Robert Scoble
Twitterers: do you know of displays of interesting groups of Twitterers? Here's some:
Thanks to Dave Winer for making these. I'm looking for more. #twitterfollowerdisplay - Robert Scoble
Oh, and do you see how you can use friendfeed's search engine as a bookmark service? - Robert Scoble
Robert: What I've been doing is importing Twitter search xml's into groups on friendfeed. It's great if you want to keep track of a meme or a hashtag - Blake
FF search is amazing. I've been able to find tweets that Search.Tw couldn't - phil baumann
hahhaa, I called that months ago and have been using hashing or other meta shizz to Bmark important stuff, also I do on the www as Google's crawling has become so GD effecient - sofarsoShawn
DBlack: sorry, what did I not do? - Robert Scoble
100 Twitter Feeds for Nurses (now if we can get nurses on FF) - http://www.ultrasoundtechnicia... - phil baumann
Zappos has a simple display as well: - Lyn Graft is a useful self generated directory site...? #twitterfollowerdisplay - Jo Booth
Nothing, just being dramatic, stirring things up a bit. So how is the #twitterfollowerdisplay to be used to meet Dave Winer's? approval ? - RetiredTeacherD - Top tweeple in twitter likely to follow you - HelloHealthy - Top Twitter Friends - Graph - HelloHealthy - A user powered twitter directory - HelloHealthy - Tweet the Congress of the United States - HelloHealthy - analyze your Twitter network, help you discover great people, and recommend you to others. You can recommend anyone on twitter, not just those you follow or who may follow you. - HelloHealthy - Like WeFollow with MrTweet Recommends for those you follow - HelloHealthy
I didn't get it at first, but that's quite clever. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Heh.. The link gives me a Friendfeed fail! - Anant
friendfeed search is down right now. - Robert Scoble