hey! just received my invite to Google Wave! I expect this event to play havoc on my productivity over the next few days...
@kevin_l_burns or live in CA or someplace where it rarely rains...
@kevin_l_burns you have a couple options: work from home or move closer. :)
@setlinger I use FF & Chrome mostly, but needed IE to test stuff. @tsupples helped me figure out removal of add-ons to fix - much faster now
@azb24 already do, I use both FF and Chrome daily. But need IE to troubleshoot now and then. But thx for playing ;)
@tsupples thx Tim, that was it. Don't use IE very often, so it still had a lot of default add-ons enabled. All better
Anyone know why IE takes forever to connect to about:blank on opening a new tab? Or better yet, how to make it stop?
Guessing I'm one of a very few who are really enjoying the rain in the SF bay today.
@azb24 and then the first person I saw outside the office front door today was you. geez ;)
@Mickipedia at a guess, it depends on distance, magnitude, etc.
@JanetJoz Glad you found the @lithosphere community helpful!
Guest Post: Gartner Reflections – 1 Week (or so) Later by Dan Ziman - http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5...
boy, September went by fast - but still can't wait until it's over. very busy.
@wizll bet it fits in japanese wallets ;)
@Agotthelf @lenovosocial, @jloyless, @stevie_glas, @tsupples Congratulations to the http://forums.lenovo.com team on their 50,000th member!
Guest Post: Greetings from the Gartner CRM Summit by Dan Ziman - http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5...
@daddymention congrats to niners! see you next wk! sry @kevin_l_burns
@daddymention sry, surprised. rooting for 9ers in this game. But weird stat - both AZ & SF have 2x as many penalty yds as rushing.
@daddymention uhm, what's up with 16 rushing yards for 49rs? low scoring game should have more yds than that
@daddymention now i can root for the 9ers to hold off Arizona. Stay strong! ;)
@daddymention wish i was there, man. wish i was there. 28-0. it's the rams, but still nice at Qwest stadium today. Go Seahawks!
#nfl fail on punishing remote fans by blocking streams. wise up, how can letting more fans see their teams be bad? more fans=more sales
@Britopian depends what you mean by messaging. If it's 'canned corporate-speak', not much. If it's a clear and consistent focus, a lot.
rt @techcrunch Yeah Ok, So Facebook Punk’d Us http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... | just awesome
@mikeboysen true, but that's the part that makes it transformational, not just business as usual. #scrm
@mikeboysen true, but it's the part that makes it transformational, not just business as usual.
@davekim yep, we've seemed to meet with some frequency! Call it tactical preparation. Looking forward to it!
rt @TriSynergyLLC @drnatalie [software sales tricks] best integration tool ever? Powerpoint. | worst of them all. thx for calling that one
@mikeboysen post misses point i think, #scrm not channel to connect companies to customers, but cust. to cust. to solve biz problems
Video of the webcast on #CustomerService ROI is now up - watch it (http://event.on24.com/eventRe...) and discuss it here (http://bit.ly/SFt64) #scrm
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