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Robert Scoble
@Scobleizer Mark Bernstein, head of PARC (formerly Xerox PARC) where ethernet, MS Word, ethernet and more were invented. Need your questions
Metcalfe would love the fact that you mentioned Ethernet twice. ;) What about GUI, laser printing and the mouse? - Anthony Citrano
I'd ask if he thinks there are other "PARCs", and if he'd name a couple he admires? - Anthony Citrano
What's the real-world status of "Electronic Reusable Paper"? Any time soon? Cost? - Mitchell Tsai
What about that uber cool chording keyboard device shown in the Mother of All Demos? - iTad from fftogo
Can you describe the "low-energy technology that removes particles from water without using a filter"? - Mitchell Tsai
What is the coolest thing you are working on that we will see i 5 years? - Michael VanDervort from Alert Thingy
PARC took equity stake in SolFocus startup. Can you describe other PARC-startup-investments? - Mitchell Tsai
What is his view of PARC's role in the technology innovation engine of today's silicon valley? Not many know of PARC key roles in the wider industry, does he see that as a problem? - Greg Lato
Why was PARC created - and has it achieved its objectives? - Luke Harvey-Palmer
Ubiquitous Computing??? - Roberto Bonini
Why are PARC, Bell Labs, etc not the same as they were in the golden days - Deepak Singh