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Sean Alexander
"We had a GREAT time out with Capt, Toby and crew last week. My wife and son don't scuba but like to snorkel and the crew was very accommodating. We first dove Molokini getting there first thanks to…" - Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
"We had a GREAT time out with Capt, Toby and crew last week. My wife and son don't scuba but like to snorkel and the crew was very accommodating. We first dove Molokini getting there first thanks to…" - Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
Tia Juana's Beach Cantina (1/5) -
"Closed. Sign on the door that says will reopen after 4th of July. This is mid-august. Would have been nice if the website was updated to reflect." - Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
Tia Juana's Beach Cantina (1/5) -
"Closed. Sign on the door that says will reopen after 4th of July. This is mid-august. Would have been nice if the website was updated to reflect." - Sean Alexander
Paul Thurrott
Microsoft Prepares Windows 7 for External SP1 Testing: As noted previously, those who listen to the Windows Wee..
going to CES? Let's try and catch up. - Sean Alexander
Andru Edwards
There is a nasty rumor spreading from #Gnomedex that I have gone back to PCs. It is untrue. I've been framed. Snow Leopard baby!
There's always hope. - Sean Alexander
Robert Scoble
Friendfeed'ers STAY TUNED to -- when I start my speech today I will ask the audience for something they would like to learn and YOU will teach them in real time! I want them to see the power of interacting with a crowd in live time and will put you up on screen. My speech starts at 4:20 p.m. Eastern Time.
This should be a fun experiment. 300 eLearning pros are here in Virginia and will be watching/participating. - Robert Scoble
Standing by... - Paul T Maurer
Paul: cool. It's about 45 minutes from now. - Robert Scoble
meaning in minutes from now? - Adri Munier
Hello from Richmond, VA! - Mike Lewis
Adri: yeah, as I post this comment it's 3:41. I'm on stage at 4:20 (or possibly later, if it's like most conferences and running behind at the end of the day a few minutes). - Robert Scoble
Hope it's easy questions. ;-p - rønin
i'll be waiting, thx! - Adri Munier
Yes, boss. - Louis Gray
So, that's just 9 minutes to go. Back from work in time. - Ton Zijp
Rodger that... - Ross Miller
OK ITS 4,18edt .. SO WHATS THE QUESTION ? - Peter Dawson
Peter: I'm just about to start, coming shortly. - Robert Scoble
COOL! this is a brilliant idea scoble.. most people dont really understand how useful social media can be.. u rock for helping ppl see! - Jason Pollock
hehehe..we should all comment on every other item of scobles. rather then the questions that he ask at this speech.. why ?? the one last commented on ..will bubble up to the top.. and the question will buried at the bottom !! - dirty bad !! LOL - Peter Dawson
What's my pay for this? - Steve C, Team Marina
Robert, I'm from Rome, Italy, I'd be glad if I could give a helping hand - SimoTed
Obama's was better :) - Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
an enterprising young student came by the house today. He's washing windows to pay off college debt. He's licensed/bonded/insured AND on Twitter. Do I hire him?
we hired him. We'll see how good he is. - Sean Alexander
How did you find out he was on twitter? Did he tell you, or did he find you on twitter? - Marius Strom
Sean Alexander
Why doesn't TiVo tell you Season & Episode # in the show summary? Year is not enough.
So what were your thoughts on Boxee besides it being early Alpha? - Corey Gouker
Boxee has merit in concept but interaction model and ease of use leave a lot to be desired. - Sean Alexander
"It’s an incredibly simple recipe that you can use to please any bacon lover in your life, even people who are ambivalent to bacon will love it. Those who hate bacon, however, will run in the opposite direction. When my brother tried it he was so overwhelmed that all he could say was “Oh my God!” over and over again." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
I don't eat red meat but this sounds amazing! - Tiffy Diamond
I don't think I'd like it. I don't have a sweet tooth.... - Ian May
I'd go with a thicker cut, myself, but it's kinda like putting a sweet glaze on a ham, no? - Derrick
I have a major sweet tooth, but thou shalt not mix sweet and salty in my mouth, with the exception of glazed ham. - MiniMage
Also called, "Pig Candy" in some circles. I sprinkle Turbinado Sugar on mine set out on a disposable wire grill on a Big Green Egg. It tastes like a cross between Honeybaked Ham and Bacon heaven. - Sean Alexander
I don't know, you guys . . . but that does look kinda tempting in a perverse sort of way . . . <licks lips> - Chris Loft
When you come to Seattle you better bring some pig candy with you! - Sparky, lurking
Jonathan Hardesty
Internet troubles on the Wii. Looks like I need to do research?
Right on. Also, I remember having to change DNS settings on the Wii to something specific, but I don't have the url that I promised myself I'd bookmark. - Jonathan Hardesty
OpenDNS! That's what it was! I completely forgot. Thanks a bunch. - Jonathan Hardesty
I can't get the update today (been a while since I booted up). Is this system-wide? - Sean Alexander
I haven't been able to update today either. It could be system wide, especially if more families got ahold of Wiis for the Holidays and tried to get the updates all at once. - Jonathan Hardesty
Alright. Things seem to be working better now. Relief. - Jonathan Hardesty
Charlie Kindel
@Dingo On the ground I Denver safe! Just landed.
you're lucky- Seatac is now shut down. - Sean Alexander
Shawn L. Morrissey
The panic before the big storm -
The panic before the big storm
Been there, done that already today. Safeway and Target in Issaquah were out of control. Have a safe evening. - Michael Palermiti
Fred Meyer in Issaquah was looking like the end of days - not a single cart left anywhere. - Sean Alexander
We can't get out of our neighborhood except on foot (and we tried yesterday but couldn't do anything but slide) so we walked to QFC at Crossroads. It wasn't any busier than on any other Saturday afternoon. That might be because so many people live at the bottom of hills that haven't been sanded in this area of Bellevue. But Crossroads Mall did seem pretty busy. - Tommy Williams
Michael Gartenberg
Amazon MP3 store makes little inroad against Apple. Here's why. -
Don't forget it's also about consumer awareness (marketing) and walled gardens. Path of least resistance is to use the software that came with your device. - Sean Alexander
Michael Gannotti
just got home. Acceptance letter from Franciscan University in the mail box for Sam. My son is in :-) -
Congrats! You must be very proud. - Sean Alexander
Thomas Hawk
Ok, I've just started using iTunes instead of Windows Media Player to manage my music. Question. If I rip more music and add it to my library do I have to import each of these CDs individually into iTunes or is there some way it can monitor my music folder on an external drobo and auto add these?
Unfortunately no. This is bar far the worst thing about iTunes. - Chris Nixon
Of course there is. Download iTLU (iTunes Library Updater). There is a gui as well as a command line interface, you can write a batch and then set when you want it to run with Task Scheduler. - Joel Tanner
To the best of my knowledge, Thomas, there isn't a 'watch' folder type feature built in. You might check out for some possible work arounds, though. If there's a script for it, that site will have it. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Also, as a side note, you can sync itunes and wmp/mce with music bridge, which can also be run w/a gui and from the command line. I manage all of my music with iTunes, and then have a batch that copies/updates it across the network to my VMC, which then updates it in iTunes, and then syncs the meta with wmp/mce... nightly. - Joel Tanner
Joel, great tip! Thanks. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Using iTunes to rip CDs is what I do.... works great if you have it auto-rip on insert, and then auto-eject when complete. But... there are many times when I'll be on another computer and rip something, and then it needs importing. Also, for those who download music... iTLU can help automate the process, as I mentioned. - Joel Tanner
Have you tried Media Monkey? - Alastair Montgomery
Media Monkey only monitors folders if you go for the Gold $39.95 version though. - Joel Tanner
thanks guys, it sounds like this is indeed a limitation of iTunes. WMP can monitor folders which I really liked but lately has stopped being useable so I've had to switch to iTunes. Will check out iTunes Library Updater (thanks Joel). Still haven't tried Media Monkey yet Alastair, need to do that at some point. - Thomas Hawk
iTunes isn't really a music manager, it's just a front end to a store. It's design princilpes aren't focussed on helping you, they are focussed on selling you stuff. - Rich
Adrian the problem with ripping the CDs in iTunes is that I want to later move the music and put it in a hierarchical music file folder structure I've made alphabetically on an external drobo. I'm going to start trying to rip with iTunes (since WMP won't pull up meta data from the web when I try to rip a disc with it) but I'll need to move the music after I rip it. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, what sort of directory structure are you using? And how many tracks are you currently managing? - Joel Tanner
Another one on my list to try is SongBird, don't know if it monitors folders though. - Alastair Montgomery
My library is over 50,000 tracks, and nearing 300 Gb.... and as Oliver suggested, I let iTunes manage he directory structure and file naming -- although it took me awhile to trust iTunes to do this. - Joel Tanner
The Zune player does it -- WMP should be able to do it - Shey
That puts my 22Gb library to shame :S - Alastair Montgomery
I have an addiction to music, and building my library.... - Joel Tanner
after A LOT of trial and error, and testing, I've come to the conclusion that iTunes does a farrrrr better job of managing files based on meta than WMP does. This is also why I use Music Bridge to sync meta from iTunes to WMP/MCE so it's much cleaner and more organized when I pull up music in Media Center - Joel Tanner
The problem is as a Windows app, itunes sucks. Try the Zune software, it isnt tied to a zune player, manages music really well, monitors folders and does a good job ripping CD's. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Soulhuntre, why do you think iTunes sucks on Windows? it's nearly identical on OS X. - Joel Tanner
helpful thread. I use a Mac.. but still interesting. why isn't winamp a standard anymore? - NoahDavidSimon
re: winamp .... ever since AOL took it over it went downhill and lost marketshare (does it even have any now?), and then of course iTunes removed most people's need for it. - Joel Tanner
I still have version 3 on my laptop at home, just for its small footprint. - Alastair Montgomery
Check out what definitive Paul Thurott has to say on this music/server subject. He rips his entire collection to both MS & Apple. Also look at WHS (Windows Home Server). Still in infancy, and typical MS project "You buy it, you fix it.", but the HP version has excellent iTune server synch. WHS slowly becomes a "must" for photographers, along with superb Mozy. - Douglas Hopkins
Adrian, I've never noticed playback quality issues on iTunes on my end. What sort of comparison have you done between the two, and any reason you think there is a difference? - Joel Tanner
Joel, I'm managing about 120,000 mp3s at present. It's a very large library and although WMP in Vista is much better in terms of not making me wait 6 minutes to hear a song, lately the WMP library is constantly corrupting. It won't recognize discs anymore, won't write ratings of songs to files, only includes 2,000 of my 11,000 5 star songs in an auto 5 star playlist, etc. - Thomas Hawk
the only solution when I have these WMP problems is too nuke the "corrupted" library and reimport it which can take days. Even then very quickly the same problems crop up. iTunes took a long, long time (like 5 days) to import my library but now seems to handle it much better than WMP did. - Thomas Hawk
Winamp was only crap when AOL first took it over. It's as good now or better than it ever was. If youv'e not tried it since it sucked (briefly), you should try it again. - abacab
Thomas, holy crap. I knew you had more than I (from a discussion a long time ago), but my gawd that's insane. I have noticed that Vistas WMP is much better on memory/processor, but it's still put to to shame by iTunes with my collection. I'd be VERY curious to know how your collection fares with iTunes. Also, what are the specs of the machine you're managing your music on? - Joel Tanner
Adrian, did you have custom equalizer settings in Winamp? - Joel Tanner
Many people I know agree that Winamp is the better player, but it lacks in managing your music library. - Amit Morson
Why the switch? - Sean Alexander
Thanks for suggesting iTLU. - Remo
No problem. iTLU has been a life saver for me. The apps got a lot of great features for not only adding new tracks, but also cleaning up your itunes DB. - Joel Tanner from IM
Adrian: re: musikCube... I was (and am, still) a long-time user. Great library management, great player, and really great audio. Not really a ripper, but a great app for the price otherwise. Super-large libraries can bog mC down, but that happens with any audio library tool/player/util. I'd love to see mC make a real comeback. - abacab
Thomas Hawk
I think it totally sucks that you can't get your Windows Media Player ratings into iTunes -- even when you've told Windows Media Player to write the ratings to the file. Apple and Microsoft could care less about user portability. My ratings are mine. I should be able to have them wherever I want.
MusicBridge as stopgap - Sean Alexander
thanks Sean, I'll definitely check that out. It looks like it might do the trick. I finally got all 120,000+ of my music tracks into iTunes and now I'm hoping to be able to create a 5 star list that I can use so that I can only sync my 5 star songs on my iPhone, since I obviously can't get all 120,000 songs on a 16 gig phone. - Thomas Hawk
hmmm.. Music Bridge totally seems to be working. Scratch what I said about Microsoft caring less. :) Really appreciate the pointer Sean. - Thomas Hawk
Think I'll try that myself - Roberto Bonini
Thomas, I'm guessing these are DRM-free since you're moving them from WMP to iTunes. Check Simplify Media to stream any and all to your iPhone. Takes the 16GB factor out of play. - Kevin C. Tofel
TH: Glad I could help :) - Sean Alexander
Absolutely - bug reports should belong to you as well - consideration takes many forms - Wes Schadenfreud
I absolutely detest how you can only format your iPod to work on either OS X or Windows which means huge hurdles in file transfers if you can at all - sofarsoShawn
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Flip Mino HD on Amazon: - I'm thinking of getting it, selling my old one.
Have it, like it but resolution is not the only factor. Really bad in marginal light. - Sean Alexander
Chris - I've often wondered how you get the nice sound & site on your live stream. What tech do you use for that - John Foss from twhirl
Brian Boyd
Ron Howard is sitting directly behind me while I eat dinner. No one notices. Welcome to NYC
Tell him I loved the Obama video he did. - Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
listening to Pandora on Sonos for FREE and cleaning the house
Listening to Pandora for FREE on my Sonos is what I should have said. - Sean Alexander
Alan Cheslow
Fully Nude Strip Search by Cops: Male Police Stripping Woman Completely Naked -
Fully Nude Strip Search by Cops: Male Police Stripping Woman Completely Naked
disgusting - Alan Cheslow
unbelievable - Sean Alexander
Robert Scoble
My post just showed up on home page and it's amazing how many haters are now showing up. Droves of them.
Why the hate. Why does the left hate so much? - Paul W. Swansen
Really Robert, I know you expected this with that kind of bait. This can't be a surprise. I'm not an American? Come on man. - Bwana ☠
Must. Avoid. Urge. To visit. Michelle. Malkin. Musn't. Create. Conditions. For. Screaming. Out. Loud. - tehKenny
Thanks for the Malkin link Robert but Ms Malkin was one of the main reasons I quit political blogging for good a few weeks ago and I refuse to even visit as I might hurl - Bob Schwartz
the left? THE LEFT? Reality check. But really, I don't have the room for all the tinyurls to cite the racism, xenophobia, mccarthyism, etc. stirred into life by Sarah Palin and the non-thinking members of the GOP. - Rick Powell
"The orgy of Obamedia attention Powell will receive the next 24 hours is disproportionate to its importance." Yeah, Michelle, and that's why it's front and center on your site right now. You're not yawning; you're freaking out. - Rick Powell
Rick, have you ever read the obscene vitriol spewed by the left in the comments at Huffington Post and in the diaries and comments at the Daily Kos? Hate doesn't know left or right: it's an equal opportunist. It rises up wherever the perfect storm of ignorance and self-righteousness meet. - Akiva
What amazes me is how some people are surprised at this kind of behavior in the country of lynching, Jim Crow, Nativism, slavery, the Trail of Tears, etc. ad nauseum. - Steve Lowe
Well, no, actually, I don't read that blog. I have no doubt there's hate on every side, but I see no argument in my comment that states otherwise. I try to stay away from extremists of both parties. - Rick Powell
+10000 Akiva - Bwana ☠
I've never understood why some idiots think "America: Love it or Leave it" is even a little patriotic. One of the greatest freedoms we have is to air our grievances with our government without fear of censorship or persecution. America is strong enough to withstand criticism, especially when it's being presented in hope that conditions will improve. - Jack&Cleo
Like fake-following, plus-ing comments is lame and lazy. (Hmmm that must be one reason why it's not implemented on FF) Make a comment, don't just cheer. - Rick Powell
Keep us updated on how many death threats you get, Scoble. - Rob H.
and you are afraid with good reason. lets hope for the best or this could be the end of the us as we know it. - teymur madjderey
+666 Rick Powell [snickering] - Akiva
But Scott, leftists publish angry blog comments! Surely that is equivalent to threats of lynching at an official GOP rally! - Rob H.
Your post was designed to stir people up. Hang in there, light is at the end of the tunnel. - Sean Alexander
Rob, have you read some of those comments? They can be just as violent and just as threatening. And some of them were published at Obama's official website and, remember, the publication of those blogs had to be okayed by the administrators. They were only deleted after people began to notice what was being said. As I wrote, that kind of idiocy is everywhere; no one is immune. - Akiva
Robert, I lived in England for nearly twenty years, and got a whole different perspective on my country. Seems that the polarization of the nation continues, and the 'silent middle ground' has been lost to extremists on both sides. From the comments on your blog, it seems that hate is in abundance. Sort of strange that rather than engage in a dialogue about what our country needs to do, people would rather hark back to 'my country right or wrong.' It took courage on your part to take a stand. - Henry Burger
Akiva, I have read those comments. Everytime someone posts a Youtube video of GOP hatred, someone links to those comments. Everytime Coulter, Malkin, Limbaugh, etc say something particularly hateful, someone brings up the same Kos comments. Everytime some calls for Obama's death at a rally, someone brings up the same Kos comments. You can call hate equal opportunist, but only one side actually strives on it. - Rob H.
Oh, well, Rob, you're right. That totally excuses hate on the left. My bad. - Akiva
Since we're still on the playground... OOOOOHHH!!! ROB!! BUUUURRRNNNNNNN!!! AKIVA SURE SHOWED YOU. Is that better than a +100? - Bwana ☠
Oh! Oh! Should I plus Rob's comment? I think not. Instead: Hanging an effigy of Obama from a tree is not the same as calling Michelle Malkin a cunt. Not even close. McCain says that "bad people" show up at Obama rallies and yell shit about him. (Said that on Letterman.) Is this true? Is it even close to being true? And if they do yell shit, is it morally equivalent to racist, xenophobic, McCarthyite, inciting comments yelled in public? At a Palin rally where she says much the same thing? Get a grip. - Rick Powell
Ah yes, election year. Where everyone is judge, jury, and executioner. Too bad the entire system is based on lies and has no foundation. This is why it's pointless to debate politics. - Bwana ☠
+100 Bwana - Akiva
Rick, so it's okay for one side to do horrible things because the other side is doing something worse? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that death spiral is going to bring us all some place really positive. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that there's hate on both sides. You may want to think the hate on one side is excusable because the hate on the other side is 'worse' but, as far as I'm concerned, no hate is excusable. - Akiva
What is "tood Bad" is that not the whole world an aussie i don't care! and am sick of hearing about it. - Mr.Tiggr
You're right, Akiva. Presidential elections are supposed to be about who can do the best for the country. Issues, not emotions. - Jack&Cleo
And this election is _all_ about emotions. That's the thing I've been yelling for weeks. People are excusing a LOT because of emotions. - Bwana ☠
Where oh where did I say hate was excusable? Please don't project your liberal-bogeyman ideas onto me, Akiva. I'm sorry I do not see the moral equivalency here, in this instance. Please make that argument, however, if that's the argument you want to make. Calling someone stupid or misinformed is not hate, no matter what Hopkins or any other sore-losing ideologue wants to think. Hanging someone in effigy certainly is. As is "Kill him!" and "Terrorist!" - Rick Powell
@Glenn the PHP guy I'll make whatever judgments I damn well please about whomever I damn well please. Fake-following is lame. It is bad faith, but it's what I've come to expect here. Plus-ing comments strikes me as juvenile. I really don't care who's insulted by that. - Rick Powell
Robert, you're one of the most American people I know. I'm proud to have people like you in this country. However, do you fish or hunt? ;-) - Jesse Stay
If its the Demcrats its truth, if its the Republicans its hate. - Tony Kanzia
Jesse: I have fished in my life and caught crabs, too, among other things. But lately I'm too lazy and prefer Safeway for my food. Tony: I took an anti-Obama stance in my post (about Nuclear power) but my point is that we can't talk about the issues anymore because we get too religious about certain ones that really don't matter in the overall scheme of things and we start calling the other side names. You'll note I didn't call anyone any names, well, except I called myself unamerican. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you are a true American then. :-) If you ever want to go fishing some time let me know. - Jesse Stay
Robert, seriously though, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Muslim faith. I grew up with some of my most memorable years in Indonesia when I was younger. I highly respect the Islamic faith. Good for you for being willing to convert to respect your wife's traditions and beliefs. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
FYI, the Secret Service found nothing to corroborate the "kill him" threat. - Chris Mayer
The most ambitious project of income redistribution that the US has ever seen is now underway. And it's bipartisan AND has the approval of capitalists everywhere. Marx isn't spinning in his grave, his head has exploded. - Rick Powell
Lets see now, although the right wing Cato Institute says otherwise, most analysis of income tax returns since the 1970's have shown that the share of U.S. income going to the top 1 percent (those people with the highest incomes) has increased substantially.... and that was not income redistribution? - David HC Soul
Major Nelson (Larry)
Well, at least when I go to the office at 0400, there is no traffic. Right?
"Break of Dawn Sean" says, "0400 is the best time to get work done" - Sean Alexander
All your doing is reinforcing the sleep lag - go back to sleep!! - Ian Triplow
Sean Alexander
Does anyone else have an Apple TV whose remote response is hyper-sluggish? The IR blinks but I often wait 5-10 seconds for a response. Not to mention it runs very hot.
I'm wondering if I can take it to the Apple Store for an exchange. I bought it online though... - Sean Alexander
Not feeling too swell this am. Sore throat, who invited you to the party?
I can relate. Wasn't there last night! - Sean Alexander
Jeremy Toeman
ok, sleep time. but a question for friendfeeders (be honest about yourself) - do you seek out/prefer people who intelligently question your actions and debate with you, or people who support you regardless?
I prefer those who respectfully challenge me. - Adam Lasnik
Hmmm...I'd have to say both. I think if someone did nothing but intelligently challenge me, I might go a little nuts. But I do like good discussions. - Hutch Carpenter
I don't know. Most of them subscribed to me first. :) - Morton Fox
The idea of "intelligently questioning" is hard. I like people who are interested in the same things I am, but encourage dialogue. Those that slam me and don't intelligently debate are harder to deal with, and aren't sought out. - Louis Gray
If I get around people who always agree with me I get bored. It's fun, like eating sugar, for a while, but it's empty calories. - Robert Scoble
It really depends on what the subject matter is. Sometimes I don't want people to be disagreeing with me cause it makes me angry. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I like to expose myself to new viewpoints... And challenge my existing ones. - Lindsay
Much prefer the debate although I think I've overdosed on politics for a while :) - Charlie Anzman
debate for sure. How can you be sure of what you believe in until you have to intelligently try to defend it. Plus, the comments of other will help you gain a more well rounded view. Surrounding yourself with too many like minded people will build an US versus THEM mentality. That's very bad if we hope to progress. - Chris
I would like to think that I seek people around me that will first intelligently question my actions and then support me regardless. I think those are your true friends. - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
Both - people who can have an exchange of ideas even when they disagree seem to be a rarity though. - Sean Alexander
Respectful debate, discussion and challenge is fun and more interesting; most of my close friends disagree with me on things like politics and that's cool for me. - Sally Church
looking for intelligent, respectful debate. looking to expand my view not cement it. FF is the best place i've found for that. - MikeAmundsen
mixture of both - R. Ferguson
I'd be happy with either. I hate being ignored. But given the choice, I'd prefer the questioner. - Bruce Lewis
No struggle, no progress! Incestuous thinking leads to absolute blindness:) - Roney Smith
I like the multi-faceted perspectives that challenge my own thinking and forces me to really evaluate my own premises...very cool. Also, love it with folks agree with me! ha! - Susan Beebe
I like the debate. - BrandonC
Questioners, every time. - susan mernit
Regardless, FriendFeed is a great place b/c there are intelligent discussions here, most of the time :) - Mike Reynolds
The smarter and stronger the opposition, the better. Powerful debate and dialectic are the engine of progress and enlightenment. Let the best ideas and arguments win. - Sean McBride
Sean Alexander
Watching Knight Rider on TiVo. Possibly the WORST show ever green lit. Bad writing, bad FX, cheesy cars, ridiculous outfits
So bad if you put it in a movie, it would stand as a fake, cheesy, low-budget commentary on cheesy TV shows. I'm so disappointed. - Sean Alexander
After a few days of thought, possibly the worst show ever filmed. - Sean Alexander
did you watch the 2 hour TV movie or the first episode of the new season? apparently a whole new team is in charge of the show - different from the folks who did the 2 hour movie - Brandon LeBlanc from twhirl
New team, even worse than the old team - Sean Alexander
Jason Calacanis
if you have three days in greece what should you do (after athens)? mykonos? santorini? i need to decompress
Stay offline, would be my 1st suggestion,a boat tour would be my 2nd as that is really nice & cheap if you are on an island - Roger Kondrat
I just got back from Greece. Fly to Santorini, stay in Imerovigli, get a place overlooking the caldera, and decompress with an awesome view & almost complete silence. - Brian Glick
Santorini - town of Oia - PERIVOLAS hotel. check as mid OCT is end of season - but then maybe this is what you want. no ferries - its a 45 minute flt from ATH. another alternative is Rome ( Italy ) - a 60 minute flt from ATH. you can detox in Rome if you do the off-the-beaten-path....skip all the famous places...piazza cafes, fab food - best of class = Hotel de la Russie - SnakeDoc
Santorini for sure. Mykonos is interesting but a bit overrated IMO - Sean Alexander
Jeremy Toeman
NYC Taxi Owners Sue to Stop Hybrid Cabs -
waah. Partitions are hardly a reason.... - Sean Alexander
Brandon LeBlanc
I've been listening to a lot of music lately after the Zune 3.0 release.
me too. 120GB worth - Sean Alexander
you bought a Zune 120? I have a Zune 80 and bought a awesome Blue Zune 8. I haven't come close to filling my Zune 80 so I figured I didn't need a Zune 120 just yet. - Brandon LeBlanc from twhirl
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