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RT @NorCalComedy: Sean Keane aka @LLCoolS Will be at "Club Chuckles" in SF Fri 5/2 w/ @ROBOTCAITLIN #SfComedy
RT @weismanjake: "Would you rather be invisible or have the ability to walk?" -Hypotheticals birds ask each other
I don't care how big a blowout gets. It is never OK to hear Reggie Miller say "all those young girls"
Maybe the Warriors could bring in Steph Curry's nerd twin to play point guard?
Deandre Jordan has three blocked shots, but the biggest rejection of the night was when TNT cut away from Billy Crystal mid-sentence.
Occasionally let Ringo sing. @midnight #MustHaveBeenHigh
That heartwarming story about Mark Jackson's Easter sermon only made me think, "Oh, so that's why he didn't work on the game plan."
RT @jon_bois: the Grizz just beat the Kobayashi Maru.
The only think worse than how the Warriors are playing tonight is having to listen to Reggie Miller announce it.
"HUGE shot there by The Servant!" - No one
And THAT'S why they call him The Servant!
RT @OSheaComputer: The Dramatic conclusion of the 4:20 trilogy with @JoeyDevine & @LLCoolS
RT @OSheaComputer: Part 2 of 4:20 the cinematic Odyssey I made with @JoeyDevine & @LLCoolS. Look at me, I am in an undershirt!
RT @OSheaComputer: A few year back @JoeyDevine, @LLCoolS & I made this parody of 24 (a tv show popular 10 years ago) called 4:20
If it makes Dwight Howard feel any better, Shaq is also very disparaging towards Henry Cahill, Brandon Routh, and Dean Cain.
Tim Duncan celebrates Easter by walking his children through a detailed map of where all of the eggs are hidden
RT @AJKirsch: Surprise appearance by @GuyFieri at @Nickelback at @HpPavilionSj in San Jose to throw beer to a very thirsty crowd.
RT @moshekasher: @blakegriffin32 yo you got cats hella mad in Oakland right now bruh
Imagine how hard he would have flopped if that cup of water had landed on Blake Griffin instead
The saddest kid at the Staples Center #warriors #nba #despair
RT @netw3rk: If Jermaine O'Neal was doing this against me in 2K, I'd call BS and check the sliders.
Maybe Jamal Crawford should only shoot from half court
If David Lee had been guarding His tomb instead of that stone, Jesus would have been back early Saturday morning.
It's weird that Steph Curry has his own fake State Farm brother because "Seth Curry" is already the Cliff Paul version of his name.
I don't necessarily swipe left if a mom comes up on Tinder but I do if she's wearing a Macklemore sweatshirt.
Techbro bus alert! Sunglasses, puffy vest, belted shorts, double-fisting Red Bulls and blocking the back door for eight blocks #onthebus
RT @marycray: @LLCoolS tell me you saw this: you and @_chrisgarcia were the first!
"He brought ketchup to a hot dog fight!" - @_chrisgarcia , discussing the riot at the Magic Mike premiere in SF (cc: @MrEmilyHeller)
RT @nodshot: I've started freelance writing for @KQEDarts and here's my first piece, an exit interview with SF comedian @LLCoolS
RT @boarsgoreswords: The Lion and The Roses? More like Christmas in April, @LLCoolS joins us in our re-cap of @GameOfThrones 4x02, get it!
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