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“Something other than nothing”– Thoughts on Charles Forsman’s The End of the Fucking World -
@Newsarama– Satellite Sam #1 and Elephantmen #50 -
“Gramps says we’re only as sick as our secrets”- The Private Eye #3 -
“… but maybe we’d be forgotten.” – Saga Volume 2 -
The Superman we deserve?- Thoughts on Man of Steel -
“Look closer at the world, War.”- East of West #3 -
“Someone pushes a button and blows up the sun.” Looking back at Cerebus #112/113 -
“That was nice, all things considered.”– review of All New X-Men #12 -
Everybody wants to be Captain America– thoughts on Gilbert Hernandez’s Marble Season -
Rebuild all your ruins– thoughts on Helheim #2 by Bunn and Jones -
You probably wouldn’t remember- Mind MGMT Volume 1: The Manager -
Parents just don’t understand– Jupiter’s Legacy #1 -
A Day In The Life– thoughts on Gilbert Hernandez’s Julio’s Day -
Wolverine can suck it– thoughts on All New X-Men #10 -
The Funny Pages- Corpse On The Imjin and Other Stories by Harvey Kurtzman -
The name is Solo. Ania Solo – thoughts on Star Wars Legacy: Prisoner of the Floating Planet #1 -
The Funny Pages– Dave Sim’s Church and State Volume 1 -
Watching for lies– thoughts on The Private Eye by Vaughan & Martin -
Art Appreciation– Eduardo Risso’s SPACEMAN -
@ Newsarama– Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 -
Evolution or Revolution– thoughts on Uncanny X-Men #1 -
I’m in need of some restraint– thoughts on Robert Zemekis’ Flight (2012) -
The House Looks Like a Rummage Sale– thoughts on Fury: My War Gone By Volume 1 -
And I stop and I turn and I go for a ride – a review of Fatale Book Two: The Devil’s Business -
When will Sylvester Stallone stop?– a review of Matz and Wilson’s A BULLET TO THE HEAD -
I know I’ll adore you ‘til eternity- a review of Young Avengers #1 -
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