Robert Scoble
I just talked with Steve Gillmor and he said "track is back and you can quote me on that."
he has an inside 'track' on this one. Steve was talking about this at the Building43 launch. now the ? is: for how long? - michael sean wright
Off topic, but speaking of Steve Gillmor, has there ever been any official announcement why the Gillmor Gang was taken off the air so to speak. No more podcasts available for download. - Joel Marcey
It is on Twitter too - I don't know why he doesn't accept that - Jesse Stay - I can do the exact same things on Twitter now with track that I used to, albeit in beta - Jesse Stay
Joel: Leo Laporte said in the preshow of some podcast (cant remember which one) that Steve didn't have time for it anymore - George Deane
To bad was a good podcast. Now tell me what "track" is all about - courtney benson
Oh. Ok. Thanks George. I thought for a while they might have been doing the podcast live w/o archiving it for podcast. I guess now it is gone all together. As Courtney said "Too bad". - Joel Marcey
the Gillmor Gang is on 'hiatus' and the shows that were not released in podcast form (since the end of april) were archived but may not see the light of day - that is totally up to Steve ... some fans have 'bootlegged' the show but i'm pretty sure that there are some missing before people realized they had to record it or it wouldn't be out (in a timely fashion) - Chris Heath
Jesse: I can't use the Twitter feature. So it is not track. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
isn't this better than twitter TRACK because it TRACK's not only tweets but any posts from any service which is textifiable ? yes i made that word up - Mark
You could start a rap with that line :) - Roberto Bonini
Also unless you can filter by usinggroups of people It isn't track according to Gillmor. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
"track" is whatever anyone wants to make of the term - no one has a real definition. I hate the term. There are 15 different definitions for track. How about "real-time search"? Makes so much more sense than "track". - Jesse Stay
I've heard about 5 different definitions of "track" from Gillmor. I'm not sure he knows what it is either. The "track" I knew was XMPP real-time feed based on keyword, along with SMS alerts based on keyword. What Twitter recently released is that, minus SMS. - Jesse Stay
I know Steve will have plenty to say on this at the conference. Hope its USTREAMED. - Mark
Otherwise Twitter, who invented the term, doesn't know what track is either because they named their recently released feature "track" - Jesse Stay
So the idea is you "TRACK" a keyword and you get notified when someone uses a tweet with the word in it? - Mark
Mark, that's what Twitter just released, yes - FriendFeed's doesn't do that yet - Jesse Stay
Where is this new feature twitter just released? - Brian Roy
another bonus for friendfeed is that the 'track' or 'realtime search' picks up words in the comments as well as the entries themselves (and i've noticed that expanded urls are also searchable after the tld) - Chris Heath
So If i type Chris Heath in a comment it will appear here: ????? - Mark
Brian, see my link above to my post on it a week or so ago - it's about a month old, but no one seems to want to give Twitter credit for it - Jesse Stay
Test Chris Heath Test Test Test - Mark
Holy Crap! - Mark
dude... i think you just blew your mind - Chris Heath
also cool i think is my parenthetical comment above about the expanding urls... let me explain: so you post a or whatever link to twitter, when it comes over here to friendfeed (as we all know) it will get expanded and you will see the actual url, but the link still goes to the or whatever url - the text of the expanded url though is searchable! i found this out when doing a search for 'saab' and one of the urls was for an ebay motors uk auction. it was a link but the ebay link was shown expanded and after the top level domain (the .uk) is a slash then the rest of the url an in that part of the url was my search string 'saab' and it was bolded! and that was how i found out - Chris Heath