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Thomas Hawk
Robert Scoble
I am sitting in the cell phone lot at SFO watching Building43 videos. I am so happy I have @rocmanusa -- he makes everyone look good.
The path to launching a new thing is very tough. I have gained a lot of respect for anyone who builds new teams and new businesses. I can't wait to see what you think. - Robert Scoble
'see what i think'?? LOL, you're wanting to get inside our heads? all this work has turned you into a zombie and now you're after brains ;) - Rachel Clarke
I am really looking forward to this! Roll on 11th - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Very cool. I can't wait to see it. Welcome to the land of creation! - Troy Malone
When are we going to do an interview about how we are using Mosso for our file hosting on Pelotonics AND the Google Documents tie-in?? - Troy Malone
Troy: where are you located? I'd love to get you on the calendar. Call me at +1-425-205-1921 - Robert Scoble
Can't wait to see the launch. - Curt Mercadante
Thomas Hawk
Robert Scoble
The things I’m learning from having an ugly design -
well, it is ugly. But I kinda like the approach. Now bring back the friendfeed widget and nobody gets hurt! - Jim #teamFFrank
I was hoping you wouldn't reveal the reason for the change. I am a fan of simple, returning back to the basic every now and then as well. - michael sean wright
Robert I would say that this minimalism is very cool -I try to use minimalistic themes too, but if you could change the font. Times New Roman, I think sucks! I believe that if you could make it to Arial or something it would much more perfect! - Apostolos Papadopoulos
@nicefishfils something like "back to the roots" heheh :P - Apostolos Papadopoulos
Scoble, a really simple design is great, just have a tan background, grey helvetica 14pt and be done with it. But what you have now sucks, lol. I recommend you checking out You can learn a lot there. - Kiko Cherman
Was the length of stay per visitor for a given article unchanged when compared against previously published articles of similar length prior to the theme change? - Kevin Eklund
Robert: I know most "real" bloggers love and use Wordpress, but why not use free Is it really worth all the trouble to have a self-hosted blog any more? I think the reasons people had for self-hosting have changed. How much reviewing wordpress plugins do you do? You can have a decent looking in 2 minutes or less and start blogging right away. Blogger gadgets have also come a long way. It shouldn't take weeks to set up a blog. - Tweet Feeds
Tweet: I never liked Blogger and its approach. I already have a free account. I want to have control of my own server. - Robert Scoble
There seems to be a consensus that you should change the font... although I'm not sure that was the point! : ) I do think it's interesting to think of how all of the "branding" we do and the advertising we permit on our blogs can interfere with the message(s). It at least really makes you think before you add components in to your design. Unless you're not about content but just pretty looks... - Julie
I rarely read your blog other than via RSS so mostly it makes no difference what it looks like in the browser. - Brian Sullivan
Robert: Why do you need to control your own server? What does that get you? You could also have a set of no-stress blogs on blogger and still have your wordpress blog for reviewing plugins and experiments. What do your readers think about it? I am sure most like me read you on here. just a suggestion - Tweet Feeds
Tweet: it lets me play around and have complete control. - Robert Scoble
Robert: am curious, what do you mean "never liked Blogger and its approach.." Is there anything we should know about Blogger? The uptime seems fine, The TOS seems fair. - Tweet Feeds
Robert: hope this doesn't sound repetitive but am really curious what do you mean "play around and have complete control", I previously self-hosted and at the moment I really have no reasons to do that because am mostly using blogs for sharing content. bouncing servers and configuring them doesn't seem to add anything to my current needs. Is there something cool that i am not aware of about self-hosting or Wordpress. I don't even see the value in having my own domain because search engines find me. - Tweet Feeds
Robert are you going to host on Mosso or with a dedicated Rackspace server? - Ewan MacLeod
Tweet: I didn't care for my personal user experience on blogger. Not as intuitive as I would like, and I get much more of my own chosen experience from my self hosted site. I would prefer it even more if I had complete control over the actual linux host. (mine is hosted by a friend, who owns the domain name that I want my blog site on) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Eerily similar to this monstrosity I created: :o) - Paul Reynolds
Rob Nelson: Thanks for the answer but I am mostly interested in creating and sharing content. I rarely use the web interface on because I use Live Writer, I don't care about the domain, I don't care for custom templates, I don't have any friends that can host me, I have little interest in doing linux administration at this point in my life and will probably never customize... more... - Tweet Feeds
Tweet: you sounds as though you've answered your own question? If you're satisfied with the experience you have, why would you change it? "Don't fix what ain't broke" - I didn't care for blogger, so I tried - I liked it, but couldn't install my own plugins. I didn't care to setup wordpress on my own server, and so didn't. But when I saw the right domain come up, I jumped on it, and all I have to admin is my WordPress. And now I get the plugins I wanted. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Like Robert, the more I get into the whole notion, the more I would perhaps like complete control over the linux machine. I've found at least one reason I would like that. But as yet it's not compelling enough to a) lose the domain name and b) spend time ad energy maintaining apache and the wordpress system itself. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
A bit to basic/ugly for my liking. Numbers probably didn't change because people come for the content, not the look but why not give them a good user experience at the same time. plus most readers probably use a feed reader. - CJPhoto
You know I was almost going to tell you to keep that design, or lack thereof, even before you brought up this topic. It has a Craigslisty Authentic feel to it, but I suppose it needs a little design. Maybe a happy medium is best. It's true, all those box ads on Techcrunch and Mashable are destracting, but of course one does have to make money. Hmmmm. - Stephen Pickering
You know I'd rather see one large, aesthetically pleasing ad than so many flashing boxes. I think this would work with the NYtimes as well. When you click an article they have so many distracting things going on around it, even things that aren't ads. I'd rather have one beautiful ad - Stephen Pickering
you can't be serious, I didn't bash it because I like the "from scratch" approach but ignoring the design altogether is VERY wrong. Some might read the content via RSS and might be used to raw data, but onsite experience is still a BIG thing - Dobromir Hadzhiev
It reminds me of a newspaper (which I still like to read) so I find it nostalgic and endearing. - Christian (Simply X)
There's definitely something to be said for minimalism, but this does give the appearance of a 'lost' theme, due to corruption or whatever, as opposed to one you've selected yourself. On a side note, I've never understood the objections to Times New Roman - I find it to be a perfectly readable font. - Shéa Bennett
Honestly, when it gets too cluttered, I don't want to come back. It is amazing what whitespace, font choice and size can do. Period. Don't need all the wiz-bang. Fine tuning can make a huge difference. Look at what FriendFeed has done with the beta. Granted it's more function-added. But, now the old look is painful. - Glen Group
The old FF Realtime is still better when being used as an IRC replacement. - coldbrew
Sure... talking from a visual perspective. If you did have Scoble 1 and Scoble 2, all things equal except for the look and feel- the look would have a huge impact. - Glen Group
Also Robert - the blog would be just fine as it is now, if a) not so my eyes, and narrower. too hard to read with no real paragraphing. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
True, guruvan, the page I am reading this in (beta.friendfeed) is toned down background color. Subtle details, but, preferable on the eye. - Glen Group
Glen:'s all it takes. The high-intensity white makes me not want to read Robert's blog. (it didn't make me not read it, but close) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Well said Robert. Content is King. If you have something valuable to say, it does not matter if your WordPress theme is plain or not. - Tony C
& there i was...clicking refresh in the hope of loading the original scobleizer design (before reading this feed) Hah... :D - Roshan Ramachandran
If content is King, that makes design, Queen. Doesn't have to be complicated or fancy, just organized. - Glen Group
Like I said over on your blog post, the best designs *are* simple. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be designed. Take the good feedback and integrate it without making it complex. Harder route - but better. - Don MacAskill
+1 Don. - Glen Group
Honestly, I really like this look -- pages that look "over-designed" tend to distract from quality writing, in my view -- but I'd be in favor of choosing a more readable font. I think black TNR on a white background causes eyestrain. I think the best well-known fonts for onscreen reading, for what it's worth, are Georgia, Cambria, and MS Trebuchet. - Nathan Rein
Steven Perez
Downloads: Last.FM Downloader Lets You Download Last.FM Streams and Cover Art -
Downloads: Last.FM Downloader Lets You Download Last.FM Streams and Cover Art
"Windows only: Last.FM Downloader is a lightweight application for grabbing music from the popular streaming music service Last.FM and saving it for local use." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
The person who made this still uses Geocities. Nice! :D - AJ Batac
Sounds painful. :D - Steven Perez from IM
That's what she said. Wait, ... - Steven Perez from IM
damn, site's already down! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
WARNING: It's a horrible application. I tried it a couple of weeks ago. It does not do what it says it's going to do, I got exactly ONE album cover and it's buggy as hell. - Anika
@Anika, thanks for the warning! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
This is a lot better ---> - AJ Batac
Thomas Hawk
Live4Emma (L4S)
Nice collection. You really went on a rampage here =) - Mitch
thanks Mitch....thunderstorms are all day WIN! :-) - Live4Emma (L4S)
Actually, LD, a nice ass in the rain = WIN. - Steven Perez
Great set Carlos:) - Neya
Robert Scoble
My son likes the new Eminem song "Crack a Bottle." I do too. More proof I am a bad parent?
I don't know the song, but still, not at all. - coldbrew
No, of course, no :) - directeur
Nothing wrong with Eminem. Glad he's still around. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
"Good" or "bad" parenting depends on whether it helps or hinders a child from ultimately becoming the best version of himself or herself. That's the test. - Victor Panlilio
Funny, I was just saying in my last blog post that you like Eminem, but still are a jazz lover :) - directeur
You're all good, as long as you teach him how to play gin, hearts, spades, and/or bridge; how to make a fire is also important. Don't forget BBQ ;-) - coldbrew
Directeur: I like all kinds of music. Some of my best experiences were sitting on the floor in Preservation Hall in New Orleans two feet from the sax player.Jazz is great. - Robert Scoble
Lose yourself is one of Eminem's best songs ... you heard that one Robert? ( - frank barry
Robert, Lucky you! :) I was sure that you love Jazz! - directeur
Exposing a child to "everything that is out there" is a recipe for heartache. Until and unless a child has formed the ability to discern what is helpful and harmful to his or her human development (in the fullest sense), it is better to err on the side of caution. Would any of you, as parents, give your child, for example, hallucinogenic substances, so that your child can be exposed to "everything that is out there"? How "out there" do you want them to be? - Victor Panlilio
Content is different from brain altering chemicals, let's not get carried away. - coldbrew
A brain still in development, mind you. - coldbrew
"Content" alters the brain. See - Victor Panlilio
Victor: I want to prepare him for adulthood. When he is an adult I would expect that he will go to Amsterdam. What will he try there? I hopehe surrounds himself with smart people who protect him from trouble. As to mind altering substances I am partial to Merlot and Oban scotch. - Robert Scoble
Those substances are NOT illegal in Amsterdam. - Robert Scoble
Adulthood =! every experience in the world. Even though the word "adult" in our culture has many meanings, some of them are not conducive to healthy human development. For example, child pornography is a thriving "adult" business. I just read in the news that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are addicted to child porn. I suspect that is a low estimate. - Victor Panlilio
Nope. Not even a little. And I am qualified to speak on bad parenting. - Martha
Robert, is your son my age? - Michael Forian
Panlilio, if you could point to a specific article that would support your argument that exposure of adolescent humans to ideas at the url you referenced, that would be helpful. - coldbrew
My son, at age 14, was arguing about porn and censorship with Jonathan Adelstein, FCC commissioner. Again: protecting kids from evil does NOT prepare them for adult life. In three years Patrick will be an adult. I think he will be prepared. - Robert Scoble
Child porn? WTF!? - coldbrew
As for transparency, sure. My son knows, for example, that drugs can harm his brain development — he has a book titled "I am a Drug-Free Kid" and he knows that what he eats becomes part of his body, which is the outside world, just organized a little differently. - Victor Panlilio
Scoble's son is now a likely child pornographer unless he is "protected"? My stomach now hurts, thanks :-) - coldbrew
We have had conversations about child porn. For instance, to warn him that emailing a photo of himself or a friend naked is a felony. - Robert Scoble
Michael: Patrick is 15. - Robert Scoble
At least the song talks about safe sex. - Bryce Roney from IM
@coldbrew: I have worked on corporate networks of thousands of PCs, and we didn't go out of our way to police what people download to their computers. At my current place of employment, we have an acceptable use policy that every employee has to agree to, and if they violate its terms, they are subject to disciplinary action. A few years ago, an employee at the Dept of Defence (in Canada) was arrested for having 25,000+ images of child porn on his work PC — storage and bandwidth paid for by taxpayers. - Victor Panlilio
Ok then. Well, on the subject of the song, I don't believe you are a bad parent at all for liking the it. I listened to it before and it's not as bad as the rest of them (pretty good beat too). It's also smart of you to teach him about the repercussions of child pornography. I've gotten a few "graphic" images, from people I won't name, sent to my phone. I believe it's called "sexting". - Michael Forian
Re: safe sex — when I donated blood, Canadian Blood Services asked me all kinds of questions, e.g. have you had sex with a man, have you had sex with a prostitute, have you had sex with multiple partners. etc. They're obviously not interested in protecting my sensitive feelings or in being politically correct, they're interested in making sure the emergency blood supply is safe, and of course they're going to test it no matter what I say. But the questions are designed to discourage certain types of donors. - Victor Panlilio
Yes, disturbed people do exist, but those people exist in very small numbers. Exposure to ideas doesn't make one susceptible to interest in partaking in those ideas. Humans have discriminatory abilities by age 6 at least, in my experience. - coldbrew
Screening questions related to donating blood, a matter of life and death, are now relevant how? - coldbrew
@coldbrew: talk to a mental health professional, e.g. a clinical psychologist who works in public health practice, about "very small numbers" — you might be surprised about how common certain mental disturbances are - Victor Panlilio
Victor: I am more worried my son will spend too much time online than he will get addicted to some weird drug. - Robert Scoble
I'll do that after I search the entire site you first linked to in order to support your argument that unfettered access to ideas by a 15 year old could pollute their minds and cause them to be interested in child porn :) - coldbrew
Woah, and this conversation now makes me wonder again what could happen to people who assume that everyone they communicate with online is of age and send inappropriate content to someone who is not? - MiniMage
@coldbrew: "safe sex" can be a matter of life and death for HIV carriers and the people with whom they exchange bodily fluids. - Victor Panlilio
bad parent? no. bad taste? debatable.. :P - Terry O'Fee
Robert: If he really is your son, why isn't he on FriendFeed?! He must have the gene in him! - Michael Forian
Terry: I had a college professor who thought anything other than classical music is in bad taste. - Robert Scoble
At least you have a relationship with him, and he feels comfortable sharing his interests with you! - Freddie Scott
@Robert: "protecting kids from evil does NOT prepare them for adult life." I work for an environmental engineering firm. We design, build, and do things that help prevent companies from harming the environment, and if these companies have already done so, we help them undo the harm. By way of analogy: I wish to shield my son from harmful substances AND harmful influences. You ask whether you are being a bad parent. Perhaps it's not the "wisdom of the crowd" that you should listen to, but your conscience. - Victor Panlilio
When my niece was 12, she clicked on the top hit in a search result, and it turned out to be a porn site. She very calmly said, "Oh, that's porn. Mommy already talked to me about it. Those people probably don't love each other, they're just doing it for the money." My sister had not prevented my niece from exploring online, but she helped my niece internalize the values that would serve her well in later life. I aspire to do the same for my son. - Victor Panlilio
Well done Victor! - Nestor
@coldbrew wrote: "support your argument that unfettered access to ideas by a 15 year old could pollute their minds" — ever heard of neuroplasticity? — — there, that's my contribution to your learning - Victor Panlilio
Dont' worry Robert, I can personally guarantee that you won't come in last place in the daddy awards! Finishing ahead of second-to-last, well, that's up to you to work on! :-) - Morgan
Michael: he has a friendfeed account but hasn't been here much: - Robert Scoble
Victor: I knew someone in high school who's parents were very religious and kept him away from all sorts of "bad" influences. No movies over PG. No talks about sex or drugs. Church every Sunday, etc. When he got to college he drank himself to death (happened to two kids I knew of in my Silicon Valley high school). If you don't give your kids real life experiences they will go overboard when they are out of your grip. I'd rather give my son some real-world skills to deal with this stuff like an adult. - Robert Scoble
Robert: raising children is like holding a wet bar of soap. Grasp too firmly, and it will shoot out of your hand. Don't grasp firmly enough, and it will slide out of your hand. It is admirable that you wish to give your son "real-world" skills, but my best friend's dad's idea of "real-world" was to take him to a prostitute when he turned 16. So, your high school friend's parents were well-intentioned, but they probably grasped the bar of soap too tightly. - Victor Panlilio
Victor: yeah, that's going too far for me. - Robert Scoble
After hearing what Robert said: I've gotten myself in to some pretty embarrassing situations at boarding school when it came to drinking (especially on my birthday). But, if that never happened, I would never have learned the true responsibility of being able to drink. Another note: your friends at boarding school become more and more like family, and are always their to bail you out in situations like these. - Michael Forian
Michael: I learned a few things about drinking: 1. you can drink yourself to death. So, don't engage in drinking games until you have some experience about how far to go (and you have friends around you who won't push things too far). 2. Don't mix drinks. Pick one to start the night and stick with it, no matter how tempted. 3. Don't get in cars with drunk drivers (remember, when you're drunk yourself you can't often tell if your driver is drunk). - Robert Scoble
Panilio, I just can't follow your logic, sorry. We can just disagree. - coldbrew
@coldbrew: According to the theory of neuroplasticity; thinking, learning, and acting actually change both the brain's physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology) from top to bottom... A substantial paradigm shift is now under way ( - Victor Panlilio
@coldbrew: In other words, the immutability of adult brains is now being questioned by neuroscientists, which means that our brains can be changed by influences to which they are exposed long after adolescence. And this implies that whatever powers of discrimination we think 6 year olds may have are still open to being profoundly influenced at 15, or 50. There, that logic wasn't so hard to follow, was it? - Victor Panlilio
Re: drinking — surround yourself with trusted, reliable friends. Last time I got drunk, my friends took me home and tucked me in. No driving involved, we just walked across the road to the house where I was staying. :) - Victor Panlilio
Robert: mixing drinks, in my experience, is a BAD idea. Beer + scotch = room moves even when my head is still. :D - Victor Panlilio
nothing against hip hop or anything like that. i just hate eminem's music. i like stuff like jurassic 5, greydon square etc... - Terry O'Fee
not a bad parent... just a progressive one.. maybe even hip? - titaniar
As long as you introduce him to the new Motorhead too. :D - MarkCarras
haven't heard it yet, will have to check that out. I love Eminem. - Thomas Hawk
Hmm, is anyone else surprised that Eminem's still around? Although I'm not exactly a rap fan. - Tyson Key
naa, Id be more surprised if Em wasn't still around Tyson - Zee.
It's not that great! - Joe Dawson
Embrace it. At least you're not a lame parent. - Eric - Final Countdown
Nah..I raise my kids on hard rock, punk, jazz, hip hop, you name it, since they were little....I just use a little discretion when needed. - Seagate
Robert - I think that makes you a GREAT parent. Why? Because you understand and appreciate your son's world. Music is a very large component of youth culture and development. Your shared interest connects you and shows that you care about his world... that is huge! Many parents do not care to learn or appreciate their kids interests. So I think the fact that you do care really is cool!! :) - Susan Beebe
With lyrics like "Lick the wonder cheese from under my nuts" it sounds like a great father-son bonding song</sarcasm> - Dylan Parker
Eeewwwwww!! *gross* - Susan Beebe
yeah makes sense !!! teaches the kid the qualities of team work, unity, collaboration (50 cent, dr dre and eminem..!!...don't act like a snobby model !!!!! okay who am i kiddin ! Will the real slim shady please stand up !!! - Sai
AJ Batac
Google Earth, Google Ocean: mysteries of the seafloor are mapped for the first time -
Google Earth, Google Ocean: mysteries of the seafloor are mapped for the first time
"Since Google Earth launched in 2006 ­millions of people have used its virtual globe to "travel" around the planet without leaving home, climbing a digital version of Mount Everest and even flying into space thanks to the website. Now the internet company plans to take on one of the last bastions of the unknown: the depths of the ocean." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Thomas Hawk
Interesting. Seagate has an account on Flickr now and they just added me as a contact. That's mighty friendly :) - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
That was my doing. We are a friendly bunch. - Rich Harris
Hey thanks Rich! The two new Seagate 1TB drives that I added to my drobos yesterday by the way are doing great! - Thomas Hawk
Way to use social media. How do you like your drobos TH? - Matt Penning
TH - Good to hear man. :-) BTW - 47project on Flickr is me. - Rich Harris
cool :) - Susan Beebe
I love my drobos Matt. I've had two drives fail since owning them and lost no data because of it. I love that my primary storage is replicated. I do think it's chump though that Drobo requires you to enter a serial number before being allowed to browse their help forums. - Thomas Hawk
Steven Perez
QUESTION: Listening to Kevin Smith's podcast. He's debating with his friend Malcolm about whether or not Kurt Russell is a "movie star". Do you think that Kurt Russell is a movie star?
I think yes, for three reasons: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE THING and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. - Steven Perez
I'm trying NOT to remember OVERBOARD. That movie gives me the runs. - Steven Perez from IM
Oh, yeah: STARGATE. - Steven Perez from IM
No. - Anika
Anika: why? - Steven Perez from IM
The Thing, Escape from New York...classic......have to admit. - Seagate
Just answer me one question: has Mark seen it yet? :D - Steven Perez from IM
Hell yes he is! He's goddamn Iconic even! - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
I think he was a movie star. He is a lot like a lot of the action heros from the late 80's early 90's except he can act a bit more than them. Kurt Russell was one of my favorites and I def. stay interested in whatever he does. Backdraft! - Michael
I put OVERBOARD and CAPTAIN RON in the same boat as THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES - best remembered hazily. - Steven Perez from IM
Two reasons: Stargate and Overboard. - Matthew Freeman
He's an actor. There's a difference between someone acting and a movie star. Will Smith would be a movie star. If this question had been posed before 1987, then I would have said yes, but Russell, who's been on film/TV since the 60s is now C-List. Maybe he'll start doing those old men movies 70s superstars do (the ret. cop coming back to the force to give sage advice to some idiot like Colin Farrel) and then he'll be a movie star again (see Morgan Freeman). - Anika
Yes, I think so. Thanks for reminding me that I need to catch up on those SModcasts too! - James Ferguson
He was a good actor in a crap film. But that was the whole point with GRINDHOUSE, yes? :) - Steven Perez from IM
Jason, Russell was a good actor on Gilligan's Island! - Anika
Cheers for the heads up Steven after listening to #1 yesterday I've got a mind blowing 72.5 episodes to catch up with. Pretty daunting. - Toby Graham
Toby, it's a really good podcast. Hilarious even. - James Ferguson
Lindsey: "I'm your huckleberry." :-) - Steven Perez from IM
When he was talking about his dad's 'move' he did at his gay brothers wedding I was laughing so hard, I must have looked like a lunatic to the other road users. Personally I don't consider Kevin a celebrity more a close friend. - Toby Graham
And then we'll order ROOM SERVICE! - Steven Perez from IM
While I'm tempted to agree with Jason, Lindsey noted a couple of exceptions that prove Russell has it in him. - Jim #teamFFrank
You're not as dumb as you look, Ike. :-) - Steven Perez from IM
What you said, Steven - Shevonne
He's a B movie actor, but that doesn't mean he's not a star. He's headlined too many movies to be just an actor. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
You're different. No arguing that. But you're a lady. - Steven Perez from IM
Michael Fidler
Julian Pavone (2 Years Old) Reality TV Show Trailer -
Julian Pavone (2 Years Old) Reality TV Show Trailer
Robert Scoble
Seagate (it sponsors my show) announced that Bill Watkins is out as CEO.
What is that likely to mean for FC and you? - Brian Sullivan
Seagate is going through tough times and Watkins is one of the people who supported my show and supported me personally. - Robert Scoble
Brian: negotiations for next year will be interesting. They sponsor me through March. - Robert Scoble
Good luck then - Brian Sullivan
Usual disclaimer: "Like" means I like that you shared this, not that I like the news itself. - Bruce Lewis
The next quarter in Silicon Valley and the tech industry will be tough for everyone. After that we'll see how many arms and legs we all have and move forward. Lots of people are losing their jobs across the industry, especially in big companies -- lots of people at CES were scared for their jobs they confided in me. One bright spot? Startups. But they can't pick up the slack for the industry so there's going to be deep pain for quite some time. I think it'll take three to five years to get back the jobs. - Robert Scoble
Robert: - - any ones in this list? - Brian Sullivan
what is it, the great CEO shuffle? musical execs? - Iphigenie
Joelle: when you don't deliver on plan and you are the market leader and you're falling behind heads will roll! - Robert Scoble
Interesting. I always liked Bill Watkin's candor. I liked it when he said that porn collections drive hard drive sales or something to that effect I think. I enjoyed meeting him and talking to him at CES at the Bloghaus two years ago. Here's a photo of him: - Thomas Hawk
ha! i remember that pr0n comment! - henry
Glad to be doing my part to help Seagate out :) - James Hull
Hope they stay on as a sponsor, did biz with Seagate yrs ago in Costa Mesa, good company and well organized. - MedicalQuack
Heh, maybe Robert could be the Seagate CEO? ;) - Tyson Key
Tyson: that would ensure its destruction. :-) - Robert Scoble
I've watched Seagate, and their consumers. There are two clear areas to hammer right away for quick rebound. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Ed: what are they? - Robert Scoble
Kol Tregaskes
Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live? - ReadWriteWeb -
Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live? - ReadWriteWeb
Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live? - ReadWriteWeb
"Imagine you're at a concert where your favorite band is playing for the last time. Or you're watching President Obama get sworn into office. Or maybe you're just sitting around with your family under the Christmas tree watching your children open gifts. What are you doing in all those scenarios? If you're like most people today, you're probably recording it with some sort of technological gadgetry, be it a smartphone, digital camera, or camcorder. You might also be sharing the moment with others across the web via Twitter, Facebook, or FriendFeed." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
somewhat true.. while out I walked into a lamp post and made my eyebrow bleed. my response after sorting myself out and surveying the damage? tweet the event on my phone >.< - alphaxion
I would say no. Technology has enabled me to reconnect with people on an immediate basis with photos and videos from across the world...people I cared about that I normally would've lost contact with. When I'm on a business trip, I can share those experiences with my children on the fly using cellphones, etc. I think it's awesome. - Seagate
David Ward
Seagate's Barracuda 7200.12 HD packs 500GB per platter -
Is that the one they're having major recall and "bricking" problems on? - Joel Bennett from twhirl
Hi Joel - this is Brian from Seagate. Here is some info regarding the firmware issue: - Brian Ziel
Pete Steege
Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player -
Steve Broback
Seagate gave us FreeAgent drives on the LoveSac blogger bus to vegas. Just used mine with Time Machine on my Mac. Effortless!
Mike Fruchter
Who's hiring in new media/social media? I see a lot of people on FriendFeed who are currently laid off and seeking employment. Lets hear from any actual companies that are using FriendFeed. Please post any positions you may have open. FriendFeed's members have diverse skill sets. Thanks.
Please no links to Jeremiah Owyang's website, or links to job engines. - Mike Fruchter
Or open a job-room. Or a job-seekers room for job-seekers to help each other out. Using their combined network. I'm not looking for a job btw. Great to see some initiative on this front! - Meryn Stol
Mern, that's not a bad idea at all. Let's see how much traction this thread gets first. Hopefully this thread will be the catalyst. - Mike Fruchter
Yes, Mike, let's hope so. It'd be nice if Friendfeeders could help each other get a job. - Meryn Stol
great idea Mike - Dobromir Hadzhiev from IM
I think ff is a great forum to get to know people better. - Will Higgins™
Will, I agree. It's become a close-knit community. One that will continue to grow and flourish (hopefully). - Mike Fruchter
I really like idea of combined forum for helping people find work. That might come as new way of learning about community co-operation in environment where people do things differently. So, instead of traditional chat or forums, FriendFeed could enable faster collaboration to make finding of new opportunities easier and more interesting. - Daniel Schildt
Someone really should start Room for it. I would certainly be interested of joining in. - Daniel Schildt
@Daniel, I created a room here. I wanted to see how much momentum this thread got first. My fear is the room, like many others will die a slow death. - Mike Fruchter
*Employment opportunities FriendFeed room * - Mike Fruchter
Cool - I'm in - any dream job on a Caribbean island? - Nir Ben Yona
Great Mike. I just realized there's also the Linkedin room . Might also be of help. - Meryn Stol
if anyone is looking for someone to produce gaming content for them, I'm up for it :) - alphaxion
New Job Available* Online PR Coordinator. Location, Deerfield Beach, FL. Thanks to Adam Singer for this one. It's posted in the employment opportunities room. - Mike Fruchter
Also, remember that there are groups inside LinkedIn and some of them regularly get new work placements posted to their mini-forums. - Daniel Schildt
unfortunately, I think, the companies that can really afford to hire someone to do social media largely don't see it's value yet. I think some companies get it. Seagate's sponsorship of Scoble for instance. But I think most big companies just don't understand all this yet. People like Stevfe Rubel are the bridges though between the corporate world and social media and I think it will just take time for corporate America to start to understand this. - Thomas Hawk
Great idea Mike. Still thinkin' about what I'm going to do this year (I mean, for money :) - Charlie Anzman
There's also this room which has been around for a while: - Chris Charabaruk
I have been posting different types of jobs I have run across in the Web Jobs 2.0 room for weeks now. People should take a peek in there and see what is there. - Amani
There was this work opportunity celebration today: - Micah
Technology News
Seagate offers fix, free data recovery for disks affected by firmware bug -
David Ward
The Web at 35,000 Feet: United to Offer In-Flight Wifi -
Egan Snow
Håkan Dahlström
This picture is dedicated to Derrick ( as promised in the following thread: Hope you like it and thank you for your Like.
Håkan, it's beautiful. Thanks, buddy! - Derrick
Hakan - it's so good to see you (and Rutger as well!) back on FriendFeed again, seriously. - Mona Nomura
Awesome shot! - Christian (Simply X)
Thanks. I finally found that Friendfeed is the best place for good friends... - Håkan Dahlström
Love this. I guess I was late to get on FF and like today.... ;) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Thomas, I might be inspired to a second round. ;-) - Håkan Dahlström
Social networking becoming bigger factor in discovering evidence -
Since I no longer have outstanding warrants I am quite comfortable with sharing personal info. Read: will whore myself for free Whoppers. Don't judge me. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
lol @Mona - Corvida
Follow me and I'll give you a Whopper. - Rudy Amid
Mona, I'd be concerned about the pimping yourself out on Facebook bit. It's only legal in Nevada. And I'm not sure about online. - Cyndy
I got your 'Whopper' right here! (sorry, someone was going to say it eventually) - Morgan
Pete Steege
@storageio looking into does have a USB port for connecting to storage devices beyond the Seagate FreeAgent Go.
Pete Steege
@storageio Seagate's Showcase product expands a DVR's storage space - but that's focused on DVR playback.
Thomas Hawk
Cool. Finally making the switch over from Blogger to WordPress. Aaron Brazell is going to do the conversion for me today/tonight if all works out. Hopefully all goes well. Keeping my fingers crossed.
is it pretty easy to update a favicon with WP? - Thomas Hawk
super-easy - just upload new favicon.ico to the root of your public_html - James Hull
My friend is gong to do this as well. How hard is it to switch? - Jake Rome
Nice, congrats on the switch. You'll be *very* happy! WordPress FTW. - Tamar Weinberg
If you mean self-hosted Wordpress, I agree that for most purposes it is much better than Blogger. But if you are referring to letting host your blog, I'd have to disagree. I like being able to use JS and make money off of ads, which is something doesn't allow. - April Russo (FForever!) or .org? - Tom Harrison
Wicked! I hope it goes through smoothly. (By the way, will you be on your own host or through I don't think you can update a favicon through - Bryan Villarin
Yes - usually when I think WordPress I mean .org. Hopefully that's what you're going for! - Tamar Weinberg
I've been testing Wordpress myself. WP 2.7's new Dashboard is just great, so easy to use. Don't forget the WPtouch plugin for iphones/itouches! - Paul Ward
I feel that 2009 will be the year I make the switch, will I be able to keep/replicate the same visible structure - ?? - Joe Dawson
Joe, for the most part, yes, but you may need to get a graphic designer or web developer to help create a theme that you like. - Tamar Weinberg
Joe Dawson: The self-hosted version of WordPress lets you code your own themes from scratch, so you can replicate any design you want. WP templates are dead simple to learn, too. - Tom Harrison
yeah, self hosting, not at I've already got and my own dedicated server. Aaron's installing it on my server for me and doing the migration. Jake, it looked too difficult for me to figure out how to do the transfer but I'm sure Aaron is infinitely more adept at this sort of thing than I am. - Thomas Hawk
It should go great! Good luck! - iSteeve
good luck. i think you'll find a world of exciting possibilities, especially with a self-hosted wordpress setup - Glenn Batuyong from twhirl
I've been impressed with how easy and solid WordPress has been to self-host. The only drawbacks I've seen are the customizations I have to reintegrate every time I update the theme or the core installation. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
I'm not planning on updating the theme much. I picked a very simple one with a white background and have a new logo for the top of the page. Other than that it's just a simple two column blog. I wanted it to look really clean. I'll add a few widgets though. Probably the friendfeed one and maybe the flickr one if it looks good. - Thomas Hawk
Make sure you use the same permalink format, or redirect posts to their new locations with 301 redirects. - Tom Harrison
I've been meaning to make the switch, too (I'm a self-hosted Blogger person as well), but it's all a little (well, a LOT) too daunting for me to tackle over a weekend. - vicster.
hmmm.. not sure how that works Tom, hopefully Aaron is familiar with that. I'm assuming that the old links should still work. - Thomas Hawk
Sounds good. I've been thinking of switching from self-hosted Movable Type to WordPress. It seems to have a better selection of community & 3rd party supported templates, pagination, etc. Six Apart's direction for MT just doesn't support individuals as well as corporate clients. - William Beem
vicster, it was wayyyyy too daunting for me to even try. Glad that Aaron was willing to give it a go for me. - Thomas Hawk
Yeah, wouldn't worry. Aaron's quite capable. - Tom Harrison
Congrats...this will be a major upgrade. Will you be using a photo optimized theme? Let us know when the site is live. - Mark Krynsky
Good Luck Aaron & Thomas. I look forward to finally meeting Aaron in person tomorrow at the Social Media Club (SMC) Rochester NY meetup @ Triphammer Grill wooo hooo! - Susan Beebe
he's the man I'd trust with the job. - Duncan Riley
Going the same route while I put my blogs are 'on vacation' last week Thomas. Tried to hold out but WordPress currently offers more versatility moving forward. Having a little 'Blogging Withdrawal' but fun messing with different templates and formats. FYI - Be sure to take a little blog SEO into account if you're changing URLs. SEO is still 'free advertising' ..... - Charlie Anzman
Have you seen WordFrame? - Dimitar Vesselinov
thanks for all your help with this Aaron. Dimitar, I haven't seen WordFrame. - Thomas Hawk
Yeay! - Shevonne
Oh NO! Not Wordpress!! Habari for blogging. Wordpress is a mess. - ·[▪_▪]·
good for you. Wordpress is da bomb - David Parmet from twhirl
ExpressionEngine...but I wish you well ;) - Andru Edwards
All my personal blogs are on Wordpress.....great platform. - Seagate
Personal blogs are fine on Wordpress. But no way I would trust my business and livelihood to it. - Andru Edwards
Andru: What would you recommend then? In my opinion WordPress is excellent software. I have been very, very frustrated by the recent security exploits, but they were fixed quickly and hopefully similar situations can be prevented by staying up-to-date and taking a proactive approach to security. I've been running a business on WP for nearly 3 years. - Tom Harrison
Tom: I've used ExpressionEngine for 4 years. They've had two security exploits in that time, and both were fixed within hours of being found - less than 24 hours for sure. Compare that to Wordpress. Wordpress is a great personal blogging tool - but I use EE because it is best in class, hands down. :) - Andru Edwards
In the past I have built my own CMS tools from scratch, but those were very basic. At the moment my photoblog runs on custom software. But for everything else, the time it would take me to match the feature set of WordPress is better spent writing. - Tom Harrison
Yes, there is big need for regular security testing procedure for WordPress's source code and I think there should be better guidelines for development of extensions. Also, extensions should be checked before they are added to public sites running WordPress if it's critical to have website running stable as possible. Even then, it's not problem specific to just WordPress; other software have their own set of difficulties. - Daniel Schildt
It would be great if there would be automated testing of WordPress source code that would allow them to find possible problems faster and possibly even before those are integrated to main base of code. That kind of automated testing is probably not that commonly used in most web-based software projects… but things like that could make software more secure and reliable in long run. - Daniel Schildt
Just wanted to second the call for ExpressionEngine. I've gone from TypePad to WordPress to EE and EE is by far the BEST CMS/blogging platform. It's a bit unusual at first to learn, but once you grab a hold of the main concepts - the sky is the limit! - James Hull
Fully agreed, James! - Andru Edwards
Thomas, I think you'll absolutely love Wordpress... much more flexible and customizable. - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
wordpress is totally better! - Logan Lindquist
Robert Scoble
If you had $3,000 in your pocket, which would you buy? Canon 5D MKII or Apple 17-inch MacBookPro. Discuss here:
Neither - MiniMage
We are arguing about that on the CES bus. Geeks! - Robert Scoble
Canon 5D MKII hands down. - Andrew Hyde
pro for sho - Bradley Will
Canon camera. I need a great camera more than a Mac - Keith - @tsudo
5d Mk II - Scott Loftesness
5D MKII, since I've already got a Mac Pro. ;) - Cory OBrien
Have a Nikon D300 and my old MBP is on the fritz, so this woud be a slam dunk for me - Gregg Gallagher
17 inch MBP because I love it. Then I'd buy a cheap 40D. I get more use out of a laptop than I do a camera. - Michael Yurechko
Apple 17-inch MacBookPro with a matte screen. - Arturo Puente
People who get a good cannon keep them forever, I go through a macbook every few years - Michael Struening
Macbook Pro. Only because I'm a Nikon fan. D300 is definitely my choice of camera ;) - Tamar Weinberg
mac - David Banes from IM
Would have to be the MacBookPro - Jason Townsend
The Canon. A solid peice of hardware and I'm after a camera - Mo Kargas
5D MKII of course. - Jeremy Franklin
The Canon. I'd have so much more fun with a zippy camera than a Big Mac. - Mike Neumann
Probably the computer. I'm happy with the first gen 5D I'm about to buy and as awesome as the camera is, the MBP doesn't need another $5K in lenses. - Derrick
Neither, you need at least twice that for glass & equipment to get the "rig" you should want for a Canon MKII - sorry, 3K isn't enough for that toy; and spending 3K on disposable technology (Mac equipment) isn't a wise investment. - No Name
MBP....i miss my macs! - Brian Bufalo
5D MKII hands down. I can hold onto the memory cards until I get to a desktop :) - Austin
Without question: 5D mark II - Rodney L.
MBP - it's a means of production for me, once i make some extra cash with it I can always buy the 5D ;-) - Warren
I already have a 5D MKII but I would take another one in a heartbeat, or a couple of nice L glass - Bill Pennington
5D Mark II..... no doubt. - Albert K
Canon, without a doubt. - Brad Butner
Definitely the MacBook Pro...but then again I'm not a photographer. - Charlie Flowers
Canon - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Neither, I'd use it to buy food for a year. - Will Higgins™
Considering I can make quicker cash with my Photography work I would say the Canon 5D MKII and then I would buy the Apple 17 inch MacBook Pro with some of my earnings! - Patrick Greer
5D Mark II. And then throw the remaining towards some new glass. - Andy Hannon
2k into the bank, 1k for computer upgrades and other stuff. - Grant Bierman
5D Mk II everytime ... unless I don't have a Mac at that particular time ... - Stephen Taylor
I would go for the Macbookpro - Troy Malone
5D MKII...already have a MacBookPro and I'm willing to ditch my Nikon gear! - Dan Shust
Canon 5D MKII since I already have the 15" MBP. - Alan Le
I don't need either one--but I think the Canon would have much better resale value--so given the choices: Canon. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Canon 5D MKII - for sure! - I really want one.... :( - Brad
MBP - not a photographer - Matt Faulkner
A 50D and a fast lens. ;-) - D. Lambert
I've already got the 15" unibody so I'd go for the 5Dmkii - Sparky, lurking
If I didn't have a laptop, then I would get the 17" MBP. If I already had a lappy, then get the camera... - William Sellers
Well, I recently moved from a 30D to a 5DMII because it was a huge upgrade for my "system". With a 2 year old Macbook Pro still serving me well for my needs, it's an easy decision. Additionally, I can't see using a 17" notebook over a 15 for portability sake, I'd just as well get an iMac and keep using my Macbook Pro for mobile use. - Ryan
Aren't you in Vegas? I think there are a few other options in front of you.. - LA Snark
5D!! - Wil
The camera. I have a new macbook already. - Jim Williams
The 5D is more than a $3k investment. It's $3k upfront but thousands in lenses, flashes and other gear over the years. - Michael Yurechko
Canon 5DMIII... - Greg Kamer
MacBookPro 17-inch. I am a Nikon guy. So, Canon 5D MKII if I had $7K for all the lenses, too. - Chintan Zaveri
The camera! I already have the 15" MBpro. 17" is just too big. - Sherry Main
My 1 yr-old MacBook doesn't thrill me; it sits on the desk unused, and I just couldn't pay more than $200 for a camera, unless I was dreadfully rich. - MiniMage
5DMKII - sell some images on istockphoto, and then buy an MSI Wind and install OSX. It is faster than my 15" MBP! - Darren Mak
Definitely the 5D MkII - Christopher Chan
$3,000 worth of NOODLZ - Bwana ☠
100 shares of CRM ;D - barl0w
What would I do with a Mac? - drsPIX
canon 5d. already have a 15 mbp - Kiran Patchigolla
5D MK II You can always get the Mac later. - Yu Yu Din
I'd pay my bills and buy some groceries. - ::Kristen::
What's an Apple 17-inch MacBookPro and why would a person need one? - Michael Krigsman
Mac book pro - Randy
MacBook Pro because I have neither a mac or digital SLR and the Mac does many things where as the canon does one thing well/ - BRҰANSAҰS
Canon 5D MKII - Mαηsòór
I'll take the MacBook Pro - Rob
MacBookPro...or a Martin 12 and use the difference to buy a copy of logic pro for my 15" macbook pro - Armen Chakmakjian
I'll go for the MacBook. My heart beats nikon so.... - studio_juan
5D MKII - do you want to lug around that 17" beast? - nicholas einstein
MBP - already have a nice Canon - but my Mac sits firmly on my desk - shaun mclane
MacBook Pro, but I would need another $1200 for the 8GB of RAM. - Shawn Hickman
5D MKII. Even though I already have one. - Kathleen McGivney
Neither. Maybe 3 coins :). I have a Macbook Pro which I don't use often comparing to my PC. I am not into the consumer electronic stuff, only got a digital cam last year :). - dexin
Canon. Can't believe Apple ditched the matte screen on the 17" - FCP users and photographers don't want a glossy screen - the idea of the 17" is the ability to use it out in the field for photo/video editing. - Peter Clayton
So limiting, Robert! If I could pick whatever I wanted, I'd get one of those sweet Asus multi-touch netbooks coming out - and then use the rest to buy Yahoo! stock. :P - Shawn Farner
MB 13'' and the external cinema display. MBP17 is huge to carry out - Jean-Charles VERDIE
canon - jtothea
17" MBP FTW! You should create a poll on Robert, then we can see graphed results! - Joseph
Craigslist in Cincinnati - 5D for 1200: - D. Lambert
Wow, what a great argument! 82 comments in 17 minutes! - Robert Scoble
Camera. Droooooooooool. - Alix May
Well part of it would have to go towards fixing my car, Then the rest would go towards buying a second camera body to be my main and at least one lens if not two. Then the rest would go towards bills. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Robert: Apple products plus awesome SLR cameras...response is a given :) - Mo Kargas
the camera is nice - especially all the HD video. friend of mine in the movie post-production business reckons this sort of Camera will KILL the movie camera business in a few years time. especially at the low-budget movie (<$30 million) of the movie business. RED already making big inroads. much cheaper than an ARRI. - Scot Mcphee
The MK II as I already have the MBP 17 inch...older but it works. - Semipro
Canon 5D is the winner for me. Great digital photography is the gift that keeps on giving.... ;-) - John Uppendahl
Well.... Given that I have 4 PC desktops, 2 PC laptops, and 1 iMac, all of which are operational and regularly used, AND that I suck at photography, I'm going for what's behind door #3: A whopping big HDTV -- which will get hooked up to the living room PC, of course. ;-) - Joanmarie
17" Mac. Already have a camera. . . - Scott Whitney
Nikon D3 - Bill Sanders
Macbook Pro for me. Would be my first Mac. - Jim Bednarz
Nikon D3 - ThePicMan
MacBook Pro. Don't need such a super-duper crazy camera. Not a real photographer. But a very real Mac geek. - Louis Gray
5D for sure! - Daniel Pourasghar
I'd go the MacBook - but I'd also load it up with the full 8gb of RAM I see as an option (and not many people mentioning). Sadly, a nice 17" MBP setup it just over NZ$10k :( - Mark Derricutt
MacBook Pro. Hands down. I'm a computer engineer, not a photographer. - Logan Leger
well since I've already got a Canon 5D Mark II... hmmmm... - Thomas Hawk
I'll buy neither. What I would rather do is try to buy one share of BRK-B if it gets to that price. :) - imabonehead
The 17" Mac Book Pro, I already have a 5D MkII ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
I'd buy the camera, I have always loved photography and wanted to learn. - R. Ferguson
The Canon, all the way man!! - Finding The View
Apple! I don't like the fact of the hd video recorder on the 5D and I want the Sony alpha! - Brandy Lea
Canon. 15" MBP is the largest I'll go. - rønin
I would take the cash and build an ultimate gaming PC !!! :D - ralphsaunders
When you buy an inexpensive camera, you really sacrifice quality, and that lack of quality endures (you want to keep your photos forever, right?). When you buy an inexpensive computer, that's not the case (I don't need a unibody case :) - David Andrzejewski
Canon 5D - easy answer! - Susan Beebe
Ouch, this one hurts. I suppose I can't opt for a Nikon equivalent to the Canon? If this is the choice, I'd opt for the MacBook Pro. But if I had 3K, I'd buy myself the Nikon D300 - Karoli
The Canon. A 17" laptop is too big unless you plan to use it as a desktop. - Hartley Spurlock
Mac for sure.I have a first generation Macbook and I need a new one. Kaya Singer - Kaya
I'd pay off my credit card. For all that stuff I, like, already bought. - Jandy
the Camera for sure - Tai
5d Mark II - jho
None - a super-gaming rig. :) - carrotmadman6
Definitely a Canon 5D. - Maria Colacurcio
5D Mark II - Hands down. - Seagate
I would save it until I had between $8-15K for a CO2 laser cutting machine. I like my macs small, and while full frame sounds nice, I know I'm not nearly hungry enough to go pro in photography, so 40D suits me just fine. - Jason Wehmhoener
That's a tough one because I have been wanting to get my first Mac (have to start somewhere, right?!) but am a hard core Canon fan/user. So if push came to shove, I would have to go with the Canon. - Laura Zickus
Mmm, CO2 lasers. - Mo Kargas
That would be either a trip to another continent or a Fujitsu LifeBook P1630, but it would not be either of the options in the question. I seriously cannot understand $3k for a camera, unless you're going to make that money back in a month or two WITH said camera. - MiniMage
Neither, I would invest in the stock market. - DGentry
I'd prefer a D300, however no matter what brand I'd take the camera in a second over the MBP. Save up another $500 and get a Windows Notebook as well. - Kenton
The Canon 5D MKII for sure. Cameras bring me a lot more joy than flashy computers. Though a 17-inch MacBookPro would be nice to edit those new photos on too ;-) - Ian Holton from twhirl
Probably the Mac. I would never carry around a DSLR. Too big. - Rodfather
Neither. The new full frame format with HD Movies (wow! Woopee *rolls eyes*) is crap - only 3.9 FPS?! Who are they kidding?! - Adam
Seeing my Macbook Pro is 5 months old. I would buy neither...but I would buy a MacPro with more RAM. - Ryan
I take a cruise with Lindsay - big ass stateroom. - iTad
Neither, I'd get a Canon Rebel XTi and build a new gaming PC, anything left over would go toward the new home NOC - xero
I would take my lover to Italy :) - Maryam Scoble
The Canon 5D, I find the photographic process calming, a welcome diversion from the ones and zeros. - cornedbeefgents
Awwww :) - Mo Kargas
Nikon D700 - Rod Bauer from twhirl
There's one in every crowd. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
If I had the $3,000, Canon 5D and a larger donation here Pros: it's more portable, takes better pictures, and connects to my more compact 15" Macbook Pro. Of course, it doesn't work with my Nikon lenses, so... - Lee Dale
Canon 5D MKII only cause I have a Macbook Pro. If I didnt it would be the Macbook. - Bob Maltais
Nah. Patrick's college fund. 5D Mark 2 or the Macbook isn't all that exciting. - Joshua Hayworth
cannon.I kill computers, so not worth spending 3 grand on one. Plus I have a (beat up) macbook pro already. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
The MacBook of course. - Rob Fahrni
mac - Vishy
5D, but I wish it had XLR audio. - Gus
the new MBP, without a doubt ... my current ones needs a refresh (I'm accepting donations btw) ;-) - Jeffrey Canton
Since I'll be getting the new MBP anyway, I'll take the 5D. BTW, is anyone keeping score? - Brad Kligerman
Blatant self-promotion, but if Robert used it would keep score for us... I wrote it to suck down inline multiple choice selections so no ne would even have to leave ff - James Ostheimer
Robert, you're asking the question that's been pondering in my mind from some time (albeit it used to be with the 15" and Cinema display v. 5D/a900/D700 -cannot make my mind-). I want to be able to make a decision before March. I think I'll be going for the Mac, since I might relocate in part of the world where carrying an expensive piece of art around my neck might be more dangerous than here, in JPN. - Paul Papadimitriou
I'd go for a MBP, mine needs an upgrade and I just bought a 50D not long ago which is just fine for me. - Andrew Trinh from Nambu
I need cash! :) - Randy
Some of us are Nikon people. Some of us are not Mac people. I'll just take the 3 Gs. - Eric - Final Countdown
Nikon D700 + 50mm 1.4 prime lens! - Guillaume Lemoine
More lenses. My camera is fine, and this Thinkpad is a good 'un. - Paula W
Seems like Apple design the 17-inch MacBookPro just can use in 3years.the battery can only use in 1000 times,1time per 1day,3years.But Canon 5D can take more beatuful pics for me,and can stand by me more than 3years.if i really have 3000dollers,i real do this.kick off 17-inch MacbookPro. - jedorstar from twhirl
Lenses, like Paula sez. - Rob Kramer
Buy half and half :) - Michael Forian
Wow, I came late to this convo. Well, for what it's worth at this point, I'd probably get the lappytop, sell my old MBP and then use THAT money to buy a cheaper camera. :D - Jonathan Hardesty
Macbook I think. I have a 40D but REALLY want the 5D. Which do you think you could get your hands on first? - Andrew Smith
The 5D. The MacBookPro can wait. - Chris Nixon
5D, I have enough laptops as it is. - Amit Morson
The $2800 MBP becomes a lot more compelling when converted to 2080€. - Brad Kligerman
I'm a Nikon guy but the 5D MKII has me seriously considering a switch - Bryan Thatcher from twhirl
As I don't like Macs and into my photography the choice out of the two is simple. :-) But I've rather spend the money on say the Nikon D3 and if you gave me an extra grand or 2 then I'd go for the Nikon D3X. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
Without though, the Canon 5D MKII. First up, you don't want to trust another "first gen" Apple product. And with the unimpressive lineup yesterday, maybe the 15" laptops are coming out real soon now, with similar features, and all quirks ironed out - Colin Charles from twhirl
MAC!!! - Orli Yakuel
5D over the MAC Pro. - Robert Miller
MacBookPro - just bought myself a nice camera with a fracking big lens! - Joel Hammond-Turner
Canon. I have a laptop and rarely use it - well not as a laptop. It sits on a desk as a permenant fixture. - Ian May
Canon 5D mk 2 :) - Joe Dawson
Camera, I never liked the 17". It's too heavy for a "portable" - Melissa dela Merced from twhirl
neither, a big ass HDTV :) - Terry O'Fee
If you have good lenses to take advantage of the MKII (extra $3000 needed here), go for the camera! - Joao Pedro
I would buy a Apple 17-inch macbook of course.! I don't have an apple and I would really like one. I have a camera thats good enough for me. - @LarsenTweet
nor this neither that! i will send money to help people in Gaza or at least I'll send 1000 $. - خیزران
canon 5d mk ii based on the videos I've seen - i mean just look at these - planetMitch
The Canon, surely. No use for a laptop that big. - Ryan Sholin
5D over here too - Simon Wicks
Macbook Pro 17! - Greg
The camera. Already have three computers but have no camera. - Martha
I am not pro enough to need the 5D, I am actually looking at a D60 or D90. But the 17 Macbook is something I can use :) - TheSleepyGeek
I'd buy the Nikon D700 - David Parmet from twhirl
neither - cash is still king - viki saigal
its the lens, not the body - spring for L glass - @jessewright
MacBookPro - Stewart Rogers
New MacBookPro 17". I would probably get more use out of it than the Canon. But my, oh my, ya'll, the Canon sure is sweet. - Matthew Freeman
I have the glass. I have the Mac, I'd get the 5DMKII - stretta from twhirl
5D - I don't need a macbook. I'm happy with my PC and laptop - they cover my my needs perfectly. - Roberto Bonini
Donate it to @armano. - Jim Mitchem
given my current status .. I am happy with my Canon XTi so I would go for the MacBook Pro. - Kapil
5D, but that's cuz I've been saving up for one. A new MBP would def. be on the list of future purchases (current computer is 3 years old) - Michael
Canon 5d Mk II, far more useful than the new laptop. More fun. One encourages you to sit around, the other encourages you to go out :-) - Richard A.
Canon!! - Ivana from twhirl
I would buy the Mac, get a cheaper camera with the money I have left, and edit and enhance my videos using my Mac. - Shevonne
I'd go the Mac route. I'm looking to buy one anyway and I've already got a camera. Might not be as fancy as the Canon do-dad, but I'll manage. - James Ferguson
Wow 202 comments! How did I miss this thread? :) - AJ Batac
The 17" MBP as my current 12" PB is on it's last legs and needs replacing - need rather than want for me - Sally Church
The Canon... even though I already have a 5D and actually need a new laptop - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
Macbookpro - Roger Kondrat
I'd say the MacBook... you can do more with it. - Jim J
EOS 5D - Julien Guyard
Canon, since the MBP that I'd want would actually cost $5823. Not $3000. - Ben Hwang from twhirl
This would be much more enjoyable if there was some kind of poll widget along side comments. - Michael Leggett
Would be easier to see at a glance. - Richard A.
I'd by the largest HD display I could... - Clay Newton
Canon 5D MKII. huh.. no: a powerful Linux box - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The MacBookPro, I have a Canon 30d but I do not have a MacBook - Bob Gannon
I wouldn't want a 17'' monster of a MacBookPro and therefore would go for the Canon 5D MKII - Donald Townsend
5D, the 17-inch MacBook Pro is very big. Harder to find bags for it and its less portable. - seanb
bank it, put in matress, done need either of those things, we need smarter devices that tell us the likelyhood of use-longevitiy in them, "i'm a camera you bought last year, you used me 9 times, i collect dust, owner- please resist replacing me unless you really really really need to, and the data suggests you don't.." - Dan Rockwell from twhirl
Not enough to buy what I want with the Canon, and I wouldn't be caught dead spending $3000 on a laptop. What a waste! - Paul Puri
Neither. A $3000 laptop is not worth it just because of its branding. - Spencer
ohh.. I can't choose. I want both of them... But if i choose, first canon, second mac... İ have canon 40 d and 15'' mac book pro. And i don't like mac's new screen. It's like mirror... - devletsah
Spencer: as a recent PC to Mac switcher, it's more than brand. Much more. - Ryan
I'd buy a netbook for the other three members of my family and put the remaining $2000 toward bills or savings. :) - Steve Lowe
Agree with Aaron, love my 13" Macbook and really want the 5D MKII - Kyle
Definitely the Mac. - John Clifton
Is this thing still going? I can't remember if I replied to this yet, but I say it depends on what will benefit you the most. Robert, you are a photo-maniac. I know that you have a few cameras laying around the house, but I don't know how many Macs you have. You have to remember that a 17" laptop sounds great on paper, but I know that you do a lot of traveling as well, so it might now suite your means. Then again, I would never keep $3,000 dollars in my pocket ;) - Michael Forian
of course the mac - doesn´t matter what the second option is... - Dieter Schwarz
I would buy the Canon 5D MKII but being a Nikonian I would end up buying the MacBook Pro and feel no remorse :) - Carlos Lorenzo
MacBook Pro. I need a laptop really bad. - Nick Humphries
The camera. 17-inch laptops are fricking ridiculous. - Andru Edwards
camera and a box of junior mints - Morgan
I'd definitely go for a MB Pro. My Rebel XTi and Panasonic GS180 video cam is doing me just fine. - emon hassan
Forget the Mac, keep your current camera, and buy better lenses. - Michael Krigsman
17 inch laptop is useless in term of mobility so I would go with the Canon - Hadar Weiss
A Sony a900. :) - Jeff Jones
Neither. I'd start with the Bonobo Pro Ubuntu Laptop for under $2000 and use the $1000 to max it out. - Gail Gardner
Impressive amount of comments here, this has to be the highest ever now right? - Joe Dawson
I'm sorry, can you repeat the question: did you say a "camera", a "computer" or a "shark with laser beams"? - Micah
save the money for tougher times. as much as I'd like the Canon, it's going to be just an expensive toy for me. and my three year old Inspiron works just fine for the most things I do on it. - Franci Penov from twhirl
5Dm2 because I already have the new MBP 15" 2.8Ghz. Mostly b/c the cam is more revolutionary than the 17", even though the 17" battery life is enticing. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Wow, 250 comments - OMG ...FF is really growing ...YEAH !!! - Susan Beebe
Yeah, this week has produced several >100 comment threads in my feed. - xero
Not the 5D, but some body+the best lenses, that actually lasts longer. Laptops are out of date in months and often die within 18, cameras and lenses last a lot longer - Iphigenie
I would buy a Apple 17-inch MacBookPro, only cause I already have a SLR, so I dont need the Canon 5D MKII. - Colide81 (James)
I would not spend it, id rather invest 3000 dollars with 10 shares of google - Kyle Weller
then just buy lenses - you probably already have a computer that can do everything you need - Iphigenie
Exxon-Mobile. Oh wait, what was the question again? - Erik S
Neither- new hardware for the pending Win7 beta drop. :) - Randy Holloway from twhirl
both! - jortai
@Ryan I am a Mac user, have been for a while. It's just my opinion, but $2800 for a piece of hardware in which you can the same or better specs on a PC, is quite a bit of branding. - Spencer
Using the MacBook Pro 17 inch now (love it!)- and I am quite happy with my Canon Powershot G9, so I'll just take the cash and pay down some of my debt--thanks! - Kelly W.
Canon 5D MKII then buy the 15" MacBook Pro later. - John Wang
I would buy a new fast lens for my old 5D (around $1000) and save the rest. - Alexander Arsky
Nikon E90 *and* a 15" Macbook. :) I bend rules. - Daniel Miessler
Nikon E90 like Daniel :P - Molly Song ;)
Canon 5d MKII, i'm not a mac person so that was easy. - Squid
I've been back and forth on this since the 17" was announced. I am very likely to upgrade to the 5DMKII this year. But I want a more powerful laptop to work on the huge files it creates. Chicken? Egg? Confused. - Jeremy Brooks
Canon 5D MKII for sure. MBP 15 is still chugging along after 2 years. And the 5D is still doing great after 1 year, but I would really like the new 5D. - Johnny Sewell
5D Mark II , without a doubt! - americanm
Caonon 5D all the way - John Uppendahl
بفرما میریام جان، ببین داره میاد دنبالم :)))))
‫پاش تو رکاب نیست؟ - ‫پریده
چه پنینگ قشنگی - Alooché
سجاد: پس چی :))))) - Aliha
میریام: نه اتفاقا بزرگواریشو نشون میده :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) - Aliha
پریده: چرا هست فک کنم - Aliha
سازدهنی: خیلیم کار تحصین برانگیزی میکنه تازشم :))))) - Aliha
رکسانا جان اگر توجه بکنی می بینی که روی اسب واستاده. این به این معنیه که داره از دور منو نیگاه میکنه میاد سمتم :))))))))))))))))))) - Aliha
میریام به هرحال من از ایشون حمایت می کنم تا آخرین نفس :))))))))))))))))))) - Aliha
نه ذلیل نیست سازدهنی جان. چون اینجور اسب سواری از عهده ی ذلیل ها خارجه :)))) - Aliha
اوا اتل جان دیگه یه بچه مهدکودکیم می دونه که برای بیشتر شدن سرعت باید خم شد :))))))))))))) - Aliha
میریام اینا توجیه نیست. حقیقته به خدا :دیییی - Aliha
:))) - Aliha
Pete Steege
Disk drive madness on 2 platters -
Seagate has a 500GB notebook drive shipping in Acer notebooks today as well - Pete Steege
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