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Early #boardgamehour post: Set a "game of the month" and ensure that game is played each week. Helps with game teaching & exploring titles.
At the farm where I grew up in Minnesota. My parents gave the land to the state for waterfowl production
At my parents house in Minnesota on a lake. Got a mosquito bit on my face! I forgot how aggressive these state birds are.
Digital "role-playing" games are to tabletop RPGs as online poker is to face-to-face poker. Same mechanisms, different experience.
Gak! Sitting next to a perfume elemental!
Off to Frostbite.. Err.. Fergus Falls, Minnesota to visit my parents!
RT @KindFortress: The entire @OnBoardGames episode, featuring Alan Moon and @snicholson was great, esp app implementations of games
Now I've integrated the cards I got from the Las Vegas strip CCG with my DW CCG. All the princesses together!
New book: Rethinking Gamification . My chapter uses MMORPG models for the endgame of #gamification. PDF at
RT @GinaMChen: 10 Syracuse Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
See! It's not that I'm a hippie! Tie dye is alive and well in Syracuse!
Hooray! Made it back to cool Syracuse (after 107 in Las Vegas). Still happy with Delta!
RT @iSchoolSU: ALA attendees learned to game and enjoyed a game jam, led by our Prof @snicholson at #alaac14 | #librarians #LIS
Curse you Steam and your ability to allow me to make last minute purchases via my phone on the Tarmac! #justonemore
15 years ago when I visited Vegas, they were trying to become a family destination. Now they are targeting the club scene, and you can tell.
These poor World Cup soccer players must be so weak; it seems a gust of wind from somebody running nearby knocks them over.
The sticky toffee pudding= "Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow." Worth unbuttoning the top button for.
Ok. So the coffee is a little pretentious.
I'm not finishing my fish and chips (don't tell my mom) so I have room to try Ramsey's Sticky Toffee Pudding.
The future of libraries isn't at #alaac14 - it is in the communities we serve. Libraries must meet unmet needs of their communities.
Ramsey's fish and chips. Good, but not stunning. Ironically, the batter needed salt. Huge pieces of fish.
Course 1 from Ramsey: Scotch Egg. It was, well, stunning. Soft boil on the egg, marmalade, sausage, crunchy.
There is a collectible card game they give away on the LV strip. I wonder if I call the phone number for rule questions. #alaac14
Ok, Gordon, let's see how STUNNING your food is. Going for the Scotch Egg and Fish & Chips.
You can find me today at #alaac14 at the @iSchoolSU table for the alumni reception at 5:30, Sunday, LVH, Ballroom A
I look out on the Mirage hotel, so every hour, the world erupts with pounding drums outside my window
It was fascinating comparing how @pennjillette uses magic with context like I use games with context to convey a message.
And a moment (or two) with Penn and Teller
RT @pennjillette: @snicholson We'll try to be good.
When you get 100+ librarians on a room making games, the excitement and energy is unbelievable! Thanks for being awesome, #alaac14 !
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