Robert Scoble
Boxee releases BBC iPlayer (UK only)
Boxee is one of the coolest things I saw at Gnomedex last year. Brings really great media experience to your TV via a Mac; AppleTV; Linux or Windows. - Robert Scoble from email
Still very much alpha, but I'm looking forward to it maturing. - teleken
How can I set up a Boxee box with both VPN for Hulu US *and* iPlayer UK but being in Australia? Plz? :) - Boris Gordon
That is flipping if only Canadian and US broadcasters would get into something like this! - Charlie Flowers
I updated my Apple TV today and there is tons of content to explore with the new Joost integration. MTV videos are fun too. I use the boxee side much more than the standard Apple TV software. - Adam Chlan
Well then it's boring, no need for it on an international platform. - Richard A.
@Spidra - the BBC being primariily a publicly owned broadcaster gets tied in with all sorts of complicated contraints, espeically with regard to content available over the 'net, so that affects a great deal of what can and can't be broadcast outside the country. - Sam from twhirl
Sorry people but I pay for the BBC and I'm quite happy you lot don't get all the content for free. HBO is an example that it can be done elsewhere so get on it, excessive advertising is not a good thing people. - This comment was sponsored by Taco Bell. - Toby Graham
At least when I was in England I could play with the iplayer, now it's a ghost from futures to come. - Richard A.
I've been meaning to give this a try for awhile now, but as Plex suited me just fine I hadn't bothered. BBC iPlayer support will definitely make me give this a go though. - Benjamin Watt
Apparently, BBC iPlayer is going to play a big part in the BBC's future.I agree that the BBC is too stingy: I wanted to download the New Years Concert from Vienna and I couldn't. I was really miffed - Roberto Bonini
I dont think that is the BBC's doing - they license the rights to show the New Year's concert and probably didnt want to pay for worldwide distribution rights. Most of what you see on TV is done by production companies on commission and bought with specific distribution rights, and it's a nightmare to navigate this. There's much the BBC cannot afford to show online worldwide, the papework/research alone would be too much, let alone the fees - Iphigenie
I'd definitely pay a fee to get BBC content over here, either on my PC or cable. When BBC America first started, it was a very cool channel. They'd air all the commercials at the end of the uncut programs, plus they had variety. Now it's almost all reality shows, and what they do air gets cut up for ads. - Julie Barrett
I bought a zone-free DVD player for the sole purpose of being able to play BBC's collection of Michael Palin travelogues. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
first time I've managed to get the iPlayer running on XBMC/Boxee... works straight out of the box on the latest download of Boxee :) - Hobbsy
We all know about the legal contraints, releasing content only for certain territories and all that. I can only hope that their - or any - legal departement is hard at work of getting them out of those contraints and find a way to deal with globalization that allows them to monetize. Or else they will get steamrolled, just like that other entertainement industry one wouldn't want to mention. And then who is going to pay for the much more costly production of the TV content? - Günther Mulder from twhirl