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Here's how to do what CNN is doing in covering Iran's protests but do it at home: Search Friendfeed for all items that say Iran Election. - Robert Scoble Search Twitter for all items that say Iran Election. - Robert Scoble
Most of what I'm seeing on CNN came from these two searches. - Robert Scoble
hmm- id say it is a start but you also need to sift through tons of repeats.Better to find a few reliable sources and look for confirmation amongst them.. - Crystal Clear
Use XLHit to translate Farsi real time items to English: - Robert Scoble
Between wikipedia, Twitter, and friendfeed. Journalism ain't what it used to be. - Sean Montgomery
Crystal: that's true, but you can filter friendfeed quite effectively to just the good stuff. Here, let me show you how. The searches above show you everything. My next few searches will be filtered. - Robert Scoble
I love how cnn on twitter is saying "no time to tweet stories, tune in" .. meanwhile cnn on tv is just getting twitter feeds and telling us to go to twitter. - Doubledown_inSL
Iran Election on friendfeed filtered to only display items that have one like or more: - Robert Scoble
Only display items that have "Iran" in title and have one or more likes: (limiting things to titles gets rid of noise). - Robert Scoble
I'm getting good updates from Australian @Marawitch - Chris Loft
These are indeed great links. I also tend to refer a lot to the Huffington Post live blog - Edwin Khodabakchian
Here's the same search, but limiting to items that have gotten 10 or more likes: - Robert Scoble shows the biggest news and blogs that are getting discussion right now. - Robert Scoble
Regarding translation Google Translate rolled out Farsi support a couple of days ago. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Now all one needs is a team and the machines to handle it .. next question, how does one achieve absolute confirmation? - Mac Sharp
Here's all items on friendfeed that have the word "Iran" in the title and are getting at least one comment. This is important because items that get conversation usually are better than other items: - Robert Scoble
Here's the same search, but limited further to 10 comments or more: - Robert Scoble
Mac: absolute confirmation? Video confirms pretty strongly, but multiple videos are damn hard to fake, especially in real time. - Robert Scoble
Scoble what is the link to all of the filters for Friendfeed? I'd like to save it under delicious. - BRҰANSAҰS
What sucks is friendfeed can do even better searches by limiting to a carefully chosen set of people, but I can't share those searches with you. - Robert Scoble
Bryan: no link, unfortunately. You just have to copy and paste the URLs I'm posting in this thread. - Robert Scoble
Yep!! I get it !! - Crystal Clear
YouTube for videos marked with "Iran" posted today: - Robert Scoble
Google News for items that discuss Iran: - Robert Scoble
I've been watching too - Mac Sharp
Robert you're a machine - Mike White
Thanks a lot Robert for all this - giuseppe c. | markgreene
This thread is giving me an idea! - Edwin Khodabakchian
I can't wait to see what reporting opportunities arise from the video capabilities of the iphone 3G S. - BRҰANSAҰS
Blogs written today via a Google Blog Search with the word "Iran" in the title: - Robert Scoble
Watching shows all the best Twitter and videos too, by analyzing what people are Twittering about. - Robert Scoble
Scoble, you need to make a blog post of these searches after this. :) - BRҰANSAҰS
Bryan: who said this isn't a blog post? :-) - Robert Scoble
id lost that link & forgot about it! thanks - Crystal Clear
If you find other places that are good to get aggregations of real time news, post them here. - Robert Scoble
Scoble, you are right it is microblogging. But as you get more and more comments. It gets increasingly harder to filter noise from content. That's where curating comes into play where you filter out the good content from this post and make it its own post. Right? - BRҰANSAҰS
Bryan, its not noise its realtime conversation. If its just noise then they can be eliminated At least in friendfeed its possible. - Arvind
Bryan, good point. And if you have a limited real estate screen, such as my Windows Mobile Screen with fftogo, following huge comment threads is even more difficult. - John E. Bredehoft
John, especially as posts are streaming across friendfeed. It would be cool to place checkboxes next to the comments that have meaningful links and save them to a "dump" or saved space and use them for a post or what have you. - BRҰANSAҰS
Another good search, this time on the word "Tehran" in titles on friendfeed. Warning, horrific video. - Robert Scoble
XLHit amazing me again with crazy real-time info: XLHit search for "protests" in Farsi on Twitter / FF: - Charles Ying
I just wanted to bump this discussion up to the top for new people who are coming here looking for information on Iran. Lots of great searches are included here. - Robert Scoble
Here to help - Michael Mooney
It can be interesting to get here some opinions about why we cant find even 1 country in the world that is doing something to change the situation in Iran ? is that right ? - Johni Fisher
Really like the xlhit link, thanks Robert. - motownmutt