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The 1862 sticker sheet isn't punched enough to peel the stickers. Geez Louise. The ghost of JKLM still haunts me.
Getting 1862 ready to play. The part I hate the most: stickering.
Conversely, if you are talking about "digital games" and what you say can apply to all games, then just say "games".
If you are talking about "games" and you only mean "digital games" then say "digital games."
Here's what happens when the videographer gets too close to my Come Out and Play game, PREY:
I hate cooking. When I cook, I swear by The Best Recipe series. The food is almost always fantastic and the recipes well written.
Out of three dinners I had in New York City, two of them had surprise fried eggs on the top. FRIED EGGS ARE NOT A GARNISH!
Weird Al's new video, Mission Statement, really hits on what makes my eyes roll with corporate nonsense:
Here's a nice writeup of the Come Out and Play event that I was a part of:
In NYC this weekend? Join me at the free @comeoutandplay festival. I'll be running a new game I made - PREY.
When I hear the "hoo-hoo" in the background of a Vonage commercial, I hear Oaken from Frozen saying "Yoo-Hoo!"
Had a great time showing future librarians games beyond screens for @iSchoolSU #ist511
I'll be doing a workshop on Game Jams in the classroom at the free Games in Education symposium in Troy, NY:
After 7 out of 7 trips ruined on United, I changed to @Delta . I just had my 5th consecutive trip work out well. Very happy.
On 7/19, I'll be representing @iSchoolSU at the Come Out and Play festival in NYC with my new game, PREY.
.@theorycraftgame @UndeadViking I'd much rather play a bad game with good people than a good game with bad people.
RT @PlayPlayLearn: Congrats to Play Play Learn's Brian Mayer @LibraryGamer for 3 Dice Tower awards including best new designer -
Had a great game day yesterday with @UndeadViking and his friends. The games weren't always good, but the game experiences were fun.
We had a much better time with Camp Grizzly!
End review : we quit the game and swept the pieces into the box with no respect
What a waste of an interesting theme.
#boardgamehour Consider having a large open public group, which is useful for identifying subgroups of people for different private groups.
heh.. and a picture my dad took of me taking the selfie at the Nicholson waterfowl area.
Early #boardgamehour post: Set a "game of the month" and ensure that game is played each week. Helps with game teaching & exploring titles.
At the farm where I grew up in Minnesota. My parents gave the land to the state for waterfowl production
At my parents house in Minnesota on a lake. Got a mosquito bit on my face! I forgot how aggressive these state birds are.
Digital "role-playing" games are to tabletop RPGs as online poker is to face-to-face poker. Same mechanisms, different experience.
Gak! Sitting next to a perfume elemental!
Off to Frostbite.. Err.. Fergus Falls, Minnesota to visit my parents!
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