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Robert Scoble
Great chat with @ev, @scobleizer, @rlux, @pud, and @lkilpatrick. More about what happened at the Ritz tonight and what @ev told me:
be right back - Robert Scoble
How did we all come together? Total accident. @lkilpatrick woke me up from a nap tonight at about 9 p.m. and said that he was at the fire ring at the Ritz with @pud, who is the guy who started AdBrite and Fucked Company. When I got there we met up and I started railing on CNN and saying Twitter was taking over the world. That's when @ev came up and said "what about Twitter?" - Robert Scoble
lol @ Brian - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
hey robert - did you just tweet about yourself in the third person? :) - Jeremy Toeman
Then we spent the next three hours together. His wife was there (they are expecting a baby, and we had the same birth class teacher - Robert Scoble
pretty funny happenstance. glad you all could sit down together for a chat :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: me too. I tried to bite my lip about the suggested follower thing, ended up joking around with @ev about it just a tiny bit and he took it pretty well. He likes friendfeed's new UI, but sees Facebook as Twitter's main competition. - Robert Scoble
s'mores at the Ritz are one of my favorite activities. Thanks again Robert for telling me about it. I have met a ton of interesting and cool people at those fire rings. - Luke Kilpatrick
ah...little does he realize... ;) (same with zukerberg I imagine) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
He says they have a ton of stuff coming out in next few months, many more features than they've shipped over their first three years. - Robert Scoble
any clues on those? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
He confirmed they aren't up for sale, and explained why (same story that Fred Wilson gave me two weeks ago). - Robert Scoble
Rob: no, but he said "they will jumpstart our growth again" so they are definitely optimistic that they will cause people to talk about them. - Robert Scoble
ballsy move IMO, but... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
alas talk is cheap - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
He also confirmed that they aren't looking at advertising for revenue, at least not in short term. - Robert Scoble
Sounds like a great #Mastermind conversation. Would love to have been a fly on the wall for it. - David Damore
Rob: that it is, but Ev is pretty accurate reader of how people will respond to stuff. He hasn't mislead me in the past in that regard. - Robert Scoble
I'd like to see something that doesn't remind me so much of the dotcom bubble when people were selling strraight air and memberlists - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
no, I don't doubt that he has something to generate talk... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
David: it's one of those things that I wish I had recorded, but it was Saturday night, we were having fun, and it wasn't quite the place. - Robert Scoble
re up for sale - have you *ever* known a company to publicly state they *are* up for sale? of course not. it's not like people pay more for easy to get commodities, right? - Jeremy Toeman
and cheap can go a long way too...don't get me wrong - it's just not a solid foundation - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I'm amused by @Ev's reaction to all the iran stuff. - zzzz
@Scoble: Some things flow better when it is "off the record" Just glad you are sharing some nuggets here tonight. - David Damore
Brian: anytime you meet someone face to face it changes what you feel about them. This is no different. It was interesting that I was praising Twitter when he introduced himself. - Robert Scoble
I had no idea he was standing there when I was talking about how crappy CNN was in comparison to Twitter. - Robert Scoble
that is a funny turn of events - unlikely - but the universe moves to further our best interests I think - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: their uptime has gotten 100x better recently, though, even though their search is still struggling (he said they are focusing a lot of effort on search or, what he calls "discovery features.") - Robert Scoble
why would you compare CNN to twitter at all? - Jeremy Toeman
It has Robert - I can tell from what I see while watching over PeopleBrowsr - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
because twitter delivers news? - zzzz
Jeremy: because of Iran. The biggest news story in the world today and CNN had some stupid motorcyle guys on instead of talking about it. - Robert Scoble
Katie: Twitter was up in Iran. Friendfeed has been blocked there, from what I've been reading. - Robert Scoble
Katie no because people deliver news - Jesse Stay
But yes,...the search is laging 0 but uptime is IMO more critical in the moment - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Discovery.... Hummmmm. Sounds like a marketers dream. - David Damore
for how long?? are they supposed to cover iran for 24 hours straight?? and the day I trust "the crowd" to give me semi-accurate news in 140 character chunks is the day ... well, I don't know what, but it's not a good day. - Jeremy Toeman
Twitter is accessible because of all the ways you can get on it - friendfeed is just a website and easily blocked - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jesse: I stand corrected. :) - zzzz
Other things I remember from the conversation: Tweetie was his favorite iPhone app. He said he doesn't really use desktop apps that much. - Robert Scoble
Jeremy: I was watching CNN for hours this afternoon and THEY HAD NOTHING about Iran. Read all the "CNNFail" hashtag stuff. - Robert Scoble
Robert did you get to talk to him any about auto-follow, and the way they use the system vs. the users? - Jesse Stay
Jeremy: CNN was horrid today. And, yes, when a news story is affecting the middle east like this one was, they should cover it wall to wall. - Robert Scoble
honestly I watched a lot of the Iran scene on FriendFeed and some choice blogs - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jesse: no, I didn't go there. - Robert Scoble
Jesse: except we were joking around about following and I told the story of when @god tapped me on the shoulder at a party and said "you are not following me." @ev answered "@god is following me." So, we all like to be followed, even @ev. - Robert Scoble
Rob, twitter's more accessible in the sense of clients available to contact 'central', but it's not as if one service is decentralized and the other not. - Micah
It was a very interesting night as I didn't even recognize @ev until he came up and said hello to @scobleizer, I was there with @rlux and @skawtnyc making s'mores when I started offering them to the other people at the fire ring as always do and @pud 's fiance took me up on it. Then had a great conversation with @pud about #ColdFusion and I gave @scobleizer a call as I figured he would be interested in coming by since he is just up the road. It was a great night, lots of great talk by interesting and smart people. - Luke Kilpatrick
By the way, @ev bought our drinks tonight. Which was very nice. - Robert Scoble
@Robert - ok, CNN did a bad job today - fine. I dont watch any televised news and haven't for quite some time. but again, how do you compare CNN to twitter? should i compare HBO to twitter too? - Jeremy Toeman
Exactly Micah - that's why tweets were more readily available - but there were a few folks in Iran on Friendfeed - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: are you closer to Twitter as a result? Chance meeting although it may be, sounds interesting. - Nick Wade
Jeremy: CNN is supposed to cover the world's news. Today they didn't. If you watched CNN you would get that. - Robert Scoble
Jeremy: HBO doesn't deliver news - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
If you watched Twitter you'd get that - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nick: you can't help but get closer to a company after spending three hours with its founder. I hope it leads to a building43 interview, to tell you the truth. - Robert Scoble
I hope so too. It would do all of us some potential good - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Robert: let me break it to you - CNN's business is selling ads, not delivering news. if it were about news, this country would be a much more well-informed place. they are not incented by "quality news", they are incented by "viewership", which is in turn incented by the appearance of news. but again, judging anyone by one day is, for lack of a better word, silly. - Jeremy Toeman
I'd love to sit down for lunch or dinner with them some time. They're nice guys - Jesse Stay
Jeremy: well, they at least have "news" in their name. I don't remember them saying "we're the cable advertising network." But, yes, I agree with your cynicism. I just wish we had better media here in the USA. - Robert Scoble
Yes, I hear you. Ev and Sarah live up the street. Bump-into's are interesting in our 'hood sometimes, although I'm no Scoble. I think I'm in the majority in saying that a building43 segment would rock. My direct message of weds re Twitter still stands, very keen to know if one should stake a position there. - Nick Wade
Jeremy: it's not the first time CNN has lost to the Twitter News Network. - Robert Scoble
@robert now that's something we can agree on! :) gnite - gotta go finish reading Ender's Shadow. - Jeremy Toeman
true, but i've also NOT seen CNN misreport Patrick Swayze's death... - Jeremy Toeman
Search for "Iran" with tons of interesting stuff: - Robert Scoble
Jeremy: good point. - Robert Scoble
Even better, search for Iran filtered to display only items with one like or more: Much better quality stuff. - Robert Scoble
hmm I always wonder where the women are in these conversations? would we develop different apps if their voice was stronger? or tweeter then what you guys come up with? - sherry reynolds
Robert: are you coming out to NYC this week ? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: yes! I will be in NYC for the Twitter Conference by Jeff Pulver on Tuesday, then there also through Thursday evening. - Robert Scoble
You see, if those guys were more transparent, its human nature, they'd have a lot more goodwill, and have YOU and LEO and others like yourselves talking more positively about them. It's like when Swisher came on that night. I came away with a positive feeling about her after she interacted - Stephen Pickering
Awesome! Looking forward to it... will be there monday - till Would like to meet you while you're here :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Sherry: women were there, but they were up against several well known technologists. I found Ev's wife to be very interesting and smart and a female Twitter employee was there from Japan and she also was smart and interesting, but she didn't say much that would be interesting to the public. I did joke that she was responsible for all of Twitter's revenue and we both laughed about that. Or at least I did. ;-) - Robert Scoble
On a lighter note, I was thinking of a question for @ev re. facebook usernames - never asked it; got side-tracked in identity humour: - Micah
Stephen: I think they aren't more transparent because they are simply over exposed by the media and every journalist in the world wants to touch them right now (Twitter is on the cover of Time Magazine). That leads to a weird view of them. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, your right, but its like that video you had of Zuckerberg. Just him sitting and talking with you and Arrington a couple weeks before gave me such positive impression - Stephen Pickering
Leads to a weird view of your own self with that much publicity too I'd imagine - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Stephen: yeah, that's the problem if you choose to only speak to big news outlets. They never will post your entire conversation and even if they did it would be a pretty unnatural conversation. - Robert Scoble
Sherry: @rlux is female and was very engaged in the conversation. She is the Community Manager for Adobe's User Group programs. Also @yukarim who is part of twitter's japan effort was also there and engaged as well. It was a pretty balanced night as far as male - female ratio. It was just as Robert said, they were up against several well known technologists. - Luke Kilpatrick
Rob: yeah. If there's one view of Ev that changed tonight it's how he is handling being at the center of a cultural/media/celebrity storm. Definitely is handling it better than I am. He talked very eloquently about why companies sell (he says he might write up a blog post about that) and why Twitter isn't going to sell. He says they are "optimistic." That's putting it about right. - Robert Scoble
Hats off to him if he can pull it off. If they can get the stability together I think they could do so... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Luke is right. Unfortunately when I choose to relay the evening's events I'm passing along mostly @ev's thoughts. Why? He is the man of the hour. It's not every day you get to have drinks with an entrepreneur the week that they are on the cover of Time Magazine. I know that's what people will be interested in hearing about, not about what my niece told me at her graduation today. - Robert Scoble
It's like Joseph Campbell said, "Life is is in the top flight" It's not like you think your bigger than everyone else, but when you catch a wave, you might as well ride it and have a heck of a time - Stephen Pickering
The real problem with this industry is more women don't start companies and don't get into positions of high branding. There are a few, and I would love to have conversations with them, too. Like Nina Bianchini of Ning. On Building43 you saw several women who had a lot to say. More to come in future! - Robert Scoble
Robert: if your niece had mentioned that she'd bumped into Ev and gotten bladdered with him, we'd all be super-interested. We're all happy about building43 from what I'm seeing. Looking fwd to more. P.S. congrats your niece! - Nick Wade
Let's hope so! The balance is needed in the whole business. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Right, everyone can be successful. The more everyone is successful the more we all win - Stephen Pickering
The pie gets bigger - Stephen Pickering
This is where I disagree with Arrington a bit, but I have to admit history is on Arrington's side about there being usually one winner - Stephen Pickering
At least in this space, if there is one winner, its earned and not done (usually) with shananigans or an unearned monopoly - Stephen Pickering
the real-time web is where the breaking news is.. whether its a chance meeting with @ev or what is happening on the ground in Iran. Its changing everything. Robert great interview with Kelly Nelson! - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Peter, I agree. In this space, its totally interesting an revolutionary. I just wish it would spread to other spaces I'm interested in like the Arts. Places like that are still behind such "silos" - Stephen Pickering
Anyone else get the irony here - that Robert's sharing this Twitter info here on FriendFeed? :-) - Jim Connolly
Yes, but where else can you have an IM like all inclusive real time conversation? - Stephen Pickering
was very amusing live while he talked to @ev ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Stephen I think its just a matter of time... interesting this was something that was touched on in the interview with Kelly Nelson the walls are coming down - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Yes, I watched that video, and all the Building43 videos and was very impressed - Stephen Pickering
Sherry, I'm @rlux and we ladies were definitely there & engaged -- I actually got into a whole conversation with @ev about WebSitePro and ColdFusion of all things. A good time was had by all. - Rachel Luxemburg
Oh what's a "fire ring"? - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: Exactly - Twitter's limitations mean that the conversation had to be done here. Yet, Twitter gets all the traction / media buzz and FriendFeed doesn't. The world is (officially) nuts!! :) - Jim Connolly
Glad you could make it Rachel :) Thanks for stopping in here! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
My personal opinion is that in the next year FriendFeed is going to be a force to be reckoned with. I almost feel it will take over Twitter's space. - Stephen Pickering
I almost feel that FF is to Twitter as Facebook was to Myspace circa 2006 - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I hope so. That said, I have seen my subscriber numbers here grow a lot recently, suggesting there's a lot more users joining. - Jim Connolly
Just checked and I now have over 1000 FriendFeed subscribers - that's amazing! - Jim Connolly
Stephen: The fire ring at the hmb Ritz Carlton hotel, complete with my s'mores making gear. Mmmm... - Luke Kilpatrick
Mine too, and unlike Twitter, I haven't been actively trying to get subscribers. That said, Ev is smart by not chasing advertising. It'll give Twitter more legs and credibility. So he's a lot smarter than the Myspace folks were - Stephen Pickering
Ah, Luke, thanks, what are s'mores? - Stephen Pickering
(who is stephen and why can't I see him?) :( - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I think ads could hurt Twitter, but not as much as making users pay for an account. Making them pay (which is the last model I heard Ev mention), would cut user numbers by 80% - losing Twitter it's reach. - Jim Connolly
they keep saying over and over that's not a primary interest (they don't hate them, but they aren't interested) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: The guy's Stephen Pickering - - Jim Connolly
Oh yeah, a sub model, no way. You're right. I guess I'm thinking of the flashy banner ads. Definitely search ads will play the major part - Stephen Pickering
Stephen : - As you can see in the photo, Hershey Chocolate bars, Honey Maid Graham Crackers and a well toasted marshmallow. Extremely tasty and one of the best things to make on a campfire. - Luke Kilpatrick
Ah, cool, Luke, thanks! - Stephen Pickering
Thanks .. that was odd - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
But even if Rob wasn't subscribed to me, he should still "see" me right? Unless heaven forbid, he BLOCKED me! :) - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I'm guessing it was a database error. Who's gonna block you? No one. - Jim Connolly
FF said I had you blocked, but your stream shows no reason why I would have done so (and I don't remember you - and I remember pretty much anyone I block. I don't take it lightly!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I saw no spam, and you don't look like a troll ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
or you got a good makeover - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I haven't blocked anyone on FF, but have blocked stacks of spammers on Twitter. - Jim Connolly
I don't bother anymore on Twitter too much trouble - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: Plus, when you block on Twitter, they still show up in searches. Twitter's so limited. - Jim Connolly
Rob, no offense taken, I might have said something stupid in the past. I might have deserved to be BLOCKED for one reason or another, but no I'm not a spammer and hope not a troll! - Stephen Pickering
It's possible, but i usually remember a face ;) So, sorry if I did it, but I think it's an error. Back to the smores! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Catch up with you guys later!! - Jim Connolly
You don't have to be sorry! Blocking is FUN!!!! heheheheheheh - Stephen Pickering
Just kidding, I wouldnt block either, unless obvious spammer etc - Stephen Pickering
hahaha :) Have a good night Jim. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I've only blocked one or two for evil behavior. most I block for incessant commercial messages. :D - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Sounds like a great night of s'mores with @ev & co - JayShapiro/dailystatsmobi