Robert Scoble
So, who is leaving FriendFeed?
And go where? Back to Twitter or...Facebook? - Manuel Mas
no idea yet.... see what happens. - Rob Sellen :o)
I have nowhere else to go. No where else gives me the high level of interaction that FF does. - Mel Buckpitt
Same FriendFeed as before, I'll still use. - Ben Parr
Of course if Paul hands me a few hundred shares of stock ... just kidding. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
I was going to ask how you felt about the purchase, but now I see - acedanger
Depends how much it changes. - Andrew Leyden
Why leave? - Mike Shulman
+1 Mel - I am gutted and don't know what to do if the main FF site closes - Matt Hooper
Why would I leave friendfeed? This place works well enough for me. - Talon Lardner
Manuel: back to my blog and Twitter, probably. I'm playing around with Facebook but it doesn't quite do it for me. - Robert Scoble
I'm sticking around unless there's some sort of mass exodus which I don't see an immediate reason for. - Mike Elliott
Not leaving 'til it closes, and I'm certainly not going to facebook or twitter even then. - Jim #teamFFrank
Mike: because I expect it will get shut down eventually if it doesn't get invested in, and if it gets no new features it will fall behind Google Wave and other projects. - Robert Scoble
This feels like that HBO Documentary about Brooklyn Dodgers going to LA haha. - Manuel Mas
And, actually, Google Wave seems to be the most obvious thing for me to try out from now on. - Robert Scoble
I will stick around until they move the features I like from friendfeed onto facebook. - BRҰANSAҰS
Isn't it a bit early to make decisions? Has there been an announcement that I missed that FF is going away? Even if it isn't where else is better at this point? - iTad
there used to be a kind of message board system ages back with FB. disppeared one day never to return, lets hope this will bring something of that back, who knows.. - Terry O'Fee
I can't wait to try out wave. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Waiting and watching. Robert, I know you have a discussion tab on FB but its not the same. ;) - Melanie Reed
How soon before google wave becomes available to the early adopters/public? - BRҰANSAҰS
Mashable just published a How To Take Advantage of FriendFeed's Unique Features. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. A little late for that, no? - Stephen Pickering
I'll stick around to the bitter end. - Dave Metzener
Bryan: I heard they weren't handing out beta access to non-developers until September. Cold be wrong but that's what I heard - Mike Elliott
Robert, if you believe this is a good deal for both FF and FB - why are you leaving? - George F. Snell III
When should we cue in Titanic's last song by the band as FF sinks below leaving us all behind? - Manuel Mas
Why leave now? Until it is changed or killed, it still works just the same. - Jeff P. Henderson
Same assessment as you, I'll stick around but I need to find an option B now. I guess I'll go wherever Louis Gray recommends - Alberto Saavedra
I plan on sticking around for a little while longer. Not ready to jump ship yet. - David Finch
Melanie: yeah, real time really has me going. I will wait until I get a better sense from the FriendFeed team about what will be done here. I just am not getting the right signals from the team that there will be any investment in this. If that's the case, I'd rather invest my time somewhere else. Google Wave. Ning. Vanilla on Building43. Twitter, now that I got rid of the spammers. Etc. - Robert Scoble
I'll watch and see what happens. IF I feel that it would be useless to stay, I'll leave the site. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
I think the features of FF will be incorporated into FB (guilt free) and FB profiles will be more tied into FF. That's about all we'll see... - Gus
Scoble: Ning?!?! Really? - Manuel Mas
Manuel: hey, Pirillo is over there. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm staying here until something else catches up. - Bruce Lewis
Robert, I can definitely see the value of your invested time on any service, but for the average user, what is the downside of sticking around here as long as the site still exists? - Jeff P. Henderson
hmm, ning. unexpected, but understandable - Alistair (alpinefolk)
@Scobleizer: The big crowd is not even at Friendfeed yet and you are already leaving? Someone will be by in a few minutes with a drink. Please help yourself and stick around for the conversation. You will be greatly missed should you choose to leave so soon. - David Damore
Social Media is a set of tools--I appreciate the connections I make, but I'm not getting too emotionally worked-up about the tools changing. FF probablywon't function as my Social Media hub much longer. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I like it here, so I'll hang out as long as possible. - sean percival
Not making any set plans yet, but keeping my eyes and ears open. - Martha
And when Google buys Twitter, won't that be interesting - Stephen Pickering
Bruce: have you played with Wave yet? I'm wondering how good that is? I gotta get an invite. Off to beg someone cooler than me. :-) - Robert Scoble
I will continue to use it until it closes down in its current form. - Ashish
Google/Twitter vs. Facebook/FriendFeed - Stephen Pickering
I'd bet Microsoft buys Twitter before Google does. - Gus
I haven't played with wave yet, but from what I've seen it's got potential. FriendFeed's got polish. - Bruce Lewis
I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but I guess I'll be spending more time on Social Median. Perhaps someone should start putting together a decent buddypress site? - Aram Zucker-Scharff
I might leave only because I quit facebook - I hate the mindset, the shallowness, and am afraid (make that certain) those people will come here - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Gus: Microsoft and Twitter deserve each other. They are both somewhat buggy and don't come up with new features very often. ;-) - Robert Scoble
I think I'll be heading back to Twitter until Google Wave is publicly available - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Robert: Since at the end of the day all these platforms are businesses and have to eventually make money does it make sense to keep investing time and effort into building communities on them when they can sell/merge at any time and dismantle the tools that keep the community in place? it seems like the portable community concept of something like Google FriendConnect now makes more sense than ever since your followers can move from blog to blog and other sites never becoming totally dependent on any one social networking site (except Google of course). I could be off base on this one but seems to make sense. - Mike Elliott
The other rock stars are drinking. :-) - Robert Scoble
If Facebook had an easier way of connecting with people but not showing them all the personal stuff I'm willing to show to my close friends (and the stuff my friends post about me), I don't think I'd need anything like FriendFeed or Twitter. - Edward Coffey
Robert: I've played with Wave and I wouldn't really put it in the same category as FriendFeed at the moment. It's not really about sharing and conversing in mass form IMO. Its really conversation with maybe 20 people or so but its much more difficult to focus conversations about shared content. Let everybody know when you get an invite and your address so we can add you! :) - Brandon Titus
I'll stick around until the end. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
It kinda proves a theory I have about us all being reduced (if I can use that word) to channels. I don't think social networking will go away, but as the internet and deals increase, so does the noise. Don't worry Scobe, you still show up in our Google reader every morning!! - professor daddyo
Man, what are we going to do without these discussions like this? - Stephen Pickering
Mike: No community is permanent. It's worthwhile to participate even if it's temporary. - Bruce Lewis
@Gus, Well MS has large stake in FB so I'm not sure about that. I'll stick around here till it peters out. The tech news rooms here are top notch. - Arawak
I'll stick around until they pull the plug. - Morton Fox
Leave friendfeed? what's the alternative I'd really like to know. Is it facebook? - Tate
I'll stick with it as long as it's here and people are still active. FF4L!! - Cass
What is the next thing? Where do we go now? Not FB! But where? - Michael Liss
I heard it's MySpace - sean percival
I'm staying until the end as well. - Mitch
quick! everybody back to MySpace!!! - acedanger
what? leave and create a better version of Twitter? or start FriendsterFeed? - Andy Sternberg
The downside for me? I invest time in things that WILL BE not that are. That's always been what keeps my interest and now that I know that FriendFeed probably will not be, even if it takes five years to totally die, I've lost a great deal of interest in it. - Robert Scoble
With the price of bandwith/computing halving every year, there will be a new one of these popping up pretty quick - Stephen Pickering
Michael: I don't think anyone knows today where to go next, because there's no good substitute out there. We can only hope that the next destination will be obvious before they pull the plug. - Bruce Lewis
I'll just go to twitter. I have a facebook account but I hate it. Facebook is the walmart of the web. - Darrel Davis
Should we move to where?? haha - harri78son
I'll be here until something actually changes for the worse - Dennis O'Neil
harri78son you could come back over to my blog and we could setup JS-Kit Echo. :-) - Robert Scoble
I hate fb. Don't like tweeting. Guess I'll be keeping up with my feeds without the fun ff distractions :( - BEX from iPhone
That's right, Scoble is the catalyst for these longer threads anyway, so it might as well move to his JS-Kit - Stephen Pickering
Robert, that's a pity. I'm lucky to deal in things that only get more interesting as they get older. - Bruce Lewis
I'm torn. What are our options? - Kelly Mitchell
yeah~ definitly! @Jeunelle foster please come down, - harri78son
I see now...This whole thing was a ploy to get everyone visiting Robert's blog! I am outraged! :P - Brandon Titus
Brandon: OK, we can go over to YOUR blog. Got Echo? :-) - Robert Scoble
Bruce: Very true. I've tried to get into FaceBook but it's hard to get the clean conversation feed along with lifestreaming content. It just seems to be full of distracting noise even with the ability to filter with lists. - Mike Elliott
I'm here till the end. - Nolan Alston
Robert, the same could be said about Flickr, they haven't had much inovation since Yahoo bought them, but people still use the service in droves. - Jeff P. Henderson
Don't worry Kelly, a new one of these will pop quickly, if they kill this - Stephen Pickering
Kelly: we don't need to leave tonight. Let's trash the house first! :-) - Robert Scoble
Brandon, that's funny. At the Boston FriendFeed meetup, everybody else had learned about FriendFeed through Scobleizer. I was the only one who found him through FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
I'm leaving my account here for now but I'll be removing all my feeds. - Got80s
Let's make the longest thread in FF history - Stephen Pickering
Anyway, for the rest of today at-least I reckon I'll be off FriendFeed - real conversation is being drowned out by the echoes of this deal. - Edward Coffey
Damn it. Why is Arrington always right! - Stephen Pickering
Jeff P. Flickr is different Yahoo bought them for their user base. Facebook bought Friendfeed for their features. - BRҰANSAҰS
Got80: why do that? Who cares if your feeds are going in here? - Robert Scoble
Edward: that is true. It caught us all off guard and we're still processing it. - Robert Scoble
Kind of huge things in this time,.hmmm - harri78son
Facebook bought FF for Paul Bucheit - Stephen Pickering
I'm staying here until there is a reason to leave. Though I don't hold out hope they'll keep the service alive forever... obviously, I'm always too, but it's not quite the same. I REALLY can't see myself using facebook as much as FF though. - Ted Roden
I need an adult beverage. then I'll trash the place... - Kelly Mitchell
I despise FB. Please let them not just trash FF. - Adam Webb
Considering the free Google Wave protocol implementation and ejabbered work together, it shouldn't be too hard to quickly build a FF type service that's scalable. Combine that with EC2 and S3 and you could probably get a lot of runway before funding is needed. Robert, I think the next service you switch to should be part owned by you, considering I bet a lot of the traffic here was originated from you evangelizing. - Chip Ramsey
Bryan: it's worse than that. I'm hearing that Facebook bought FriendFeed for its team. Google Superstars. Makes Zuckerberg get out his wallet. - Robert Scoble
Where will be the next pasture Mr. Scoble? - Rami Taibah
Stephen: lol. Yes, the 50 million dollar man. But seriously, there's no doubt what they really want is the tallent. - Brandon Titus
I'm gutted about this, but I knew that Virb account would come in handy eventually... sorta... maybe... - Linda Mills
Holden, yeah, but it doesn't make sense to invest energy here when its eventually going to die anyway - Stephen Pickering
I'm new on FF so I wonder, are people leaving FF because you'll have to use FB to participate? - Christopher Doiron
Stephen: not only for Paul. The guy who started Google Talk is at FriendFeed. So is the guy who started Google Maps. - Robert Scoble
Among other ex-Google superstars. - Robert Scoble
Christopher, it's that the FriendFeed team's new bosses will turn priorities away from the site we love. - Bruce Lewis
They'll probably cannibalize FriendFeed... nom nom - Kelly Mitchell
funny how many people are joining friend feed on the news of this acquisition. i'm seeing lots of my twitter followers starting to join. - mark silva
Go where, do what? - frankiecarl
I say its WAAAYYY too early to speculate what will happen to friendfeed next. Let the drama of today die down. - BRҰANSAҰS
Bill: I said I won't leave until I hear more from the team. Why must you always be a drama queen? - Robert Scoble
Kelly, I wish they would absorb FriendFeed, but despite the talk I don't think openness and Facebook are compatible. - Bruce Lewis
Robert, Ex-Google Superstars is how I see it too. I don't see big plans for FF the sense was we were the last thing on their minds. - Melanie Reed
Okay so we sit tight and wait and drink. lol - Kelly Mitchell
but there is no time to wait a special direction on internet, It's too fast!! - harri78son
Kelly: My analogy for this is like the female praying mantis luring the male for sex, then it bites its head off. You can see the pic in my story - BRҰANSAҰS
Bruce: I agree. Wouldn't it be feasible for them to simply keep the two properties separate then? FriendFeed would be the open/public portion of Facebook and Facebook could stay closed and keep its current private user base. - Brandon Titus
Bryan, pretty graphic and right on the money. - Kelly Mitchell
Why shouldn't he pull out his wallet. FB needs to monetize. The ex Google Rockstars know just how to do that - Stephen Pickering
I'll stick around and see what happens, but might not bother so much with another 'social' web site again. - Grant Bierman
There's this optimistic talk about keeping FriendFeed around as R&D. I'm skeptical about it. - Bruce Lewis
I'll leave FriendFeed as soon as there's somewhere to go to; currently, I'm not convinced there is. - Tristan Seligmann
Also when you are hanging with the Master of the Universe for four hours, its sort of like Bill Clinton going to Korea. Kind of influences you. - Stephen Pickering
Rami: I don't know. That's why I'm talking with you. I just know I won't continue to invest my time in something that will soon get no more investment. That's not who I am. I will hang out with Louis Gray until he finds something cool. By the way, someone gave me Google Wave already, thanks! - Robert Scoble
Leo's going to need a new show, TWIF - Stephen Pickering
This week in Facebook - Stephen Pickering
Anyone here ever feel like we're just being tossed around from website to website by the big players? - Christopher Doiron
Thanks Kelly :) - BRҰANSAҰS
Chris, Yep - Stephen Pickering
Bruce: I disagree with you about Facebook and openness. They are a lot more open than they used to be and are MUCH more professional and friendly than, say, Twitter is. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I look forward to your review of Wave. - Bruce Lewis
Openness and Facebook are not one and the same.... polar opposites. Bah humbug. - Kelly Mitchell
It doesn't necessarily have to be "R&D" but really a completely separate product. Something like YouTube is to Google. Although that's a terrible analogy...I guess the products are too similar to keep separate. - Brandon Titus
I'd pay-per-view to see Scoble and Sebastian Bach fight - Mattb4rd
The Chinese government is much more open than it used to be. It still doesn't meet my standards. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: also, Zuckerberg is seeing the real money is in search. So he HAS to be open to really do great there. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Any chance you could share your Wave address? - Brandon Titus
Did anyone get a chance to see Youtube HTML 5 Demo? - Stephen Pickering
Brandon: I don't have my own address. Someone gave me theirs so can't share. - Robert Scoble
Zuckerberg doesn't make money from other companies' search engines, so he's still limiting what data can go out. I see FB getting more open about what data they take in. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: Wave is very geeky. I think the UI has a lot of FriendFeed's problems x10. We'll see how that first impression sticks. - Robert Scoble
And Wave will only be as good as how many users it has - Stephen Pickering
Where will I go? Probably no where. Friendfeed was the first time I really got to feel like I found a home. Other places don't interact and blend multiple social services like Friendfeed does/did. Just as plenty of other people have said, I'm waiting for Google Wave at this point. I'm already a Google whore, might as well wait for the Wave to come through. - Matthew Horton
Bruce: data that goes out can be embedded on blogs and websites and interact with things. Also, if you get into Google's search engine you can get a LOT of traffic, which then you can monetize on your own service. - Robert Scoble
Not necessarily nailing the coffin shut yet here. Going to hang around and see what develops....what seems likely at the moment may be a totally different thing tommorow :O) - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
I am leaving at midnight. 2 accounts will be deleted, mine and one I manage for another site. - April Russo (FForever!)
Robert: Hope you enjoy Wave! The UI is definitely way off for content sharing (at least in my first impression) and more suited for group communication for the very scenarios they threw out in the demos. Get much beyond that, or have too many people and the system starts to break down. Obviously, the underlying Wave infrastructure could be used to create something similar to and better than Friendfeed. - Brandon Titus
Yeah, the cool thing about Wave is the problem they solved with the protocol. Not really their UI implementation. I think there are huge opportunities with both Open Social and the Wave protocol. - Chip Ramsey
OK, I have been out of touch and I guess I missed something. I see nothing wrong with staying with all the feeds I am tied to! - Dave Sickmeier
April, please don't delete your account. We lose interesting history when people do that. - Bruce Lewis
There is no Facebook and no FriendFeed, it is now called TwoFacedFriend... - Kelly Mitchell
Bill: I'll be around but probably a lot less. Actually I was thinking that this was good timing. We have a new baby due in September and my other son is just starting to learn to talk, so want to spend more time hanging around with the family. - Robert Scoble
it's time to have another serious look at Plaxo. There are some very clever people there too, I believe?! - Matt Hooper
Truth is, being addicted to FriendFeed isn't a good lifestyle. - Robert Scoble
Well said Robert - Kelly Mitchell
April: why so sudden and why delete accounts? I don't get that. - Robert Scoble
depends what they do with the service - I like friendfeed and facebook so I think it will probably work okay for me - Nick Stone
Brandon: oh, oh. You said it "Wave doesn't scale." Not good. - Robert Scoble
FF also has good tools for using it in moderation -- best of day, week, which you can get by email. Lists help. - Bruce Lewis
I have been spending most of my time on Brightkite. It's a smaller community and more fun. A better alternative than twitter or facebook. - John Ferron
Robert, and yes when he does that (Money in Search), it will change the playing field in lateral ways across the Internet, especially in ePortfolios and other like applications that don't need to be walled gardens - Melanie Reed
Your right, Robert, but you would eventually learn to moderate your use, and a service like this is going to be needed - Stephen Pickering
so much DRAMA - Kevin Pruett
Kevin, the Drama is warranted - Stephen Pickering
Will there ever be an app that just leaves facebook out of the equation - we could only dream - Ryan Gerritsen
i'm leaving, watching from twitter would be a better option for me. - rama mamuaya
I am not likely to invest time in another community that I don't have a stake in. If I contribute it will be because I have a personal interest and am part of the team that runs the show. That is the only way I will feel comfortable investing my time & energy into it. - April Russo (FForever!)
i think that I'll keep posting to friendfeed until it fully integrates with facebook - Carlos Leiva Burotto
Did you guys see Dave Winer's URL shortner, Genius. - Stephen Pickering
Jeunelle: Rizzn and Louis Gray and I did a podcast earlier where we talked through some of our feelings. It was very, um, theraputic. - Robert Scoble
Louis's blog post was classic. - Bruce Lewis
Man, I can understand Louis' feelings. Look how much he and Scoble have put into this - Stephen Pickering
I'll continue to use FF until there's reason not to. I'm patient enough to see what happens to it. What's the hurry? - Cathryn Hrudicka
I just started on Friendfeed. It can't go away! - Paul McElligott
Lets start FeedFriend - the Bizaro friendfeed minus Facebook integration - Ryan Gerritsen
Well, I was rather hoping for some sort of joint deal between Twitter & FF... I'm not sure if I'll stick around in FF or not. I'm definitely not a fan of Facebook - Tim Bergman
Paul, that's what so frustrating. Just given time, we know it would have caught on - Stephen Pickering
I'm staying... - Luis
Thanks for feeding the flames, there, Scoble. *WHAT* on earth is so scary about all this? - Brad McCrorey
Brad, FF has died. Scoble made this thing. And what does he get out of it? Nuttin - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I got you all as friends. - Robert Scoble
I'm wherever good, smart peeps are ('cuz I'm not smart enough). I don't invest much in tools - it's the people I care for. I'm not gonna abandon FF now but I understand that we'll need a way to foster the kind of community that got fostered here. Nothing lasts forever - and that's mostly a good thing in the long run. - phil baumann from Android
i'll be here until either the bitter end or something else comes along ... i'm really hoping that the ff-team will turn facebook into more of what it was before the apps came along... i think that's when FB really took a downward turn for me - Chris Heath
I follow the Cheese! - Rich Weaver
Venues like this will come and go, the whole social media landscape is in a constant state of flux I don't see why so many are up in arms. The life cycle of all the current venues are short and most of the leaders are nearing the end of their lives as we know it. But fear not, many new shiny toys will be bestowed upon us to play with. Now let's be social again! (ps. I'm sure we've seen NOTHING yet!) - Paul Monaco
Tweet: the cheese is in Zuckerberg's office! :-) - Robert Scoble
And for anyone that wants to know why I am deleting my account and not just moving away and leaving it to rot like i would normally do...just read the policies of facebook. Anywhere I have an account with data I don't want to be exploited commercially, in a way that exploits me personally, I'd delete it just as fast if the service were bought by facebook. - April Russo (FForever!)
Zuckerberg is Master of the Universe. He spent 4 hours with Paul Friday. That would have an effect on anyone - Stephen Pickering
Kevin, when God, ie Mark Zuckerberg, says you can - Stephen Pickering
I love FF but I think this is a great move. If FB takes the best ideas from FF and they open it up theres is so much potential for a great community. - Gary Gannon
Definitely see what happens... Not looking forward to Facebook turning this into a free-for-all like Facebook :-) - Maria Reyes-McDavis
Gary a potential for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - Stephen Pickering
Not going anywhere for the time being. I'm not a big Twitter fan, and unless FB makes some big time changes, it just doesn't do it for me. Will be listening for any other social media that might come round the bend. - Bonnie Foster
We are getting tired of all those constant platform changes, aren't we? - Harald Felgner
Harald Yes! - Stephen Pickering
I say we all leave Facebook instead. - Larry Roth
Herald and Stephen, Yes! More and different is not always better, just more and different. - Melanie Reed
I can't leave Facebook. I have too much built up there. And that won't do anything anways. It will just be a small blip to them. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
so what content aggregator in the absence of FF? - WarLord
My apologies if this has already been asked, but Robert you are very close the FF team. You had no idea this was coming? - Ben Hanten
I'm not leaving. I like FriendFeed and Facebook. - Kimber Scott
Ben: not one iota. I did sense that they were struggling to figure out how to compete, but didn't think they would sell. Paul always told me he didn't want to sell. - Robert Scoble
WarLord: there isn't a good aggregator. That's why it's stupid to delete your feeds. - Robert Scoble
OK, a friend talked me down. He told me I'd be saying sorry for starting this post by the 400th comment. He's usually right. So, instead of saying sorry, I'm going drinking. See ya in the lobby in 10 minutes! - Robert Scoble
I may be dense about this, but why would you leave until you saw which way it was going? - Jerry Kidd
Good question, Jerry. I wanna know this, too. - Brad Williamson
Robert, I think he struggled with it, but 4 Hours with Mark is a big persuasion - Stephen Pickering
Matthew: I expect that the engineers will get put onto Facebook. So, if the smartest people are working on Facebook and not on FriendFeed, why would I stay here? Why wouldn't I start moving my work and social graph and all that over to Facebook? - Robert Scoble
The people I've come to know on FriendFeed are what I'd miss though, so I'd like to take my social graph with me wherever I might end up next. There's a business opportunity right there. - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Dunno if I'll leave the ship... - Wario
When I think about it - I found your post as well as the TechCrunch article via Google Friend Connect. So maybe it is time to join that Wave!? - Harald Felgner
Jerry: I said I was going to wait until I talk with the team more, but the things I'm hearing tell me they've already been bought to work on Facebook proper. So, unless someone tells me that's wrong, that tells me I should spend more and more of my time over on Facebook and not here. But my friend convinced me I'm being hasty and emotional. :-O - Robert Scoble
Mathew: Scoble said early on in this thread that he invests his time into emerging networks, not things that "are already here" I think thats why he will be moving on to the next big thing, like google wave or watchever new social network emerges out of this. I suspect that another startup will emerge to try and fill the shoes left behind by friendfeed. This is always the case. When napster left, you had morpheus and kazaa, then bit torrents. - BRҰANSAҰS
Matthew: FriendFeed=Facebook. It's a great day for both. Cause I'll end up at Facebook either way! :-) - Robert Scoble
Anyway, these are just the emotional ramblings of someone trying to figure out how the world shifted today. Have fun! - Robert Scoble
clue to the denouement: where is the most valuable processing of this event. Right here. - Steve Gillmor
I'm just curious what new startup will roll into the limelight because of this announcement? - BRҰANSAҰS
Robert, FriendFeed != Facebook - look at the quality of commentary/people here - Aaman (Clone of FF)
FriendFeed can stop improving right now, and I'll still stick around until something else catches up. Maybe that something else will be Facebook. I'll wait and see. - Bruce Lewis
I'm probably out. Back to open source for me at this point. Time to take another look and see how things have progressed with Laconica, JaikuEngine, NoseRub, and some of the other secondary options. I may also go crawling back to Twitter. Given a choice between Twitter and Facebook... sigh... - Ken Sheppardson
++Steve Gillmor - Bruce Lewis
Ken you'll be back. - Steve Gillmor
I don't think FB will change it all so quickly. But I do like Laconica, too. - Monique Hodgkinson
Steve you're making it hurt worse! ;-( - Stephen Pickering
Monique: It's not about rapid change, it's about where to invest effort. I don't really have any interest in investing my time and energy on Facebook... so why wait? - Ken Sheppardson
stephen how so - Steve Gillmor
I don't know where to go :( - K.D.
I'll make up my mind when I figure out what better alternative there is to Friend Feed. - Anthony Teegarden
Because we know FF has died - Stephen Pickering
Steve: Yeah, you're probably right. I appreciate the work Bret, Paul, Benjamin, et al have done, and I was really looking forward to where they were taking things... before they were taking it to Facebook. - Ken Sheppardson
Stephen: FF has died? Well, then, how am I typing to you? - Robert Scoble
Tomy, why change? You can listen to the Beatles and the Stones! - Stephen Pickering
Ken: it's all good. they're moving to a radically larger playground, and they can't afford to abandon those who appreciate them - Steve Gillmor
They will keep FF just will make it better - Johni Fisher
Choose I meant - Stephen Pickering
Please stop with FF has died chatter! - BRҰANSAҰS
I'll wait to learn more before making any decisions - Herb Hernandez
Robert, well, metaphorically. Whether its a few months or a year - Stephen Pickering
Tomy: Twitter is like Facebook but without likes and comments. Oh, wait, Facebook is a lot like FriendFeed already. I just commented on Louis Gray's item there. Oh, and there's applications. We can play games! :-) Herb: I'll try to go see the team next week. I'm also interviewing Yelp. - Robert Scoble
But Steve, what if the larger "playground" turns out to be very different from the one pitched to them? What if the FF team finds that their vision isn't shared after all? - Bruce Lewis
Robert, ok maybe you are right. Maybe it will be like the R&D. That would be great! - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: are you trying to get on the Gillmor Gang? We seem to kill things before they are really dead there too. - Robert Scoble
Hey Robert , you make friendfeed slower ! I guess you should leave here really x) - Melissa Taylor
Anyway, I'm going drinking. For real this time. - Robert Scoble
they can go build it again. but zuckerberg has been wanting this for some time - Steve Gillmor
need to wait what will happen to FF - Toni @ NavinoT
I'm planning on easing out of Friendfeed in the next couple of days, so I can get the contacts of people I know on here and who's opinions I value. - Jonathan Hardesty
Pickering: RSS is dead, not FF - Steve Gillmor
Steve, oh yes, If I were him, I would pull out all stops to get this team. I totally understand from a business perspective, all perspectives - Stephen Pickering
business is design - Steve Gillmor
HAHAHA great comeback Steve. On that note I think I'll have a beer. :) - BRҰANSAҰS
Steve, OK, I'll keep the faith that maybe Scoble's idea that this could be a Facebook R&D could happen. That would be great!!!! - Stephen Pickering
Steve, did you see the post about this being an opportunity for Google Reader? I think it was by Jorge Escobar. - Bruce Lewis
no bruce, how so - Steve Gillmor
Jeunelle, Robert went drinking :) - Stephen Pickering
He was saying Reader has most of the features of FF, and this could be their chance to expand and fill the niche FF filled: - Bruce Lewis
disagree bruce GR has no explicit contract with users - Steve Gillmor
Contract or contact? - BRҰANSAҰS
Wave might be boosted, but has similar immaturity at the social graph level - Steve Gillmor
I don't understand the part about the contract. - Bruce Lewis
If Ning is 750m why FF is just 50m ? - Johni Fisher
users consciously contribute metadata to FF - Steve Gillmor
Do we want Google to buy Twitter? - Stephen Pickering
I like FriendFeed, a lot, but too few of my friends use the service to make it really useful. So I guess I'll leave. - Adam Washington
Adam, stay, if even only for the aggregating features - Stephen Pickering
You are testing us Scoble. - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Scobles outta here. He went to get a life! hehehehehehehe - Stephen Pickering
totally staying....this really is just the beginning....and, i just built FF into all of my Intro to Soc sections!!!! - Chad Gesser
I thought you said you'd hand in there until they turn the last server off. What changed your mind? - Paul Chaney
Speaking of Google. What was the point of them buying Jaiku and doing nothing with it? - BRҰANSAҰS
I'll at least stay for aggregation and extending 140 character tweets, and pray maybe it will become Facebooks R&D, but I know that's a longshot - Stephen Pickering
Regarding the "team's plans", I really don't expect to hear anything from Bret, Paul, et al. At this point I'm happy to let the Facebook (i.e. the non-FriendFeed) folks try to convince me that they're ready to do things differently. That involves more than just hiring a team. - Ken Sheppardson
Well, maybe Paul can influence Mark not "to be evil" - Stephen Pickering
those who think FB has any choice but to go down the FF road are not thinking this through - Steve Gillmor
Steve, Oh, I totally understand. It was genius of them. Proves how Mark is indeed Master of the Universe - Stephen Pickering
Steve, self-interest does not guarantee anything. People and companies can act irrationally. - Bruce Lewis
So Steve, do you see two separate properties indefinitely? Or does Facebook just slowly start too look more FF-like, then one day they redirect to - Ken Sheppardson
yes bruce take twitter for example - Steve Gillmor
But Paul could end up being a great influence on Mark - Stephen Pickering
not indefinitely Ken, but long enough to transfer enough value to avoid making twitter look like the good guys - Steve Gillmor
Steve, will Google buy Twitter? - Stephen Pickering
you're "VERY excited" about the deal, but plan to leave friendfeed? why, exactly? i don't get it... - Shawn C. Reed
dunno, don't really care - Steve Gillmor
ff was the important value, not twitter - Steve Gillmor
Oh sure, who do you want in your office, Ev or Paul Bucheit? Paulllllll! - Stephen Pickering
Stephen, didn't the TechCrunch article say that the FF team would be split between two bosses, neither of which was Mark? - Bruce Lewis
matthew who says they didn't - Steve Gillmor
That's right. Paul may end up running that thing, or at least be No.2 - Stephen Pickering
ff has been running dev for a year - Steve Gillmor
Wow - isn't this jumping to conclusions? No one has said anything's going away, nor do we know what they're doing to do with it. Stick around, wait to see what happens, then jump. Nothing's happened yet - I think it will all be for the better in the end and you'll know where to go when the FF Team says Jump. - Jesse Stay
Kurt, he's gonna sit on it for a while, see what shakes out - Stephen Pickering
jesse skip to the bottom for the apology - Steve Gillmor
The FF Team hasn't let us down yet, have they? I still trust them - only when they break that trust do we jump. - Jesse Stay
@Scobleizer I've been on Google Wave for about a week working on an interesting idea I have for it. It's very promising but its very alpha right now. You won't find it worth your time just yet. - Noah White
jumping is bullshit, no place to go - Steve Gillmor
Ah - sorry Robert - didn't see the clarification towards the bottom. Thanks Steve. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, you still in the Boston area? - Bruce Lewis
Why rush to judgment? Even if the "team's plans" are off-base, what's the base? And what's off? Experience, resourcefulness, respect for users and smarts under fire all matter more than "plans." Wait & keep seeing. - Doc
What the hell? Just because someone buys FriendFeed everyone has to ditch it? ABORT SHIP, ABORT SHIP! Doesn't really make sense so soon. Has anything changed yet? Is it the end of the world? Don't just leave because everyone says they will either. Stick around, the ship is still afloat. - Nick Humphries
the doctor is in the house - Steve Gillmor
But, if they did pull the plug, with bandwidth and computing halving every year, there would be another one of these pop up in no time - Stephen Pickering
I don't see a point in leaving Friendfeed until the doors close on us... if and when that happens. - Alex Knight
Actually facebook is the most popular rss reader of all time :) - Christian Burns from iPhone
Bruce, we just left today. I'm actually in Niagara Falls, NY right now. Just finished watching a beautiful view of the Falls at night. - Jesse Stay
There's a house? - Doc
Steve, is that Doc Searls? - Stephen Pickering
of cards - Steve Gillmor
hover over the name stephen - Steve Gillmor
Jesse, if anybody can persuade me (us?) that Facebook is going to be good for the FF team it's you. Maybe write a blog post or something. - Bruce Lewis
Don't get so close. - Doc
unfollow please sidney - Steve Gillmor
Doc, Calacanis recommended your book to his audience on THis Week in Startups. Can't wait to read it! - Stephen Pickering
I just left facebook a couple weeks ago - hope friendfeed doesn't devolve into quizzes and walled gardens - Doug Holton
It's the Gillmor Gang in a perpendicular universe. - Doc
yes it is - Steve Gillmor
and about fucking time - Steve Gillmor
Stephen, make sure it's the *new* 10th anniversary edition of Cluetrain. Both it and the old one are being sold. 8 extra chapters in the new. - Doc
No doubt, Steve - Christian Burns from iPhone
Because of Quantum Wave effects there are an infinite number of Universes, some of which The Gillmor Gang is still broadcasting - Stephen Pickering
Bruce, I'll be working on a post really soon. Also, Louis Gray and I are going to record a phone call about it tomorrow, which I think should prove useful. I've got a lot of knowledge about Facebook, and he does about FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
we never stopped stephen - Steve Gillmor
Heheheheheheheheh - Stephen Pickering
JFC, I was gonna go to bed, and here we are. Wherever this is. Do we all really live in Scoble's butt? - Doc
Doc comes through with yet another metonym: the perpendicular universe (= FF). - Nick in Manila
I would have had something out sooner but I've been driving a car all day. :-) - Jesse Stay
no it's Marshall McLuhan's butt - Steve Gillmor
Is this SRC? - Doc
Kurt, oh yeah, I totally get that and so does Scoble, but you've got to understand his short term hurt. Look at how much energy he put into this thing, and what did he get? Nuttin - Stephen Pickering
You mean McLuhan is in Scoble's body? He's in the movie Being Robert Scoble? - Doc
Nonsense Stephen he gets paid in attention every single time - Steve Gillmor
Social relay chat? - Christian Burns from iPhone
No who's on first - Steve Gillmor
Scoble Relay Chat. - Doc
the medium is the message - Steve Gillmor
OK, OK, Steve. I admit, I listened to Dave Winer's chat this evening about it - Stephen Pickering
yeah I read the liner notes instead - Steve Gillmor
And the medium is the network? - Stephen Pickering
Are we paying Scoble now? Are we his excreta and are those a form of currency? - Doc
as richard manuel used to say the check's in yr mouth - Steve Gillmor
I thought it was "the check is coming in your mouth." Just looking for accuracy here. - Doc
no, doc it's a contraction of 2 of the 3 promises - Steve Gillmor
I forget what the 3rd is - Steve Gillmor
I'll love you in the morning? - Doc
could be - Steve Gillmor
Well, it's almost morning here. I'll tape this show and watch later. G'night or g'morning, all. - Doc
Goodnight, Doc! - Stephen Pickering
Part of beauty of FF: all their shows are taped. And yet open ended. - Nick in Manila
It depends how much FF changes. No reason to leave until and unless it gets annoying. - Igor Goldkind
It's "I'll respect you in the morning." - Sean Gallagher
Oh, I'm not leaving. Hell, I even still have a myspace account. It's just a question of engagement - Stephen Pickering
Good night all. Tip for Jeunelle: You get more attention if you make your feed public. Make a group for your private stuff. - Bruce Lewis
they'll have to scrub this one pretty good before they shut it down - Steve Gillmor
Maybe Jeunelle doesn't want attention. - Sean Gallagher
Hell, they keep Orkut going. Storage and bandwidth keep getting cheaper. Might as well keep this going - Stephen Pickering
Orkut! The favorite social network of 9 out of 10 Brazilians. - Sean Gallagher
And 9 out 10 of the best looking women! - Stephen Pickering
True. - Sean Gallagher
@scobleizer that means half of the total activity on friendfeed will be reduced - Sidharth Dassani
Maybe if Facebook hadn't stolen all Scoble's data, he'd stop worrying and learn to love them. - Sean Gallagher
Actually even os Brasileiros are coming over to FB - Stephen Pickering
My mother is on Facebook. The end is nigh. - Sean Gallagher
there is no reason to leave. I seriously doubt facebook will kill it. - Logan Lindquist
What's the record number of comments? - Stephen Pickering
Logan, I hope your right - Stephen Pickering
Maybe if I blog my twitter of Scoble's FriendFeed and then link it from Facebook via a Digg of a bookmark, it will create a singularity and this thread will have never happened. - Sean Gallagher
Sean, you may even create a time machine! - Stephen Pickering
Can someone comment on what April Russo said about Facebook content policy? Seems like a very important piece of the puzzle. - metalerik
I wouldn't worry about it. The markets will take care of it. If Facebook becomes evil, the masses will fork somewhere else. We're in the age of Openness - Stephen Pickering
I will only leave friend feed if it becomes a facebook clone. I can't stand facebook but I still use it cause my friends and family use it, but if friendfeed becomes annoying like face book then I see no point in staying here. - Colide81 (James) from iPhone
James, Touche - Stephen Pickering
It's a starling fledgeling. The perfect symbol for social networking-- it eats whatever you give it, then poops on you. - Sean Gallagher
Just reading all the news about FF and FB. Disapoints me personally, biz wise nice job. Um not a huge FB user so I don't know what my plans are yet. Like you wait a bit and see.... - Bryan Thatcher from iPhone
I won't leave FF until they make me or there's no community left. Whichever comes first. - FFing Enigma
We'll never get to talk to Robert Scoble again. :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
on to Google Wave. - Jason Wilson from BuddyFeed
Jannifer, Yes we will on his JS-Kit Echo commenting system he will put on his blog. It's real time like this - Stephen Pickering
I'm leaving. Google Wave, Twitter, Reader will plenty suffice now. Farewell, former friend. - Californian
Oh Stephen - I'm not sure what that is... but it won't be like Friendfeed. :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
At some point I imagine I will. I have no interest in joining facebook. When I do depends on what facebook does with ff. - Quasar
I'm sticking around till FB screws it up. But I was keeping FF separate from FB because most of my FB friends are my born-again Christian relatives who won't like the controversial stuff of mine that makes it onto FF's news feed. Still, I'm going to look for other similar sites. Posterous is one. - Dennis Jernberg
I really want a Google Wave invite now.. - Peter
I'm not leaving but I'm not moving to Facebook. The main thing for me is to keep the contacts I've gained from FriendFeed and hope we all can meet on another similar service somewhere somehow. - Kol Tregaskes
ditto on the Google wave invite - Kim
you hit the nail on the head there Kol - Kim
Maybe. But i really want Google Wave invite. - ★ Soner Gönül
It's hard to say at this point. The only thing that's changed is who pays the server bill. Ask me in a week. And yes, a Google Wave invite would sure go a long way to make this better for me. - Dale
Joined Posterous. Wouldn't mind a Google Wave invite, though... - Dennis Jernberg
Me too, Dennis. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I will wait and see. - Matt G
Leaving a favorite site isn't always a conscious decision for me. The cool site loses its cool and you just kind of drift off. - Dale from email
Oh yeah, and I added my Posterous blog to my FriendFeed feed, so you'll be seeing whatever I post there in your home feed here. That is, if you subscribe to me here, or if one of your subscribers likes or comments. Me, leave? Not yet! ;) - Dennis Jernberg
I'll be sticking around just a little while longer. - April Russo (FForever!)
I'm here for the duration - Charlie Anzman
I'm loyal until they make it worth me leaving. - Jesse Stay
I'm staying but it's like when you know that the company you work for has been bought by someone else and might close it, you lose motivation and start looking for another job, it's hard to invest time and energy if there might be no future. Not that the future of FF was guaranteed before but now it does not look good at all. - M F
I'm heading to Plurk! who's with me? *tumbleweed* - Iain Baker
Like I said before, I'm staying here until the end. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Friendfeed is two totally different things: the original RSS aggregation service, and a social network service/community. is a reasonable replacement for the former. As to the latter, it's the people, not the tech they're using, that makes FF special. I've benefited greatly as a 'consumer' here, reading posts - if that continues on Facebook, it will probably get me to actually use FB (instead of piping my FF activity into it). If it migrates somewhere else, someone give me a heads-up ;) Either way, thanks to the FF team for a great service. - SteamCentral
i'll be around until it becomes unbearable, probly until it's been damaged badly by FB style feature creep and riddled with ads and spammers. oh, and absolutely stupid censorship policies. that'll be a real killer. - Big Joe Silenced
not leaving. NEVER hoho I haven't left FB nor friendser. - Franc, a rememberer
The CloneFeed group has given me some interest. It gives some hope in case FF really goes away or merges badly with FB. I like FB but just don't want to fully mix the two activities/audiences. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Go to posterous. Here is mine: - Svartling from iPhone
I'd rather keep my Friendfeed as my "professional aggregation" and Facebook as personal stuff. I blog, tweet, etc. stuff that a lot of my friends could care less about. And I post stuff to Facebook that isn't interesting or relevant to clients / followers. - Gregg Le Blanc
Google Wave is what I am looking for. The problem with moving to Facebook is that I use it for close friends and family so things like comments and pics etc that I post to it I would not want to have available to all of the contacts I have on FF at the moment. Mainly because I like to separate those I know from those that I converse with if that makes sense. I loved that on FF I could have the private rooms/groups that I could put things on that I only share with a small group of the people I know. I cannot see how I can do that with FB, therefore I would then start rejecting those that I would easily subscribe to here, on FB. - travispuk
Whilst I am not 'leaving' FF, I will not be investing anywhere near the type of interaction I have done previous to yesterday's announcement as I just see it as wasted time. - travispuk
What becomes of the broken hearted? - Joe Dawson
I'm staying on! - Charles Lau
FF is my first big social networking investment (or time) - I'll stay and then move, if forced. I'll certainly investigate other tools in an effort to fill any gap left by FaceFeed. - Jason Miller
I just saw that a woman's twittering her childbirth made the front page of BBC's world news webpage. I don't know to make of it, but I don't want to hang out at Twitter much anymore. - Mitch
Mitch: we Twittered our childbirth in 2007 and we will again in September, but probably not on our main account. - Robert Scoble
i think i'm stayin, and wait what's goin on facebook. i will feel upset if they dont allow the users to make their choice of using one or other site, but looks like they gonna force to use FB instead of FF :( - Dani Martínez
Not sure how on board with FriendFeed I ever was to begin with to be honest... - Gurpreet
FriendFeed will be fine - FaceBook is fine - and so is Twitter - I might check out AmpliFeeder, I suspect quite a few FriendFeeders will migrate there as the days go by. - Chris Loft
Not leaving FF but I can't wait till it's properly integrated with Facebook. Interesting thing: Wave's API is open so there's nothing to stop Facebook creating an app to make Facebook & Wave work great together. Not so much either/or as and... and..! - Matt Moran
Has anyone tried amplifeeder? edit: so far don't see any friending abilities though - metalerik
Why leave? But will be open to see other options - facebook doesn't (currently) provide to me what I get here. - amygeek
Facebook bought friendfeed - Rob Johnson
I stay on FriendFeed, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc. - Emmanuel Gadenne
I won't delete my account, but as FF morphs into the ball of confusion that is Facebook, I won't be very active. - Jeremy Brooks
I'll leave Facebook if FF gets harmed. And go back to ;-) - Torrid Luna
I'll stay on FF, FB and T, and BK, and other, BrightKite is not well utilised, is good even on beta. - Andy Ghozali
Robert: If you're looking for an awesome real-time discussion platform, you should migrate to Fluther. - Ben
I'm staying put and watching the ship sink. I'd really like to believe that FriendFeed will have some longevity, but I won't hedge my bets. - Tyson Key
Steve Gillmor said "clue to the denouement: where is the most valuable processing of this event. Right here." so for now, FF looks like the space. - Barbara K. Iverson
I intend to stick around to see what Facebook have planned. I think the takeover has everything to do with the direction FB's been heading in lately, what with their open challenge to Twitter - Dennis Jernberg
I don't see it as leaving, but rather seeing the possibility that it might leave us. FF was and still is just about my favorite site and uberaggregatorthing that I ever saw.... - Rob Schieber
+100 Rob Schieber - Tyson Key
I will stay. Facebook will not Win. - TheHenry
Will wait and see what happens with FB - Ted Kinzer
fb ruins everything. Have the Privacy policy "not "changed since fb came into the pic? Can they not build their own ideas instead of buying everyone else's? leave us geeks to play in our playground and stay in yours. greedy buggers. The second they pull a skanky fb move i'm out. bitches. - seastarerrin
I'm here till the ship goes down. - Lee Watters
Leaving no. Checking out other venues yes. - Martha
Just maybe Facebook will listen to the Friendfeed engineers in charge of user interface/usability starting with the type size and fonts. Not all marriages are made in heaven. Culture clashes are sure to pop up. - Alan Morris
I am leaving Web - Back to Telnet - Dominique Rabeuf
Dominique, too late. The web already assimilated it with the telnet: url schema. - Bruce Lewis
OK so only snmp/ssh - Dominique Rabeuf
Hell no, not leaving. Best service on the web. - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
keep using FriendFeed till they pull the plug. Leaving the service will make it more likely that it will go away. - Cass from IM
back to blogs :-) - Mostafa Lameei
I was about to focus a little more on FF but since I heard about the purchase and read rumors about FF being integrated in FB and being shutdown and all this, I'm getting a little ... well.. undecided.. Just checked Streamy, didn't like it. If get's more development, this might be the next thing to migrate to. I'm sure not moving to FaceBook. I have my account, I have lots of old co-workers and college mates there, but it's different to what I use FF and Twitter for. Call it Schizophrenia, but I live two lives online.. this is why I almost don't have any RL friends added to FF or Twitter.. FB is for RL friends and the "real social stuff" and FF & Twitter are the meeting point for people who don't know each other but share the same interests (like photography, technology - depends on whom you follow). - Daniel van Moll
Minitel 3815 (?) - Dominique Rabeuf
Not interested in being part of Facebook. Goodbye, FriendFeed. :-( - TranceMist
I wish more folks would see the big picture. We need to focus on independent projects that are NOT part of the Google-Yahoo-Microsoft borg. As soon as a site gets absorbed it is time to find another independent site. Yes, I do realize that some may have actually been part all along and only pretending they were independent in the first place - especially if they were founded by ex-Google-Yahoo-Microsoft people. I'd love to see StumbleUpon add FF-like features and/or cliKball add tags and FF functionality. What we really need is one service that solicits input from power users on what is necessary - ideally one that allows us to feed & copy down & add images where possible to all Social Networking sites we use individually but from one page on that one site. - Gail Gardner
This post was in response to facebook's purchase of friendfeed... Robert is asking who is leaving because of the purcahse - Chris Heath
not because of the facebook purchase... he left a month ago or so... he comes back from time to time ... mostly because we're talking about him - Chris Heath