Triple stitched cotton, admired while waiting for something -
Triple stitched cotton, admired while waiting for something
Winter is here in Northern VA -
Social Networks to Mac Address Book -
Growing Twitter functionality -
@eeble 1 sandwich 1 bowl of soup, they gave me the wrong side and the wrong size soup, when I went back, they gave me the wrong soup
I think my order at panera bread jammed the whole lunch assembly line.
Drinking earl gray to reduce the soar the throat, waiting for new venture financing class to start needs a design review, badly
@dlprager ustream it, the unexpected guest could be back
Dear Apple, I will give up features like facial recognition in iPhoto if you will make it harder to own my system.
"The hardest target is Firefox on Win.With Firefox on Mac OS,you can do whatever you want.There’s nothing in the Mac OS that will stop you."
Local tv news show is talking about corps using twitter to keep track of what customers are saying about them
Back from Cee Fine Thai, steamed dumplings were great, though the food never came out at the same time :)
This blazing noodle may be just too blazy
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