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Quite a few of my students are citing the work of some fellow named (CITE) in their papers. He/She/Xie must be quite the author!
If you enjoy 2048 but haven't heard of Threes, take a minute to read this: Depressing state of affairs re: cloning
RT @remakelearning: Games are more than just entertainment. The @G4C fest aims to show their social impact:
Whenever I grade, I start with the papers that I think will take the most effort to grade throroughly, so that I burn out on the good ones.
One Week until Disney! Need to get over this cold so I can run in the Expedition Everest 5K adventure run.
My students are presenting their meaningful gamification systems and transformative games, and they are awesome. I am a proud papa.
.@ImBoardWithLife Camels have had a long history in the hearts of boardgamers:
RT @BGGgirl: Scott Nicholson @snicholson gives Erin Yeagley a sparkly meeple at #gof2014
RT @BGGgirl: I am going through #gof2014 withdrawal. But my @snicholson meeple is still sparkly, so that makes me happy. :-)
Simplify, simplify. Think about the game experience for families, not for Gamers. #BoardGameHour
(and that was very much a focus with GGG; thinking about something that could win SdJ) #BoardGameHour
Best way to make a living from recreational boardgame design is to create a SdJ winner. #BoardGameHour
Military, corporations, PR, marketing, educational games, many ways to make $$ from game design outside of our niche market #BoardGameHour
If you extend your BG design to designing training games, it's much easier to do FT game design #BoardGameHour
I teach a Designing Serious Games class, as there is a better full time career path in games designed to teach than rec BGs #BoardGameHour
I see a great design challenge as making a game that people want to play a second time in today's one-and-done mindset. #BoardGameHour
Punishment is the lack of rewards. Rewards are a lack of punishment. #BoardGameHour
It took me 4 years to get Going, Going, GONE! to the simple finalized state. Lots of chopping. #BoardGameHour
Even once it's published, it's still not "done" in the designer's mind. You keep thinking of things you could have done. #BoardGameHour
From doing my BGWS videos with designers, the average design time was 4 years with a huge variability #BoardGameHour
I think you need to define "done". #BoardGameHour
If your goal in making a game is to sell the design to a publisher, then you need to think of an audience. #BoardGameHour
If your goal in doing a game is to make a game you want to play, then you are the audience. #BoardGameHour
Con crud from #gof2014: check. Kleenexes: check. Will try to remain vertical. #BoardGameHour
I'm looking for a new camera that can do good still shots + can work occasionally as a video camera (w/ mic in jack). Suggestions?
RT @BGGgirl: Carlyn with a @snicholson meeple tree at #gof2014
RT @BGGgirl: Fun to watch @snicholson in action at his #gof2014 face painting booth:
RT @BGGgirl: Scott Nicholson @snicholson applying sparkly meeples at #gof2014 this past wknd
I did some Face Painting at the #gof2014. I really liked this impromptu Tichu Dragon. More at
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