Robert Scoble
Open FriendFeed call. Who is on FriendFeed who I have NOT subscribed to yet? You know how to let me know.
I'm not sure if this is how I let you know, but I'm here and super new to this. - Johnny Baker
You're not following me, yet. ;-) - Jordan Hofker
You are not following me yet... I am open to be converted :-) - Vernonkell
Robert Scoble is not subscribed to me - Shey
I don't think you are following me... - nsnadell from twhirl
You're not following me - Mary Wehrle
I have yet to be microscobelized. - Sean O
How can I find out if you've subscribed to my FriendFeed? - Lawrence Liu from twhirl
According to the little bubble, not me. Even though you said the other day I was being added to the World Wide Talk Show. ;-) Oops, can't press Enter for a newline. What I was going to say, prior to the Post button getting unexpectedly pressed, is that I cannot imagine following 20,000 (or even some fraction of that) on FF. It's gotta be tough as it is on Twitter. - Joanmarie
Guessing that comments are the way to let you know :) - Jed White
Not following me! - brian junyor
I'm on both FF and twitter. :) - Beau Liening
Scobleize me. - Scott Edward Anderson
You're quick. Thanks for the follow. - Jordan Hofker
Letting you know. :-) - Ray Grieselhuber
someone said this was the line for the cattle call? - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Never mind. I can see ur FF subscriptions on ur FF webpage. Ur already sub'd to my FF. :-) - Lawrence Liu from twhirl
also all comment owners in here; add the others at the list : ) this is a may 8th; human feed day! ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
You are not following me yet. Ready for Scobleization. - Michael Pardee
Present. You're not following me on FF yet. - Oliver Ortega Chua
OK, it took me a disturbingly long time to figure out how to see IF you were following me, but I believe you are not. - Elisa Camahort Page
You're not following me with your software but you're following me with your subconscious. - Akiva
You aren't following me on FF yet. And I'm friends with Corvida! lol - Phil Glockner
You should be following me on FF and Twitter. I'm hurt Robert. Very hurt. - MikeonTV
I have not be Scobleized. - Stanton Champion
[watching as Scoblization Ray passes overhead] My God, it's full of blogs -- - Karim
I'm soo ronery ;)... - Jeremy
I think you just found a way to unite FriendFeeders. Lots of new people to follow now :) - Shey
Wow you're fast! Truly a blogging god among men/women. - Stanton Champion
oooo ooo mr Kottah! mr. Kottah! you're not following me. ;) - Sean Reiser
Last time I checked you weren't following me :) - Larry Rubin
not subscribed to me yet - ben bloch
okay...sign me up...and, thanks for shopping - Michael
whell while ur at it - Mrinal Wadhwa from Alert Thingy
Sent mine to ya on Twitter... - Jason Nielubowicz
Always enjoy your posts, Robert. I'm - Brent Newhall
You're not following me either! :) - Vince
Ooh, ooh, ooh. Me, Me, Me!!!! - Rob H.
And me. :) - Jianjun Zhang from twhirl
Me too - John Spencer from Alert Thingy
Holy crap. You've practically got the SNN goin' on - Scoble News Network ?? You will all be featured this week on Fast Company TV - Submit bio to ... - Charlie Anzman
This is the greatest thing to happen to anyone ever! Cheesecake for everybody. - Akiva
I let you know via Twitter, perhaps this is more appropriate. - bill shamam
I don't think I am yet - Mike Wills
I don't think you're following me yet. - Sandra Sinclair
twitter yes, friendfeed no - Johnny Sewell
I'm availabe here - Sachendra
Now why do you want to follow everyone? - Tanath - Haim Schlesinger
You're not following me. You're really a sucker for punishment, aren't you? - Nathan Howell
start following me ;) - Timo Heuer
Hi Bob! - Guillaume Lemoine
You're also not following me... :) - Christian Bogh
ping, ping nhitze on FF - Nils Hitze from twhirl
ping - Steaprok from twhirl
IF you are able to WITHSTAND fair portion of Russian (sorry, but I try to bring here my community from Russian segment of after buyout disaster) and/or stream of Nokia-tablet/Maemo/etc related-stuff and/or a lot of bitch about this and that... ;) - A. T.
or me...buddyboy2006 - Dan Delphin from twhirl
geeks gathering?? - PlaTyPuS
Ironically, I just looked at this yesterday and ya weren't subscribed to me.... - Paula Hawk
You have not subscribed to me. - Svartling
114 more FFs to go... - Anthony Farrior
you aint following me! - Ian Rathbone
You're not following me - Martin Jonsson
http;// - Augusto Becciu from twhirl
Richard Shulman or rich124 - Richard Shulman
Not me. - rodmitch if I forgot to say so already - Chris Miller from twhirl
Scoble has gone nuts. - Paul Arterburn
wow, crazy, almost 200 comments. Awesome. - Thomas Hawk
Not following me either ;) - Kenneth Verburg
Robert, I appreciate your efforts, but I'm afraid that if I follow you (and you follow me in return), I'll have to deal with a lot of noise, and a lot of hype. Once you get worked up about something, you have this need to talk about it all the time, and to impose your point of view (ex: FaceBook). That's why I unsubscribed from your blog a while back. I couldn't deal with it any more. You shot down two of my comments without even bothering to consider them. Take this for what it's worth, no hard feelings. - Raoul Pop
You haven't subscribed to me yet. Thx - warhawke
You're not subscribed to me, here, but anything I have to say that might be interesting to you, I say in a comment anyway... I'm not very talkative, but I enjoy watching your conversation! - Kenneth LeFebvre
You are funny, Scoble. - Vishy Kuruganti
Added you on FF, expecting a prompt response :) - James Spinks
I don't think you've added me, you know I have you added (for a while) ;-) - Allen Harkleroad from twhirl
one1speed - Craig Dalton from twhirl
Automatically add all of your twitter friends to friendfeed - Nishith Shah
Kindly add Mark Dykeman - - thank you Robert. - Mark Dykeman
why not? hi robert - bernie
me? - superbunker
Not following me either, - Rob Diana