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Gordon Saunders

Gordon Saunders

"God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best." --Voltaire
Tycoon moves to London as French MPs legislate super-tax on rich
Harvard Study: Gun Control Is Counterproductive
There's Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre
Politicians are powerless to curb our shrinking corporate tax base
Landbridge – connecting the rural economy
"Businesses across rural England have the same economic potential as England’s eight core cities combined, as the previous Commission for Rural Communities pointed out. Helping these businesses develop and expand in rural areas is absolutely essential to our national economic recovery." - Gordon Saunders
UKIP 'Now The UK's Third Largest Party'
"And what's happened in 2012 is that all the big issues that we've campaigned long and hard for for many, many years - and taken much abuse for - those issues have become absolutely at the centre ground of what people out there are talking about. Unless we see some really substantial change from the Government and from the Labour party in particular - with a U-turn on Europe, open-door... more... - Gordon Saunders
Will Obama Learn from England’s Laffer Curve Mistake?
British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg
Inside the sewers delivering terabit broadband | PC Pro blog
HMS Victory hoists First Sea Lord's flag
"Defence re-organisation has meant that the title of Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command no longer exists. As the First Sea Lord retains full command responsibility, HMS Victory will now become his flagship." - Gordon Saunders
An Update on the Biggest Long-Term Trend in the Market Today (Natural Gas)
Pop a Xanax Before Viewing This Video | Wall Street Daily (Airbus)
Virgin to boost UK's 4G infrastructure with Small Cell technology | IT PRO
One of the Greatest Intellectual Frauds Ever Perpetrated
Richard III dig: 'Strong chance' bones belong to king
How to Survive America’s Great Fiscal Cliff
It's time to axe the tax on savings - Telegraph
"The Telegraph is calling on the Chancellor to abolish the tax taken from savings accounts – a move that would cost the Government £1.76bn, according to new figures, but would boost returns for millions of savers." - Gordon Saunders
"The latest figures show that of the £1.5 trillion in British bank accounts, HMRC pocketed £1.76bn last year. Owing to falling interest rates, this is less than half the £4.36bn that the taxman took three years ago." - Gordon Saunders
'Old Ironsides' sets sail in Massachusetts
Design unveiled of Royal Navy's future warships
Russian Bear stops Finland leaving euro - Telegraph
What this colossus could teach today's political pygmies about facing up to harsh realities | Mail Online
Do Tanks Have a Future? by J.R. Dunn - Baen Books
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