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Gordon Saunders

Gordon Saunders

"God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best." --Voltaire
British spies are allowed to intercept Google and Facebook traffic, official says
UK Hydrographic Office - The Mulberry Harbours, detailed 3D data over the remains of Mulberry B #DDay
Fracking targeted for Conservative heartlands as rpt shows billions of barrels of shale oil in S.England | @Telegraph
De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar
EU benefits to British trade are 'imaginary' | via @Telegraph Source (PDF):
HMRC wants to share taxpayer data with private companies (Wired UK)
RT @LockheedMartin: The #F35 will make its international debut at @airtattoo and @FIAFarnborough this summer!
MAP: This Is What A Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Could Look Like via @bi_politics
The Heartbleed Bug technical details
House of Fraser: Chinese tycoon agrees deal to buy 89pc | via @Telegraph
BBC News - Xbox password flaw exposed by five-year-old boy
RT @SkyNewsBreak: Guardian ICM poll: 69% think Nigel #Farage won debate on Britain's EU membership, 31% think Nick #Clegg won #NickvNigel
RT @SkyNewsBreak: YouGov poll: 68% of people think Nigel #Farage won debate on UK's EU membership, 27% think Nick #Clegg won, 5% don't know #NickvNigel
RT @SkyNews: Watching #NickVNigel? Made up your mind? Retweet this tweet if you think @nigel_farage won the #europedebate
Inside the Environment Agency
"The sole aim of this blog is to highlight the areas within which improvements can be made in the Environment Agency, where abuse of the system can be identified and reduced, and to expose where mismanagement has occurred so that it can be corrected." - Gordon Saunders
"Some recent key stats for the Environment Agency, which will help illustrate the dire need for efficiency savings. Efficiency savings of just 10% could yield £120 million for extra flood defences. According to some more senior EA staff, the EA could manage 20-25% efficiency savings, yielding £240-300 million for extra flood defences - one particular area they claim is ripe for action is staffing/overmanning." - Gordon Saunders
Plymouth-based sub HMS Tireless arrives to search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Gmail’s New Unsubscribe Link and Feedback Loop
Col. Thomas Rainborowe
"The poorest he that is in England hath a life to live as the greatest he … I think it’s clear, that every man that is to live under a government ought first by his own consent to put himself under that government; and I do think that the poorest man in England is not at all bound in a strict sense to that government that he hath not had a voice to put himself under." - Gordon Saunders
Missing Plane: Ship Arrives To Collect Objects | Haixun 01
RT @SkyNews: Watching the #LBCdebate? Made up your mind? RT this tweet if you think #Farage is winning.
BOE to Sign Agreement With China on Yuan Clearing Next Week via @BloombergNews
BOE, PBOC agree on yuan clearing bank in London - The Wall Street Journal via @MarketWatch
EE cuts 4G prices and introduces 'Kestrel' | via @Telegraph
Britain's largest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth nears completion | via @Telegraph
scl_logo_square_150x150 -
Make saving into a private pension mandatory, urges think-tank as it reveals workers need to put aside SIX TIMES more to avoid retirement poverty
This Is the Man Bill Gates Thinks You Absolutely Should Be Reading
Game of Drones
"UKIP voters, many of whom feel as I do that the whole purpose of their vote should be to punish the Tories, need to go a step further. They should seek to destroy the Tories, so knocking down the great wall of flannel and conventional wisdom that keeps this country from discussing its own future, or influencing it. So what if ‘Red Ed’ gets in? Or a Lib-Lab coalition? Will you really be... more... - Gordon Saunders
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