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TedX Syracuse University will be livecast at 5pm tonight at . I'm going on 5th, so I should be on around 5:30-5:45.
Photo: Rehearsal chaos for the Tedx event tonight
It's ironic to hearing event organizers call talent "Divas" when the staff is demanding that everyone have black-background slides. #toohip
Note to event organizers: Dumping a stream of last-minute changes on your talent makes life difficult for people who don't procrastinate.
Photo: Oh, Google, you are such a prankster.   Google Images suggests “Butt” as a category of images for a...
Tweaking slides for my TEDx talk on Wednesday night! I hear it's going to be livestreamed; if that happens, I'll let you know.
Went running today on a nice day. One of the neighbors who was outside commented that "You are committed - I watched you run all winter."
Just ordered some custom-cut Meeple stencils for doing temporary ink-based and glitter-based tattoos at #gof2014 (lasts 3-5 days).
I've posted a large lot of used face painting stuff to Ebay - time to clean out the kit and focus on the basics!
Photo: Disney does know how to build excitement for an upcoming trip. These Magic Bands will be for the...
Interesting takeaway from @laevantine: The fighting game community was much more about having a good fight to watch than support of a player
Need to give @laevantine advice on how to sell books during a book talk. :)
Watching @laevantine put on his one-man show about fighting game communities at Newhouse, Syracuse University
RT @ShostackPauline: “@runDisney: Share this cover photo if you have accepted the challenge! #EverestChallenge” Yes, we did. @snicholson
Photo: And here is where the victim landed after failing after the game of hangman.
RT @brettspiel: Ditch the jargon! MT @DanielSolis: Gamewright's best idea in repackaging Sushi Go was using the phrase "pick-and-pass" instead of "drafting"
Photo: I guess I’m a headliner…
.@mike_thomsen #Gamification isn't Game-Based Learning. You confuse these two things in your recent article. More at
You know those moments where you realize something you've not known your whole life? Yeah. It's not "Knights in White Satin".
Six months in, and I do not regret replacing my Mac with a gaming PC. Only thing I miss is Garage Band.
Big fan of Spaceteam, and love the idea of this KS: I just backed Spaceteam Admiral's Club on @Kickstarter
Thanks all for your questions. You kept my fingers and brain very busy! #BoardGamersAsk
In my steampunk adventure game, one version had the winner of the game be the Big Bad Guy for the next playthrough. #BoardGamersAsk
But that would certainly not be rated "E for Everyone". #BoardGamersAsk
I am thinking about doing a Kickstarter for the "Board Games with Scott: Under the Kilt" tell-all documentary. #BoardGamersAsk
It may sound awesome to get almost every game that is rolling out. It's not. Really. There's a lot of crap out there. #BoardGamersAsk
Yup, that's the message I got - "We sent you a free game, isn't that enough to get a video?" #BoardGamersAsk
.@Jos_v_Tongeren Once the original game sells out of the print run, then we can look at an expansion. ;) #BoardGamersAsk
I'm especially proud of this: where I talk through the games I've made for the community with locals #BoardGamersAsk
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