Robert Scoble
The folks have been doing some cool things for those of us who want to study favorites in Twitter. Here's some examples: all the recent items from TechCrunch that I've clicked Favorite on, and the other people who also have favorited those items. - Robert Scoble most favorited Tweets. - Robert Scoble the items I've favorited and those who also have favorited those items. - Robert Scoble
Interesting service and an example of how a little known feature inside Twitter can really expose an interesting set of behaviors and communities. - Robert Scoble
Very Interesting I must say. - Owen Greaves
Cheers Robert - it's been a pleasure working out some quick ways to give you some extra goodness from I'm looking forward to exploring what else we can do. - Tim
i typically use my favorites as a bookmark for links and info i need to look up in front of the computer and not on my mobile. but im loving the idea that by using favorites - i can find new ppl to follow especially now that we cannot see all of the @replies. - ahuvah
This is great; is it going to be available to non-scobleizers? - RobinDotNet
Excellent, this is great! I didn't know anyone was favoriting my tweets -/ - Chris Loft
RobinDotNet, Yes. Some of the features are now - but not with the special urls. You can go to[your twitter name]/faved_by to see what you faved recently and who else faved it. Also, you can go to[their twitter name]/favs_from/[your twitter name] to see which of their tweets you have faved. If you'd like to request any other features, please submit/vote on them at :-) - Tim