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Robert Scoble
How Twitter (and FriendFeed) journalism works (we have an example here with ):
1. Someone posts something. It might be true. It might not be. - Robert Scoble
2. Someone retweets it. Still might not be true. - Robert Scoble
3. Someone else reaffirms it (still waiting on this in this case). - Robert Scoble
4. More people reaffirm it, posting photos, videos, and other things. - Robert Scoble
5. Mainstream media moves into the story and tells us what actually happened and quotes Tweets that can be verified. - Robert Scoble
3b: or someone posts that it isn't true. Or that it didn't happen like first Tweeter said. Or gives us another version. We're waiting on that step now. - Robert Scoble
I'm also checking Google News and other sources plus FriendFeed search and Twitter Search to see if anyone else has seen this event. - Robert Scoble
What is the original URL? For some reason, it's blocked in our network by websense (I mean doesn't open) - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Every minute that ticks by tells me this is a false alarm or not a bad event. After all, if it were really a plane in trouble Twitter would light up like a Christmas tree. - Robert Scoble
Nevermind, I assume its the plane engines on fire issue - Aaman (Clone of FF)
I always start out a bit skeptical anytime I see events like this and look for verification. Lots of pro journalists don't give Twitter credit for doing this. But here we're doing it in real time. - Robert Scoble
This is how we beat CNN to the Chinese Earthquake story by 45 minutes. - Robert Scoble
Aaman: you don't have to assume. I linked to the Tweet I was talking about. - Robert Scoble
I wasn't able to open the link, but the original tweet URL from your other post opened fine - Websense blocked the expansion - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Geer: that link was for a plane on Wednesday. This happened 20 minutes ago. - Robert Scoble
Geer, that was from April, let alone Wednesday and the wrong airport. - Louis Gray
It's an hour later and even the guy who posted the original Tweet admits that probably nothing happened, but that there was flames coming out the right engine. I bet that happens frequently and isn't worth news. Case closed. - Robert Scoble
WoW! - Chuck
You forgot the step where it becomes a trending topic just because so many people are asking "so what happened to #enginesonfire?" not because it's a real news story. - Sean Montgomery from iPhone
And how does this help on important but not urgent topics like, third world hunger, or global warming or obesity epidemic ? I haven't seen some one look at "It warm here for this time of the year" "I am having batter fried bacon" tweets and draw logical conclusions :) - Sriks7
Sriks7: facts alone do not journalism make. But, if 100,000 people all across the globe send in photos of how their neighborhood is being affected by climate change, then those 100,000 people are doing journalism. So is the person who goes through all 100,000 and finds a new pattern. So is the person who prepares that report for publishing by editing the words and fact checking everything. All of that could be done in public (we can argue about whether or not it will be, but that's a different argument). - Robert Scoble
I think Twitter/FF starts to blur the line between journalism & fact collecting. Someone can popst a fact, which spurs other people to read about it, or think about it, and *something* might happen. - Mitchell Tsai
At what point does a "story" develop? Does three-source fact-checking or research come into play? etc... - Mitchell Tsai
Robert, Louis, just checking to see who was observing the detail :) - Geer
Mitchell: I was one of first Americans to tell someone else about the Chinese earthquake. It started developing while the ground was still shaking. Five minutes later the USGS reported it. That really developed it. 45 minutes later the first mainstream news reported it. I guess that's when the pros would say it was developing. - Robert Scoble
This post and the comments are, taken together, one of the best posts on FF I've seen w/r/t journalism and the media. Excellent, Mr. Scoble. - Absentee
Scoble: Agree that they all do, and definitely there is a solid value proposition, but my point is that it is more suited for certain types of news stories (hence limited by it).While it is very easy for Joe Citizen journalists to confirm or deny if a plane is on fire or not, it is much more difficult say how well Cash for clunkers is working or the benefits of cap-n-trade. A... more... - Sriks7
Big news today: "Twitter Down Due to Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)" -
No sh*t?... - Teresa Boze
Yes s*t, I was going out of my mind, I didn't know what was goig on! Haha! - cristina sasu
Tac Anderson
Bands and Brands. Why Indie Rocks! -
WYRD 101
Pirate Bay founder proposes to pay his fine with tiny, expensive-to-receive payments - Boing Boing -
The Internet equivalent of paying your taxes with a wheelbarrow full of pennies. Brilliant. - WYRD 101 from Bookmarklet
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Facebook Shuts Down RSS Feed App :(
Wha?? I gotta read this. brb. - Laura Norvig
Ah, for a minute I thought you were talking about RSSConnect, which we use to bring content *in* to our agency's fan page. - Laura Norvig
This is indeed a bummer, but as Ari pointed out, Facebook has a persistent desire to "protect" (or at least enforce) people's privacy settings, and so far, that includes not letting data with any privacy flags escape the Facebook echosystem. It's unclear to me what the solution is; Twitter on the one hand trusts (or at least defers to the judgement of its users) whereas Facebook makes... more... - Chris Messina from FriendFeed MT Plugin
It's legitimate that they are concerned about other users' privacy - hope they can find a workable solution. - Laura Norvig
Facebook is almost pathological in it's efforts to erode what little trust users have left in them. - Gregg Scott
Facebook is the evil! - Francesco M.
Wow, this got shut down faster that I thought it would. It's a futile battle though for Facebook, they can't catch every app out there that is archiving data. This is probably the reason why they cap how many friends you have, because it mitigates the damage one user can do. - Daniel Sims from FriendFeed MT Plugin
You mean they haven't heard of 'privacy, get over it'? I love facebook, but there censorship police and privacy policies are weird... as are there warnings when you follow a link away from facebook... out into the BIG BAD world. Mark Z! I'm old enough to be your dad - prfft! - DC Crowley from FriendFeed MT Plugin
can someone just post the rss url that they have for themselves so we can see the structure of the link and modify it to our own profile IDs? - Michael Cummings
@michaelcummings if they've blocked the app, it won't work for anyone anymore - Trey Philips
actually, i think this might help. I found out how to grab them I think and posted it to my blog: - Michael Cummings
@michaelcummings: oh, this is about a third-party app that allowed you to export your entire homepage activity stream as an rss feed. you are talking about the official facebook functionality, which is limited to a few separate things. - Trey Philips
Robert Scoble
Noteboek on Vimeo -- coolest video I've seen in a long time. Thanks Jared Spool for sharing this! -
Noteboek on Vimeo -- coolest video I've seen in a long time. Thanks Jared Spool for sharing this!
Really excellent. - Michelle McCormack
White Stripes!! - Michelle McCormack
That is one impressive notebook. Crazy dutch. - Mitch
Amazing! I am envious of this person's creativity. :) - Cheryl Jones
I want one. For real. - phil baumann
If only my notebook started as fast or shutdown as quick! - Shivanand Velmurugan
I like the face scan! :) - dafire
very clever! - Kevin Eklund
Cool! - Tony C
Wow. This one merits a triple-like button. - Eric Johnson
Pamela Weir
13.2 Rockstar Wordpress Plug-ins You May Not Know About from @vegaspenman
Robert Scoble
Why is paper not dead? Answer CEO of Levenger here: -
Why is paper not dead? Answer CEO of Levenger here:
I am talking to Steve Levenger CEO and co-founder of Levenger (his blog is ). He is trying to convince me that paper is not dead. He has some great ideas, but needs more. Leave them here. - Robert Scoble
Not sure what it's like in the US, but here in Australia a lot of government regulations still require paper based records to be kept. Add to that the fact that only a few companies are setup to distribute letters and bills electronically. Also junk mail / paper-based advertising is a big part of the reason paper is still not dead. - Jason Cartwright
Answer: electronic alternatives are not ubiquitous and universally accessible. it's making great strides, but not quite there. Also, universal wireless has something to do with it as well. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Index cards will ALWAYS find a home - Dave Ferrick
Hah. He said friendfeed makes paper look boring. - Robert Scoble
The interface is both intuitive and ubiquitous. Paper's lighter in small quantities and the form factor is more adjustable. Also, most things that destroy paper will take out a computer as well. - Terry Robinson
Bring back the Circa Compact organization pages (ToDo / Goals), Steve!!!!!!! Paper is dead if you quit supplying great products for the medium! - Jack Collins
Ask him why Levenger doesn't accept Paypal. I'd buy a lap desk this second if it did. - Kent
Unfortunately, I can't agree, would love to hear Steve's points. I feel that the soon to be released flexible OLED devices will take the place of current newspapers, electronic forms are replacing paper forms, electronic medical records are replacing filing cabinets of patience history, digital media storage are making library contents accessible from almost anywhere in the world. Yes, this means that we are placing reliance on digital media, but weren't our forefathers placed faith on stone tablets - Vinko
Vinko: the point he made that stuck with me is that things on paper that are signed are worth more. - Robert Scoble
Brian: you are absolutely wrong there. Paper is MUCH more expensive. - Robert Scoble
I love Levenger, Moleskine, and Franklin Covey stuff, but I have this mental block where I'm not willing to "mess up" the nice stuff, so I end up writing on index cards instead. - Jon Adair
What I really love about paper versus digital is that, especially with index cards or loose sheets, I can spread things out and see much more at once than on my phone or even my laptop. I'd love to see someone make a really good Moleskine-like sketchbook that really opens up flat. And would it kill anyone to make journals, sketchbooks, etc. that have a built-in slot for a full-sized pen or pencil? - Jon Adair
People who don't have computers (especially those that don't have easy access to computers, either) need paper. - Rochelle
Leave a comment here on why paper is not dead? I think I'll just mail the guy a letter. Where's my quill? - shelisrael1
Several reasons come to mind: First the effective resolution of paper is much larger than that on a computer screen. (Of most screens, anyway) It's much easier to look at a big drawing, long chunk of text or pagefuls of equations on paper than on the computer. Second electronic ink input options like the Tablet PC are decent but very far removed from the actual mechanics of writing on paper. The PC is heavy and expensive and the format of the Windows electronic notebook is not portable in editable format. - Jiahao Chen
For people like me who have to think carefully before buying gadgets, it's hard to beat the cost of pen and paper. Third, you don't have to power up the paper before writing on it. You can write notes on a bus where you'd fret about ruining a HDD. Fourth, if you drop paper or spill on it, it's usually no biggie. Try saying that for your laptop! Fifth, and most importantly, the current state of hardware and software is well-suited only to the input of ASCII (and some limited Unicode) text entry. - Jiahao Chen
It is an incredible pain to work with information that is not easily notated in text form. Drawings are ok, but try working with chemical structures or mathematical equations on a computer. It's often an exercise in frustration reading documentation and/or shelling out lots of money for specialized software to deal with these data. Sixth, I write and scribble pretty fast, so much so that the time lag for Tablet PCs to process what I'm doing with the stylus is noticeable and distracting. - Jiahao Chen
Sometimes Windows will hiccup and part of a scribble will disappear off the input buffer while Windows deals with disk paging or something like that. Having said all that, computers are great for many things, especially for typesetting documents and page layouts for things that are ready to show to other people. However they are still far from ideal media to play around with ideas and words, and scribbles often do a far better job than dealing with the intricacies of data entry on a computer when thinking. - Jiahao Chen
OK, sorry for the terribly long answer and possible abuse of medium, but paper and pen works far better for me when jotting down ideas as they are forming, and are usually better than the computer for organizing these ideas as they coalesce into coherence. Once past that stage however, computers are far superior for producing legible output that you wouldn't be embarrassed to show people. BTW I love Levenger stationery! If I could afford it, I'd buy it all the time. Too bad I'm still stuck in grad school. - Jiahao Chen
Remember Minority Report where Tom Cruise rearranges information on a big board in front of him? You can do that today with paper products. - Bruce Lewis
I love the Levenger catalog!!!! Really nice, high quality paper / pen / ink products. Geared towards execs who remember the virtues of writing - Susan Beebe
I confess, I am a Levenger addict. I am also an IT professional, who uses many paper based systems for managing GTD, as well as a paper based planner, which is wrapped in Levenger's Bomber Jacket leather. I have several notebooks with Bomber Jacket leather, and for some reason, it adds to the enjoyment of putting pen to paper. I also use "The Hit List", which is a Mac GTD app, but honestly, the feel of good paper, with a good pen can't be beat. Instant archive, and no worry about media failures. - Bruce Garlock
It's just a flesh-wound! ;) - Meryn Stol
I don't want any time-sensitive information via paper, it's too old. However I like paper for portability, longevity, tactile sensation and smell. Moleskines, post-its, notepads etc are all part of my daily life. BTW, love . I'm an old customer in Australia. - Cait
I dispute that paper is always more expensive. Digital storage requires data conversion (if it's old), redundancy (if it's important and you want to keep something for a long time), hardware, monitoring and eletricity. But yes, sometimes it's more expensive. - Cait
I do the vast majority of my work in digital form, but I also love paper, a fountain pen, good ink. Each tool has its place. - Rob McNair-Huff
Paper can do so much more than computers can at this point. Try making a 3-D tactile model with a computer in just a few seconds. You probably don't want to see how far your computer can glide, unless you're mad at it. Paper is easier on the eyes than most monitors and screens at this point and even the ones that are getting closer to a soft medium for viewing paper is quicker. Paper is extremely cheap for area and the ability to write multiple contextual ideas down. Paper has at least another 20 years. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
It's not dead because my parents and my wife still use it. It is going away though. - Jesse Stay
It's also not dead because there are still art-forms that revolve around it. I will always still love drawing and painting on paper or canvas. - Jesse Stay
i hate paper clutter. i am forced to collect them in order to document write-offs for taxes. it's unfortunately still a necessary evil. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
blackfeathers, check out Evernote - I've gotten rid of most my paper through them. - Jesse Stay
I'm sure when Guttenburg first published his books, some people clamored for scrolls. Humans tend to be sentimental about technology. It's only a matter of time until paper is gone, and I say bring it on. - Ian Wright
Dunder Mifflin will be pleased :) - Jim Connolly
It's simply a massively entrenched technology. People joke around about stone tablets, but clay tablets really were the dominant medium for information storage for probably almost 4,000 years. Modern paper has been around for less than 2,000 years. I'm thinking its probably going to be around for a least a little while longer. - Victor Ganata
Still always handy having some nice, solid records. Assume a worst-case scenario, if we had it ALL decent, world-sized electro-magnetic impulse, there goes the entire planet's accumulated knowledge in one hit. Those ancients at least still have their stuff around 4000 years later because clay tablets and other solid mediums LASTED the distance. - George Hall (Australia)
Wow. I'm awed by the dialog in response to Robert's question about paper. We are living in interesting times as so many of us seek and find new balances between old technology and new--balance points that are themselves in a state of flux. We feel it's our duty at Levenger to side with paper and help it evolve in the face of the tremendous evolutionary pressure from advancing technology. If ultimately paper goes extinct, let it be a gradual and noble death. - Steve Leveen
One bit of advice that I gave to Robert and I'd like to share with all of you. In the waning days of the Golden Age of paper-based books, grab hold of the books you cherish and write in the margins. Write in the front and back and everywhere in between. History has shown that the most valuable books of all are those written in by famous people. And you are all famous to your family and descendants. Actual ink leaving physical impressions on natural paper in your own hand--it will never come again. - Steve Leveen
One curious little followup to this...I took a look today at the Twitter hashtags #vicfires and #fireupdates. NO tweets from #fireupdates showed up, even though it was a busy hashtag during the Victorian Bushfires. #vicfires only goes back to 30 days ago. Very good example of the IMPERMANCY of the electronic form. Any of us wanting to refer back to February 2009 for historical data on the Twitter record now really have nothing to refer to. Makes me wish I'd done my February 2009 tweets on clay tablets - George Hall (Australia)
Chris Charabaruk
Perhaps it's time to abandon Twitter -
"We all know that Twitter has jumped the shark. The recent additions of the suggested users list, the influx of celebrity and brand accounts (and all the silent, creepy stalker accounts that follow them), and the incredible gaming of the friend/follower system demonstrates that quite clearly. But that's not why I say it's time to take our tweets and go elsewhere." - Chris Charabaruk
Hats off to Jesse Stay, whose recent blog post on Twitter gave me the idea to suggest it's time for us to move on to greener pastures. - Chris Charabaruk
I think with the huge recent popularity of Twitter that more people will understand what social networks are and perhaps understand why FriendFeed is so awesome. But right now, Twitter wins on the mobile interaction game. Tweetie (and other apps as well) on the iPhone is much better than Buddyfeed or Motherfeed. - Aaron Hood
Aaron: It may be winning in mobile, but that's because there really isn't any competition to it there right now. If there were competition in the mobile feed, perhaps Twitter would do something to un-fuck SMS for Canadians like me. - Chris Charabaruk from IM
Not only is this line of thinking narrow minded, but it's very short sighted. I think as a technologist, we should all want services to prosper and be something even our moms would use. Otherwise, what's the point right? - drew olanoff
Drew: That's why I'm suggesting a move to another service, not the complete abandonment of microblogging itself. Services will prosper if they take care of their users. If they don't, they won't keep users, and they sure as hell won't prosper. - Chris Charabaruk
Honestly, right now Twitter is just more fun. Follow five of your favorite comedians and it is a good read. It also seemed to be that FF died down quite a bit in the time that Twitter really exploded. - Keenan
Alasdair: LOLWUT? FriendFeed is no multi-tool. It has one well-defined purpose (to unite a person's feeds all in one place) and it does a damn fine job of it. Besides, Twitter is the issue here. And it doesn't do its job very well. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: The "gaming" you speak of is so ridiculously small, percentage wise. The value of the company, the medium, the people using it far far far outweigh the fictional "shark jumping" you describe. - drew olanoff
@DBlack: Try refreshing shortly; Drupal 5 is resource-heavy and there's really only one way for my host to deal with that. - Chris Charabaruk
I say abandon FriendFeed. Good example. I clicked on the link above and it took me to an error page on your blog. This was actually the third click to get to the error page. FriendFeed doesn't actually send you to the link referenced by Twitter or any other spot, especially FriendFeed. It just propagates links to broken URLs. Twitter may be adding features that won't pan out, but when you click on a shortened URL, it does take you somewhere. - Michael Sommermeyer
Michael: FriendFeed is supplying the correct link. My site is just deranged. Hopefully it'll improve when I can get rid of my Drupal 5 dependencies and upgrade to 6, but for the meantime just refresh. I get that problem a lot myself. - Chris Charabaruk
Drew: Going at it by percentage is bullshit. There's enough gaming to be visible for a lot of users. When you're seeing gamers follow and de-follow you every day, you get pissed. It detracts from the quality of the service. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: And FriendFeed is bulletproof to any type of "gaming"? How about we do a poll of people who are not in the 2%, ie: people who don't work in this space for a living...and see how they feel about it? - drew olanoff
Drew: What purpose would there be to gaming FriendFeed? These people aren't gaming the system because there aren't any controls against it. They're gaming it because they see some twisted value in it for themselves. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: How are people gaming Twitter? My mom uses it to keep track of what I'm up to. I use it to keep track of what friends are doing and ROFL at what Shaq says once in a while. I follow who I want to follow, and if someone wants to follow what I have to say, rad. If not, I don't worry. I don't get your point here. - drew olanoff
Drew: Just as an example, ever seen someone with interesting looking tweets, who you then followed just to get a bunch of spammy DMs from them? - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: Yes. I unfollow them. And it's happened like 3 times. - drew olanoff
Chris: Have you ever been out on a date and they seemed cool so you give them your #? And then they say something that bothers you and you don't want to talk to them anymore? And when you tell them that they still contact you? Are you going to remain single for life? - drew olanoff
I'm reading Chris Charabaruk's post on friendfeed, need I say more? :-) - tom
Drew: I unfollow the gamers too when I find them. But it's not just the gamers. It's the fact that Twitter can't keep their service running properly, they don't communicate well with their users (the company blog is every bit as helpful as DreamHost's service blog, i.e. barely useful), and the fact that the top folk there just seem to radiate unhelpfulness now. - Chris Charabaruk
On other services, like here and on Blellow, I know that if I have a complaint about something, I can quickly make sure it gets seen by someone working at that service, and even get a response. Here users get value as much as they provide it, from the people in charge. - Chris Charabaruk
With all the crap and poor service on Twitter, it's only a matter of time before it's simply an outflow of my activities elsewhere. (I'm just waiting for an app ecosystem for Blellow, and then *bam* I'll move.) - Chris Charabaruk
@Chris Charabaruk: If you want free Twitter SMS updates I'd suggest signing up to :¬) - CannonGod
CannonGod: I don't care about getting SMS messages from Twitter (I'd switch to Bell if it were that important to me). I'd rather that incoming messages worked as advertised, though, with them appearing once and only once in my tweet stream. Not multiple times over the course of weeks. - Chris Charabaruk
UPDATE: Twitter, after a couple of months of complaining by users, is finally looking at the SMS reposting issue that Canadians (such as myself) are suffering. MONTHS. TO SIMPLY RESPOND. If that doesn't scream shitty service, nothing will. - Chris Charabaruk
Why is everyone so concerned with Twitter? Who cares. It's supplementary to the services we use and clearly not going anywhere for a while. I don't care if celebs are there or not. As a technology enthusiast, I am HAPPY people are understanding Social Media more. - Mona Nomura
Mona: It's because Twitter is one of the best known social media services and the (currently) primary one for all us social media wonks. So of course, every little thing with it gets the attention of an electron microscope, and every time something about it is disliked, we all enjoy screaming about it. - Chris Charabaruk from IM
Chris: Clearly this is sparked from something personal in nature, and this isn't a discussion about usefulness or technology at all. I have found no problems with getting answers from the folks at Twitter, and their Status blog at is always updated. I think people who understand what goes into a service that has to scale, realize that there will be hiccups. - drew olanoff
Drew: I'll not deny that I have issues with Twitter. But I started off enjoying it and making great use and great connections. As time's gone on, though, the great things about it started disappearing, to be replaced with crap. I came in back when it was going through its early growing pains. It was understandable then. But since those days, the use of the service has expanded while the management acumen of its leaders hasn't. And that's caused a drop in the quality of service for me. - Chris Charabaruk
Any one of Twitter's problems, on its own, isn't that big a deal. A mosquito or two. But brought together, all at once and at one time, and the problem becomes more than the sum of its parts. And it's gotten to the point where I just can't stand it any longer. And I doubt that I'm the only one who feels this way. - Chris Charabaruk
its easy to say you will abandon but if you have friends there you might not, for example I abandoned facebook but all my tweets get posted there as status and get messages in sms. I joined friendfeed cuz scoble's tweets kept taking me here I dont use much find it hrd to follow lol but it actually works on cell, twitter mobile is a little better. - David Gross
David: few of my friends actually are on Twitter, and several of them long ago moved on to greener pastures and only update Twitter via other services like Those who I want to keep track of, and aren't yet on FriendFeed, I can still create imaginary users for, and reply to them via FriendFeed sending those replies to Twitter. I'm abandoning the service itself, not the users. The users I can find again elsewhere, or cheat by pulling in here. - Chris Charabaruk
Computerworld: Will Apple kill satellite radio? -
Filed under: Analysis / Opinion, iPhone, App Store ComputerWorld has an interesting item this morning by Mike Elgan. It speculates about new features in the anticipated iPhone coming this summer, including an FM transmitter to send iPhone audio to a car radio. It's also thought that the new 3.0 software will enable stereo bluetooth streaming to a car suitably equipped. There's no doubt that these features might convince many to either skip satellite radio, or to not renew current contracts. All that is bad news for Sirius/XM, but the newly merged companies have done plenty to shoot themselves. Many subscribers think the merger was badly done, and many favorite channels were killed with no notice. As an XM subscriber I experienced that first hand when no heads up was given to customers about massive channel changes until the day of the switch last fall. For a communications company, that's pretty poor communications. With an iPhone that can stream stereo Bluetooth, services like... - iphone-tastic!
Louis Gray
The New FriendFeed Looks A Lot Like Twitter -
Toma Bonciu
Seths Blog: License to stall -
Seths Blog: License to stall
From the page: "The opportunity for marketers in search of media is not to play defense, to stall people with clever ideas or small platforms, but instead to stop stalling and start looking. The bargains are there, just waiting." - Toma Bonciu
Graham Reznick
Jim Cramer smackdown includes talk of Apple -
Filed under: Analysis / Opinion, Apple FinancialI don't know if you watched the Jon Stewart interview with CNBC host Jim Cramer on the Daily Show last night. Stewart and Cramer have been feuding for a week about Cramer's bad financial advice, and the lack of any deep or meaningful reporting on CNBC as the market was melting down. As part of the back and forth (and I suggest you watch the whole clip) Stewart pulled out an old interview with Cramer where he talked about hurting Apple stock by claiming neither AT&T or Verizon was interested in selling the iPhone. Cramer was a hedge fund manager at the time, and may have wanted a quick short term profit by manipulating stock sales with misleading information. Cramer said it was legal, Stewart questioned the ethics. In the end, the SEC will have to decide. AAPL seems to be one of the top tech stocks that is buffeted by rumors, good and bad. In this case, here's a guy telling us how it works. Here's a link to the older interview on YouTube.... - iphone-tastic!
Johnn Luevanos
iPhone 3.0 Will Be Revealed March 17 [IPhone] -
Apple announced an iPhone event today where they'll be giving "a sneak peek at the iPhone OS 3.0 software." Gizmodo suggests this might coincide with the unveiling of a rumored touchscreen tablet based on the iPhone, but we'll see for sure on March 17th. Got a feature you'd love to see added to iPhone 3.0 (*cough, copy and paste, cough*)? Let's hear about it in the comments. [Gizmodo] - Johnn Luevanos
Damond Nollan
Mashable Acquires Micro-Reviews Service Blippr -
I am excited to learn Mashable acquires a new service. It makes following suite more real. - Damond Nollan
Robert Scoble
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tatango, a cool startup, turns on reality TV show about itself | FastCompany.TV -
Here's my video tour of Tatango. Cool small-town startup (only startup in their town which is 1.5 hour drive north of Seattle) that does SMS messaging systems for college kids and businesses. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Black Post-it Notes -
Black Post-it Notes
If that's the case, it would read "fuck off" rather than "hello world." heh. - Paula W
Mike Fruchter
Tim Draper: Top Ten Reasons Startups Fail -
I think start-ups fail for the same reason good ideas fail. - Hal
Great list and the painful truth. It is heavily weighted by Executive decision making which is a strange reality. If you look at America as a Start-up, so far Obama is doing well on this list ;-) - Jamie Ginsberg
Robert Scoble
Just visited Quantcast. The data they deal with is stunning. 97,600 visits per second are being measured today. More details:
97600 visits per second. That's crazy. What was that all about? Was it a breaking news? - charles
They have data centers all over the world that push and store petabytes. How many people manage all its datacenters? Six. - Robert Scoble
We looked at and the detail on its audience is crazy. NGO can see how many visitors comes from Oakland. - Robert Scoble
97,600 is crazy. How does that compare to WebTrends I wonder? - Stuart Thompson
We looked at my blog and can see that 690 people viewed my blog last month from Microsoft. The amount of data that can be studied is crazy. Videos will be up by end of the week. - Robert Scoble
Charles: that is just everyday data. Sites report that to them. More on all this when I get home and get the videos up. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert. Will the link to the videos be published in this thread? Looking forward to seeing/hearing the interview. - Jeff Fohl
Very interesting data and very timely for me. I was doing some research on a site and this was very helpful! - Jill Howard Allen
Jeff: I'll try to get the videos up soon, not sure where I'll link them in, but will try to get back here and link them in here. They will be on - Robert Scoble
Adrian Pike
RT @scottpierce: New Tatango.TV trailer, compliments of @scottpierce and @piledriver:
RT @scottpierce: New Tatango.TV trailer, compliments of @scottpierce and @piledriver:
Andy Baio
Conspiracy Rock, 1991 Schoolhouse Rock parody of the Kennedy assassination -
Conspiracy Rock, 1991 Schoolhouse Rock parody of the Kennedy assassination
4,320 frames painstakingly animated by Jason Scott, online for the first time [via] - Andy Baio
Too soon. - Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte is a part of the evil Zionist-CIA-Communist-Mafia-Alien conspiracy. But we love him anyway. - tehKenny
Andy Baio
Huffduffer, podcasting found audio around the web -
I've been loving it lately; it's like Give Me Something to Read for audio - Andy Baio
Bruce Stewart
Companies Are Not Ready, Willing And Able For Marketing 2.0 | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing a -
Becoming a Zentrepreneur (use other terminology if you prefer) starts with abandoning a whole series of bad habits. Some are listed here. - Bruce Stewart
Alpha PNGs in Internet Explorer 6 -
That elephant in the room is losing some weight. The forever scorned IE6 has always had issues with alpha PNGs, those semi-transparent images of goodness. The market share of IE6 is surprisingly big, especially for more mainstream sites and web developers such as you and me are still left holding the bag to support them. Stoyan Stefanov, one of the people behind, has posted the fifth installment of image optimization on the the YUIblog. This time on AlphaImageLoader. Stoyan discusses the performance issues involved in using the IE-only filter with some really interesting information. It's definitely worth a read. Drew Diller, of whom took my VML rounded corners to the next level with DD_roundies, is back with another script, specifically aimed to fix the alpha PNG issue. After noticing that the VML supported alpha PNGs, Drew took on the task of isolating the functionality and to ensure that background-position and background-repeat were properly supported as well. - schmkr
peter huesken
Google search volume dropped while Obama spoke -
Tha´s exactly what makes Twitter different. And i expect that FriendFeed exploded as well... - peter huesken
Band Website Displays Copyright Claim from its Own Label -
Amen to this one ... so crazy and short sighted. - Amani
Robert Scoble
@paulfabretti mass audiences don't read blogs. That's why @calacanis did his email. Me? Facebook! :-)
Robert: for someone with a focused topic, I think blogs still remain the place to be. - Michael Krigsman
Aaron: yes. Krigsman: actually video is the place to be. But we'll let Arrington and Calacanis continue their delusions. :-) - Robert Scoble
Look at Leo! He is the king of audio podcasting and king of live video! - David Lloyd
Also Leo never blogs, and hardly twitters :D Just video and audio - David Lloyd
Scoble, LEO IS CALLING YOU NOW according to twitlive - David Lloyd
Mark: Leo called me, yes. This is a wacky world. - Robert Scoble
Yeah he was asking us in the chat room who he should invite and a bunch of us were screaming SCOBLE! And some others were suggesting Steve G and Loic etc - David Lloyd
Mark, thanks, that's nice! Happy new year, will be fun to be on tomorrow. - Robert Scoble
Mass audiences dont read blogs? BS! Facebook is just AOL version 10. It, too, will pass. - Douglas Karr from twhirl
Leo Laporte
Oh. So it was a leap year bug. The 30GB Zunes will start working again tomorrow.
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