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A look into mind mapping with MindManager -
A look into mind mapping with MindManager
This is something I've wanted to learn more about, so I'm glad to have this video intro. - Mark Traphagen
Looks cool. I've used FreeMind, which is free, for a couple years now, but I like how this app is integrated with the Web. Nice stuff. - Craig Villamor
In this video is Michael Deutch and he's on FriendFeed here: - Robert Scoble
I've been using NovaMind, haven't gotten in the habit of using religiously but when I do, it does really help to put thoughts down. Is definitely a good place to think before Powerpoint as Michael outlined. - Lou Paglia
I started using Mind Manager to layout Google AdWords PPC campaigns where I work, but very quickly saw many other uses for it. - Mark Traphagen
Curio's also neat, it has mind mapping (not as in-depth as MindManager) but a ton of other stuff too - even project tracking! Great for organizing creative projects. Mac only. - invariant
he mentioned that software lays on top of mindmanager for project management. can we get some examples of the complimentary software? - Scott Magdalein
I've used XMind but it has some limitations.. doesn't print well, for example...I'd like to see MindJet used in realtime presentations.. Have any links?? - Patty Seybold
Craig - MindManager is integrated with the web in several ways - embedded web browser, web services, RSS feeds, and more. For instance, you can drag and drop a google doc right onto your map and then edit the content inside MindManager while viewing your map. This lets you flush out your thinking and then reference it while writing. Very powerful combination. - Michael Deutch
Patty, we have some recorded webinars on the Mindjet website where MindManager is used instead of PowerPoint. Check out the Jamie Nast webinar for instance: - Michael Deutch
Scott - Mindjet integrates with our own Gantt product (, Microsoft Project, or a variety of others. You can see some of the other project related partner solutions here: - Michael Deutch
I LOVE this and have the perfect project to map this weekend. I have a focus issue and maybe I ought to use this software that has been sitting there feeling rejected for like 2 years, I think. I've attempted to use it about 3 times and freaked out and closed it. OK, I'm going to the video for help, wish me luck. Oh, I wonder if MindMaps can be published online? - Sheree Motiska
Sheree: they can be, through a variety of methods. - Robert Scoble
I got super amped on MM 2 years ago, used it every day for projects, then I kind of stopped. I found I did not return to the work that often and it would drift out. This is not a criticism, I just brainstorm on 3x5 cards faster now and then move to UI apps or whatever. But MM is definitely the best app. Even though we are in a web 2.x world, this workflow works best in desktop apps then pushed to web for collaboration. Hope I can slowly return to mapping in it again. - Mark
The Mac version is decent. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Robert: Will you be posting a video from your visit to Friendfeed that you did today? - wiredgnome from iPod
Nope, I didn't do a video. I want to do one soon, though. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
The Mac version of MindManager doesn't allow saving to existing files on mounted samba shares. That was a show-stopper for me. - Fred Yankowski
I have been experimenting with MindMeister - can anyone compare this with MindManager? - roland legrand