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What do I do? Things that I think I should be doing. It's also required that I see value in it and enjoy doing it. I do what I want.
Problem solved. My ant task wasn't finding the installer app due to a typo in its path. Was using platform_tools instead of platform-tools.
Playing around with Android Honeycomb emulator. Looks very nice. Can't figure out how to install an app on it via the SDK.
#stuffthatpissmeoff when I have to correct sorry bimbos like @ReganPiaCarra that don't know who the fuck they are referring to
gnats sure do love red wine
11. Why are the Apple apologists only attacking Google for not supporting H.264 and not berating Firefox and Opera for doing the same thing?
10 Questions for John Gruber Regarding H.264, WebM
Chris Daly's old haunts get a dose of holy water
HTML Video Codec Support in Chrome
Walking to work this morning I passed the Winklevoss twins outside the courthouse where they hope to renegotiate their Facebook settlement.
Android apps extend the web. iOS apps extend iTunes.
After getting halfway through typing the ridiculously long url to the RSS feed I realized that the TiVo UI does not support question marks!
To those that think consumer facing RSS is not critically ill, try to subscribe to a TechCrunchTV video podcast feed in TiVo.
Cable card activation worked. Unfortunately, I need TiVo's proprietary 802.11n network adapter before I can use it. Cord cut involuntarily.
It's a floating holiday here today. I think I'll float down to the Comcast store to exchange my cable box for a cable card.
Is the battle for dominance between iOS and Android really a battle for dominance between software designers and software engineers?
Do you want your kids to be educated by robots?
Apple claims that their app approval process protects users from harm. If a user claims that an app has harmed them can they then sue Apple?
RT @dannysullivan: Geez the new Nanos are awful
RT @Arubin: There are over 300,000 Android phones activated each day.
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