Robert Scoble
Signs that tomorrow's Google Press conference may be underwhelming:
The BBC told me that Google didn't make room for video cameras at tomorrow's press conference. Apple always does. That's a hint - Robert Scoble
The news has always been about a phone that has no significant new features, but is just "nicer" and "faster" than a Droid. - Robert Scoble
hmmm interesting scoop - Susan Beebe
Best predictor of future results is past results and past Google "big events" turn out not to be all that big by themselves. - Robert Scoble
The Google story this year won't be that it has a dramatic new device, but that it is just going to be relentless with bringing out a ton of news to take the oxygen away from almost everyone except for Apple. - Robert Scoble
I've been talking with a lot of big media outlets and they are arguing internally if they should even go. Most are sending someone but don't expect much news. "It's just a phone announcement," is the way one guy put it. - Robert Scoble
Hmm who needs cameras at a product/demo/launch event? No one would actually want to SEE how it works. Smart move. - Clayton Morris
Of course, wrap all of this up and tomorrow might be significant because expectations are so low. - Robert Scoble
When everyone knows what's coming . . . there is no magic. Apple does the magic bit better than anyone else. - Jonathan Hopkins
Is this to steal thunder from Apple? interesting tactic by Google (take oxygen is a good analogy) - Susan Beebe
Clayton: exactly. I don't get it. - Robert Scoble
Google must equate magic with evil... no wonder they don't do it well - Robert J Taylor
Susan: I don't think so. I think it's to take the oxygen away from everyone else. - Robert Scoble
I'm not changing my flight from CES tomorrow. Robert, you're right in that a lot of news organizations aren't planning to change their plans - Clayton Morris
It will take some more time to outperform the iPhone juggernaut. - Ashish from iPhone
It's a platform press event. Microsoft did these very well in the 1990s. Just keep the drumbeat of news up and large. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone remember many press events going into Windows 95? I don't. I remember a lot of Apple's media events. But Microsoft took over the market with its marketing back then. - Robert Scoble
I suspect it will be on Nexus One phone product. We've seen only a little bit about it thus far - Susan Beebe
I remember Microsoft's TechNet for Windows 95 and for Windows 98 they had "Big Day" events! - Susan Beebe
Since everything points to unlocked Nexus w/ subsidy on T-Mobile, i'm trying to tell myself not to look forward to tomorrow, but anticipation cant be helped. I'm sure i'll feel underwelmed - Kevin
the new hype is not to hype - Tim Jones
They might be able to spice things up a little bit by showcasing a few interesting apps - Edwin Khodabakchian
hype burns in 2 seconds on twitter :) - Susan Beebe
but people oooh and awww at the flash that the burn makes... :) - Robert J Taylor
meanwhile just having the apple press conference looming a few weeks later is enough to break us - Kevin
old hype - Tim Jones
CES teaser? - Susan Beebe
Kevin: that's because Apple delivers when it starts up the hype machine. It last did this to us with the iPhone. When word leaks out that this is Steve Jobs' personal project the press knows it's gonna be great because he delivers enough to keep us hot and bothered. - Robert Scoble
Susan: nah, this was a way for them to get more PR than if they went to CES. At CES they would just be another cell phone in the crowd, but since they invited everyone to the GooglePlex enough are going to go for them to get a lot more PR out of it than if they had gone to CES. - Robert Scoble
Robert - good point indeed! smart move by Google. can't wait to see what the hype is all about :P - Susan Beebe
Would be hilarious if they announced their rumored tablet created with HTC *instead* of just the Nexus One. That would teach people to attend. ;) Seriously, I'm hoping for the Nexus One to work WITHOUT a voice plan due to Gizmo and GV integration. *crosses fingers* - Kevin C. Tofel
What's the deal with no video there? Or is there no area for videographers to set up? - Marc Flores
Marc: no area for videogoraphers to setup. You might see my post for more about how I view the Google Announcements this morning. - Robert Scoble