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Gordon Saunders

Gordon Saunders

"God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best." --Voltaire
Make saving into a private pension mandatory, urges think-tank as it reveals workers need to put aside SIX TIMES more to avoid retirement poverty
This Is the Man Bill Gates Thinks You Absolutely Should Be Reading
Game of Drones
"UKIP voters, many of whom feel as I do that the whole purpose of their vote should be to punish the Tories, need to go a step further. They should seek to destroy the Tories, so knocking down the great wall of flannel and conventional wisdom that keeps this country from discussing its own future, or influencing it. So what if ‘Red Ed’ gets in? Or a Lib-Lab coalition? Will you really be... more... - Gordon Saunders
Antares Rocket Launch Kicks Off Private Space Race
What the hell can the Tories do about UKIP?
"Cameron has consistently been very rude about Ukippers and many of them seem to hate him to an extraordinary extent. They don't care if they put Ed Miliband in Number 10. They want to blow up the system and destroy the Tory party." - Gordon Saunders
In-Out Debate: What Britain Really Gets From EU Membership
Little Wars: How HG Wells created hobby war gaming
A Bad Dream - Is the United Kingdom a one party state?
'Forgotten' survivor of Rorke's Drift returned to official records
Derivatives may be undoing of the world's oldest bank
Who Controls The Money? (Bank for International Settlements)
The Unspectacular, Unsophisticated Algerian Hostage Crisis analysis by @Stratfor
If we can’t do a deal with Europe, leaving it should hold no terrors
FoxTrot - Red Shirt Gingerbread Men (19 Dec 2010)
Why Do Precious Leftists Loathe Tolkien's Shire?
"Too many conservatives simply do not engage in this area of cultural politics—and then naively wonder at general elections why the broadcast media is pumping out an undercurrent of left-wing assumptions which have scarcely moved on since 1945." - Gordon Saunders
"For the Left political battles are won indirectly through the domination of institutions, the professions, culture and received thought. The idea that our children, visual media and society could be significantly influenced by the social conservatism of Middle Earth is anathema to that world view." - Gordon Saunders
It's two years away, but the 2015 election is already lost
Revealed: The exact location of Britain's political North/South divide and why much of England is a Labour-free zone
Tycoon moves to London as French MPs legislate super-tax on rich
Harvard Study: Gun Control Is Counterproductive
There's Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre
Politicians are powerless to curb our shrinking corporate tax base
Landbridge – connecting the rural economy
"Businesses across rural England have the same economic potential as England’s eight core cities combined, as the previous Commission for Rural Communities pointed out. Helping these businesses develop and expand in rural areas is absolutely essential to our national economic recovery." - Gordon Saunders
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