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A1. The nice thing about an analog game jam to generate ideas is that can be done in 90 min, is cheap, and can involve all. #EdTechBridge
Check your nearby public libraries. Nov. 15 is Intl Games Day @ Your Library. to see who's nearby! #EdTechBridge
Scott Nicholson/ Syracuse University Sch. of Inf. Studies/Game Prof & Tabletop designer / Animal: Fozzie Bear! #EdTechBridge
RT @inboxbygmail: 8 minutes to go in #InboxHappyHour. Send us an email at for your invite. If you had trouble earlier, please try again.
I'm channelling @BernieDeKoven developing physical games for leader development for a local non-English speaking Karen refugee population
RT @TomNullpointer: Academic writing makes me feel like I'm trying to explain games to someone while pretending to be a character from a Jane Austen novel
.@msimoens My game design roots come from my decade in live-action roleplaying, where I enjoyed seeing my stories come to life. #11126x
If you are in MIT's #11126x Game Design MOOC, you'll see me as a guest lecturer this week.. ask me questions here!
If you've been waiting for a sale on Gauntlet on Steam, it's the daily deal today - $13 for 1, or $40 for a 4-pack.
Video overview of the Final Syllabus for IST 500: Motivation through Games and Play -
Video overview of the Final Syllabus for IST 500: Motivation through Games and Play
Conceptual Model from my Everyone Plays... book -
Prototype of Faking It! for Android -
First Junior Game Designers' Guild - Oct. 5 -
Next Game Designers' Guild meeting: Oct. 31st -
Information Space blog about BPM -
Next GDG meeting: Sept. 12 -
The great thing about #gencant2014 is that it never has to end. Until #gencant2015!
If your game has someone rolling a die and moving to dictate a turn, ask: Could the player make an interesting decision instead?
For my #GenCant2014 game night, we played Zombie 15, Red, Impulse, and One Night Werewolf. I don't think I'm aggressive enough for Impluse.
I got this awesome selfie with Scott from Board Games with Scott at #gencant2014 #gencantcontest
Ideas for a new heavier economic game set in a real time and marketplace are a-brewing with a friend. Why do I like these things so much?
RT @NakedMeeple: Retweet if you're NOT going to #Gencon2014! Going to build a list of all our commiseraters for #GenCant2014.
At the start of my #gamification class, the students make the syllabus on day 1, as the syllabus is a gamification layer on a class.
Just finished my regular 5k. People who say running is boring need to carry 250 pounds. It's like live-action QWOP
Been playing Divinity: Original Sin. I'm reminded of my Pool of Radiance days, but with more story.
Game Jams in the Classroom -
I was a guest on The Brainwaves video series encouraging teachers to use tabletop game jams in their classrooms:
I was the guest on the recent episode of the Who? What? Why? game design podcast -
I don't think about making games FOR the world; I think about making games WITH the world.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentations at the #gie14 Games in Education conference, especially being it was free!
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