Phil Glockner
J. Phil: I'll work on that. Agree. - Robert Scoble
It looks like their hoping to be bought out by Adobe, much like with BuzzWord. - CannonGod from twhirl
Jake: If Adobe were smart they'd buy this ASAP. - Robert Scoble
very nice product, i think the linking feature will definat2ely make it very valuable for business. - Nathan Eckenrode
how do I get a beta for my company? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge from twhirl
finely, someone is showing of FLEX, But Powerpoint with sharepoint can do many of the stuff around keeping slides up to date and sharing data.... they just made it easy to access which is Microsoft biggest problem. - Rif Kiamil
great demo! - Burak Arikan
waiting for my invite .... have several presentations in the following weeks, would be interesting to check it in real life - Naor Mark
Great demo, can't wait to try it out! - Aaron Myers
This looks fantastic. - Ralph Whitbeck
Not just an interesting product, but the way he handled the demo was very good. - Jed White
Can Sliderocket import existing PPT files? I'd love to be able to bootstrap Sliderocket with the slides from my existing library of PPT slides. - Tom Wentworth
That's amazing!! I will definitely start using it for my Medical Group presentations and break-the-mold of our boring PP slides. - David Cook is down, Sliderocket looks great, going to pass that on to my friend who's an organiser of top medical conferences, she hates PPT! - Dave Pook
@Tom: From what they discussed in the interview, I believe so. - CannonGod
@Tom: Yes it can import PPT, but no export yet. So you need a working internet connection for your presentation or their offline player (adobe air). - Benedikt Koehler