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Sean McBride
Liberal Zionism Is Dying. The Two-State Solution Shouldn’t Go With It. | The Nation -
Liberal Zionism Is Dying. The Two-State Solution Shouldn’t Go With It. | The Nation
"In 1948, Hannah Arendt published an essay in the magazine Commentary—at the time still a liberal magazine—titled “To Save the Jewish Homeland.” She lamented the increasingly militaristic, chauvinistic direction of Zionism, the virtual unanimity among Jews in both the United States and Palestine that “Arab and Jewish claims are irreconcilable and only a military decision can settle the issue; the Arabs, all Arabs, are our enemies and we accept this fact; only outmoded liberals believe in compromises, only philistines believe in justice, and only shlemiels prefer truth and negotiation to propaganda and machine guns…and we will consider anybody who stands in our way a traitor and anything done to hinder us a stab in the back.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This nationalist strain of Zionism, she predicted, might succeed in establishing a state, but it would be a modern-day Sparta, “absorbed with physical self-defense to a degree that would submerge all other interests and activities.” It would negate the very humanistic Jewish values that originally fed the Zionist dream. “Palestine Jewry would eventually separate itself from the larger... more... - Sean McBride
"It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion, sixty-six years later, that she was right." - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
‘New Yorker’ limits its expose of Israel lobby to AIPAC -
Connie Bruck has a big piece on AIPAC in the New Yorker that includes some good Capitol Hill reporting on AIPAC’s corrupting influence over the Congress. Friends are passing the piece along to me as an expose, and several are thrilled by it. The article is titled, “Are American Jews Turning Against AIPAC?” and suggests that AIPAC
Extracting computable facts from this article: - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; AIPAC critic - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; J Street supporter - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; liberal Zionist - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; Mel Levine wife - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; New Yorker writer - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; pro-Israel activist - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; Zionist - Sean McBride
Once again, a clean plain text table -- and one can do many things with that data in combination with other data. - Sean McBride
Extracting more computable facts from this article: - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Ari Shavit - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Connie Bruck - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Dennis Ross - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Eric Alterman - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Jeffrey Goldberg - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Lester Crown - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Mel Levine - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Thomas Kaplan - Sean McBride
More: - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; Aspen Institute - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; Israel Policy Forum - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; J Street - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; New Yorker - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; PBS News Hour - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; WINEP (Washington Institute for Near East Policy) - Sean McBride
All of these facts were embedded in Phil's article. - Sean McBride
This is the same article that I posted yesterday which was picked up by "Global Research." Politics within the Jewish community aside (liberal Zionist vs right wing Zionist; J Street vs JVP vs AIPAC), the significant thing to me is, assuming that Bruck's and Gallup poll numbers are correct, that<< only thirty-eight per cent of American Jews believe that the Israeli government is... more... - weareone
Thanks for the above info, Sean. I also appreciate your comments on the use of Twitter the other day. - weareone
weareone: those stats you cite certainly strike me as being huge -- I don't think you are missing anything. - Sean McBride
weareone: if and when you collect some Twitter feeds to follow, be sure to share. Once again, this is who I follow: [Twitter: Sean McBride: following] I love browsing these lists and can learn a great deal from them. - Sean McBride
Sean, much appreciated. I'll take some time later to look them over. I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit also. - weareone
Buck's article is bs. Zionist trying to' regroup' the Jews since some of them were offended by the Gaza slaughter. - American
American, you don't think those numbers are significant? - weareone
This is what we were talking about on another thread. If this article is analyzed from a Jewish perspective, one may see only intra-Jewish issues and the larger, and imo, most important point may be missed or ignored... which is that 75% of Americans under the age of 30 think Israel is "unjustified." Of course, many of these are voters and they are saying no to genocide,... more... - weareone
What these numbers suggest to me, is that what the" tribe" says or does, at this point, is almost irrelevant. They cannot stop the tidal wave of change that's coming from the outside. - weareone
'They cannot stop the tidal wave of change that's coming from the outside' - I hope this is the case. And I think it's inevitable, but the American Zionists will cling to each other & their narrative [lies] until the bitter end - or so it seems. That may be 6 years or it may be 18. Their power bubble is waning, but how long before it crashes to earth? I don't have a problem with Jews... more... - Chu_
Yes,how long we don't know but at least there seems to be some cause for optimism. - weareone from iPhone
Sean McBride
Young Americans take a dim view of Israel’s actions - The Washington Post -
"A new Pew Research Center poll is the second in the past week to show a huge generational split on the current conflict in Gaza. While all age groups north of 30 years old clearly blame Hamas more than Israel for the current violence, young adults buck the trend in a big way. Among 18 to 29-year olds, 29 percent blame Israel more for the current wave of violence, while 21 percent blame Hamas." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The National Journal's Ron Fournier had this take on the demographic split: "'s a warning that Israel's decades-old public relations and political dominance is coming to an end unless the nation's leaders change the narrative and reset their strategic position with moderate Palestinians."" - Sean McBride
This is worth breaking out into a separate post. - Sean McBride
I wonder what caused the split? I know the internet is a big difference. Maybe the older generations spent decades getting their pro-Israeli news from the MSM, while younger generations were not as imbued with it and are better able to research critically? - WJones
I am surprised by such a big generational divide in the US. - WJones
<<And finally, there's the fact that, even as young Americans question Israel in this instance, they are still much more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian. A Gallup poll from 2011 showed young Americans (this time those aged 18 to 34) generally sided with Israel over the Palestinians, 58-19. The oldest Americans were only nominally more pro-Israel, at 67-14. IsraelYoung3 Similarly, a Pew... more... - WJones
Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg: New Mondoweiss design is terrible BUT at least it hides ugly comments section.
And jon s concurs that this is a good thing. - Sean McBride
Also: the dates for comments used to be live links -- one could reference specific comments with URLs. Has that feature disappeared? - Sean McBride
In reading the comments on the new Mondoweiss, one gets the impression that the blind are leading the blind. Few of the commenters comprehend that the Internet provides them with the ability to proactively create their own social networks in relation to Mondoweiss or any other topic. They are baby birds waiting to be fed by their mommy and daddy birds. - Sean McBride
MJ and jon s would prefer a world in which no one can talk back to them and challenge them. That mindset is traditionally described as "authoritarian." - Sean McBride
Overall, the Israel lobby has been traumatized by the rise of the Internet and universal free speech -- it prefers rigid top-down systems for controlling public discourse, under the thumb of a self-appointed priesthood. It doesn't want to be in the position of defending or debating its ideas and policies -- it has no confidence that it can do so. - Sean McBride
Developing the baby bird analogy: Mondoweiss commenters need to learn how to fly and feed themselves -- to behave autonomously. - Sean McBride
Much of the Comments section probably reflects what Phil and Annie are actually thinking. - WJones
Sean McBride
I would not have chosen Crowd Favorite to do the Mondoweiss remake.
It appears to be a company that specializes in shallow cosmetics -- not deep interface issues. - Sean McBride
Crowd Favorite has succeeded in seriously degrading the Mondoweiss interface. Interface is about much more than pretty fonts -- it's mainly about the optimal management of information and content. Crowd Favorite doesn't think on that level. - Sean McBride
Compare the amount of information one can easily browse and absorb on this single page compared to any single page on Mondoweiss. This is an example of a deep interface issue. - Sean McBride
How much can you learn about current Mideast political issues by scrolling down this single page? -- quite a bit. Try it -- from the top to the bottom. The display is clean and readable, and one can instantly comment on any post or comment, with the ability to edit one's comments at any time in the future. - Sean McBride
Smart interfaces reduce to the maximum degree possible the number of clicks one requires to navigate an information space. - Sean McBride
What's happening with ISIS? Simply use CTRL-F in one's browser to search this page for "isis." - Sean McBride
Wait -- are the comments on [Our new look] already closed? :) - Sean McBride
Most of the hooks that drew me into Mondoweiss content are now gone. - Sean McBride
More issues with the new Mondoweiss: - Sean McBride
Automatically including a link when copying text can often feel more like a bug than a feature -- one is often forced to delete the link/clutter. That is a feature that one should be able to turn off. - Sean McBride
Also: I just tried to use CTRL-A to select and delete the text of the comment I was composing and replace it with new text -- no go. That feature no longer works. - Sean McBride
More people from MW would come to this site if you could format with paragraphs, bold, italics. I think FF would get new life it these were incorporated. - Chu_
also, I don't believe you can search for people by there names in the search area - Chu_
<<: I just tried to use CTRL-A to select and delete the text of the comment I was composing and replace it with new text -- no go. That feature no longer works.>> Actually it does work, you just don't realize it because the highlighting is almost white colored. - WJones
Sean McBride
Exclusive–Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies Led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS -
Exclusive–Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies Led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS
"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) certainly has a knack for boldness. On Sunday's Meet the Press, he dubbed U.S. military engagement in Libya “Hillary’s war” and stated the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) is not a result of President Obama's inaction in the Middle East but the unintended consequence of the U.S. military engagement in Libya." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Many progressive publications and sites on the left are making the very same point -- because it is obviously true. - Sean McBride
Neoconservatives and neoliberals knocked over Arab regimes that were a bulwark against Muslim extremists like ISIS/ISIL. Brilliant, if the object of the game is to drive the West and Islam into an apocalyptic confrontation -- to radicalize both sides against one another. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Who Dat? « Another Word For It -
"The high level goal of the dat project is to build a streaming interface between every database and file storage backend in the world. By building tools to build and share data pipelines we aim to bring to data a style of collaboration similar to what git brings to source code." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Eric Logan
The Myth of Republican Racism
The Myth of Republican Racism
I responded emotionally to the title of this post, in a negative way, but when I read the article I found that I couldn't rebut the facts Charen presents. Perhaps other people can. - Sean McBride
One could, of course, compile a collection of racist remarks made by Republicans during the last few decades. Perhaps someone has. - Sean McBride
I live in Georgia. I talk to racists everyday, but they are not smart and articulate people and they are doing themselves a disservice more than they are oppressing anyone from my vantage point. We are NEVER going to eliminate racism we can minimize people who feel victimized by empowering them with rich habits and the welfare state is not empowering to anyone. It's a trap in my... more... - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Sean McBride
A point that Mondoweiss should keep in mind: the comments on articles at publications like the New York Times and Washington Post are often more interesting than the articles on which they comment.
They add tremendous value to those publications and help engage readers. - Sean McBride
A key measure of success and vitality for any publication: intensity and quality of engagement from readers. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Intercept: Why Israel's bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers 'stunned':
"“Holy bejeezus,” exclaimed retired Lt. Gen. Robert Gard when told the numbers of artillery pieces and rounds fired during the July 21 action. “That rate of fire over that period of time is astonishing. If the figures are even half right, Israel’s response was absolutely disproportionate.” A West Point graduate who is a veteran of two wars and is the chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington, D.C., he added that even if Israeli artillery units fired guided munitions, it would have made little difference." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
UN Panel: Global Warming Human-Caused, Dangerous - ABC News -
"Global warming is here, human-caused and probably already dangerous — and it's increasingly likely that the heating trend could be irreversible, a draft of a new international science report says." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Monday sent governments a final draft of its synthesis report, which combines three earlier, gigantic documents by the Nobel Prize-winning group. There is little in the report that wasn't in the other more-detailed versions, but the language is more stark and the report attempts to connect the different scientific disciplines studying problems caused by the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Two competing narratives on the Michael Brown shooting
1. Michael Brown, a gentle giant, was gunned down in cold blood by a white racist cop, Darren Wilson, for jaywalking and because he was black. - Sean McBride
2. Darren Wilson, an honorable cop, shot Michael Brown, a strong-arm robber and thug, in justifiable self-defense after Brown assaulted him and tried to grab his gun. - Sean McBride
Some people, with political agendas, believed that one or the other narrative was true without waiting for all the facts and evidence to come together. Most of us are still waiting for that to happen, regardless of our political agendas. - Sean McBride
The star witness for the first narrative is Dorian Johnson: His claim that Wilson shot Brown in the back has already been proven false by the autopsy report. - Sean McBride
Might the first narrative be the true story? -- of course. But not necessarily at this point. That is why a grand jury investigation is underway -- to look at all the evidence. - Sean McBride
If this is the wrong way to frame this controversy, what is the right way? I am frankly curious. Should we skip the grand jury proceedings and immediately arrest Wilson? - Sean McBride
Regarding the relative importance of news stories: should this story be receiving more attention than the James Foley execution by ISIS -- an incident that could trigger another major American war in the Mideast? - Sean McBride
A current summary of the contrasting narratives: [What happened when Michael Brown met Officer Darren Wilson] - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Looking to the Future of Data Science - -
"The Association for Computing Machinery, a leading professional association in computer science, is holding its annual conference this week, focusing on what we’re now calling data science — though the ACM still clings to the label adopted when the yearly gatherings began in 1998, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Of course, the field is booming, so the four-day conclave of talks, technical papers and human networking in New York has attracted an estimated 2,200 attendees, double last year’s headcount." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"But in his keynote speech on Monday, Oren Etzioni, a prominent computer scientist and chief executive of the recently created Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, delivered a call to arms to the assembled data mavens. Don’t be overly influenced, Mr. Etzioni warned, by the “big data tidal wave,” with its emphasis on mining large data sets for correlations, inferences and... more... - Sean McBride
"At the Allen Institute, financed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Mr. Etzioni is leading a growing team of 30 researchers that is working on systems that move from data to knowledge to theories, and then can reason. The test, he said, is: “Does it combine things it knows to draw conclusions?” This is the step from correlation, probabilities and prediction to a computer system that... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Arrives at a Moment of Reckoning (David Rothkopf) -
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Arrives at a Moment of Reckoning (David Rothkopf)
"An exclusive talk with former U.S. Special Envoy Martin Indyk on Israel’s new allies, the Gaza blowup, and why Washington shrugged when the peace process collapsed." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Mayor de Blasio says New York must advocate for Israel because the nation doesn’t have ‘enough friends’
bill de blasio israel 1.jpg
Show all
"The mayor, speaking at the Queens Jewish Community Council on Monday night, said he has a special responsibility to Israel. ‘I will work every day ... in support of the state of Israel because we know time and again the state of Israel is under attack,’ he said." - Sean McBride
Many American politicians now spend more time worrying about the interests of Israelis than of Americans. - Sean McBride
Connie Bruck explained why this is the case in her New Yorker article on AIPAC: [Friends of Israel] - Sean McBride
where's Gary Oldman to hold his coattails? - Chu_
Even as politicians find it politically unfeasible nowadays to criticize the S.O.I., compared with even 30 years ago, more and more young Americans do criticize it. This is a contradiction of social forces. - WJones
true Jones. This is the only news this summer that's given me hope. - Chu_
[Young Americans take a dim view of Israel’s actions] { [*link-title *link]} -- just a suggestion for using consistent markup for effective communications. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
First impressions of the new Mondoweiss
A step backwards. The 100 most recent comments is still not working. Mark and copy is gone. The edit button for comments is gone. - Sean McBride
Too much emphasis on cosmetic changes -- not enough attention to upgrading basic communications protocols to 2014 standards. Apparently the designers of the new system aren't familiar with the revolution in social media platforms -- they are far behind the curve. - Sean McBride
Thank God I can filter Mondoweiss through Friendfeed -- to add the important features that are missing. - Sean McBride
100 recent comments gone. Was this intentional. A way to limit the skirmishes between comments. - Chu_
However -- we still need to give Mondoweiss some time to fix the inevitable bugs which accompany major changes like this. - Sean McBride
What is Mark and copy? - WJones
"The edit button for comments is gone." A slow death. I wonder if they will actually ban comments altogether. - WJones
When you mark/select, copy and paste text, you need to be able to see what you are marking/selecting through a color contrast. - Sean McBride
The elimination of the 100 recent comments is probably gone deliberately, as has the side bar showing comments on threads (a common feature in many platforms). I doubt it'll return. The idea is to hide, not highlight comments. This little party is over, and the sooner commenters on MW realize it the better. Too bad but perhaps the loss might wake up enough people to the fact that if... more... - Danaa
If you want those from among the majority of commenters on MW who are jewish (and I maintain - without proof, of course) that they are, whether people like it or not, the forum or the FF thread has to be started and run by someone jewish. That's just the way it is. otherwise they won't come. - Danaa
Which thread is the one where most complaints about the new MW are lodged? any in particular? - Danaa
WJones, a slow death indeed. They are trying to strangle the comments, reducing them to a trickle. I believe this is deliberate. - Danaa
If many other commentors had a serious urge to talk more than what is offered, some of them they would have come to FF. We have advertised it enough. Danaa and Sean: put the MW FF URL in your MW Profile, like I did, in case you haven't already. That's how WeAreOne found us. - WJones
I don't know of many other forums about the IP Issue besides MW on FF and the MW Comment Section. I PMed Sean and Chu about one Section that I've frequented on a Christan Forum that has discussed it. - WJones
((WJones, a slow death indeed. They are trying to strangle the comments, reducing them to a trickle. I believe this is deliberate.)) Seafoid likes the Comments Section. His writings are fun often. - WJones
I thought Hostage was complaining about the Comments Section because I was discussing Chomsky so much with him. But then he said that the killing of the Comments Section was actually a main factor in him wanting to leave. - WJones
I know there are liberals who complain about the Comments Section, but I think that they probably feel this way not just about the Comments, but about much of the site too. After all, L.Proyect thought that Annie was being antisemitic in the comments , and yet that Phil allows the Comments section to continue to be so. Yet Annie herself is a regular writer on MW, so it's not really just the Comment Section that must bother them. - WJones
One weird phenomenon is how some people like MJR can be so outspoken on the issue and yet claim that Ali A. is racist just because Ali A uses the word "Zionists" in his criticisms of them. - WJones
The most likely explanation is that Phil wants open discussion about many sides of the issue, but the site is under strong emotional and verbal pressure from Israeli nationalists. So a few of the other editors are taking steps to gradually wind down the comments section. The main question is whether they will end it altogether. There is not much more they can do to kill it. It seems... more... - WJones
I do not like the new format doesnt 'pop' any headlines and its too much trouble to go to the different sections for articles. I think maybe Jones is right and they are winding down the comments. I liked the ascending list of was more timely and you could see what was new .....and I liked the recent comments appearing in the right hand column because there are some... more... - American
WJones, American, Sean, check my comment under the "New Comments" thread - in an answer to keith. I was trying to put it out there, in case more people were interested in finding an alternative forum. The comment did not sit in moderation too long, BTW. My suspicion is that most commenters may simply not want to take the trouble looking elsewhere, or coming here. Yet, people who comment... more... - Danaa
I also think that people may simply be afraid of becoming too involved or bogged down in forums. On MW one can cut and run as one wishes. But if one were involved in bringing out some other medium, there's implied responsibility to stay involved. So people worry - what am I getting myself into, and all that. - Danaa
To close, and to entertain, here is my idea of the three elements that underle all human action or lack thereof: everything is an interplay between inertia, fear and intention. Intention correlates with ambition, greed etc - ie all that moves one forward (cf hooray for change!), fear is what holds one back and/or causes the human to retreat in the face of challenges/obstacles/walls (Ie,... more... - Danaa
Ok, so my idea of all causes for human action (and Sean, I'm sure will appraise me of just how unoriginal I am....) needs to be modified slightly to add another dimension - a fourth axis. For lack of a better word I'll call it charity. That is the impetus to act in ways that are in the interest of the larger collective, sometimes even to the detriment of one's own interests. We know... more... - Danaa
<<Feed-back please (assuming the thread doesn’t freeze)?>> That thread is going to freeze like an apple in an ice box. - WJones
<< the highlight is just a weak, urine yellow>>~ Marc B. ______________ Maybe Marc is using a Mac or some other computer settings, but I am seeing nothing even with my face inches away from my screen. - WJones
Sean McBride
Ken Loach calls for cultural boycott of Israel | Film | -
Ken Loach calls for cultural boycott of Israel | Film |
"The British film-maker wants an ‘absolute boycott of all the cultural happenings supported by the Israeli state’ and has labelled the US a ‘bully’ at the Sarajevo film festival" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Thanks-this is great. Also, more good news. I apologize for it being a bit OT-----<<The Pew Center’s survey found that only thirty-eight per cent of American Jews believe that the Israeli government is sincerely pursuing peace; forty-four per cent believe that the construction of new... more... - weareone
Sean McBride
Facebook users self-censor on controversial topics -
There are a lot of things I'm willing to say in person that I'm not willing to say online. - Brian Johns
Online remarks can be forever, globally. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Heading to a third Iraq War? The scary new danger of mission creep in the Middle East - -
Heading to a third Iraq War? The scary new danger of mission creep in the Middle East -
"Of course, the typical neocon war hawks — the very same Thought Leaders who beat the drum for our incursion in Iraq so loudly and effectively the last time — have come back out to bash Obama, blaming the existence of ISIS wholly on his cautious approach in the region and calling for a major troop commitment. It’s heartening that, this time, it seems not many are listening to their deeply ahistorical (if not downright hypocritical) advice." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
The Islamic State (ISIS) and Israel are Allies | Global Research -
"Syria’s ambassador to the UN says Israel allows the free flow of weapons and ISIL militants into the occupied Golan Heights and then into the rest of Syria. Bashar Ja’afari told Press TV on Friday that the ISIL Takfiri terrorists have an undeclared alliance with Israel and are engaged in a secret agreement with the regime. The Israelis help the Takfiris infiltrate into the separation line on the Golan Heights from Jordan, where their training camps are located, the Syrian diplomat said." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
U.S. and Iran Hit ISIS, Ignore Each Other - The Daily Beast -
U.S. and Iran Hit ISIS, Ignore Each Other - The Daily Beast
"Last week, some foreign policy analysts in Washington publicly argued that the ISIS threat ought to spur a grand alliance with Iran, Syria, Russia, and the United States fighting on the same side against the terrorist group that has morphed into an army and (at least according to their own propaganda) a caliphate." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
tree and ritzl have complained that describing Hillary Clinton as a "war harpy" and "battleaxe" is offensive to all women
See the discussion and debate here: "Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza — same way she lost it in Iraq the last time" - Sean McBride
The claim that describing Hillary Clinton as a "war harpy" demeans all women doesn't make sense to me -- tree and ritzl missed the point of the deliberate language here and the main issue in play: the hijacking of the women's movement by feminist Zionists (who are also liberal Zionists). But I am willing to listen to opposing views from others -- especially women -- on the subject.... more... - Sean McBride
This could have been a fascinating and enlightening discussion on Mondoweiss, but once again slow moderation and the closing of the thread killed the dialogue. - Sean McBride
One can pursue complex exchanges here on Friendfeed in 30 minutes that may require *days* to develop on Mondoweiss -- presuming that one can develop them at all. - Sean McBride
Here is Justin Raimondo using the forbidden language yesterday on - Sean McBride
"ISIS: Made in Washington, Riyadh – and Tel Aviv" - Sean McBride
"The Sunni Turn took a fateful turn when the Three Harpies of the Apocalypse – Hillary, Susan Rice, and now UN ambassador Samantha Power – hectored Obama into pursuing regime change in Libya. In this case the US and its NATO allies acted as the Islamist militia’s air force while supplying them with arms on the ground and diplomatic support internationally." - Sean McBride
What astonished me was that tree and ritzl seemed to be more upset by the use of the term "war harpy" than they were by the support of Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and many other liberal Zionists for Israel's slaughter of hundreds of children in Gaza. Wow. - Sean McBride
Opinion in that thread is equally divided between those who condemn and those who support that language. But the debate barely got off the ground -- the key points and issues were left hanging. - Sean McBride
A key point I made: the views of liberal Zionists (and feminist Zionists) on Mideast politics are indistinguishable from those of ultra-right-wing Christian Zionists like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Tree and ritzl still haven't addressed that issue. - Sean McBride
If Danaa and weareone are also offended by that language, I would certainly pay close and sensitive attention to their concerns and possibly change my position. - Sean McBride
Using tree's and ritzl's logic, we would have to expunge dozens or hundreds of gender-specific common words from the English lexicon that continue to be used by both men and women to appropriately characterize *some* men and women in negative ways. We would definitely have to clean up Shakespeare, who viewed neither men nor women as monolithic groups. - Sean McBride
here's a solution - call her/him Billary-Clinton. I know a lot of women who backed out of the Hillary nomination to vote for Obama. If you had you're vote set on Hillary, but saw her ways during the 2008 campaign (she lost her the democratic primary all by herself) why would they come back to the table again? Sure they can listen to her, but there must be a better contender for... more... - Chu_
The intensity and spontaneity with which Hillary Clinton blatts out warmongering language indicates that this is who she really is -- a bloodthirsty neocon. Why are so many supposedly liberal women supporting her? - Sean McBride
Billary became the new money, with the help of aiding Zionism and it's pro-militant neoconservatism - even pardoning Marc Rich. Joe Klein later admitted to writing 'Primary Colors', which was a negative portrayal of the two of them in the 1992 campaign. They still have the faint whiff off shameless opportunists, and the data collected on them is immense. Hillary's problem is that the... more... - Chu_
'' tree and ritzl have complained that describing Hillary Clinton as a "war harpy" and "battleaxe" is offensive to all women''....OMG..please, not more pc identity politics.! - American
had to report this greenwald post since it speaks to this issue: "“Hillary is banal, corrupted, drained of vibrancy and passion. I mean, she’s been around forever, the Clinton circle. She’s a fucking hawk and like a neocon, practically. She’s surrounded by all these sleazy money types who are just corrupting everything everywhere. But she’s going to be the first female president, and... more... - Chu_
Even my wife calls Hillary a 'war hag' which is the same as saying 'harpy'....and she'd be the first to tell feminist to stuff their whining and act like real women, not little girls. - American
"War hag" works. Women themselves often use gender-based derogatory terms *when appropriate* and with regard to *individuals*. They are not attacking men or women in general. - Sean McBride
People who become too engrossed in rigid identity politics tend to shave off quite a few points from their IQ. It is impossible to pursue a reasonable and reality-based discussion with them. They're fanatics. The universe revolves around offenses to their group identity. - Sean McBride
I've never been called sexist, but I have no problem calling hillary anything that seems fitting. She's earned her reputation. And funny how she stabbed Obama in the back in the recent interview about the decision not to intervene during the early stages of the Syrian civil war. That's bad politics, period. But the Clintons are a dirty pair of muddy catfish. - "She called the deaths of civilians, including Palestinian children, "dreadful," but said, "Ultimately the responsibility rests with Hamas."" - Chu_
I take my clues from my wife on other females....she's one of those Steel Magnolias.....iron hand in velvet glove and all that.....she says if you have to play the female card (or any other gender card) as a defense or to win then you arent smart or tough enough for the job. Smart women ignore the gender jabs so as to not come across as a whiny female..which is what they comes across as if they use it as a defense or charge against their opponant. It doesn t help them except with other gender issue females. - American
Well, I don't usually condone name calling, but in this case that actual definition seems to be quite fitting :))........ Greek mythology and Roman mythology, a harpy (plural harpies, Greek: ἅρπυια,[1] harpyia, pronounced [hárpuja]; Latin: harpeia) was a female monster in the form of a bird with a human face. They steal food from their victims... more... - weareone
weareone -- "harpy" is one of the most mythologically resonant images in world literature -- and it is assuredly not referring to women as a group or class. William Shakespeare often used the term "strumpet" -- -- and he also painted portraits of the most noble and admirable women of all time. Intelligent people understand that there... more... - Sean McBride
Yes -- there are misogynists out there who often use language as a weapon to attack women as a group -- that of course must be acknowledged at the beginning of any discussion on this topic. We all condemn that behavior. The word "bitch" flows much too freely in contemporary American popular culture in my opinion. - Sean McBride
But if the words "harpy" and "battleaxe" generate too much emotion, I am willing to toss them out. There are highly effective ways to criticize Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and Madeleine Albright which rely only on gender-neutral terms. What I do think needs to be discussed, however, is the degree to which Zionism has hijacked feminism and the women's movement -- just as it has hijacked so many other movements and subverted their positive values. - Sean McBride
When I used those two terms, I was trying to focus on the *irony* of some supposedly progressive feminists rushing to the defense of the mass murder of women and children by Israeli and neoconservative policies. Identity group zealots don't do irony -- it's lost on them. - Sean McBride
I agree, Sean. I don't see any reason to use derogatory terms or resort to personal insults in order state an opinion. I usually withdraw from discussions when that begins to occur. - weareone
Golda Meir was a proud Battle Axe. - Chu_
As was Margaret Thatcher. - Sean McBride
I can't wait for the next 2 years of Clinton triangulation. Should be interesting how they achieve their objectives. - Chu_
With regard to <<the degree to which Zionism has hijacked feminism and the women's movement -- just as it has hijacked so many other movements>>, I doubt that I'd be able to make any contribution to a discussion on Zionism at this point. :) - weareone
For the record, I have no objection whatsoever to describing Hillary as "war harpy" since I think the name fits. Basically, someone like her conjures the same imagery that margaret Thatcher did - like a preying manthis using its "plant status" to trick its prey, there are females drafted by the war mongers - precisely because they are females - to better co-opt the female side of the population so they will not object too strenuously to whatever blood shed is being advocated. - Danaa
Were I to participate in these debates, which I don't because of the shortened threads, I would point out that male neocons are often referred to as "rapists" and "monsters". Yet, is there an uprising among the male population against the gender specific maligning, presumably in the name of all men? - Danaa
I rather like tree - almost in everything she says I find virtue. It's just that females have become too conditioned to have some kind of "gender empathy" sometimes to the exclusion of "human empathy". I can't even begin to tell you how often I had to correct women who, upon meeting me, assumed that somehow we might all be on the same page, just because some man somewhere was in the... more... - Danaa
I think Hillary's 'wipe Iran off the map' was a turning point, and the final nail in her campaign coffin. It's something that was hardly presidential, but she seemed to be willing to say it because more often the media doesn't challenge pro-Israel sloganeering. She was burned and recall how long it took her to accept defeat from Obama. All those pro-Hillary groups hoping her campaign... more... - Chu_
Hillary actually used the words >>TOTALLY OBLITERATE<< -- that's a direct quote. That is not the kind of language one hears from responsible American political leaders. - Sean McBride
I'd say Tree makes sense, her comments are usually well thought out. I think she may be reluctant to overuse a term like BattleAxe in the public sphere, as it may be become commonplace. But Hillary earned that title, it's not something you label any old gal. - Chu_
Totally Obliterate > Holocaust , Genocide. (and liberals defended her at the time.) outsiders from the US hear this and think they're all f'king mad Yankees... - Chu_
Danaa -- great set of comments on language and gender issues -- I wish you had been able to post them on that Mondoweiss thread before it was closed -- this is a complex topic that requires many exchanges to sort out and make sense of. (I also enjoy and agree with most of tree's comments.) - Sean McBride
A sidenote on language and the spelling of "battleaxe" -- I often use [Google Fight] to resolve these issues: 1. "battle axe" 194,000 hits 2. "battle-axe" 194,000 hits 3. "battleaxe" 144,000 hits -- take your pick, I guess. - Sean McBride
Sean, my thoughts on these "gender vs human" issues are best put together in the form of a post, I think. Alas, I'll have to put them forth in a blog - because MW is not quite the right place for this - kind of O/T. I think I'll have one up and running in about a week - nothing fancy, just a basic platform to hash over some things that may be peripheral to I/P, yet are somehow relevant.... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- be sure to alert us here when you get that project up and running -- I look forward to reading your thoughts. Now that I think about it, feminist and gender issues with regard to Israel, Zionism and the I/P conflict are a huge and important topic -- there is so much to explore. - Sean McBride
My theme BTW on "women are first human and then women" is that like their male human counterparts, women are no better - and no worse - in being able to handle power, wealth and political influence. It's a human disease - the inability to handle "top dog" status. It will corrupt most, with just a few able to transcend it. Power, Nuland and Clinton act like shills for the empire just as... more... - Danaa
I'm am thinking now, after reflecting for a few days, that, for myself, avoiding hot-button terms that might offend women like tree and ritzl might be a good choice -- I don't want to get distracted and diverted from more important and substantive issues that are best approached in a diplomatic way. (My natural instinct in all situations is to fight for free speech -- that's how I am wired -- that is one of my hot buttons.) - Sean McBride
So Sean, what's a less inflammatory expression that could stand for "harpy" and not offend some? my linguistically limited brain is failing to about you great English speakers lend a hand here? - Danaa
Male equivalent to harpies? The first words that come to mind are bullies, thugs, gangsters, goons, gorillas -- I need to think about that. Regarding women as being no better and no worse than men in the exercise of power -- that's probably the way it is. But many of us were hoping that women in positions of political leadership would bring more compassion, empathy and kindness to human affairs than testosterone-fueled males -- that was probably too much to ask. - Sean McBride
Rand Paul referred to Hillary as a "war hawk" the other day -- that may serve. Not as inflammatory as "war harpy" -- but it makes the point. A hawk can be male or female. - Sean McBride
I like "war hawk". It's more gender neutral. Rand paul was smart to use that term. probably "harpy" is a term people reach for when they want to express disgust with the fact that a woman should advocate blood and gore, exploiting the image of her gender as the "softer sex" to shill for something that's everything other than "soft". I would put justin raymondo in this territory. The one... more... - Danaa
I am going for "war hawk" or simply "hawk" for now -- many people are unable to deconstruct the word "harpy" with as much nuance and depth as you are (you instantly got the point that Raimondo was trying to make). So better to avoid that pothole in most cases. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats - Nick Hanauer - POLITICO Magazine -
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats - Nick Hanauer - POLITICO Magazine
"Memo: From Nick Hanauer To: My Fellow Zillionaires You probably don’t know me, but like you I am one of those .01%ers, a proud and unapologetic capitalist. I have founded, co-founded and funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries—from itsy-bitsy ones like the night club I started in my 20s to giant ones like, for which I was the first nonfamily investor. Then I founded aQuantive, an Internet advertising company that was sold to Microsoft in 2007 for $6.4 billion. In cash. My friends and I own a bank. I tell you all this to demonstrate that in many ways I’m no different from you. Like you, I have a broad perspective on business and capitalism. And also like you, I have been rewarded obscenely for my success, with a life that the other 99.99 percent of Americans can’t even imagine. Multiple homes, my own plane, etc., etc. You know what I’m talking about. In 1992, I was selling pillows made by my family’s business, Pacific Coast Feather Co., to retail stores... more... - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"But let’s speak frankly to each other. I’m not the smartest guy you’ve ever met, or the hardest-working. I was a mediocre student. I’m not technical at all—I can’t write a word of code. What sets me apart, I think, is a tolerance for risk and an intuition about what will happen in the future. Seeing where things are headed is the essence of entrepreneurship. And what do I see in our future now? I see pitchforks." - Sean McBride
"But the problem isn’t that we have inequality. Some inequality is intrinsic to any high-functioning capitalist economy. The problem is that inequality is at historically high levels and getting worse every day. Our country is rapidly becoming less a capitalist society and more a feudal society. Unless our policies change dramatically, the middle class will disappear, and we will be back to late 18th-century France. Before the revolution." - Sean McBride
Broken link. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Just checked -- the link still works for me. - Sean McBride
Thanks. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Sean McBride
How Hillary Clinton's 'smart power' turned Libya into a dumpster fire
hillary clinton peace sign.jpg
"Another successful intervention. Another failed state riven by chaos and Islamist gangs." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Should The Wealthy Worry About Inequality? | On Point with Tom Ashbrook -
Should The Wealthy Worry About Inequality? | On Point with Tom Ashbrook
"Multi-millionaire Nick Hanauer says he and his fellow super-rich are killing the goose — the American middle class — that lays the golden eggs." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Nick Hanauer is a millionaire many times over. An entrepreneur. An investor. He was one of the first investors in Has started more than 30 companies. Sold just one to Microsoft for $6 billion, cash. He’s got a pile of fancy homes. The plane. The yacht. His own bank. And a message for his fellow American super-rich: If we don’t figure out how to re-balance the wealth in this... more... - Sean McBride
I love this guy. (Nick Hanauer -- and Tom Ashbrook, too.) - Sean McBride
watching Jenet Yellen. So far it's been unimpressive. - Elizabeth Warren Destroys Yellen Over JPMorgan's 'Living Will' - Chu_
Sean McBride
PressTV - US plan to attack ISIL in Syria a warning message to Israel, neocons: Analyst -
PressTV - US plan to attack ISIL in Syria a warning message to Israel, neocons: Analyst
"Washington’s announcement of the plan for attacking ISIL positions in Syria could be a “message” to Israel and neocons which are supporting the terrorist group, a political commentator says." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
7 minutes in Vermont. Crowd chews him out for his propaganda. - Chu_
you can see why politicians are afraid to talk about Israel in a town hall setting. Bernie proves he's another Slater of the Democratic party. Bernie's solution - give Israel time, blah, blah, blah, peace, etc ... - Chu_
Liberal Zionism and progressive Zionism at its worst -- and most absurd. - Sean McBride
at least Bernie Sanders is on the record for his blind support of Israel. Rachel Maddow must watch these videos and think 'why am I so out of touch'? - Chu_
Sean McBride
Has everyone been able to log in successfully to the new Mondoweiss?
"Most Recent 100 Mondoweiss Comments" is still not available. - Sean McBride
I doubt that feature or the scroll of recent comments that was practically frozen on the old site, will return. The emphasis is on de-emphasizing comments. - Danaa
I can't say I like the new design very much. It's too standard - like in all the other group blogs I frequent. that went "professional". The old design was much cleaner. But hey web site designers need to make a living, don't they? The part I especially dislike is the grouping of posts under "headings": US politics, I/P, Activism. That's it. Nothing about the world - does it even exist? - Danaa
Anyways, I think they should have a subject heading called "Jewish Angst", since the Lib Zios lamentations have a daily representation. Ellis can fit under that. - Danaa
Well, perhaps it's work in progress, and they intend to enlarge the subjects. - Danaa
I am going to give it a week or two to see how the new design shakes out. - Sean McBride
In any case, expect the comment section to shrivel into invisibility even more than it has. And no, you won't drive traffic here because that's not what people want. The only solution is to have a true mirror site that's run like a forum. Unfortunately, the good forum formats cost money to run and do require moderation. So it would have to be a labor of love for someone, and I don't see that happening. - Danaa
What people need to figure out is that the Internet is a multipolar and multidirectional platform which permits users to communicate freely in whatever combinations they like. Apparently that is a cognitive hurdle much too steep for many to surmount. They are comfortable being fenced in by one authority or another. - Sean McBride
Sean, I think dissing people for failing to communicate in a "catch all you can" manner is counterproductive. last I noted we still interact and communicate with humans. It therefore helps to try and figure out how to access the human comfort zone if conversations are to flow freely. Fact is, MW has a lot of valuable contributions from many sources. They prefer to concentrate on the I/P... more... - Danaa
Here's a fact: there are many posts coming from Palestinians. The blog feels it's important to give them a voice, and believe that there are many readers who come to read specifically those voices. Yet, the total number of comments on those posts is always much smaller than on the posts that address jewish angst. - Danaa
Ergo, most commenters are more interested in jewish angst airing. That's where the MW commentariat is. Just look at how many comments every piece on Liberal Zios pulling out hair (what's left thereof) - that's obviously what they want to converse about. Does that leave a whole bunch of interested parties out? sure it does. But this is not their blog so they can interject of Jews,... more... - Danaa
back to your comment Sean - instead of putting people down for not figuring out the internet, we need to accept that people gravitate to their own comfort zones. The commenters are comfortable on MW, and that's a fact. may be they like the bull pen. May be they don't want to spend time swatting flies. We can talk about why people are the way they are, but that does not change the way they are. - Danaa
Danaa -- I am not "dissing" them -- just pointing out that many Internet early adopters are easily leapfrogging over traditional publication models and communicating with one another in creative ways. This more flexible style of building communities of interest will eventually catch on in the world at large. - Sean McBride
One thing I noticed on MW comments: a few people put on thoughts and feed-back on whatever the post topic is. Some cheer and compliment (always a good thing) -whatever the take is. Others take issue with one point or another. But the conversation only really gets going when one of the zios pops in, like JeffB, or Hophmi or jon s. Conclusion? that's what many commenter-people really want... more... - Danaa
Sean, again - most people DON'T WANT creative new ways to debate. They want to rant, to vent and to have a little brawl. And they most certainly don't want to put in the work needed to maintain a blog or a forum or else they would do just that. Like-minded people who are on the same page don't need to hash over the same points since they already agree. - Danaa
Most people gradually adopt creative new ways to communicate (some much more slowly than others) -- that is why Internet technologies for doing just that have evolved so rapidly over the last few decades -- and will continue to evolve. I recall some people arguing at their founding that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would never take off. - Sean McBride
i try to comment on the article and converse if there's a good topic with someone in comments. I occassionaly take the low road to trash some of the trolls - often they're so f'ing stupid, I feel I have to say something to them. Jon S always complains that is is over moderated, but good, because he is a complete annoyance and phony. - Chu_
Your issue Sean is with the fundamental trait of humans: inertia. You will not succeed in battling it since you are one and they are Billions. Some people care more than they are lazy. Those people start blogs and run forums. The rest who show up for the most part just want a comfort zone where others of similar viewpoints come to frequent the joint. This bar "where everyone knows your... more... - Danaa
Chu, you are one of the ones who do that - and kudos to you for being so well focused. I can count another 20 (who come and go over time). Can I count to 50? not sure. - Danaa
Danaa -- haimish? - Sean McBride
Seafoid digs at some, but stays focused on how Israel is collapsing morally. Shingo loves to trash trolls, and he's good at it. I get a laugh reading his stuff occasionally. - Chu_
Danaa -- many of the most influential conversations on many topics are now going on on Twitter -- by independent minds playing on a level playing field, with no central control. This is where many stories and memes break first. The trick is in knowing which feeds to follow. - Sean McBride
Sean, facebook and Twitter succeeded as did smart phones precisely because they cater to human reluctance to learn and do things in depth. Much has been said about the shallowness of facebook and it's all true. It's a place to hang out and show your pictures and check out your friends' pictures, that's all. It's also an advertisement for business or a hobby or an occupation - get a... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are simply tools -- one can use them however you will. Many of the best minds on the planet are now on Twitter -- and they are bouncing interesting ideas and energy off one another with speed and force. Think of Twitter as the world's ultimate pinball machine. - Sean McBride
There are no "conversations" on Twitter. There is dissing, ranting, blog post advertising, opinionating and spitball matches. That's not conversation. Can't have one in 100 words. You can only say what your opinion is and perhaps try and direct traffic to a post you like. That's all. I have had a few conversations on facebook about stuff, with emphasis on "few". Social media are all... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- there are interesting conversations on Twitter -- you just haven't managed to uncover them -- it's a huge space. And Twitter conversations often migrate to other platforms -- it's all very fluid. - Sean McBride
just because everyone has a twitter and a facebook doesn't mean they use these media to communicate on any depth. I used facebook to get in contact with some people, but then what communications we had was done through e mail. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. act well as "pings". Ways to say - hello, you still there? what's up? how are the cats? - Danaa
Danaa -- these are the Twitter feeds I follow: Do these strike you as shallow people? Quite a few of them are global thought leaders. Who have you been following on Twitter? - Sean McBride
I had zero interesting conversation on Twitter, as in "none". I asked for links and got them. That's all. I used it to rant against these Hollywood petition petty-coaters, venting my "true" opinions. one among many. Got to call them idiots and a few other precious names. That' not a conversation. Also my eyes just swim over the Twiter posts. I glance, move on, lose interest if nothin of... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- by all means use the tools that feel most comfortable to you. We should all do that. There are many ways to go about interacting with the world's information. - Sean McBride
Clue - look at these posts I just made here. can you tell Twitter is not my thing? does anyone want to keep up with this kind of torrent? kind of doubt it. But I need practice typing and stringing together sentences so I do that here. Suits me fine. Doesn't suit others, evidently. What else is new? I'm the same in real life - always trying to get deep conversations going at cocktail... more... - Danaa
thanks for the opportunity to lay out some of my thoughts simply. There, I just found another good use for social media - practice simplicity. Gotta love it. maybe some day I'll graduate from simplicty pre-school. Will throw party. Invite multitudes. Twit with all, wings aflutter. Need caterer! - Danaa
Right on cue, here comes pepsi. All suited up for Twittering. Alas, he just does not inspire.....but you do Sean. I really enjoy dumping on social media with you. Always making me think of some new reason I can't abide. Me, the anti-dude. - Danaa
Ba-bye pepsi. Good of you to drop in....keep safe! - Danaa
Danaa -- do any items on the first ten screens here strike you as interesting? What would be a more efficient method for encountering them? (It takes me less than 15 seconds to scan 10 screens of high-quality tweets -- and most of these are high-quality by design, by the deployment of smart algorithms to sort them to the top of the queue.) - Sean McBride
My biggest problem is that there is no clean, daily list of the recent news stories for the last three days on MW. That would be very basic. It's getting to the point where FF is a better list of MW stories than MW's page is. What is going on? - WJones
WJ -- I originally set up MWFF for myself because I wanted a nice clean and efficient interface for tracking the flow of new articles on MW. - Sean McBride
The more I comment in parallel on both MW and MWFF, the more I appreciate Friendfeed as a discussion interface. - Sean McBride
I am afraid I am going to be relying more on FF for MW stories. That's because it isn't clear to me how to check for new stories of the day - all the stories - on MW directly. - WJones
I saw the tree comment. Does calling Hillary a harpie demean all women? She's not your average woman, so a mythological being seems quite apt. - Chu_
Regarding tree's and ritzl's effort to police the English language, pursue the topic in this thread: - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Good for the Goose is one of the most vile antisemitic sewers on the Internet.
Several of the leaders of the group fit the same profile as "Jason Beck," the agent provocateur who was uncovered by Common Dreams: - Sean McBride
If you are associated with GFTG, you are probably being closely tracked by the ADL, SPLC, FBI, DHS and other similar organizations and being pushed up the ranks of terrorism watchlists. The group appears to be a honeypot to draw potentially dangerous extremists out of the woodwork who aren't very bright and who are easy to dupe. - Sean McBride
If pepsi keeps posting here after repeatedly being asked not to, this post will keep being bumped to the top. If that doesn't work, we'll take it to the next level. - Sean McBride
I dont think GFTG is the most vile anti semitic sewer on the net----true that some on it like to 'prank it up' and there's lot of ridicule of the tribe.but its hardly dripping with blood libels and garbage.....just intense dislike of the tribe..some is valid criticism other may be personal dislike for whatever reason or experience. pepsi excells at pushing you always let him push yours. - American
Most of the rhetoric on GFTG is indistinguishable from that of "Jason Beck" -- often word for word -- gutter antisemitism of the most extreme variety. - Sean McBride
Bump. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Day The Top NY Times Columnist Threatened to “Get Me” For Criticizing Israel | MJ Rosenberg On Everything -
Danaa -- found by Twitter. - Sean McBride
"So what’s the moral? It is this: Criticizing Israel is dangerous business. On what other issue would a New York Times columnist call a Senate staffer and threaten to destroy his career? None. And why was a New York Times columnist acting as if he was working for the Israeli government? Safire wasn’t a journalist that day; he essentially was a representative of the Israeli government.... more... - Sean McBride
Mike Rosenberg is using his blog and Twitter feed interactively to achieve leverage and synergy. Early adopters figure this kind of thing out quickly. The tweet for this article ranks high in Twitter search results -- many people will read the full article. - Sean McBride
Here's the tweet: - Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg: Horror story. When AIPAC, the New York Times & Netanyahu all combined to threaten ME. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- just trying to show you how the game is being played with these cool tools. - Sean McBride
M.J. Rosenberg > MJ's blog > Twitter > Friendfeed -- just like that -- zap. Fast and efficient and global in scope. - Sean McBride
good story. Was Saffire trying to Jedi-mind trick MJ? surely sounded like he was giving him the chance to play in the Israel racket. Saffire was a quasi-agent of Israel, I've seen him intimidate other journalists. Good that he is no longer around. When all the fanatics die, will there be a new class of loonies, or will the passing of the holocaust generation finally create create a more Americanized Jewish citizen? One that will fight in the US armed forces instead of the IDF? - Chu_
# William Safire+Israel::* 1. article by 2. article on 3. book by 4. book on 5. date 6. fact 7. passage by 8. passage on 9. quote by 10. quote on - Sean McBride
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