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Re: Rest in Peace Roxie (2002 – 2014) -
"I know how hard this has hit the whole family, C.C. Roxie was very much part of the family. Your heartfelt piece reminded me of when Jimmy Stewart paid tribute to his dog Beau and reduced Johnny Carson to tears in the process." - Scott Monty
Re: Why Don't All Hotels Provide Free Wi-Fi? -
"That Marriott fine was actually $600,000, not $60,000." - Scott Monty
Re: As Computer Hackers Dissect Cars, Automakers React -
"If you're only going 60 mph on the highway, odds are you're more likely to be rear-ended or forced off the road by modern drivers." - Scott Monty
Re: T-Mobile Brings On Shift And Porter Novelli To Work Alongside WagEd -
"Or SHIFT. :-)" - Scott Monty
Re: Is Real Time Marketing Actually Worth The Time? Finally An Answer -
"It's a start, but remember KPIs are indicators, not the end goal itself. RTs are directional at best. I'm sure KitKat wants to do more than just let people know it exists." - Scott Monty
Re: Not Even Kim Kardashian Can Save Blackberry -
"And...BOOM Blackberry courts CIOs with focus on security via the Wall Street Journal" - Scott Monty
RT @zachburrus: Asked the @SHIFTcomm crew what sites they read to stay so smart. From Bloomberg to BuzzFeed, it's 1 helluva list: #PR
RT @armano: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (hysterical!)
RT @armano: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (hysterical!)
RT @cspenn: #the5: Remember to stop and take the long view in marketing analytics:
RT @jaybaer: Just launched! 1st search engine for marketing #podcasts. Discover audio greatness at
Meet Shingy - the Phyllis Diller or Beetlejuice of digital media
“Permit me to suggest that you dress neatly and cleanly. A young person who dresses well usually behaves well."
Bookmarking is a talent? RT @Recode: What Is a Pinfluencer? Well, They Now Have Talent Agents. by @NellieBowles
RT @CNN: Some people get #VeteransDay and #MemorialDay confused. Don't embarrass yourself:
Re: Is Real Time Marketing Actually Worth The Time? Finally An Answer -
"While it's great that you assessed the number of retweets and favorites, how does that affect a brand's business goals? What I'm failing to see is how they tie this back to the broader objectives. Because in my experience, reporting the number of retweet to your executive team is completely meaningless." - Scott Monty
RT @sesamestreet: In Martian-speak, “Yip yip yip” still means “yip yip yp.” #45SesameFacts
RT @Recode: This Verbal Confrontation Shows Why Walmart Will Never Accept Apple Pay (Video) by @DelRey
RT @rdublife: Outside Voices: Beware The End of Advertising? - CMO Today - WSJ via @WSJ @joemarchese
RT @WSJbreakingnews: General Motors ordered replacement ignition switches for cars before it alerted regulators to problem
The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare via @rollingstone
Check out this antique!
RT @ESQStyle: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal
This Week in Digital - November 7, 2014 -
This Week in Digital - November 7, 2014
More shakeups at my old stomping grounds: Ford Announces Senior Leadership Team Changes
RT @AMA_Marketing: Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From
RT @billy_baker: Try doing that with a blog.
Only 53 million emails?
RT @SHIFTcomm: Thanks! RT @BI_Advertising: @ScottMonty Congrats! You're 1 our '30 best people in advertising to follow on Twitter'.
Here's a good one from @SHIFTcomm's @jj_samp: Want to get better at writing? Start writing!
RT @kristen_grant: When it comes to data, is it time to start thinking small? The Rising Importance of Small Data by @bobpearson1845
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