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The NSA's Cyber-King Goes Corporate
The NSA's Cyber-King Goes Corporate
Advances in Artificial Intelligence Will Let Software Extract Personal Data from Our Online Photos
What is currently the most important scientific paper that is critical of anthropogenic global warming claims?
Eric? Let's take a look. - Sean McBride
An alternative to the Turing Test: ‘Winograd Schema Challenge’ annual competition announced
Language And Social Relations | Grammar and syntax | Cambridge University Press -
Language And Social Relations | Grammar and syntax | Cambridge University Press
"Language is closely linked to our social relationships and is the medium through which we participate in a variety of social activities. This fascinating study explores the important role of language in various aspects of our social life, such as identity, gender relations, class, kinship, status, and hierarchies. Drawing on data from over thirty different languages and societies, it shows how language is more than simply a form of social action; it is also an effective tool with which we formulate models of social life and conduct. These models - or particular forms of social behaviour - are linked to the classification of 'types' of action or actor, and are passed 'reflexively' from person to person, and from generation to generation. Providing a unified way of accounting for a variety of social phenomena, this book will be welcomed by all those interested in the interaction between language, culture, and society." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
A Review of Three Natural Language Processors, AlchemyAPI, OpenCalais, and Semantria
Second Siberian Hole Found - Is Permafrost Losing Its Perma?
Second Siberian Hole Found - Is Permafrost Losing Its Perma?
sort social paths between *object1 and *object2 by shortest
# where objects can be *, etc. 1. activities 2. addresses 3. email addresses 4. events 5. groups 6. IP addresses 7. nations 8. organizations 9. people 10. telephone numbers - Sean McBride
sort social paths between *object1 and *object2 which include *object3 by shortest - Sean McBride
sort social paths between *person1 and *person2 which include *person3 by shortest - Sean McBride
Twitter is for fast brains who get the main points instantly.
They don't need a dissertation. - Sean McBride
Who's they? - Professor A.I.
The best minds on Twitter and the minds who follow them. - Sean McBride
You ever read the bios; everybody is the best mind on Twitter. - NOT THE CRICKET
Then why do PhD's need to have a dissertation and the professors who advise them? - Professor A.I.
"best minds" is a category one needs to populate with instances according to one's personal criteria. But automated methods for doing this are improving impressively. - Sean McBride
Doctoral dissertations are fine and necessary -- but not all the time or even most of the time. Often a brief crisp sentence will do. - Sean McBride
And in any case, one can use Twitter to post pointers to great dissertations. A few keywords in the tweet will either catch one's eye or not. - Sean McBride
A large portion of people I'd label best minds, don't bother with Twitter, or social media in general. - NOT THE CRICKET
Who are they? - Sean McBride
Sean, are you going out on a limb and saying Twitter is popular? You should be an evangelist for them—they really need one. - Professor A.I.
I guess I'm not one of the best minds, since I don't really use Twitter much. - Professor A.I.
Sean, I don't know most of them because they don't bother with Twitter. ;) A few, that have accounts but lack any serious activity that could be considered coming from the best of minds: Rich Hickey, Bret Victor aka Worry Dreams, Dyske Suematsu, Jack Cheng, the Professor by some other name. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cricket -- thanks for the response. I asked you because I am always on the lookout for interesting minds I may have overlooked. And both you and the prof are right: many of the best minds in the world are not on Twitter or any social media platform. They tend to keep very low profiles. - Sean McBride
One on Twitter (and formerly Friendfeed) that I really respect is Mike Amundsen (@mamund), for his work on data formats and Hypermedia API's. - NOT THE CRICKET
Right -- I've been following Mike "Hypermedia" Amundsen's Friendfeed feed for years. - Sean McBride
Then you should love my new service. It consists of seemingly random strings that actually point to the deepest secrets of the universe. That is, if you are smart enough to figure out their true meaning. The location of this service is of course self evident to the initiated. - Todd Hoff
Only certain selected ET species will get what that is all about -- the ones that communicate with one another, just for fun and because they are bored, through complex puns and allusions constructed from bits and pieces of all the natural and artificial languages and symbol systems in the universe. - Sean McBride
"faster brains, younger women, older whiskey, and more money." or something like that - Greg GuitarBuster
Now that is a value system one can earnestly embrace. :) - Sean McBride
LOL Todd. I agree Stage 3 RESTful services are pretty much a useless abstraction, with only a few use cases. When a Stage 2 REST-based RPC works just as well for 98% of cases and is far easier to mentally reason about. One significant use case, I've found recently is for allowing others to attach external self-describing services with little or no effort on the developers part. Think Friendfeed, IFTTT, Zapier, etc. that integrate with your services instead of supporting your services. - NOT THE CRICKET
None of the very smart people I know use Twitter. But then, they are not out there trying to attract "followers". Too busy figuring things out..... - Danaa
I always thought Twitter is great for the celebritologists. And politicians. And OK, Max Blumenthal (because he has to). - Danaa
Twitter is a trully fantastic tool for teenagers - mirrors their actual socialization skills and apptitudes (well, most of them....). Goes very well with texting and sexting. It's also great for the BORG society - excellent tool for connecting the hive out there picking nectar from the field for reasons unknown. Only problem is, what if there is Deranged Bee Syndrome? - Danaa
Todd & Sean seem to be aware of our new service. - Professor A.I.
Danaa -- Twitter is not a medium for doing deep thinking -- it's a medium for providing quick pointers to deep thinking on other platforms. - Sean McBride
There are cheese puffs in the closet. - NOT THE CRICKET
If I had a column in a paper or a blog out in the visible world, I'd probably use Twitter too. basically anyone in the public eye - and many who just work with the public (as in providing a service) finds twitter very useful as a kind of 'advertisement' to direct traffic to their site. No disagreement there. - Danaa
Danaa -- does this link open correctly for you? [Twitter: Sean McBride: following] I wouldn't follow these feeds if I didn't think they were valuable. Do they fail to meet your standards? Some of these people I would describe as smart -- in fact, super-smart. - Sean McBride
It's interesting to see who various Twitter users are following -- for instance: [Twitter: Stephen Walt: following] - Sean McBride
[Twitter: KurzweilAINews: following] - Sean McBride
Sean, in truth I follow no one on Twitter. For reasons that have everything to do with time management and nothing with my opinions re twitter. Most of the time I am signed out so the link you provided does not open for me. They keep wanting me to sign in and I keep not wanting to. I am right now trying to get done with several essay snippets. can't promise anything to anybody or check in to anywhere till I'm done. Don't worry about my standards. I just live in my own bubble world, like everyone else. - Danaa
Danaa -- time management is precisely what motivates me to use Twitter: it permits one to track and prioritize the most important new events and ideas in any domain with the least time and effort. It also enables you to break out of your bubble by scanning and listening to the social networks of others -- including adversaries. - Sean McBride
Science 2.0: Google Web Mining Can Help Neuroscientists Analyze Big Data
Science 2.0: Google Web Mining Can Help Neuroscientists Analyze Big Data
Text mining challenge: automatically content analyze all world media on all issues in real time.
Hockett's design features - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Hockett's design features - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In the 1960s, linguistic anthropologist Charles F. Hockett defined a set of features that characterize human language and set it apart from animal communication. He called these characteristics the design features of language. Hockett originally believed there to be 13 design features. While primate communication utilizes the first 9 features, the final 4 features (displacement, productivity, cultural transmission, and duality) are reserved for humans. Hockett later added prevarication, reflexiveness, and learnability to the list as uniquely human characteristics. He asserted that even the most basic human languages possess these 16 features." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Expert Systems: How Far Can Intelligence Be Automated?
Expert Systems: How Far Can Intelligence Be Automated?
# thinking about propaganda
1. propaganda A/B testing 2. propaganda audiences 3. propaganda channels 4. propaganda media outlets 5. propaganda narratives 6. propaganda objectives 7. propaganda systems 8. propaganda talking points 9. propaganda targets 10. propaganda themes 11. propaganda tone 12. propaganda vectors - Sean McBride
"Propaganda" is neither a good term nor a bad term -- it's the collection of techniques everyone uses (either consciously or unconsciously) to persuade others to one's point of view on political and policy issues. Better to be good at it than bad at it -- to master the craft. - Sean McBride
Fine-tuning propaganda: the most effective arguments directed at the most influential individuals. - Sean McBride
The 5 Massive New Telescopes That Will Change Astronomy Forever
The 5 Massive New Telescopes That Will Change Astronomy Forever
wow! - Steve C
10 minutes skimming Twitter is worth more than 10 hours watching cable TV news.
Designing the exascale computers of the future
Designing the exascale computers of the future
Ron Kaplan of Nuance Communications on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
Text-analysis startup Synapsify slurps up $850K | VentureBeat | Deals | by Jordan Novet -
Text-analysis startup Synapsify slurps up $850K | VentureBeat | Deals | by Jordan Novet
"Synapsify, a startup with the ability to rank the most important statements in a sea of text, has brought in $850,000 in new funding. In addition to announcing the funding today, Synapsify also launched a new web-based “virtual analyst” that recommends the specific text that’s worth paying the most attention to. People can upload a spreadsheet, and the service can analyze the data and allow for filtering, prioritizing, and reporting." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"From there, things really get interesting, as the system can suggest what to focus on when people upload similar data sets in the future, Synapsify co-founder and chief executive Stephen Candelmo said in an interview with VentureBeat." - Sean McBride
# elements of human situations
1. accents 2. actions 3. agendas 4. ages 5. alliances 6. assumptions 7. attitudes 8. beliefs 9. body language 10. body types 11. calculations 12. clothing 13. communications 14. conflicts 15. conversations 16. demeanors 17. documents 18. emotions 19. entities 20. ethnicities 21. events 22. eye movements 23. faces 24. facial expressions 25. gaits 26. genders 27. genomes 28. gestures 29. goals 30. groups 31. hairstyles 32. hand movements 33. head movements 34. hidden agendas 35. intentions 36. interests 37. jewelry 38. languages 39. motives 40. organizations 41. patterns 42. people 43. places 44. postures 45. precedents 46. relations 47. religions 48. remarks 49. resentments 50. resources 51. tattoos 52. times 53. vocal tones 54. voices 55. words - Sean McBride
These are all subject to automated analysis. - Sean McBride
Take a video clip of any human scene in Manhattan -- from a sidewalk, a street corner, a restaurant, a cafe, a supermarket, a park, etc. -- it is overloaded with semantics -- semantics that can be parsed. - Sean McBride
The main challenge: how to make sense of huge collections of information and data as quickly as possible using automated methods.
# A few of the key tools 1. artificial intelligence 2. computational semantics 3. data mining 4. data visualization 5. deep learning 6. face recognition 7. machine learning 8. machine translation 9. machine vision 10. Semantic Web 11. sentiment mining 12. social network analysis 13. speech recognition 14. text mining 15. voice recognition - Sean McBride
Announcing Wolfram SystemModeler 4
Announcing Wolfram SystemModeler 4
Big Structures: Where the Semantic Web Meets Artificial Intelligence
Big Structures: Where the Semantic Web Meets Artificial Intelligence
Machines Will Outsmart Humans by 2075, Say 90% of Computer Scientists
Machines Will Outsmart Humans by 2075, Say 90% of Computer Scientists
A lot of us will probably have machines integrated into us by 2050. - Chu_
You won't care because you won't be alive? Actually I think this development will occur before 2075 -- probably by a few decades. - Sean McBride
# Outsmart and outperform in the domains of 1. adaptability 2. agility 3. balance 4. creativity 5. depth of recall 6. endurance 7. hearing 8. imagination 9. intuition 10. learning 11. memory 12. mental complexity 13. mental speed 14. pattern recognition 15. perception 16. physical speed 17. physical strength 18. planning 19. psychological strength 20. reflexes 21. sense of smell 22. sense of taste 23. sense of touch 24. speed of recall 25. vision - Sean McBride
All of that in combination. - Sean McBride
A.I. - I was hoping I could add a second computer brain, so it could work for me while I snooze during the afternoons. moderate tasks like replying to simple emails, etc - Chu_
That should be doable. - Sean McBride
"Given the pace of artificial intelligence development, half of computer programmers surveyed by the Financial Times expect machines to outsmart humans by 2040, and a stunning 90 percent expect this "superinteliigence" to emerge by 2075. When machines become capable of improving their selves faster than humans can, the result will change the world forever, says Nick Bostrom, founding director of Oxford’s university’s Future of Humanity Institute." - Sean McBride
"Bostrom divides current AI efforts into two categories: "One, based on neurobiology, aims to understand and emulate the workings of the human brain. The other, based on computer science, uses the inorganic architecture of electronics and appropriate software to produce intelligence, without worrying too much how people think."" - Sean McBride
Nick's a smart guy. - Sean McBride
"While Bostrom makes no predictions about which is likely to succeed, the specificity of his vision should the machines wish to eliminate humans is stark: "[I]t might use its hacking superpower to take control of robotic manipulators and automated labs; or deploy its powers of social manipulation to persuade human collaborators to work for it. There might be a covert preparation stage... more... - Sean McBride
These scenarios sound crazy, but they are not -- from the standpoint of actually happening. They could happen. - Sean McBride
When you look at the history of artificial intelligence (John McCarthy coined the term in 1955), you see surges, waves, retreats, disappointments, etc. -- but in the overall arc there has been steady forward progress. People can smell it -- the potential for building these technologies -- and they don't give up. They keep following their instincts. - Sean McBride
Rather than one big breakthrough we have seen creative and synergistic combinations of small breakthroughs from many different research fronts that collectively add up to something important. - Sean McBride
1. recommendations 2. Google 3. Google Knowledge Graph 4. Google Navigation 5. Google Voice Search 6. IMB Watson 7. Netflix recommendations 8. Pandora recommendations 9. Prismatic recommendations 10. Twitter search 11. Wolfram Alpha 12. Zite recommendations - Sean McBride
How Artificial Superintelligence Will Give Birth To Itself
How Artificial Superintelligence Will Give Birth To Itself
Here's What We Know The Secretive, Elon Musk-Backed Firm Creating Functional Artificial Intelligence
Here's What We Know The Secretive, Elon Musk-Backed Firm Creating Functional Artificial Intelligence
The only two tools you really need for knowledge mining are category/instance pairs and sorted lists.
and what is the advantage of sematic triples over instance pairs? - Chu_
"RDFa supports internationalized characters in the subject, 'predicate', and the object." - Chu_
You can use either -- category/instance pairs are a more simple way of expressing many semantic triples. For instance, one could say [c; Bill Clinton wife; Hillary Clinton] or [o; Bill Clinton; wife; Hillary Clinton] where [c; *category; *instance] and [o; *object; *property; *value]. [c; *object *property; *value] is equivalent to [o; *object; *property; *value] -- *property and *value are strung together to create a *category and *value becomes an *instance. - Sean McBride
Sets, elements, and properties are well understood and don't require inventing new language to describe. - Professor A.I.
All programming, markup and knowledge representation languages are evolving all the time -- it never stops -- and there are good reasons for this. Artificial languages keep changing for the same reasons that natural languages do. - Sean McBride "Bill Clinton; "Hillary Clinton"; b.wife: h. b ∈ P; h ∈ W, where P is the set of Presidents and W is the set of Wives. | ∴ Professor A.I. is always right | :P | - Professor A.I.
Professor A.I. -- you might enjoy this paper: [Formal Specification: Z Notation: Syntax, Type and Semantics] - Sean McBride
The holy grail for semantic markup -- maximum simplicity and maximum power. Junior high school students should be able to master it in less than 30 minutes. Intuitive and readable for human beings -- easy to write on the fly in streaming notebooks. - Sean McBride
We need to get in the habit of building as much structured data into our natural language texts as possible. It should be *easier* to write than natural language text -- require fewer characters without being arcane or opaque. - Sean McBride
Chu -- I prefer the terms object, property and value for subject, predicate and object -- but they mean the same thing. Keep in mind that this field is wide open, being made up as we go along -- with standards and conventions fully available for social negotiation. - Sean McBride
We will get to the point where knowledge parsers will be able to understand any logically consistent semantic markup scheme -- and convert any scheme to any other scheme. Choose whatever scheme feels most comfortable to you and let the parser handle any conversions. - Sean McBride
We need a Markdown for semantic markup. Markdown has acquired more traction than most people expected -- why? -- because it is convenient and it works. - Sean McBride
I prefer JSON. - Professor A.I.
That was an interesting discussion -- thanks for reminding me of it. - Sean McBride
JSON is good -- what do you think of JSON-LD? - Sean McBride
The thing is, though, JSON is too cumbersome to use in a streaming notebook -- at least for me. I want something more streamlined. - Sean McBride
JSON-LD, it's as good as JSON (because it's just JSON), and the standard is good for cross-service interop. You end up having to come up with similar standards when handling hyper-media within a JSON container. - NOT THE CRICKET
Sean, what I would do is build a light-weight front-end to handle the cumbersome part, both encode/decode, and just use JSON as the store. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cricket -- that is close to what I have in mind. JSON is an excellent framework for storing structured data. - Sean McBride
When I'm laying out API's, I tend to lay out relational templates on paper. And then build my JSON object for optimal data structure. - NOT THE CRICKET
When you do those layouts on paper do you use a particular notation? - Sean McBride
It'd be hard to show, without taking an image. It's kind of a modified UML diagram (vertically structured parameter list), various parameters have appended signatures, (e.g. []-> list, ?-> optional), and an arrow to the right where I describe parameters within a list. - NOT THE CRICKET
I actually stole the signature idea from the Friendfeed Documentation. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cool -- I know UML so I think I understand what you're doing. - Sean McBride
In perusing the Friendfeed API Documentation it becomes clear that the people who designed this system were gifted with impresssive mental clarity. - Sean McBride
# Johnny Depp: July 2014
1. airplane trips 2. credit card purchases 3. email contacts 4. email messages 5. hotel stays 6. phone calls 7. phone contacts 8. phone conversations 9. phone movements 10. phone photos 11. phone videos 12. text messages 13. voicemail 14. Web visits - Sean McBride
Why Johnny Deep? No reason at all. It could be John Smith. Pick any name out of a hat. - Sean McBride
What NSA can do these days. - Sean McBride
One can envision a classified DARPA project: graph and analyze the activities of the ten most important members of the production of Black Mass based on their private communications, transactions and movements. - Sean McBride
Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block - ProPublica -
"A new kind of tracking tool, canvas fingerprinting, is being used to follow visitors to thousands of top websites, from to YouPorn." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A new, extremely persistent type of online tracking is shadowing visitors to thousands of top websites, from to First documented in a forthcoming paper by researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium, this type of tracking, called canvas fingerprinting, works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because... more... - Sean McBride
Data mining is recursive -- one can use data mining methods to data mine data mining methods.
# data visualization: best * 1. academic departments 2. articles 3. blogs 4. books 5. companies 6. courses 7. experts 8. Facebook pages 9. Google+ pages 10. LinkedIn pages 11. meetings 12. online courses 13. online tools 14. ontologies 15. organizations 16. papers 17. products 18. publications 19. research centers 20. software tools 21. startups 22. taxonomies 23. triple stores 24. tutorials 25. Twitter pages 26. venture capitalists 27. websites - Sean McBride
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