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Mona Nomura
You guys, this image is SO huge! HAHA - Mona Nomura
Lol - Farzad
Ignore! :D - MissSaghar
ترابلشوتینگ: to solve your problem you must shut down your computer and fuck yourself immedately! - M∂hmood
رافائل هنگ کرد! :)))))))))))))) - M∂hmood
Like for saghar :D viva MicroSoft :D :D - Farzad
This is one of my new favorites. - Kevin Bondelli
i wonder what mona is like at a flea market - she probably finds the rare gems! - Allen Stern
Too bad there isn't a StumbleUpon for flea markets. - Kevin Bondelli
Allen: Will work for free food! ;) - Mona Nomura
I want to randomly deploy this into a piece of software as an easter egg. - Kevin Bondelli
aaaahhhh, windows.... hahahahha - Melissa Janine
I made a Mac error pop-up to keep this one company. - Kevin Bondelli
This *still* makes me laugh out loud lollll!! - Mona Nomura
wow september? nice to see this again hehe - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
As Carlos said, I am "crate digging" . . . my feed used to be so visual. I am finding ALL sorts of posts. - Mona Nomura from IM
Oh shit that's funny! - BEX
just laughed at this one again :) - (jeff)isageek
Hehehe - Jonathan Hardesty from fftogo
Fly, little butterfly, Fly! - Martha
oh this must be at least thirty-seven years old. but still funny! - Kirill Bolgarov
It can't be THAT old; it's done in XP look-and-feel... - Karl Knechtel
nice! I've never seen this one before. - Phil Maxwell
- the f word - Monique
Karl, that was a joke - Kirill Bolgarov
XA x333 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Classy. \p/ - Zu from AOD
Had me LOL ... Literally. - Charlie Anzman
:D:D - Nucro
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
hahaha - Marissa
oh damn I liked it already - Victory through semantics
Where in the Sam Hill did this come from?! LOL - Mona Nomura
It's all about the butterflies - Jesse Stay looks pretty slick these days. The butterfly has shapelier wings. - Vezquex
Still funny. - Amit Morson
Marshall Kirkpatrick
How's this for an explanation of Pubsubhubbub?
<h2>How Hubbub Works</h2> There are three parties in the Pubsubhubbub model. There's a Publisher (FeedBurner, for example), and a Subscriber (perhaps Netvibes) and the communication is facilitated through a Hub (Google's AppSpot Hub is the demo and most popular Hub so far). The publisher knows that every time new content is published it's going to notify the Hub - the Hub that gets notified will be declared at the top of the publisher's document, just like an RSS feed URL. So the Publisher delivers new content to the Hub and then the Hub will deliver that message immediately to all the Subscribers who have subscribed to recieve updates from that particular publisher. This is very different from the traditional model of a subscriber polling a publisher directly every 5 to 30 minutes (or less) to check and see if there's new content. There usually isn't and so that model is inefficient and slow. Hubbub is nearly immediate and only takes action when something important occurrs. It's... more... - Marshall Kirkpatrick
That's good! - Julien
awesome, thanks. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Great, although Brad's kid in the backseat analogy rules. - Darren
yes, incorporating that explanation as well, thanks - Marshall Kirkpatrick
very clear explanation. spot on. - Josh Fraser
Awesome. Thanks, Marshall! - Amber Case
Pretty good. For context, I think it's important to point out that the hub in PuSH is acting as a relay. The relay is necessary largely for scaling purposes — that is, it plays a very important role, but the technology underlying the hub is extremely simple. - Chris Messina
A better example publisher would be ReadWriteWeb, rather than FeedBurner (which would likely turn into a hub itself). Let's say RWW posts a new blog post; the blogging software then pings any number of hubs with a message: "Hey, new content here". The hub says, "Great thanks," grabs the content, and then *pushes* the content to everyone on its "subscriber" list. - Chris Messina
RWW could send out those notifications itself, but it would be highly inefficient. It's better to have a hub handle and route all those notifications since that's *all* it would be doing. - Chris Messina
And, it's also not unlike SMTP ("simple mail transport protocol"). The difference is that it works over Port 80 using HTTP ("hypertext transport"), which means that you can effectively "send message to URLs" — not just email accounts! Thus, http:// could send a message to - Chris Messina
Chris, you're making it sound even more interesting than I was aware of. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall, I agree with you on this. Chris is indeed opening our "third-eye" on the range of use cases for this. It is a powerful "atomizing" protocol delivered with very simple underlying technology. I've been looking at XMPP, AMQP & a Comet-derivative for an application that may now be accomplished quite simply via PubSubHub / PuSH. It would also be great if Chris could also get Jyri to comment over here with his views. - - Alexander Ainslie
Marshall Kirkpatrick
My 1st draft explanation of Activity Streams:
Everybody talks about filtering the real-time stream of information online but the Activity Streams community is the place where those conversations go on between leading engineers at the world's biggest and smallest social networks, with the goal of replacing the "walled garden" model of social networking with an open, interoperable communication marketplace. If Activity Streams succeeds, you will be able to subscribe to and filter the activities of your friends across multiple different networks, without having to sign-up for or even ever have heard of those other networks. This is almost the equivelent of AT&T phones being able to make calls to Verizon phones. Of rail-transport companies being able to ship goods across the country over different railroad networks - because the rails for the trains to run on are the same size. It's different though, because of the granular filtering by type of activity. Applications built on top of Activity Streams will allow the equivilent of a... more... - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Can't wait. And no redundancies, please. - Laura Norvig
Will be interesting to see how much granularity over permissions the content creators will have. Will I have to just choose "yes" or "no" that anyone who is connected to me anywhere will be allowed to see my stuff? How could greater control work - seems complicated. - Laura Norvig
Seems a fair point Laura. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Here's a fractal I use that may be useful as a template for Activity Streams... 1) interest-generating opener 2) background on current threats/tension to resolve 3) opportunity or vision of a better state 4) strategy w/steps to get there 5) issues to solve before accepting strategy 6) next steps by stakeholders - Mark Frazier
This is awesome Marshall. I'm wondering whether we broaden the concept beyond messaging to decentralize the social graph itself, so app developers can leverage existing relationships without having to build on top of a facebook or a twitter...(or perhaps that is implied here?) - Tony Zito
Marshall ... thanks for the initial explanation... I've been intrigued by all the references to Activity Streams and by people I know and trust - I just haven't had the time to join another mailing list. Just yesterday I was on the site trying to understand more and reading Chris Messina's almost-year-old post: - Dan York
Will this "first draft" evolve into a RWW post? - Dan York
Dan, it's for our forthcoming research report on the real-time web and its future. Preorders avail at - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Do you have a pointer to an example activity stream feed? - Dave Winer
I should find a better example than that, a live one to include in article. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Interesting. I've been unplugged from the feed / activity space for a while now. Makes me want to read up more on Activity Streams. - mikepk
That would be the first thing a developer would look for, something live they could build an app on. - Dave Winer
Tom's activity feed URL at MySpace is but MySpace API authentication is required - looking for a live and publicly accessible one - Marshall Kirkpatrick
aha! cliqset doesn't require authentication to see theirs, - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I wish more specifications came with live, official, reference implementations. - mikepk
Dare Obasanjo
"Google wants developers to build for the open web. Microsoft wants developers to build for Silverlight" -
& Adobe wants devs to build 4 Flash & AIR, so what's your point? - LANjackal
Louis Gray
A good example... Truth vs. Marketing. Which is reality? :)
Photo on 2009-09-19 at 05.41.jpg
How I feel... vs. how I present how I feel. :) - Louis Gray
Louis, you look like you're a twenty-some year old college student in the first picture versus an adult. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
No he does, but I think it's also time you get some sl... Sleep is a waste of time for the unproductive. I don't think you've been unproductive lately get some sleep. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I'm looking left. I'm looking right. Back. forth. back. forth. In the space between truth and fiction I am playing PONG. - Micah
lol this is classic - and very brave of you to post ;) - Chris Saad
Brave, indeed. The arched brow says everything. :) - Mark Evans
*nods to Holden* :) - Micah
The first is my "old Twitter default avatar face". :) - Louis Gray
And Jimminy, one benefit of ignoring jetlag and working both time zones... Four meals! It's dinner time again! - Louis Gray
The one on the left looks like Louis "poor college student" Gray and the right is the CEO of blah-blah company. - imabonehead
Louis, I just ate my 4th meal without jetlag or working in two time zones, benefit of not sleeping more than 4 hours a day. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I need to change your advisor photo on now - Jesse Stay
Make sure it is the second one then, Jesse. I always hated that other photo you took. It just won't die. - Louis Gray
What are you saying about my photography skills? :-) - Jesse Stay
In the left one, Louis looks Vulcan. :-> - Kurt Starnes
Of course, I could use this one: or this one: - Jesse Stay
Jesse makes me wonder abt @guykawasaki pic in your socialtoo about page is it the left or rght pic of Guy ;) - Sudha Jamthe
wait. is that a bib in the first pic? :) - Christian Anderson
Here are some others: :-) - Todd Hoff
Now he's been to London we're seeing the emergence on the world circuit of the true LG (face) brand. - Thomas Power
I thought that first shot was your inspector Clouseau impersonation. - Mark Krynsky
That's my #didntsleeponthejet look, Mark. - Louis Gray
Ok...but can you say "Does your dog bite" with a French accent for me anyways? - Mark Krynsky
Let's turn this into a meme! I just posted my "truth vs. fiction" here: - April Russo (FForever!)
The first pic looks like that of an Apple developer who's just got his iPhone app rejected from the App store. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Haha, superb! - Kol Tregaskes
is it much like turning up for an executive type job interview in t-shirt and jeans or in a suit. You're the same person underneath. - Ian May
they might be both marketing avatars - left youtube vs right linkedin - lol - Barbara R. S.
Obviously BOTH are reality. The right one is not a stunt model is it? ;-) - Kristi Colvin
isn't it true that no one has one single face? - Martha from BuddyFeed
It was an honour to photograph you Louis, hopefully something for you to remember your London trip by - John Cassidy
We all try to show our best side to the outside world, particularly when it's with regard to business. But is it really disingenuous to show a happy face any more than it would be to show a scowl? Neither represents you or the collective us 100% of the time. Does this mean we need a chart with all our moods on it to greet potential clients? :) I do like the arched brow. hehe - Sheryl
Sorry to say this, Louis, but I will attempt to run away if I see someone coming to me bearing that smile you have on the second photo. I'd be like, "Darnit, here's another salesman wanting to pressure me into buying some thingamajig again..." No offense, Louis. But even for marketing, I really think you can do without the oh-so-friendly smile :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
Louis is a pro smiler :) - Steve Chou
Both - but the guy on the couch looks like more fun ;) - beautiful world
Derek van Vliet
Steve Gillmor
curious what people make of the new RT on twitter - Christopher Harris
and Google's acquisitions of Admob and Gizmo5 - Vezquex
We should start shortly, I'm still waiting for Steve Gillmor to call me up. - Robert Scoble
ready for Gillmor Gang with @jobsworth - Kevin Marks
Livestream launches free live streaming to iPhone and iPod Touch Safari. - Vezquex
On the call, should start shortly. - Robert Scoble
New New York Times sounds like something from Futurama. - Vezquex
snap, iPhone - Vezquex
So... is Palm dead? - Ken Sheppardson
What's palm? - Cliff Gerrish
You remember, Cliff... the last company to release a phone the Robert said was better than the iphone. - Ken Sheppardson
whining about a default setting? - Vezquex
Didn't 3com used to own them... - Cliff Gerrish
Before the Apple people took over... - Ken Sheppardson
I like that slogan: "It's geekier" - Cliff Gerrish
No, Android is Linux to Apple's Apple. - Ken Sheppardson
iPhone = Windows, Palm = Apple, Android = Linux ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Scoble needs something to argue about to feel relevant - scott anderson
Maybe Microsoft should release a phone operating system... - Ken Sheppardson
Here we go... - Mike Doeff
Hold on, hold on... Michael... did you *pay* for that Droid? - Ken Sheppardson
that was bizarre. i was getting overlapping audio. And Ken, you are a naughty, naughty boy. :) - Karoli
Ken - you trouble maker you! - Rob La Gesse
scott: give me a break. - Robert Scoble
I bought my own Droid. - Robert Scoble
I'm buying a Droid tomorrow - on a G1 now - Kevin Marks
I'm afraid to try the Droid as I'm pretty heavily emotionally invested in the Pre :-) - Ken Sheppardson
dang, you guys are really making me want a Droid. And Scoble hating is a great bonus. - Vezquex
geeks make me laugh...the latest and greatest rivalries of geek toys. too bad Aron's not here to be one of the cool kids. - Karoli
As we saw with the Pre, you can say some device "single handedly restored" whatever, but just wait six months... - Ken Sheppardson
Is the web the platform, or are we seeing 2 or 3 new platforms in this space? - Cliff Gerrish
The web is the one true platform. - Vezquex
one platform to rule them all? - Karoli
These guys are pissing me off..give me a break talking about how much better the apps are - Android just needs a little more time until the apps are mature - iPhone didn't have apps at first. The 1st version of the Facebook app wasn't perfect, there have been enhancements, upgrades etc - Kenny
what nokia is dead? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
What market doesn't have one big 50% market share leader and 2-3 alternative smaller players? - Ken Sheppardson
the Android OS is an integrated component model where iPhone is a monolithic app model - scott anderson
The fact that Android is now getting momentum means, more, and better apps are coming very soon. Loving my HTC Hero !!! - Jim @TechFrog Alden
Who's the really old guy leading this whole thing? - Kenny
It is too soon to draw conclusions, folks. - Mona Nomura
Kenny: Steve Gillmor. - Robert Scoble
Kenny: I can't compare products based on what might be. I have to look at WHAT IS!!!! - Robert Scoble
Mona: Is it too early to draw the conclusion that more than one option can survive? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks Robert - Kenny
Android is where the market is heading, more so outside the US, where iphone is a bit player. - mark w webster
mark: when I travel overseas I see iPhone usage very heavy. - Robert Scoble
I am very happy with my Droid. The apps are updating for the new Android 2.0. A new update to Twidroid will be out next week according to a tweet from the developer today. - Mike Shulman
mono is being ported to Android - scott anderson
you mix with geeks Robert :) - mark w webster
True Robert, but I think Android will only improve as time goes on, just like Apple and the iPhone did. - Kenny
I can see the back of Robert Scoble's head right now. This is too much real time web. ;) - Eric - Final Countdown
The bar should not be set solely on platform and hardware -- the devs are a huge part of a phone's success. If Android developers step up, and the iPhone stays proprietary to AT&T, that opens up a whole new ball game. - Mona Nomura
HTML5 may make the apps more irrelevant. - Rob La Gesse
How is it that guys like this who love Tech, are considered the Top of Social Media all have the worst Web Cams, Audio Levels at all ranges and are crying about cutting each off like they are in some Playground, this is why nobody pays attention to them, blah! - Lorenzo
the Droid is just one phone. think about the difference between G1 and Droid. the next leap will be just as significant. - scott anderson
Not if your data plan cannot support it. AT&T's 3G is garbage and I don't have the patience to wait for sites to load. Hence, apps FTW. - Mona Nomura
HTML5 is key - the new platform for mobile web on all phones - Kevin Marks
I love all the commentary regarding Apple control of the app store. You should have tried building apps for Verizon. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get an application cleared to be put into their deck. You couldn't even write apps for Verizon if you didn't have a small war chest. - Jerry Schuman
Mona, agree 100% - Karoli
Even RIM hardcore fans are ready to jump to Android. - Karoli
I suspect the most disruptive thing to happen to the handset industry will be a regulatory end to carrier lock in in the next 3-5 years. - Ken Sheppardson
@Lorenzo I am a big fan of these guys. By the way, who was that guy in the East Coast Vegas video? - PC Easy
Am I really listening to grown men talk about Cell Phones? This country is doomed - Lorenzo
iphone market share over here tops less than 5%, though app availability is high on buyers minds, Android is making good strides in that area, it's a two horse race IMO. - mark w webster
RIM will be implementing WebKit browser in 2010 - Marc Delurgio
RIM hasn't progressed - at all, and their attempts have been nothing but FAIL. BB Storm? Really?? - Mona Nomura
ending carrier lock would be awesome! - Vezquex
Lorenzo - you don;t have to watch/listen... - Kenny
I know kenny, however i think im permitted to give my opinion as long as I dont use vulgarity - Lorenzo
Changing the balance of power for phone development is key. The platform has been taken away from the telecoms. - Cliff Gerrish
I call bullshit on that fact. Get ready when each different handset starts having different requirements. - Jerry Schuman
True - Kenny
And those who keep bringing up HTML5, perhaps on Verizon's data it may run fine but on AT&T's unreliable 3G? NO. CDMA ftw. - Mona Nomura
I still think for a polished product that is easy to pick up and use, the Palm Pre is still my Favorite. - Luke Kilpatrick
100k iPhone apps doesn't matter - make 50 essential apps are avail for top 4 platforms, then the playing field is leveled - Marc Delurgio
I'm a big fan of Google Voice, except for the translations - they're pretty bad - Kenny
I'm sure I'm wrong, but I expect Android to take over handsets the same way Linux has taken over the desktop :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
lol - Kenny
Scoble - I have ridden with you while you use a cell phone for navigation - it is VERY scary! - Rob La Gesse
Palm Pre was introduced only recently here, a real Turkey, just in time for Xmas. - mark w webster
Lorenzo - I've seen you on Twitter and I know you use vulgarity. - PC Easy
Apple doesn't do cloud services. A single iPhone app developer will have a hard time competing with Google on that front. - scott anderson
PCEasy, are you not the person on twitter that continues to make horrible comments about Leo's face? - Lorenzo
Android will take over handsets because Windows Mobile is pitiful and iPhone OS is not available to 3rd-party devices. - Vezquex
Rob: that's because iPhone doesn't do turn-by-turn so you have to look at the screen. - Robert Scoble
WM is dead, or at least, its in dire need of defibrilation - mark w webster
I still think the Droid reminds me of the feel of a 80's Transformer. I think the HTC Hero is a much more polished phone and will get better with Android 2.0. - Luke Kilpatrick
Google Nav does work pretty well, especially since its free, but it does need some improvements - but it's good enough that I canceled my Verizon Navigator - Kenny
apps will die - web apps will prevail - Marc Delurgio
IT's on all these devices, Steve - Ken Sheppardson
The Pre does turn by turn, for free and it works great. I still think the Google map app is pretty good. - Luke Kilpatrick
Robert Scoble, why is it you top tech geeks cant get your audibles to the same level, let alone have a decent webcam? Also, do you feel that 1938Media is slightly over-rated? Thank you - Lorenzo
HTML5 is not Reality. Not until we get rid of IE6 - Luke Kilpatrick
Lorenzo: that's Steve Gillmor who has control of audio levels. - Robert Scoble
Luke: IE6 isn't a problem on smartphones :-) - Ken Sheppardson
IE6 is dead. anyone who develops for it is a fool. - Karoli
Who is 1938media? I heard he's telling lies but I blocked him so I don't know what he's up to. - Robert Scoble
Robbie Scobbie, I thank you. - Lorenzo
The levels aren't perfect but still pretty good considering that you have 5 different people in 5 different locations on laptops - Kenny
He always talks crap about you on twitter to pceasy - Lorenzo
Chrome and Safari - Jerry Schuman
firefox for when I need firebug - Jerry Schuman
Lorenzo: I don't care. He lies. That's all I need to know. - Robert Scoble
IE only when my machine needs to dial home to Microsoft for something - Ken Sheppardson
I tried Chrome in Ubuntu and couldn't access any https:// pages. - Vezquex
Yes but as a developer that builds web apps I still have to target IE6 which sucks majorly but its still the standard at enterprise. - Luke Kilpatrick
Android is licensed with Apache 2.0, a very business-friendly open source license - scott anderson
Every iPhone developer enters a royalty agreement with Apple. - Rob La Gesse
"Large market share" isn't the same thing as "network effect" - Ken Sheppardson
IE6 is the main reason I like doing Mobile dev better than just core web dev as you only need to target 1 main rendering engine - Webkit. Although there are some differences between iPhone, Andriod and Palm Pre. iPhone has the best implementation. - Luke Kilpatrick
Still waiting on my Ribbit Voice invite code. - Jerry Schuman
Whos the heavy breather? :) - Kenny
Jerry, use gang09 - Cliff Gerrish
thanks cliff - Jerry Schuman
Neat. Will Ribbit have VOIP? Is it free? - Vezquex
Holy Macro, what a time I had getting here. - Matt Terenzio
So, can we use Ribbit + iPhone to equal GoogleVoice + Droid? - Cliff Gerrish
Cliff Basically. - Robert Scoble
Although I will compare those this weekend. - Robert Scoble
Ok, that breathing is creepy - Jim @TechFrog Alden
What happened, Matt? Your FF browser crash? :) - Rob La Gesse
Hm... that code just gets me an "account reserved".... - Ken Sheppardson
Hey Kevin, give the live web audience a ribbit code... - Cliff Gerrish
ribbit code for gillmor gang listeners is "gang09" sign up at - Kevin Marks
Had to reboot everything was moving slowwww - Matt Terenzio
Kevin: But that just gets you a "Ribbit Account Reserved" email? - Ken Sheppardson
sweet, thanks Kevin Marks. - Vezquex
Should kids have a google voice number? With parents controlling the switchboard? - Cliff Gerrish
the accounts will go out over the next few days Ken - Kevin Marks
Cool. Thanks, Kevin. - Ken Sheppardson
LOL - Kenny
looking forward to trying ribbit.... - Karoli
On the net - Apple could fade like AOL, The Apple Tablet will make Iphone, android Apps quite secondary. Phone will have a much smaller earprint. - Arnie Klaus
double dare someone to call Scoble. - Vezquex
OK, everyone -- call Robert! - Cliff Gerrish
what was that numnber?? - Kenny
I will admit - I called Robert once, trying to find him at a meet-up in Half Moon Bay. It came in handy. - Mike Doeff
Doh, crunchpad!?!? - Kenny
i want a crunchpad, she whined. - Karoli
So it should be out soon?? - Kenny
will the crunchpad run Android? - scott anderson
...or Chrome OS - Ken Sheppardson
no contact points, composite enclosed, for kids and up - Arnie Klaus
Chrome w/ Android plug-ins - scott anderson
+1-425-205-1921 - Robert Scoble
Get it out before Christmas Mike. - Mike Doeff
I'm amazed you don't get a ton of prank calls - Kenny
+1-707-WEB-LIVE - Matt Terenzio
Kenny: I have your phone number if you call me. - Robert Scoble
More QVC... :-) - Ken Sheppardson
I've never called but if I need a tech opinion I might hit you up - Kenny
tablets will replace kiosks not personal devices - scott anderson
One handed computing - easy to misinterpret that one - Mike Doeff
haha, one-handed computing. - Vezquex
books, text books, movies, homework... - Arnie Klaus
solar - Arnie Klaus
maps, cookbooks, phonebooks... - Ken Sheppardson
I think Apple bought major textbook rights. - Arnie Klaus
On train to NYC yesterday NewBiz News conference there were 8 newspapers 1 kindle and two iphones in my car. I was using iphone - Matt Terenzio
doorbell on TV! I like this guy. - Vezquex
Mostly Wall Street Journals - Matt Terenzio
Tuck that phone into my ear, on with the tablet - Arnie Klaus
My comcast phone shows up on my tv. Really like it. - Cliff Gerrish
my doorbell has it's own Gmail address - you can email to ring it. And no - will NOT give that number out :) - Rob La Gesse
Remember when we all had to carry backpacks in school? - Arnie Klaus
Wasn't Bluetooth supposed to handle all this? - Ken Sheppardson
My backpack is in the cloud now... - Cliff Gerrish
Alright guys, I gotta go. Keep up the good debate! - Kenny
I need to go look at how handle location and proximity... - Ken Sheppardson
Cliff, does that mean just on the internet or do you mean virtual hosting as in AWS or Rackspace etc - Matt Terenzio
will iPhone apps run on all these different types of devices? does Apple have the resources to make that happen? - scott anderson
Bump is on the Android as well - Kenny
I just want seamless handoff between my cell phone and desk phone - Ken Sheppardson
Matt, all sorts of cloudish locations.. - Cliff Gerrish
I ask because someone used cloud at work today and I'm pretty sure they meant just on a server. I didn't ask. - Matt Terenzio
We don't really have an identity concept (or agency) that works with this node linking idea. - Cliff Gerrish
Of course, my office isn't exactly Cliff level - Matt Terenzio
It's a different level in the protocol stack, Robert - Ken Sheppardson
tweetdeck with touch - Arnie Klaus
i love my Kindle. LOVE IT. - Karoli
I'm getting a Nook. Dumb name - nice device. - Rob La Gesse
the techies are gonna be so harsh on the crunchpad - Marc Delurgio
I love getting instant books. I love sending PDFs over for reading later. I love getting The Nation automatically. - Karoli
Rob, I'm thinking of getting a Nook for my compare. - Karoli
Books will go down fast in the coming months - Matt Terenzio
Kindel is bridge technology to the post script generation....Iʻve read many more books through audio. - Arnie Klaus
As soon as a standard format emerges, it's over - Matt Terenzio
The Nook looks cool but I'm waiting for the Apple Tablet. - Robert Scoble
the Nook runs on Android - scott anderson
Virtual roundtable time... any thoughts on spdy protocol announcement? - Alberto Saavedra
Scoble - yes - assuming it has a bright-light readable screen. I doubt it. - Rob La Gesse
scott, that's one of the reasons I want the Nook. (for my daughter, of course...LOL) I want to try an Android device. - Karoli
I wish, the textbooks comes on ebook usable format instead of watered down version. - Ashish
ashish, agree. textbooks should be ebook, full version. - Karoli
Using the term "open" to mean seven different things at the same time can be a problem... - Ken Sheppardson
@ken - glad you opened that line of thought - Rob La Gesse
Ken: agreed. - Robert Scoble
imagine if our phones ran on closed networks - scott anderson
It's really just a question of whether any node can listen and talk over the network. - Cliff Gerrish
How do we define variable communities? - Arnie Klaus
Scott: they would be like IM was for years. - Robert Scoble
Scott: They do. Call Sprint and ask them if you can use your iPhone on the "open" phone network. Or the device you slapped together from parts you got at Fry's - Ken Sheppardson
good comment Robert (there's your break) - scott anderson
Good show, Steve. Thanks to all. - Karoli
thanks, all! - Rob La Gesse
Great show, thanks. - Mike Doeff
laters - Vezquex
Will the textbook publishers allow that to happen without lowering profits? I hope they realize that new form interactive ebooks can create more market opportunities. - Ashish
another great show Steve. Your production keeps getting better. - Paul E. Ester
Kol Tregaskes
Good grief, if you want to read tech stuff only on FriendFeed then go to all the great tech related groups. If you are thinking that Best of is going to be tech only then you are using FriendFeed incorrectly. Best of will give you a wide variety of content. Use lists, saved searches and the hide button to filter what you want.
You control the content you see on FF. - Kol Tregaskes
As for great tech groups, here's a few: - Kol Tregaskes
How I Followed 30,000 People And Then Freaked Out When They Talked About Human Interests And Not Just My Beloved Tech Startups - Daniel J. Pritchett
Then you can drill down to specifics like Google Wave: and - Kol Tregaskes
And you've got tech sites groups like RWW: and Mashable: - Kol Tregaskes
LOL, so true Kol. But given that things in Best Of Day are not tech-related anymore, does that make FF mainstream like Twitter? I love to follow geeks too but I understand the world is full of different interests. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Oh and there is a big Twitter group: - Kol Tregaskes
"all we are doing is boosting his ego " - well, there was that burn about a so-called "geek" needing to look up how to do screenshots... made the whole thread worthwhile IMO. (I can't roll my eyes hard enough when media branding topics are considered "geek" topics, BTW.) - Andrew C (✔)
and yes, I am full of haterade! - Andrew C (✔)
I'm not going to search for my FriendFeed friends on Facebook or Twitter. No offense but I don't want to interact with you folks on Facebook, and Twitter's 140 character limit is for morons. - Terris of California
+140 Terris! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
if every friend were chosen purely based on discussion of technology, then the general stream would more strongly favor that subject. otherwise, groups also have a "best of" page, as do friends lists, either of which could have a more narrow focus - Mike Chelen
Terris: the character limit becomes unnoticeable after ongoing usage, more discussion can be broken into many posts if a subject requires. standalone clients can also be helpful - Mike Chelen
Mark: the overall number of tech or non-tech users on a service shouldn't influence the posts see in either friendfeed or twitter home pages, since they depend only on what the user's friends are posting - Mike Chelen
Daniel: lol! - Mike Chelen
uh oh, another FF rant ;) - Terry O'Fee
Tim Hoeck
[Testing] Getting an emulator up and running a full ROM with the Market etc. - Android @ MoDaCo -
[Testing] Getting an emulator up and running a full ROM with the Market etc. - Android @ MoDaCo
Steve Gillmor
Should be a good show. Craig Burton always has something interesting to say. - Cliff Gerrish
Waiting for call. - Robert Scoble
Looking forward to the show. - Matt M (inactive)
A fellow Utahn - I will be watching :-) - Jesse Stay
hmmm. silverlight plugin just went kerfluey on me...let's see if it works now. - Karoli
Still waiting for skype call... - Robert Scoble
Looks like we're very close to start. - Robert Scoble
ah..working now. - Karoli
Chris Messina is on too. - Robert Scoble
Yay Phil and Craig! Two of my favorite Utahns - Jesse Stay
Robert's pretty close to having a "lair" there... - Ken Sheppardson
LIve from @ribbit on Gillmor Gang - Kevin Marks
robert, i can't imagine going from that to an iphone. your head must explode daily. - Karoli FTW! - Jesse Stay
Actually, I use e-mail for most of my Twitter activity - Jesse Stay
Robert's head exploding is all part of the show. - Cliff Gerrish
You guys should be sure to talk about the new Paypal identity proposals - Jesse Stay
Karoli: info density is pretty crazy! Jesse: I got some good interviews on that yesterday. Should be up on Building43 next week. - Robert Scoble
where are they again? - Christopher Harris
I love how all the Identity pieces are fitting together now with OpenID+OAuth Hybrid, WebFinger and XRD and Activity Streams and PoCo at #iiw this week - Kevin Marks
IIW was great this year. - Cliff Gerrish
Robert, I'm getting more info on it as well - they want to be much more open than it appeared in the keynote - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I will try to introduce PayPal's identity moves into this conversation. Also, what @marcglasberg is doing to turn Twitter into a micropayments system for content. - Robert Scoble
Robert, missed what @marcglasberg is doing - can't wait to hear more - Jesse Stay
Someone tell Craig to turn the sounds off on his TweetDeck ;-) - Jesse Stay
and tell them I said hi from the chat (I don't think they're watching this) - Jesse Stay
"Open ID threat level Orange?" - Rob La Gesse
OpenID is just putting on long pants, a shirt and a tie. - Cliff Gerrish
says @chrismessina the Govt is encouraging people to use OpenID as most people have them already. - Kevin Marks
Badfinger or Webfinger? - Cliff Gerrish
Email seems like a bad identifier. - Cliff Gerrish - it is a protocol to map an emial address into an OpenID endpoint - works with gmail and yahoo already - Kevin Marks
Just ran into this on they have logos for 10 different OpenID providers or your own URL and I think I have IDs on 8 of them... and I have no idea which one I used to create my account. - Ken Sheppardson
The right number of id providers is 1. Selectors can solve this problem. - Cliff Gerrish
We should be able to "transform" emails to OpenID, as described here: (see comments) - Panayotis Vryonis
Hey Kevin how do I get involved in what you guys are doing with OpenID? - Jesse Stay
Jesse, come to the next IIW. - Cliff Gerrish
It would be great if Twitter supported OpenID as well as OAuth #iiw - Kevin Marks
Watching the show but the FF stream is "frozen" from last week?just me? - Paul Sherer from iPhone
Twitter as an OpenID provider? - Ken Sheppardson
Cliff, I wasn't aware of it - that would have been interesting. I was just out there the last 3 days at the Paypal conference. - Jesse Stay
Paul, refresh. The thread has been updated inside NewsGang. - Cliff Gerrish
Wow - I didn't realize Paypal was part of the OpenID foundation - Jesse Stay
@Paul - working fine here. Are you at ? - Rob La Gesse
I don't quite understand why we need Salmon independent of Seems like a "feature" of activitystreams. - Ken Sheppardson
I'll head over to building34, thanks. - Paul Sherer
Monica's Activity Streams prezi: maps out the ideas behind it too - Kevin Marks
Calling out "comment streams" as some special case of activities seems like a dead end. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, Salmon is just the part that shows how to send the comments upstream, it fits in with Activity Streams fine. - Kevin Marks
Of course in FF the comment thread can appear in multiple places simultaneously via iframe. - Cliff Gerrish
So, Kevin, can Salmon support any Activitystreams objects? ... Got it. - Ken Sheppardson
Salmon I'm Atom... I'm getting lost here - Frank Paynter
Cool, I'm totally going to rip off the salmon idea and make my own proprietary protocol. - Vezquex
do you need an iFrog to use ribbit? - Frank Paynter
Okay - I missed the last 15 mins. Did I miss anything? - Jesse Stay
If Gillmor Gang watchers want Ribbit Mobile, got to and use the invite code 'gang09' - Kevin Marks
Is Messina on the Space Station? - Jesse Newhart
I wish somebody would put together some sort of over-arching reference document that explains how you build something that uses PSHB, OpenID, OAuth, Salmon, Activitystreams, etc in the "correct" way in an integrated system. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, check out the identity commons. - Cliff Gerrish
I really wish Phil and Craig were in here. I need to get those guys together for lunch some time. That would be a fun meeting. - Jesse Stay
I think you can catch both Phil and Craig at the Kynetx conference. It's coming right up. - Cliff Gerrish
Conference de jour, literally ;-) Can't we all just agree to get together once a year or so in one place and deal with everything at once? :-) - Ken Sheppardson
how about adding lists to lists? when's that coming? - Frank Paynter
Ken, that's what the weekly Gillmor Gang is for. Everyone in one place in real time. - Cliff Gerrish
I love how Atom is so flexible that we can add all these extra layers on top of it. ActivityStreams, Salmon, PSHB, etc - Matt M (inactive)
YES. filters to something manageable. - Karoli
frank, isn't that what listorious is for? :) - Karoli
Cliff: It's just that all these conference give me the apparently mistaken impression that there are more than 10 or so folks who I really have to follow ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Karoli... mebbe, but I'm a fan of bundling functionality within the native platform - Frank Paynter
Seems like building a bunch of translators is the best way to get adoption. - Cliff Gerrish
Isn't that what Gnip's supposed to be doing? - Ken Sheppardson
Facebook just needs to remove the 24 hour storage limit and it will be free - Jesse Stay
@cgerrish yes, translators into Activity Streams rather than n by n translators is an important saving - Kevin Marks
Cliff, yeah - I'll be at the Kynetx conference - Jesse Stay
I see Phil all the time - haven't met Craig yet (except online) - Jesse Stay
Amen Mark - more clients need to support - Jesse Stay
Myspace is still very much in the game - Jesse Stay
Wait and see - there are some huge things coming to Myspace - Jesse Stay
So we're all going to speak activitystreams on the global back-end bus and all these sites just become "clients"? Cool. I'm down with that. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, all but Twitter, at least the way they're going - Jesse Stay
MySpace need a major shift to survive - Rocky Barbanica
Rocky, keep watching. - Jesse Stay
But if *everything* else is connected, we can all just pool our API call limits to pull the full feed out of Twitter and translate it to AS - Ken Sheppardson
Go tell @loic to support Activity Streams from MySpace and Netflix, @scobleizer - Kevin Marks
That's the theory, Ken. At least until the next time something closed and exciting comes along, ;) - Matt M (inactive)
It will be everyone supports open standards, then you'll also have to support Twitter's own standard - at least if you ask John at Twitter - Jesse Stay
JK's sane, Jesse... if this all got widespread adoption I think you'd see a different bottom-up attitude from Twitter... - Ken Sheppardson
The custom adapters actually creates a value proposition. - Cliff Gerrish is an Activity Streams supporting aggregator, as is MS Live - Kevin Marks
Facebook needs public indexing to get legit... they can't because of privacy aspect of their service... FriendFeed can provide the opening to public indexing of Facebook users' wall content... - Frank Paynter
Ken, yeah - I just don't like his attitude around it - Jesse Stay
anything but FB, please. - Karoli
Frank, you can use FQL to search Facebook pretty much site-wide (at least as privacy allows) - Jesse Stay
I can sorta see Twitter's point... I mean Evan came to them a year ago and said "Hey, you should support OMB" and their natural response as "Uh... no.... why? Nobody's using it..." - Ken Sheppardson
I should note Twitter doesn't allow specific queries like FQL btw - Jesse Stay
I'd just as soon not search Facebook. or even use it. - Karoli
Jesse...yahbut, you can't find Facebook content on google - Frank Paynter
@Frank - yet! - Rob La Gesse
Frank, yes you can - Jesse Stay
There's a strong current of relevant discussion on Facebook that is hard for me to ignore - Frank Paynter
If Activitystreams was implemented widely, I suspect the engineers at Twitter would warm up to it. That might not be a sufficient condition, but it's certainly necessary. - Ken Sheppardson
sad that no-one from @twitterapi came to IIW this year; @blaine came + helped invent OAuth when they were 1/10th the size - Kevin Marks
Facebook encourages self-censorship, or disownership, depending. (Basically I don't really want my Republican spouse reading my liberal rants) - Karoli
@Kevin - they are busy building lists. - Rob La Gesse
Kevin, yeah - that's been my perception - they're taking no part in any of the open efforts, which concerns me - Jesse Stay
I think we all scared them off at BearHugCamp last fall ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Kevin, is Facebook there at all? I imagine Recordon's probably there? - Jesse Stay
That's consistent with what Bret said last week, RE Facebook - Ken Sheppardson
hubs will be distributed. facebook will lose their advantage. - scott anderson
scott, i think so too. Google federating wave is one step closer to that... - Karoli
perfect question - Rocky Barbanica
Where's Microsoft in all this, btw? - Ken Sheppardson
MSFT had a big presence at IIW - Information cards (selectors) started with them. - Cliff Gerrish
Here's another good Google search on Facebook: lists - status updates will very soon also be part of that - Jesse Stay
What did Scoble just call his wife? - Cliff Gerrish
As soon as grandmas start using a service, Robert bails... so... y'know... ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Scott, Facebook is becoming distributed - Jesse Stay
Jesse... thanks for the "site: facebook" clue, but it's weak... I've just been testing it and nothing relevant emerged in response to specific search requests - Frank Paynter
Ken - MS is busy building layoff packages and not serious software. - Rob La Gesse
MSFT had a lot of good people at #iiw, and they are really contributing to the Activity Streams and OWF efforts - Kevin Marks
@KevinMarks. Thanks for the mention. Yes, we (Cliqset) currently normalize activity from 70+ services into activity streams compliant atom feeds. We also share them in real-time through our APIs. - Darren
Frank, a lot of cool articles about Twitter lists - I thought it was interesting " lists" - Jesse Stay
Save the demo for a building43 video :) - Rob La Gesse
Frank, status updates are also very soon going to be included in that as well. Very soon you'll see those come up in search results. - Jesse Stay
We will, Rob - Rocky Barbanica
Seeing individual engineers and marketing folks from MSFT at different events reminds me alot of my old NASA days, when you'd always find some sort of "rogue" engineer off working on pretty much any project you can imagine. Every once in a while all the "rogue" engineers from the different centers who were working on similar projects would get together... but they were rarely funded and projects never went anywhere. But on the flip side... I'm glad they're involved :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Scoble is such a non-programmer. Everything he says that's hard sounds easy. "How do I bundle 3 tweets?" Just use take their URIs or copy the text. - Vezquex
Interesting show. - Rob La Gesse
Thanks for the info Jesse - Frank Paynter
Oh man... - Rocky Barbanica
thanks, steve - Karoli
Vezquex: sorry, that just does NOT do it for me. - Robert Scoble
what more do you need? - Vezquex
Vezquex: I want to put them on a page and have them look like Tweets, mixed with YouTUbe videos, mixed with photos. Make it freaking easy. Copy and pasting and doing screen captures is NOT easy for most people. - Robert Scoble
Did they mention the Paypal identification proposal at all? I think I missed it. - Jesse Stay
Just in passing, Jesse - Ken Sheppardson
We never got to it Jesse - Craig Burton
Ken, I'm very fascinated by that, because it's true identity. If they can make that open along with the existing open standards around identity they're going to do some great things. I'm supposed to get a briefing by them soon (I hope). - Jesse Stay
Vezquex: look at the Tweets I put into Wordpress: that took a LOT of work. Way too much for normal people and WAY too much for real-time work. Did you watch the World Series last night? MSNBC had a Tweet out AS THE BALL HIT THE GLOVE TO END THE GAME! - Robert Scoble
Craig, great seeing you, btw! I don't think we've ever met in person. - Jesse Stay
This is a real time world and copying and pasting URLs is too freaking hard. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Jesse, we need to make that happen. - Craig Burton
Plus, I do everything on my iPhone now. Did you remember how we broke the news of Facebook buying FriendFeed? That entire thing was done from an iPhone, including an audio interview. - Robert Scoble
Craig, just sent you and Phil an e-mail. Let's definitely make it happen. - Jesse Stay
Paypal is still very weak. They are not quite clued in to the selector imperative. - Craig Burton
Jesse: applications running on the open web will always be able to innovate and provide more functionality than apps running on top of Facebook. With activity streams, hubs, openid, etc. the reduced friction advantage that Facebook has is diminished. - scott anderson
Craig, that's my worry - Jesse Stay
Scott, Facebook is joining the open web - Jesse Stay
it's all talk until it happens - scott anderson
they also said Beacon was going to be revolutionary - scott anderson
Facebook is an provider right now: They are also currently an openid provider. - Jesse Stay
Facebook has openID? - Matt M (inactive)
I think you see it now with the work Recordon and the ex-FriendFeeders are doing... but the IP limits, 24hr cache limits, and EULA mythology seems to cast a shadow over everything - Ken Sheppardson
openid support is defensive move - scott anderson
BTW, most this stuff was around even before Recordon came on board - Jesse Stay
Yeah, I realized that after I wrote that, Jesse... he's just sorta the flag bearer these days - Ken Sheppardson
Scott, they've had that support for at least 6 months now - Jesse Stay
Facebook led much of the standard - it is not a defensive move. They were part of the organization, and are also members of the openid foundation. They're leaders in this, not followers. - Jesse Stay
openid support is a defensive move because they don't want google to dominate the openid space. if activity stream content expires after some period of time when it leaves Facebook, then that is another defensive move and one that is not truly open. - scott anderson
Scott, I'm not sure they've said much about that content expiring. As long as you're a user I'm pretty sure you're able to get your content out, no exceptions. Developers have a few more strict rules, but nothing's stopping a client from enabling that for users themselves. The RSS News Feed app on Facebook's still around, so I think they're opening up to enabling that: - Jesse Stay
Also, see Facebook's latest news - their entire JS client library is now open source on GitHub: - Jesse Stay
★ Soner Gönül
bayıldım.. - nurgün
Wow I'm slow, I finally got this, funny funny. - Jeremy˚H
müthiş düşünce. - Burak Güven (Cimbakuka)
çook yaratıcı.. - OnderBoy
bobiler? - Huseyin KELES
本当に描いたんだろうか? #art - jx0
Zannetmiyorum.. - ★ Soner Gönül
gün sayısı kaçç - ibrahim ibicek
You can't forget :-) - ★ Soner Gönül
gengsta ciwyciwy - Sibel Deha
süperrrrr:) - Berenn
ne yani civcik 4 e kadar saymayı biliyo muymuş? kusura bakmayın ama çok safsınız. - Sümbüklü Böcük Kuşu ๏̯͡๏
The intent/purpose problem (& an appeal to @scobleizer) -
It’s all about your intentions online. Most intentions can be grouped into 3 categories: knowledge gathering, broadcasting and conversation. There are many services on the web that can potentially serve those intentions. It depends on your purpose as to whether or not a service brings you value. - Lindsay
I think that was very well put, Lindsay! - Jan Ole Peek
Thanks, Jan. - Lindsay
Very thoughtfully and intelligently written, Lindsay. - Anne Bouey
1UP, Lindsay. - Derrick
I shoulda been Lindsay for Halloween. I could've had great hair and kicked peoples' asses with my brain. - Hookuh Tinypants
LOL @ tinypants :) That would have been quite a scary costume! - Lindsay
My comment here :) - Micah
Fantastic post, Lindsay. Totally agreed. - Jandy
I know that part of Scoble's reaction is for attention, but I also can read between the lines that he is really disappointed because he knows that FriendFeed is probably the best tool out there but now it's no longer going to grow feature-wise so, as a bleeding edge adopter, he can't stick with it anymore.... - Lindsay
...I think he's a little embarrassed that he was backing the "losing horse" for so long and basically had to "eat crow" with some of the people that he made enemies of on FriendFeed's behalf (though, personally, I think he was right about FriendFeed anyway). I think he's in a bit of despair like the rest of us at all the time and effort he put into participation here seeming to "go to... more... - Lindsay
...I empathize with all of that, but a lot of us have moved on to acceptance and just want to continue our interactions here. And he's making it harder for us to do that by driving people away that could be more of a justification for keeping the service alive in the future just because of their numbers. And it's also demoralizing and depressing. I would like for him to show some respect for people he used to call friends here and knock off the abuse. - Lindsay
Excellent. Thank you. - Steve Lowe
well put, Lindsay! - Big Joe Silenced
*clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* - vicster.
Scoble was right about FriendFeed being better. The problem is when you have companies like FB with lots of money to throw around, they can kill superior tech by writing a check. If you've been following TechCrunch lately they have articles on dubious ways FB and FB app developers get their money. Zuckerberg and early FB was apparently supported by shady casino ads. - Ed Millard
When I grow up, I want to be as cool as Lindsay. - Louis Gray
Hey I saw this lady on CNN before :) - Rodfather
Holden, you mean my post or the one on techcrunch. Your post is even holier than mine :) If you meant mine, how so? I struggle getting points across in the 512 limit sometimes which means I'm hopeless on Twitter. - Ed Millard
Holden, I would be interested in hearing specifically, maybe on another thread, other than the obvious it was apparently written by someone whose done it and profited. I'm a complete noob when it comes to sleazy social network spam though it is a fascinating study in human nature and how to exploit it. That article mostly added to my list of reasons I like FF and have no interest in FB. - Ed Millard
Nice post, thanks. Heard and understood. - Robert Scoble
scoble - why dont you just make a message board? invite all your tech friends, you'd be in heaven! sure, it's not as clever as say something like this, but you get what you want then.. - Terry O'Fee
Her Lindsay-ness: another stance users may adopt is to stick with friendfeed only until such time as something better comes along, regardless of whether it actually gets shut down or not - Mike Chelen
@Mike, I would probably put those folks under reaction #2... that is typical of any user of a service. The one thing that you can't take with you to the new service, however, is your entire community. The people who make up your community on FriendFeed would most likely splinter into several other communities in the "new, better" services that come along. I don't see any better options... more... - Lindsay
Louis Gray
Congratulations to @drew for kicking cancer to the curb! See his blog post: "That's not what I ordered..."
rock on @drew - Thomas Power
grats, @drew - brainno722 (Peter)
That's awesome! - Shevonne
So glad to hear it! I hope the others I know battling cancer right now can get some much needed reinforcement from this news... - FFing Enigma
Awesome! - David Cook
This is HUGE. You can now host your own Google Wave.
How? - Chuck Baggett
This is the REAL beta of Google Wave... Now we can see what it will really let us do. - Lindsay
can anyone who installs this please get in touch! - Zee.
I'm sure Johnny will be on this in a flash :) - Simon Wicks
Johnny Worthington? - Zee.
Yeah, he's been on about wanting to have it installed on his own server for work :) - Simon Wicks
Now we see the cool stuff. Closed instances for small teams. - Johnny from iPhone
Chris Messina
This is significant: Google to start crawling RSS/ATOM — a shift to the "web of streams"? http://googlewebmastercentral.... #activitystreams
Aren't they just setting themselves up to be a ping server (hub) for the realtime web? - Cliff Gerrish
Yep. And to filter/analyze all that traffic. - Chris Messina
Gabe Rivera
Louis Gray
Andy Bakun
My experience with Facebook so far has been that Friendfeed is Betamax and Facebook is VHS. And Robert Scoble may be Jack Valenti (I kid, I kid... Scoble is much more open minded than Valenti was).
Uh, that Friendfeed is the better technology that will ultimately lose out to a lesser technology. - Andy Bakun
I suppose, but that wouldn't have been very interesting. - Andy Bakun
We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes -
The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
This one is The White Stripes, too? This was on one of those indie rock mixes my friend Anne made me back in the day that got me into good music. I forgot this was them. Clearly she was already crafting my taste of today more than five years ago! - Jandy
Burak Çelebi
Google Working on Their Own Phone for 2009 Release? -
Google Working on Their Own Phone for 2009 Release?
Robert Scoble
The most damning thing is that no one from the FriendFeed team or Facebook has joined the community here that is talking about it to tell us what's happening in the future. That, more than anything I've written or said communicates the future of FriendFeed.
So true - nail in the coffin! :(... - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I keep hoping someone will tell me I'm wrong and will post a slide deck about the future of FriendFeed. But the lack of information is confirming what I'm hearing from my sources. - Robert Scoble
It's Sunday. - Anika
Anika: geeks in both companies are online and working on a Sunday and last night is NOT the first time I've been talking about the lack of direction here. Also, over the last week lots of blogs have been posting about the traffic hit that FriendFeed has already seen. - Robert Scoble
If there really was a team working on FriendFeed you BET they would contact us on a Sunday. They used to in this old days. - Robert Scoble
Remember, Facebook has a PR team of more than 10 people. You think they aren't watching what people are saying about Facebook nearly 24/7? Not in my experience. They are the most engaged PR team in a new company I know of. - Robert Scoble
LogEx: that's true, but it's also true that most people will go places where there's a clear future. Unless it's just to post non-consequential things. Me? This is both my fun time (which is why I'm still here) as well as my business (I won't be betting any of my business decisions on doing stuff here because of this lack of direction which tells me that no one is really working on FriendFeed actively anymore). - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed is like an old dying dog left out in the pasture alone; abandoned by its Master to die in the silence. - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Robert, I understand the perhaps reasonable conclusions you're reaching, but breaking the silence could send too much signal to FB's competition when they'd rather send more silence which ends up, really, being noise. - Micah
Robert, so maybe you're not giving their PR _enough_ credit. It's speculation on my part, granted. - Micah
Micah: sorry, that dog don't run. Healthy companies signal future directions, even under NDA. It would be pretty easy to meet with a few members of the community, NDA them, and tell them what's going on. If Louis Gray came on here and told me he's under NDA and that I'm wrong then I'd feel much better. The truth is I've talked with people inside Facebook and I know what the former FriendFeed team is working on. Hint: it isn't FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Logex - yup! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I still wish they'd make it open source or something so that people could continue to develop on it. :S - Lindsay
Susan, I don't think "human master - canine pooch" analogy really applies to Friendfeed team - community that's formed. - Micah
By the way, Facebook meets with bloggers/journalists all the time to give us secret hints at what's coming. I've been to Facebook several times this year for just that. Facebook has no serious competition, by the way, so they don't make PR decisions based on what Twitter is doing. - Robert Scoble
I guess I'm not most people then. If I find something that works, I prefer to stay put as long as it meets my needs. New things are nice, but I don't have time to constantly try out new services to see if they are better that what I am presently using. (That's why I follow people like Robert ;-)) The new shiny service would have to be significantly better than what I presenlty use to make me want to switch. - Jeff P. Henderson
Do you have any services that offer the same functionality, are widely available, and actually have a future, Robert? How about offering a solution for once instead of just bitching? - LANjackal
Robert. Can you reveal the information you have from your sources. Discussions where one person has information they won't reveal is frankly frustrating. If you have some inside knowledge yet continue to make statements like this and FriendFeed is dead? then it really is frustrating to the community. - Johnny from iPhone
If your business is posting to social media, and you think your content is "consequential" based on how long it will be around on the web ... I think you've misunderstood the current moment in social media. - Joel Bennett
There's much less interaction than there used to be - but I still have faith in the users. This (was) is a vibrant and interesting place to be - and that's testament not only to the people that made the site, but also to the people who breathed life into it. I'll be following friendfeed still, but i'll also be following the friendfeeders i've met here. I'm not sure where the future is, but it'll be something to do with the people here. I'm sure of that. - Iain Baker
+1 - LANjackal from IM
Micah - lack of innovation and development on FF platform will cause obsolesence soon. Social web apps must innovate or die. When Facebook acquired FF, we all knew that FF would wind down due to this. Communities will migrate to current platforms that meet their needs. I am sensing a large contingent of the FF community is about to leave FF, myself included. - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Re Tina: IIRC she got laid off and is prolly busy trying to find new employment - LANjackal from IM
@Susan: "social web apps must innovate or die" really? tell that to Twitter, lol - LANjackal from IM
Robert, did Wolfram-Alpha indicate their future direction being a $50 iphone app? All I'm saying is Facebook's strategy may include support to FF that's not in a time-frame worth pushing through PR yet. - Micah
My favorite thing about this whole "Facebook is dead, move on" campaign is that these guys are basically just trying to shoe you BACK to the service they talked most of you OFF of in the first place: Twitter. I'm still looking for their motivation. - Joel Bennett
Only one thing to say. Jaiku - Tony C (Unrated)
FB is dead? Anyone who's saying that in view of their soaring stats and the roaring success that FB Connect has been needs their head examined - LANjackal from IM
The way I see it, Robert, your constant bitching and declaring friendfeed dead is what is killing the community. While the software it runs on may be dead, the community is not. I have to separate it and explain it to you, because you don't seem to understand the difference and how being a vocal part of this community affects it. The more you put it down, the more people won't come here... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
^ My thoughts exactly. - LANjackal from IM
Susan, social web apps need utility/affection by a set of users. If cutting/bleeding edge aficionados is the particular user set in question, then what you said generally holds true. But it's not the general case unless a true replacement (in this case for FF) is available. - Micah
I don't think he's killing the community, he's just killing the community's participation with him. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Robert. Can you advise the information you have from your sources? - Johnny
I am stuck in the middle on this one... - Allen Stern
Fair point, Alex. I think this issue needs the two Scobles to put their heads together and clear the air. - Micah
Naw...I like friendfeed. I'm not going anywhere as long as my friends are here. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Me neither :) - LANjackal from IM
Amen, Alex. - Jack&Cleo
Is Friendfeed dying ( if it is) because of it being purchase by Facebook, or by members reaction to that purchase? Did people forecast the death of Friendfeed and then leave, therefore creating the exact scenario they predicted. - Kim Landwehr
That's exactly what happened - LANjackal from IM
Robert, doesn't this put the denouement on the donkey for all those who thought it too sharp a call to say what was going on in that sale and before it? It seemed fairly clear to me what had been going on mainly from seeing the actions at the time of the sale and "doing the math". As Aristotle said: "Plot is character" - Melanie Reed
Some times the lab rats do understand and stop sniffing for the cheese, looking up at the lab coats above them with a knowing twitch of the whisker. - Melanie Reed
Can FriendFeed be another StumbleUpon two years later? EDIT: "I don't want it happen though. I hope FFers let me entertain us again on FB" (excerpted from in Japanese) - NaHi from
Johnny: yes, my sources inside Facebook tell me that the FriendFeed team has been split apart and is working on Facebook items only. So far no one has refuted that. - Robert Scoble
April: you can believe that I'm personally killing the community but that really is giving me far more power than I actually have. The community has dramatically changed in the last two months. The alpha geeks I follow and that I build my business around have largely left. Everytime I meet geeks at conferences they tell me they are not spending as much time on FriendFeed as they did before the sale to Facebook and that the lack of direction from the team is largely responsible for that. - Robert Scoble
And, April, if you read my blog post you'll see that I believe a new community is already moving in here -- one that doesn't care if the technology will see new features. - Robert Scoble
I'm not on FB that much, but do people from their team actually get involved on the site? Is that even possible, with the privacy controls? I said it on another thread: you can't serve two masters. If FB is paying the bills now, that's probably where erstwhile FF staff must spend their time. - .LAG liked that
.LAG: yes. I have dozens of Facebook employees as friends over on Facebook and they do engage all over the place. - Robert Scoble
.LAG: the head of PR at Facebook, Brandee Barker, even has a Twitter account: and there are TONS of employees who hang out on both Twitter and Facebook like Dave Morin, head of Facebook's platform team. - Robert Scoble
Kim: I did one of the first interviews with the FriendFeed and Facebook teams after the sale was announced (within the first hour) and even then you could tell that Facebook had no plans for FriendFeed's technology and mostly wanted the team. The fact that Gary Burd (who ran the Google Talk team and is VERY influential in Seattle technology) has already left speaks VOLUMES to what is going on behind the scenes. Guys like Gary don't leave if they are having fun and making a huge impact. - Robert Scoble
That's a stupid call he made for himself - LANjackal from IM
My experience on FF does not hinge on Robert. The community of thinkers and feelers will find a way to interact, here or somewhere else. By the way, some of us are left out of the loop 99% of the time when it comes to knowing what's next. Welcome to the club. - Aron Michalski from BuddyFeed
Matthew: you aren't the only one to notice this or tell me the same thing. Many won't point it out in public, either, because they just don't want to piss off those who are still here. Me? Being public with what I'm hearing, experiencing, deciding, etc is the way I deal with life and the conversations with others tend to either confirm the direction I'm aiming in, or they pull me back from the brink. So far not much has changed my opinion, and, in fact, has augmented it. - Robert Scoble
Aron: Twitter is about to turn on lists. That's one feature FriendFeed had over it. Within six weeks they will turn on a new retweet feature that looks more like FriendFeed's "likes" than it looks like RTs, so that's another feature. Twitter is working on real time search and I'd expect them to turn on a much better search within six months. So, what's left? Comments. Those are added on... more... - Robert Scoble
I still get a lot of activity on my posts but it's not what it used to be. The big thing I've noticed is a rarely get new subscriptions yet I'm still quite active here. Going from getting several or more a day to one or so a week is a big indicator to me of FriendFeed's decline. - Akiva
It's time to open source FF. Start the chant. - Todd Hoff
Brent, you bring up a salient point. For some, the constant movement is what they are really excited about more than the community. This is not to say that these ones don't enjoy the community, they obviously do. But they enjoy the "building" up of it. It's like getting trapped in the "I always want to be falling in love" feeling and never, as you bring out, get to and enjoy the natural leveling off. Some do enjoy that part. And there may be enough of them to keep this version of FF going. - Melanie Reed
There's a problem with stasis, though. For one, it almost always leads to entropy and, for two, it means that there isn't an influx of new blood. It's the same people doing the same things having the same conversations. It decreases how dynamic the experience is. It becomes stale. - Akiva
I'm not saying that FriendFeed's hit that stage yet but it most likely will. I'm still having a great time here but it's not nearly as exciting as it used to be and, no, that's just because the honeymoon period's worn off. - Akiva
Akiva, I respectfully disagree. It's like exploring a new path in an old garden. This is the place most people are either afraid to traverse or have not developed the discipline to want to go there. There are always new things yet to be discovered in the same relationship. We just get "ants in our pants" not wanting to sit still long enough to discover it. ;) - Melanie Reed
Melanie, oh yeah? Well, you're WRONG! In all seriousness, I think it's two sides of the same coin. And I want both. It's why I hang out both on Twitter and FriendFeed. I get different (but good!) experiences out of both. - Akiva
Matt - Yup, I've experienced the same thing as I have over 2,500 FF followers and now see a very low user engagement; whereas, in the past, I could get a ton of likes / comments on any topic. Now I see only crickets!! FF is dying. - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Akiva, Its more about learning to "exult in monotony". ;) - Melanie Reed
Hah. Sorry, Melanie, but when it comes to social networking, I'm definitely polyamorous. - Akiva
Akiva, I've just come to appreciate the wisdom of Solomon: that there is "nothing new under the sun". lol Or as Shania Twain would say: "That don't impress me much." - Melanie Reed
It is the weekend and some people sleep :) At least that's how I'm looking at it ..for now.. plus I'm begging: Friendfeed please don't go away.. - (via - Chris Myles
sorry 2 say that Scoble friendfeed is slowing down 2 :( - polou/indigo_bow
Not dead yet. Thank goodness. - Aron Michalski
The truth is we know nothing more than a few weeks after the sale when the team commented that they will keep it going as long as they could. We all knew development would stop. We all knew it would run on auto-pilot. No one here seriously expects FriendFeed to continue forever but a lot of us aren't pulling the plug and walking out the door. Interaction is down, to be expected, and I'm... more... - Johnny
Agree Johnny.. - Chris Myles
Here we go again... - BLOGBloke
Regardless of the Friendfeed team's lack of comments, the volume on some threads like this does prove to me that life still exists on FF. I will agree that the volume is lighter but nothing has officially shown me that Friendfeed is dead, only bogus news articles trying to create news... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Look at FriendFeed. Look at Facebook. Which one needs improvement? Of course the team isn't working on FriendFeed now. But they're still using it, and would be upset if Facebook killed it. Facebook values them. They won't kill FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
strictly speaking, since the time of the sale facefeed staff have added new features posted news about technology development and responded to user support - Mike Chelen
Mathew: I use Tweetie on iPhone for almost all Twitter tasks. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You also started it at 3am in the morning on Sunday - kind of a bad time to get their attention, don't you think? - Jesse Stay
Social Media Epertistes are vampires, they'd shrivel up and die otherwise after a night full of exsanguination orrrrrrrrr we could just fwd. this to the Feedback Room [done] - sofarsoShawn
Great, so its over? I wonder how many times the community is going to be willing to put themselves into something like this before we realise that all this stuff needs to move over to an open platform. I have a few great great communities die because of financially/politically motivated owners. shitty. - Jason Strachan
Which reminds me: Anybody know how the OpenFF project's going? - Dennis Jernberg
We had this discussion about the future of Friendfeed back when the buyout was first confirmed. We assume it's treading water, and maybe some day we'll be surprised by an update. - Vezquex
Shawn, well done - Jesse Stay
Vezquex, yeah - how many more times do you predict this will come up again? FriendFeed just gave an excuse for people to say something's dead. I predict this will happen many more times until it is actually dead or they start really vamping it up again. No one in this thread has the authority to know that. - Jesse Stay
Let's stop comparing elephants to fleas. Even if having 10 PR people allowed Facebook to be the "most engaged" new company, adjusted against the number of inquiries originating from members, 10 people cannot support that volume. With 250 million (or how ever many more) members, the right level of PR staffing would have to be closer to 250 (one PR person per 1 million members) to get... more... - Rich Reader
Wow, I hadn't realized Bwana had completely left. Did he blog about it? - Laura Norvig
I'm not sure if he blogged about it, Laura, but he certainly did talk about it...I'm surprised that he made his feed go dark as abruptly as he did. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Laura, Alex, yeah that abruptness took me by surprise too. My iphone shed a pixelated tear. - Micah
Start using Hide, Cjay - Scoble, Alex Scoble
All Hail FriendFeed. FriendFeed is dead. Long Live FriendFeed. I like it better than wave, twitter, fb. If anything the signal to noise ratio has improved. - Robert Higgins
Paul's Response on Read Write - Robert Higgins
You guys do know that Paul did post about this,right ?? Rendering Roberts shock a moot point. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Paul Buchheit speaks up! - Susan Beebe
Every time I see this, I keep thinking that "damning" is entirely too strong of a word... - Rahsheen
The walrus replied - Steve Gillmor from iPhone
Roberto (and the walrus): oh, really? Did you READ what Paul wrote? How does that differ from anything I've said? - Robert Scoble
Robert, you said FriendFeed is dead and Paul said it isn't. Keep in mind you're using said "dead" site to respond. - Allred
Twitter is undernourished FF is chronically ill. FB is fat with clogged arteries and 10% of its users have disabled accounts including me. - Darrell Hudson
Steve Gillmor
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
This is epic! - Deniz Eda Goze from iPhone
En son karar değiştirip yukarıdan kurtarması inanılacak şey değil. - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Kriz anında karar verebilmek diyelim mi buna? Hem de kralı! - Ömer Ekinci
evlat psikolojisi her daim geçerli... - zeynep
Wow! - Kol Tregaskes
wow diyorum!! şövalye ruhu diye buna derim ben =) - utkan alp
This is th coolest...great problem solving... - Robyn Hawk
Love this video but it makes me a bit sad - the dog that saves him seems a bit freaked out - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Anladık kurtardın da ne diye taa oraya sürüklüyorsun ki hayvanı :) - Yasemin
İşte köpekleri -çoğu- insandan çok sevme sebebim. Çoğu insana kızdığımızda "köpek" deriz ama emin olalım ki çoğu insan köpek kadar fedakar, gururlu, sadık olamaz. Benim köpeğime araba çarptı ve öldü, oradan biliyorum. - ayarı bozuk herif
peki hayvanlara yapılan bu eziyeti izleyerek gülmek sizce ne kadar etik?? - meral bozucu
kısaca hayvanlara "hayvanlık" yapılıyor. - ayarı bozuk herif
lütfen bunu kaldırın burdan... - meral bozucu
ben hayvanlara "hayvanlık" yapılıyor lafımı buradaki mini-görüntü için söylemedim, yanlış anlaşılmasın. hayvanlara işkence yapanlaraydı tamamen sitemim. hayvan savunucusu falan değilimdir ama tabii ki kimse işkence görülmesini istemez. :) - ayarı bozuk herif
Meral hanım: Gizle dersiniz olur biter. - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Ben ortada bir eziyet göremedim. Bildiğim kadarıyla pek çok köpek iyi yüzücüdür ve o yavrunun da hemen öyle 1dk'da boğulmayacağından eminim. Zaten yavru eğer batmaya başlarsa eminim ki o köpeğin sahibi elindeki video kamerayı bırakıp gidip hayvancağızı kurtarır. - kadirhan
gizlemekle sorun çözülemez Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu ortada bir sorun varsa bu sorun tartışılmaldır. kadirhan, boğulabilirdi! - meral bozucu
köpekler doğuştan yüzücüdür diye biliyorum. yeni doğmuş bir köpeğe orası derindir ama kurtarılan köpek en az 3-4 aylık var gibi. - ayarı bozuk herif
Yapmayın Allah aşkına ya... - kadirhan
bakın burda o köpeğin yüzme bilip bilmediğini tartışmıyorum. son derece güç durumda bir hayvanın sizin geyiğinize malzeme olmaması gerektiğine inanıyorum. ve bu videonun buradan kaldırılmasını talep ediyorum. siz hala 3ün 5in hesabındasınız! - meral bozucu
Kaldırırsak nasıl tartışılır üzerinde ki? Bu gif (video) sizde ayrı etki yaratmakta ve başkalarında farklı. Bu konuyla alakalı doktor House'ın süper teşhisleri vardır. - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
That dog DOES seem frantic. They were probably two blocks away when he finally stopped dragging the little one. - MiniMage
Oyh meral troll çıktı, hemen bloklana! - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Aline Ohannessian
Om Malik
Myth: Entrepreneurship Will Make You Rich from @gigaom
Robert Scoble
Thank you to my 50,002 followers. Look through my followers here and compare to my Twitter followers and what do you notice? I see fewer spammers. Fewer bots. Fewer social media experts. Thanks for joining me on FriendFeed! It has been an awesome two years!
Down with bots, spammers, and social media gurus! Up with geeks! A big thumbs up on behalf of my fellow FriendFeed fanatics. - Dennis Jernberg
I love geeks and FriendFeed has them in droves. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You're welcome ;-) A question though, where do you think we geeks will congregate next? I'm thinking that since Facebook now owns the Friendfeed devs, FF will eventually starve to death... hopefully not. - Roberto Teixeira
But I notice a lot of users interact on FF via Twitter not directly on FF. Also FF faces tough competition from the likes of Posterous and Tumblr which offer more functionality with similar ease of use as FF. - Roger
Roberto: Not so long ago this very FF post from scobleizer would get something about 300+ likes and 150+ comments. Sadly, FF users are surely looking elsewhere. - Arvind
FF is ok, but its not the be all and end all Robert. - Micky
Arvind: yup. Foursquare! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Friendfeed wins - Ashish
I too think that friendfeed is still a winner... people that left just filtered themselves out of my conversations. They are no longer discoverable here to me. Their loss (imho) - Chris Heath
Your welcome :). Friendfeed really really is awesome - alfred westerveld
Yes Robert and Friendfeed is massively technically superior - Makes it even sadder that the platform here's being ignored by the new owners. - Jim Connolly
2 years? Wow, nice work man! - Loc from iPhone
Robert - I love the community and friends here on FriendFeed. I am so happy I was on FF in early 2008 and got to experience it's wild and wooly growth path. Chatting with you and all these cool geeks is really fun. I've learned TONS from you guys and I truly appreciate the friendship too! :) - Susan Beebe
I agree, way less marketing gurus and spammers =) - Brodie Beta
In my experience, I've been using ff more rather than less since the fb aquisition. I don't see why I would migrate to another community ATM. To me, Friendfeed is king. :) King of social media, that is. - Franc, a rememberer
Me, I'm sticking with FF for the foreseeable future. I'm even going to do my part to promote it, at least to my (right now) 1K+ Twitter followers. - Dennis Jernberg
Friend Feed is the Future Robert and you just may be our Faithfull leader! :) - Warren Daly
Word. - Gary
Thank you, Robert. I have learned quite a bit from you-and you have created/moderated some tremendous discussions/issues. Best wishes to you and your family. - Harold Cabezas
I'm still here. I tried doing the Google Reader thing. While it's a great reader, I think it SUCKS as a social platform. I still use it, but I don't expect as much out of it as I used to. FriendFeed and posterous are what I like best for what I do. Facebook is getting a little chaotic for me. I've made lists, but I think I need to start pruning... LONG LIVE FRIENDFEED! - Kimber Scott
U do like normal folks like us, who does have a life, like having hobbies such as movies, taking pictures, making jokes and listening 2 old radio jokes on the Internet lol...and wondering why spell check doesn't work somedays - polou/indigo_bow
Has it really been 2 years? OMG that was fast. - Elliott Ng
Steve Gillmor
Cool but who needs/wants video - Once it shows up as audio (bootleged) I'm sure I'll enjoy it :-) - PXLated
just a matter of resources. Most are happy with the video (tip: contains audio) - Steve Gillmor
YouTube video ain't much good to the working shlub who wants to listen on the commute home. I find Steve's audience hostility to be endearingly punk of him. "Office died for somebody's sins, but not mine!" - Dave Slusher
the working shlub as you put it Dave can load the mp4 file on his ipod or iphone just fine. Hostility not present. - Steve Gillmor
Steve thank you for doing the GG and I like YouTube just fine, thank you. Got RSS audio feed too - Susan Beebe
I've never owned a player that would play an mp4. I was hoping you'd like the Patti Smith joke. Swing and a miss! - Dave Slusher
Yes Steve, video includes audio and a gazillion more bits than I need to download :-) - PXLated
Steve - Do love the shows once I get them - Always have. - PXLated
Patti Smith FTW. PX you're welcome. thx for listening or whatever it is you do. - Steve Gillmor
thx Susan, and thx to the bootleggers who feed the mp3s - Steve Gillmor
You're welcome Steve! I'm downloading now and the MP3 will be up soon at - Jack
Since the return of GG I have not listened (seen)a single episode as when I have the time I don't have the bandwidth and vice versa. I know I live in a cultural backwater and use ancient one year old technology and that it's my fault but I miss the show. - Aron Michalski from fftogo
aron see comment above - Steve Gillmor
Steve - you're welcome! :) - Susan Beebe
Re: "just a matter of resources" - with Quicktime Pro, you can just "extract audio". Saves all of us downloading unnecessary video. (Thanks to whoever is doing the bootlegs). Also, it's nice to be able to "subscribe" and have new shows just show up. - Darius Dunlap
Thanks Steve. Seem to be a day late and a dollar short around here... - Aron Michalski from fftogo
Jack is the kind soul doing the bootlegging - i think - Susan Beebe
Yes I am. It's a non trivial process; 45 minutes to download from Youtube, several minutes to re-encode and add ID3 tags then 20 minutes to upload to - Jack
Hi guys, how have you all been? Have to hand it to Steve that he can get all the old gang members in a tizzy that (surprise) he's holding the reins. - Bruce Lerner
MP3 of this show: The RSS feed will update itself soon - Jack
Yeah, thanks Jack. I really appreciate your doing this. - Ken Morley
Darius after months of transition we are now producing a video show. The show is a different thing than previous versions, and will continue to change as warranted. It may be unnecessary video for you but it takes a lot of energy and resources for us, as well as from our sponsors and partners who like us are investing in the new realtime network. I'm trying to engineer an RSS feed of... more... - Steve Gillmor
In the end, if you wanted to go to the trouble (or some fan could do it), you might have to mash up with another service, like, that has more investment in episodic content to produce a feed with enclosures. Maybe check with Calacanis's guy. They seem to do a dual upload to Blip for TWIS and the Pollack show so they can use the more robust elements in the blip namespaces. - Amyloo
For what it's worth I like the new video format. In my opinion it's easier to follow who's saying what. I hook my MacBook up to my HDTV and the YouTube video starts playing within a minute via DSL/local Wifi net. - scott anderson
Sounds like a great setup Scott - Steve Gillmor from iPhone
At this rate, you'll be moving into America's bedrooms by Christmas. - Matt Terenzio
Steve, not a big deal, but what's the relationship between "the new realtime network" and doing GG in video (as opposed to audio)? Is video more "realtime" than audio? - Andrew Jaffe
Hey Steve, I thought after the Dylan news, the Gillmor Gang Christmas Album had been put on hold... - Cliff Gerrish
Andrew I see this new realtime network as something different and fascinating. More than audio, not how I see it. Different. - Steve Gillmor
Check out the YouTube embed on this page: publisher-side blindfold - Amyloo
Ok, I tried another angle, though resource heavy and space consuming to time align for the mobile hobo... I opened the YouTube page in Firefox with a Greasemonkey script installed and downloaded the file as a .flv, used Visual Hub to convert it to a M4v and then put it on my iPod Touch. By adding time to Realtime, I was able to enjoy the discussion in the cardboard box of my choice,... more... - Aron Michalski from BuddyFeed
seems like there's a song lyric about that... - Karoli
dave mcclure
"Where Will Silicon Valley Get Its Workforce For The Turnaround?" #startupvisa (via @clarencechiang)
"...the average age for a U.S.-born technology entrepreneur to start a company is 39, which sits squarely in Gen X. This generation has already become the primary engine for Silicon Valley. Second, this generation has the best academic training and international experience in American history. They may be small in their weight class, but Gen X packs a hefty punch overall. The challenge will be for the Bay Area to retain this population group, as their family and career needs shift." - scott anderson
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