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Re: Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #218 -
"Any recommendation for a Scrivener alternative for folks who don't use a Mac OS?" - Scott Monty
Re: Langham Hotel Incorrectly Claims to Be Sherlock Holmes' Birthplace -
"We won't belabor our elementary point. We're glad to have enthusiasts of all stripes here with us." - Scott Monty
Re: Langham Hotel Incorrectly Claims to Be Sherlock Holmes' Birthplace -
"Only one out of the 14 Rathbone/Bruce movies concerned the Nazis and therefore supported the war effort. Outside of Adventures and Hound, the rest were pastiches that were set in modern day London and therefore we're not Canonically correct. Bruce's Watson was a caricature that did more long-term damage to Watson than it helped. I wouldn't go putting all of your Sherlockian eggs in one basket. Sherlock Holmes is many things to many people. The fact that he continues to be relevant and evolves for every generation is something that can't be ignored. I'm sorry that certain of today's Sherlocks and Watsons don't meet with your personal approval, but that doesn't mean others can't get satisfaction from them. And remember, it was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself who said, "You may marry him, murder him, or do whatever you like with him."" - Scott Monty
Re: Langham Hotel Incorrectly Claims to Be Sherlock Holmes' Birthplace -
"Really? Because Sherlock Holmes fighting the Nazis and Watson as a bumbling doofus were so spot-on?" - Scott Monty
Re: I Ate Taco Bell's Entire New Dollar Menu in One Sitting, and Here's What I Learned -
"Putting the freak in AdFreak since 2009. Go, Dave!" - Scott Monty
Back to school share: The History of the Trapper Keeper
RT @nytimesbusiness: You’re the Boss Blog: Why I Do All My Recruiting Through LinkedIn
RT @RBinhammer: Over the centuries and now the web. Visuals = stories, accounting and values of being
RT @MelBrooks: New post on my website today- "Springtime For Hitler" as you have most likely never ever heard it before...
Time Inc. Rates Writers on How "Beneficial" They Are to Advertisers /via @gawker
Holy crap! @mmalkoff had Carl Reiner on the Carson Podcast and now he has Mel Brooks! Subscribe now!
RT @johngerzema: Inside the sharing economy, workers find flexibility -- and 19-hour days
The latest #CMWorld content marketing ebook: Visual Storytelling Paging @savvybostonian @ekaterinawalter
.@MackCollier Thanks Mack! Time to go record another episode of @IHearofSherlock. #blogchat
.@KerryGorgone @patricksplace Actually, I'm thinking of the major metros, where the commutes are longer. #blogchat
.@KerryGorgone @patricksplace Or 52 minutes, if you want to get them on the way home too. ;-) #blogchat
.@JoeBugBuster @gingerconsult We're like Car Talk for Sherlock Holmes fans. They tend to like it. :) #blogchat
.@MackCollier Sherlock Holmes would not have made a good blogger. Watson would have. #blogchat
.@gingerconsult We started ours at 30 minutes, but now they consistently run at 1 hour 15 minutes. Because we talk that much. #blogchat
.@gingerconsult The ideal podcast length: as long as the content dictates it should be. #blogchat
.@JoeBugBuster Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. The recent court cases with the Conan Doyle Estate have. #blogchat
.@MikeHale Find out who shares those interests and talk with them. See if it ignites something together! #blogchat
.@MackCollier I find that passion drives the launch, then it fades a bit. Use that passion to squirrel away content for later. #blogchat
RT @MackCollier: .@wordwhacker @ScottMonty HOWEVER important to note Scott has one of those amazing 'radio' voices makes podcasts sound much better #blogchat
.@MackCollier First steps: figure out what you want to cover, select a name for the site, purchase the URL, get content prepped #blogchat
.@MarthaGiffen The most important thing about podcasting: find your frequency & commit to it. Consistency counts! #blogchat
.@audaciouslady Easy. Just don't publish their work - that gets their attention. :) #blogchat
.@wordwhacker I'd say I owe it to our readers. #blogchat
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