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Finished my #gof2014 with a play of one of my favorite games of all time: Castle of Magic!
New to me games from #gof2014 that I enjoyed the most: Caverna (played 3 times), Steam Park, Russian Railroads.
Photo: Steam Park at #gof2014. Enjoying this a lot!
RT @BGGgirl: Thanks to @snicholson for the cool sparkly meeple tattoo! (that's Erin photo-bombing :-)) #gof2014
RT @scd: Er, wait, make that THREE award nominations for @snicholson's Going, Going, GONE! ^@thedicetower
Heading back to the #gof2014. I left games there, and managed to fill my car again for this trip. This won't end well. #hoarder
RT @Horse_iOS: Making a Top Grossing game wasn’t easy. They distilled the game to what players truly care about: buying gems and getting push notifications
If you are around at the @iSchoolSU now until 1:15, come to the (fake) casino in Hinds 120 from game design class
RT @AnaSalter: By the way games and learning profs...#nasaga has scholarships for students and first-timers, send us yours:
.@boardgameduel Transformative games is an umbrella term for games designed to change the players, so educational games are a part of that.
.@JonathanBolding You can start your own event like #gof2014 for your goals. I'm thinking of starting a new boardgame event for educators.
Back home from #gof2014 to teach for a few days.. then heading back over midweek.
RT @CTD: Viva Java game at #gof2014 with @snicholson all it needs is a coffee smell!
Dear eurogame designers, Please take out half of your mechanisms. Think "composed dish" not "stew". Focus on the best parts.
Hey #gof2104 attendees: it's a gorgeous morning. Go out for a walk or run to the falls before sitting down all day!
#thatcampcny Articles and talks on meaningful gamification:
Going to run a PLAY session on Social Deduction games at #thatcampcny: Werewolf, 2 Rooms and a Boom & an unreleased prototype of my own
.@edrabinski Hmm. You saying "Inbox 3" makes me think of Threes, and the idea makes me think of a 3s clone that helps you deal with email.
Let's get this #thatcampcny off and rolling!
I'm growing very weary of Middle Management (i.e. Worker Placement) games. I feel the same way about video games where I manage a group.
Tonight (4/11) at 5:30pm, join us for the Game Designers' Guild at Hinds Hall, 011, in the @iSchoolSU
ok, Animal Crossing, I know it's been a long long time... this won't be good.
Looking forward to my first #thatcamp tomorrow at #thatcampcny!
RT @C_M_Young: Preview of the next Carcassonne expansion.
Photo: Whoo hoo, got my custom Meeple stencils for glitter and ink temp tats at #gof2014. Who wants a...
RT @alyankovic: I know you are, but what am I?? #tbt
Photo: I like this pic that Dean Liddy took with my definition, Tedx, and my Gamification Mushroom
RT @lizliddy: @iSchoolSU Prof Scott Nicholson talking about his Gamification Journey, which is obviou...
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