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The great thing about #gencant2014 is that it never has to end. Until #gencant2015!
If your game has someone rolling a die and moving to dictate a turn, ask: Could the player make an interesting decision instead?
For my #GenCant2014 game night, we played Zombie 15, Red, Impulse, and One Night Werewolf. I don't think I'm aggressive enough for Impluse.
I got this awesome selfie with Scott from Board Games with Scott at #gencant2014 #gencantcontest
Ideas for a new heavier economic game set in a real time and marketplace are a-brewing with a friend. Why do I like these things so much?
RT @NakedMeeple: Retweet if you're NOT going to #Gencon2014! Going to build a list of all our commiseraters for #GenCant2014.
At the start of my #gamification class, the students make the syllabus on day 1, as the syllabus is a gamification layer on a class.
Just finished my regular 5k. People who say running is boring need to carry 250 pounds. It's like live-action QWOP
Been playing Divinity: Original Sin. I'm reminded of my Pool of Radiance days, but with more story.
I was a guest on The Brainwaves video series encouraging teachers to use tabletop game jams in their classrooms:
I was the guest on the recent episode of the Who? What? Why? game design podcast -
I don't think about making games FOR the world; I think about making games WITH the world.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentations at the #gie14 Games in Education conference, especially being it was free!
I don't recommend many kickstarters, but I've playtested "But Wait, There's More". It is a great party game.
Teachers are now creating their own version of Awesome Time in my Tabletop Game Jam conference #gie14
At Games in Education conference. First speaker mentions it's a "tech conference". Games and Tech are not synonymous! #gie14
RT @425suzanne: Iain's (@OpentheBoxGames) segment is the best yet this morning featuring @snicholson's uncrushable plastic cups!
RT @425suzanne: Iain's (@OpentheBoxGames) segment is the best yet this morning featuring @snicholson's uncrushable plastic cups!
RT @PaulDarvasi: New role for schools: game designer in residence. #gbl #edtech #Vision
I'm doing some decluttering. I have a stack of old Knucklebones, Spielbox, Games mags, not great condition. Yours for the cost of postage.
You know, if your ear hears "crapfest" instead of "crabfest", it makes those Red Lobster commercials pretty funny. See Food Differently!
RT @AnaSalter: If you're thinking of joining us for games & learning at #NASAGA 2014, early bird registration ends August 1st!
7-hour 1860 game = brain hurtzzzz.. ow.
I didn't have shallots, so I used bacon. I figure bacon is a wildcard, so I can use it to substitute for anything.
So, no stickering and no 1862 for me this weekend. The dummies printed the stickers on the wrong side!
The 1862 sticker sheet isn't punched enough to peel the stickers. Geez Louise. The ghost of JKLM still haunts me.
Getting 1862 ready to play. The part I hate the most: stickering.
Conversely, if you are talking about "digital games" and what you say can apply to all games, then just say "games".
If you are talking about "games" and you only mean "digital games" then say "digital games."
Here's what happens when the videographer gets too close to my Come Out and Play game, PREY:
I hate cooking. When I cook, I swear by The Best Recipe series. The food is almost always fantastic and the recipes well written.
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