Robert Scoble
Twitter's Alex Payne told me that Twitter will be competitive with friendfeed, Facebook, and whatever Google will do. More here:
He told me they are going to add features that look like friendfeed's "likes" and "comments." - Robert Scoble
Good, their Favoriting system right now is useless. It would be great to do more with Favorites. - Rob
He's already got the Favorites/Stars feature, sex that up a bit and it could eventually be comparable to Likes. The comments will be good to see. - Daniel J. Pritchett
But will it tie in other services the way FF does and put them into your Twitter Feed? - Mike Bracco
But he said they would be different, though. Also, during his talk at #140TC he told the audience they would make other changes to support search, including adding location based info to each Tweet. - Robert Scoble
Great, more Fail Whales! - sean andersen
Hmm, interesting to hear. - phil baumann
Phil: they know they are getting their ass kicked in search and are making metadata changes to head off the new competition. - Robert Scoble
Any other changes to their search? - phil baumann
At the end of the day, everyone copy from friendfeed :) - Orli Yakuel
so they're basically ripping off other sites' ideas because they've realized they're way too limited with their own? - Cee Bee
On the other hand, I'm listening to Twitter's Britt Selvitelle and he says he still thinks every day about the SMS constraints. - Robert Scoble
Cee: absolutely. I would. - Robert Scoble
@Rob - Favorites aren't entirely useless. I feed my Twitter favorites into my Friendfeed via RSS and they occasionally start new discussions:. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Phil: they didn't announce any specific changes. These are more "hints" at what is to come. - Robert Scoble
who cares about SMS? Seriously, they need to ditch that constraint - Andy Hedges
Buzz: agreed! - Robert Scoble
Buzz: on the other hand, GupShup in India is growing faster than Twitter is because it supports SMS. - Robert Scoble
i understand. what i don't like is that people who use twitter don't credit or see the value in friendfeed, but will gush over these "new" features on twitter - Cee Bee
I hear younger folks (teens and collegiates I guess) still care about SMS far more than us working IT pros. Let's not throw the baby out. - Daniel J. Pritchett
SMS is HUGE in India and other countries. - Robert Scoble
Cee: that's life. That happened in Microsoft Windows too. - Robert Scoble
Daniel J. Pritchett: I've been doing the same with my Twitter favorites. - Joe Bonner
@Cee Bee - I'm happy that consumer web apps are ripping each other off. Each time FF successfully rolls out a great new feature they elevate the minimum expected level of acceptable service for new competitors. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Isn't there a Twitter equivalent in India that has hundreds of millions of users that haven't even logged into a website - all done through SMS - including the sign up process. - Mike Bracco
Joe: Twitter's favorites are hard to separate out from the messages, though. So it's hard to say "show me all Tweets that have #140tc in them but that have one like." Doing that here is VERY easy. - Robert Scoble
Mike: yes, that's GupShup. The founder is here at #140tc - Robert Scoble
I guess it needs to be an adaptive interface then, changes to suit the users usage modes - Andy Hedges
@Daniel ok, I stand corrected. That's one nice use of it. But we need searching of favs and the ability to see who is fav'ing. At least they (Twitter) are finally catching on to the potential of that feature. Too bad it took 2.5 years to realize that. - Rob
Maybe SMS is huge in countries that don't charge an arm and a leg for the privilege. I'd love to use it more often but not at $30/mo. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Jerome: yes. But that assumes that friendfeed will stand still and stop doing new features. - Robert Scoble
I agree with you there, Rob. I'd like for "twitter favorites" to be an official service recognized by the FF API so that it would be easier to search on as you mentioned just now. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Hey, if Twitter manages to consistently stay within 12 months of FF in terms of awesome new features the web will be a much cooler place overall. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Jerome: or, like Mark Zuckerberg told me "the race is to who can build a great search engine that has 250 million people on it." - Robert Scoble
Daniel, I 100% agree - Alex M.
Mark already has the 250 million people. Friendfeed has the great search engine. Twitter has neither. So, who will win this game? Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I think Pakistan has a SMS twitter clone they just released today. SMS is why I joined twitter. You can search favourites with - motownmutt
That's the geek in you talking, Chris. SMS (and Twitter) are so sucessful *because* of their simplistic natures rather than in spite of them. - Daniel J. Pritchett
It seems like Twitter doesn't know what it wants to be. Do they want to be like MSFT and Windows and let everyone else make the apps or do they want to make the apps themselves. Apps in this case would be additional functionality built on the Twitter's raw data stream. Is this a poor analogy? I view Twitter more as a platform. - Mike Bracco
I'd like FF to win the race, since the team seems to care more about its vision and users than Twitter or FB. - phil baumann
Sure, The Twitter API can be Win32 and Summize, FriendFeed et al can be value-added acquisitions. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Daniel: so you're saying that you think Twitter will IPO? I'm just wondering how acquisitions would be funded otherwise. - EnterpriseVault
No clue re: IPOs and acquisitions, I was just playing off of the Microsoft analogy above - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Chris: agree that following conversation is easier, (possible, even), on FF. twitter's in reply to's only work sporadically, especially with 3rd party apps. Trying to extract in depth conversations on twitter is a huge time-suck. - motownmutt
Daniel: thanks for clarifying. I actually think the same however there is no business path to it for now (IMO, that is). - EnterpriseVault
Robert: Thanks for clarifying the limitations of importing Twitter favorites. - Joe Bonner
sms popularity in India is nothing to do with voice mail. SMS in India is like Mozilla ubiquity for firefox. A command line interface for the mobile phone. Booking flights, paying bills and other thousands of usages including social networking. - Kiran Patchigolla
Interesting to see this post a few days later. No, I don't think twitter is going to be "competitive" with the Wave that Google announced today. A participant, for sure, but competitive? In their dreams. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Chris: I see more of a revenue strategy on FriendFeed in the long term that (for sure) Twitter, and likely Facebook. Facebook is lagging, while I see the structure in place for FriendFeed to seriously take over. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
You might like that one which ads geotags to twitter messages already today - enzo