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Sean McBride
Using Neural Tools to Augment Prediction of Performance, Expertise, and Domain-knowledge (UNTAPPED)
"The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) is seeking information on novel approaches and tools for predicting an individual's future cognitive performance in complex environments using structural and functional measures of the brain." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Googling into Michael Harari
# g; michael harari * 1. 9/11 2. andrew cockburn 3. arnon milchan 4. arms 5. assassinations 6. bali bombing 7. buddy young 8. cia 9. cocaine 10. dancing israelis 11. dangerous liaisons 12. dealey plaza 13. dmitri khalezov 14. drug trafficking 15. entebbe 16. extortion 17. gordon duff 18. jack ruby 19. jack stevens 20. james earl ray 21. john downie 22. john f. kennedy 23. latin america 24. leslie cockburn 25. lillehammer 26. manuel noriega 27. martin luther king 28. meyer lansky 29. michael collins piper 30. money laundering 31. mossad 32. norway 33. nuclear weapons 34. oklahoma city bombing 35. operation thunderbolt 36. operation wrath of god 37. panama 38. peter dale scott 39. raul 40. 41. south america 42. umbrella man 43. veterans today 44. victor bout 45. william barr 46. william pepper - Sean McBride
Fact vs. fiction? Good luck sorting it out. - Sean McBride
What does the Jewish Lobby have to do with the Rise of the Russian Mafia Internationally and the US-Israel Russian Mafia Network.
'' Back in 1995, the then-head of the FBI Louis Freeh claimed that the Russian-Jewish mafia had become the “greatest threat the American security” in the world, though, several days later, he was forced to retract his statements according to the BBC.'' - American
So how was the Russian Mafia able to spread international and become the largest criminal network, outdoing even the Colombian Cartels? Follow the bread crumb trail. - American
In 1973 Kissinger was carrying out negotiations with Russia to establish a detente , open US trade relations, agree on nuclear controls and end the 'cold war'. When the Jews got wind of the negotiations they pressured congress to make up the the Jackson-Vanik amendment was an attempt to steer American foreign policy away from ''detente'' for Jewish 'human rights'. They wanted to kill... more... - American
In reality Russian had already been letting Jews immigrate but was charging a tax on emigres for the free state university educations all Russians receive. What the Jewish groups wanted was to force Russia to remove the tax and also they wanted a 'mass exodus' of these educated Russian Jews to Israel to increase their population---and in addition they wanted them given 'refugee status' so the US would finance their resettlement. - American
Kissinger’s greatest enemy in this battle over Jackson-Vanik was Richard Perle, then a young legislative aide to Jackson who in later years would have positions of power in the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administrations. Perle coordinated the campaign for Jackson and worked hard to keep the Jewish community squarely behind the amendment. - American
Kissinger opposed the amendment until the end. When it finally passed, and the Soviets, with a great pique, rejected the entire trade bill, Kissinger wrote, in a self-satisfied letter to a Jewish leader, “When the Soviet Union looked at the totality of what it had to gain from the trading relationship we were able to offer, as against what it considered intrusions in its domestic affairs, it drew the balance sheet of which we have the results today.” - American
So in the end the Jewish lobby won, congress passed the Jackson-Vanik bill and the US detente with Russia fell apart. - American
The Russians being pissed in general with US Jews torching the US Russia agreements said fine, we will give you all the Jews you want and just as Cuba's Castro had done opened their prisons wide and gave every Jew and anyone who claimed to be a Jew a passport to the US or Israel. 1.6 million eventually went to Israel and 600,000 eventually came to the US. - American
'' "It's wonderful that the Iron Curtain is gone, but it was a shield for the West," Boris Urov, the former chief investi­gator of major crimes for the Russian attorney general, has declared. "Now we've opened the gates, and this is very dangerous for the world. America is getting Russian crimi­nals. Nobody will have the resources to stop them. You people in the West don't know our Mafiya yet. You will - American
The Russian Jewish gangs that immigrated to the US first set up camp in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and thus began their networking with Jewish Russian criminal elements in Israel. According to Interpol since 1973 they have spread to a loosely affiliated organized crime group that now operates in 50 countries. - American
According to the respected research and intelligence organization, the Israeli government estimates that roughly 10% of all Jewish immigration to Israel is criminal, yet, little is done to stem this tide other than pious denunciations. Even more, the Israeli government has admitted that mafia money went to finance much of Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign for the Prime Ministership in 1996. - American
In the US both the FBI and Police Task forces on the Russian mob have expressed it thus-----"Bobby Sommer a detec­tive in the 61st Precinct in Brighton Beach, he is clearly on the verge of surrendering to a force that has him out­gunned, outfinanced, and outwitted. A Russian crime group bought the building directly across the street from his sta­tion house, and the gangsters have been... more... - American
In Israel Israeli police officials estimate that Russian mobsters have poured more than $4 billion of dirty money into Israel's economy, though some estimates range as high as $20 billion. - American
Israeli Minister of National Security Moshe Shahal told a gathering of intelligence heads in June 1996. Israel is a country that encourages people to come and invest money... "There is no mecha­nism to check the origin of the money." - American
>Israeli Mafia Returns to LA? Did It Ever Leave? By J.J. Goldberg --- 1981, when I was working as a reporter in Los Angeles, a task force investigator agreed to meet me and tell the story and show me documents. He said the task force had been disbanded months earlier at the insistence of... more... - American
The substantial Jewish investment in the global arms trade permits Israel to support rebel groups worldwide through mafia channels that otherwise would be credited to Israeli government policy. For example, Russian-Jewish mafia figures are financing the Darfur separatists in Sudan (though the agency of Ukrainian-Jewish boss Viktor Bout), and the Colombian communist FARC rebels through... more... - American
Special treatment gives Israeli mobsters free access to US soil: WikiLeaks - American
'' This revelation comes in a May 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv titled “Israel: A Promised Land for Organized Crime?” The cable, which was released by Wikileaks on 26 August, details the growing alarm of American officials that “Organized crime in Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United States.” Israel, according to the cable, is a world center of... more... - American
Efforts to fight Israeli crime in US hampered by legal exemption Under a heading titled “Israeli OC Operating Freely in United States,” the cable states: it is fair to assume that many known OC figures hold valid tourist visas to the United States and travel freely. It notes that the US Embassy in Tel Aviv is currently utilizing all available tools to deny Israeli OC [organized crime]... more... - American
And the Jewish Lobby and Jewish 'contribution ' to the world continues as long as it benefits the Jews and Israel------> Barbara Boxer, AIPAC seek to codify Israel's right to visa free entry... › Opinion › Israel The Guardian Apr 13, 2013 - Barbara Boxer, the chair of the Senate environment and public works ... to enter this program, so that Israelis can enter the US without a visa - American
As of the last FBI report in the early 2000's the Russian Jewish mob had cost the US taxpayers over 2 trillion dollars in gas tax fraud, medicare fraud, SS fraud, Us education grants fraud, charity frauds, money laundering, and the list goes on and on. - American
Probably nothing is more typical of the Jewish group then this----> After using the US to get refugee status for Russian Jews in the US, get them on the US welfare rolls and get 10 million in US aid to resettle the ones who went to Israel the Jews then 15 years after the Russian Jewish immigration due to the US congressional Jackson-Vanik iJewish immigration bill they got the US to... more... - American
There has never been a group of ethno/religo people more detrimental to the US and Americans welfare than the Jews...sorry but that's the truth. And all the babble and propaganda we see at MW about the 'great contributions of Jews' to the US and the world is absolute crap that flies in the face of 1000's of examples like this of what their tribalism and disdain for all others has wrought...everywhere. - American
American -- again, I strongly disagree with this last comment of yours: "There has never been a group of ethno/religo people..." Your assumption is that 98% of Americans have been the passive and innocent victims of 2% of Americans -- which doesn't make the slightest bit of sense, unless you want to argue that the vast majority of Americans are mindless zombies. The Russian Mafia is an... more... - Sean McBride
Why was Henry Jackson, who was not Jewish, a key leader behind the Jackson-Vanick amendment? Are we supposed to believe that Richard Perle possessed the magical or superhuman ability to control Jackson's mind -- to wrap Jackson around his little finger? You never seem willing to grant agency or the power of independent action to non-Jews in these situations. If Jews really are as... more... - Sean McBride
Henry Jackson was a key member of the military-industrial complex, a lobby which couldn't care less about Zionism other than as a tool to use and exploit in the quest for ever-expanding profits. - Sean McBride
Digging into the Russian Mafia: - Sean McBride
# timeline; Russian Mafia; *date; *property; *value 0. property 1. article 2. book 3. event 4. photo 5. quote 6. video - Sean McBride
An odd detail: [Wikipedia; Louis Freeh: SUV crash and hospitalization] - Sean McBride
Sean, I dont know how to tell you how little I care about the anti semite tag. .All it means to me is that I don't put The Jews above my own country and every other group. I also don't know how to explain to you that the 'innocent of this among the Jews" cannot be my or anyone else's concern when the evidence and facts say that 'organized jewry' must be stamped out for the good of this... more... - American
If the Jews have the exceptional abilities you think they do then I am sure the innocent ones will be able to protect themselves from the eventual blow out and dont need my help. - American
Do not embarrass yourself by trying to deny the Jewish Lobby part in the spread of the Russian Mafia due to their interference for Jewish Russians in 1973. It has been traced documented and evidenced by more law enforcment from the FBI to Interpol and more investigations than I could ever have the time to fully list here. - American
It was during this time that Kissinger made his famous "anti semitic' statement that.... 'that the Jews were traitors to America". What they did was treasonous. - American
'' Your assumption is that 98% of Americans have been the passive and innocent victims of 2% of Americans -'...Sean)......My assumption is that 98 % of american have been kept in the dark by US media and politicians on the extent of the Jewish fifth column in the US and what it has caused, not just in the US but elsewhere. But the light will be turned on sooner or later. - American
Recall this post: [# prominent non-Jewish Zionists] I think they are all responsible for their own beliefs and actions. - Sean McBride
Yes I remember that thread but I still think you aren't getting my actual point on this. How do I get you to follow it?.... I will start with the fact of 6 million Jews in the US. And with the fact that the majority of them do support Israel ,if not all extreme or militant, they dont go against the wider community support for Israel. And the majority of them do support favored treatment... more... - American
american - a lot of data here and links. can you give me a summary of what this thread conveys? please... - Chu_
The..'you cant say the tribe is detrimental to American because of the *some* innocent in the tribe ---is about the same thing as saying African's and others dont need to worry abut ebola because *some* Africans and people's own immune systems fight it off and they don't die from it. - American
Put in another realistic way.....Israel blew up and killed its own IDF solider rather than let Hamas capture him----if organized jewry wants to use the Jews as shields to prevent me, whoever, from taking down their lobbies and the majority of Jews are willing to be used that way--there is nothing I can do about that.That is between the Jews themselves...and that 'ploy' will not affect what I say about what I see or know about the 'Tribal effort for Israel in the US.. - American
Chu....its about the link between the growth of the Russian Mafia internationally and in the US & Israel and the Russian Jewish US Jackson-Vanick immigration bill that 'opened the floodgates' of Jewish Russian emigration out of Russia in 1973 including all their criminals in prison and hordes of Russian mafia figures. - American
Wiki: Strongest ethnic criminal groups - - (note: at top of the list) Russian criminal groups[edit] These mostly consist of both Slavic as well as Jewish criminals. The most well-known of these gangs is the Solntsevskaya Bratva.[40] [Chechen criminal groups are beneath the Jewish/Slavic ethnic criminal groups] - Chu_
Bigotry is blaming and punishing entire groups -- ethnic, racial, religious, etc. -- for the behavior of some members of the group. Decent people don't succumb to or indulge in bigotry. Modern Western democratic principles are based on holding *individuals* to account for their behavior, not entire ethnic or religious groups. You seem to have lost sight of those values. As for making... more... - Sean McBride
Re Chechen and other groups a related to the Russian Mafia. First some of the Chechan gags are 'within" the Russia Mafia---some are not because they were 'separatist' and formed their own gangs .--but both arose from Russia because Chechen was 'part of Russian -the USSR ' until its official collapse in 1991 ..long after the 1973 immigration exodus. - American
Sean...Smart people dont fall for the bigotry ''red herring' either and you are using it just Jews and zionist do. I didn't make threats against the Jews but I can assure you there are some threats they have never heard before and will not know how to handle and we are seeing their inability to handle them right now.....most the world and not a few leaders are now pubically and... more... - American
Chu...further on the jewish, salvic, etc makeup of the Russian Mafia --the thrust of this article was not about the actual ethnic makeup of the Red Mafia----the point was how the Jewish lobbies interference and demand for mass Jewish immigration from Russia jump started the internationalizing of the Russian Mafia and in the US and Israel. - American
There was a lot of links and I wasn't sure the gist of all of it. I don't know much about this topic, so thanks for the overview. You and Chas drop some things that I often need to look into and study up on. I have been recently reading about the Pale of Settlement, which is basically the same thing as what was termed Yiddishland. Been reading chapters of 200 years together as well. - Chu_
Hey Sean I've got another hot potatoe subject for you but dont have time to get into right now, will do it later. - American
American -- you've placed yourself on the same page with those groups that are seeking out (lusting for) an apocalyptic showdown between "the Jews" and the rest of the world -- Christian Zionists, militant Jewish Zionists, militant Islamists, militant white nationalists and neo-Nazis, etc. Think about it. None for me, thanks -- one sees weeping and gnashing of teeth at the end of that path for all parties concerned. There has to be a better way. - Sean McBride
Work to make the world a better place. - Sean McBride
''American -- you've placed yourself on the same page with those groups that are seeking out (lusting for) an apocalyptic showdown between "the Jews" and the rest of the world ...Sean......Oh lord.lord,lord....what propels you to make these leaps of hysteria I don't know. When I say the Jews/Israelis cant continue their aggression and win against the majority of the world stating that 'fact becomes 'lusting ' for a apocalyptic ending? That is totally in your mind,not mine. - American
When I say the Jewish group has the most detrimental ethno/religo group to real US interest--and it is true---no other group in US history has so skewed US national interest for their group----and then I say I want to kill them all or expel them all from the US--then that will be anti semitism. .. - American
It is not anti semitism to hold the view that the Jewish ethno/.religo group should have their victim influence and favortism taken from them so they cannot force bad policies on the country that all Americans are affected by. - American
Now according to your definition of anti semitism my holding this opinion of 'the group'---finding the 'group guilty' is anti semitism because it might affect 'some' innocent Jews making them feel bad or lose some benefits. Or iow you believe that 'the group' should be given everything they demand and subject the country to because some Jews are more important than a entire country or its people. You know what that is don;t you? Jew worship and centricness just like the kind Jewish supremest have. - American
If you want to successfully counter the influence of the Israel lobby in American politics, you need to prevail by playing by the established democratic rules. So what's your game plan? - Sean McBride
'' So what's your game plan? - Sean McBride).....My game plan is the same as it has always been keep educating people on the intersection of the Jewish Lobby and US politics at every opportunity, to keep donating to the Council for the National Interest to help them expose it, to keep sending checks to any politician that defies the Lobby with a letter saying that is Why I am... more... - American
Sounds like a plan. - Sean McBride
The problem, of course, is that Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson can write much bigger checks than most of us, and money talks. - Sean McBride
Another saying....'money talks but bullshit walks". You can pay people to promote bullshit but you cant pay people to believe it. - American
As long as they perform services paid for, their real beliefs don't matter. - Sean McBride
At this point in time the kingmakers and corporate american titans, can probably move to any part of the globe, and operate from a new perch. That's what Bloomberg recently did in London. He moved a large chunk of his corporate operations to London (the same Bloomberg who was interested in running for the republican ticket only a few years ago - "Bloomberg Place, roughly the size of a... more... - Chu_
corporate titans like these have a substantial amount of leverage in the new corporate kingdoms. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Climate Change Denial and Warming Evidence | The Energy Collective -
Climate Change Denial and Warming Evidence | The Energy Collective
"Deniers cannot selectively choose the data they wish to use while rejecting the entire data set from consideration. It is unacceptable to focus arbitrarily on only the period supporting their view while ignoring the extended global temperature record. Data covering most of the industrial era, 1880-present, are shown below." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Who To Follow On Twitter, According To Marc Andreessen
Who To Follow On Twitter, According To Marc Andreessen
pmarca=Marc Andreessen on Twitter /i - Sean McBride
hmm, Marc Andreessen is looking more and more like Dr Phil. - Greg GuitarBuster
Sean McBride
De Blasio and Giuliani Speak Out on Met’s ‘Klinghoffer’ as Protests Begin - -
De Blasio and Giuliani Speak Out on Met’s ‘Klinghoffer’ as Protests Begin -
"As the Metropolitan Opera prepared to give its first performance of John Adams’s 1991 opera “The Death of Klinghoffer” on Monday night, several hundred protesters gathered outside the opera house, security was heightened inside, and the debate over the work spread to City Hall. As Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and Republican presidential candidate, joined protesters outside the opera house Monday evening to denounce the work, which he said offered “a distorted view of history,” the current mayor, Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, defended the Met’s right to perform it. He said that Mr. Giuliani “had a history of challenging cultural institutions when he disagreed with their content.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"“I don’t think that’s the American way,” Mr. de Blasio said at a news conference Monday morning in Broad Channel, Queens, apparently alluding to Mr. Giuliani’s efforts as mayor to stop funding the Brooklyn Museum of Art after had it mounted an exhibition that Mr. Giuliani deemed offensive. “I think the American way is to respect freedom of speech. Simple as that.”" - Sean McBride
"The opera, which explores the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship by members of the Palestine Liberation Front, and the murder of a disabled Jewish American passenger, Leon Klinghoffer, is considered a masterpiece by many music critics. But it has also drawn impassioned protests, and, ahead of this production, some threats, from people — many of whom have never seen the... more... - Sean McBride
"Peter Gelb, the Met’s general manager, who said that he had received threats related to the opera and that some cast members had been harassed online, addressed the performers and musicians at Friday’s final dress rehearsal to tell them about enhanced security measures. “We just want to take every precaution so that everybody is safe and secure on Monday,” he said." - Sean McBride
"The protests were initially spearheaded by several smaller Jewish groups and conservative religious organizations. The larger Anti-Defamation League brokered a compromise with the Met — which pleased few on either side — in which the Met agreed to drop its plans to show the opera in cinemas around the world but said it would still go on with its New York production. Several current and... more... - Sean McBride
Per usual, the Readers' Picks are highly revealing. - Sean McBride
What an overacting performance by the protesters. This ensure that anything Jewish/Israeli never gets debated in the USA. Guiliani is an opportunist here. DeBlasio reference of Guiliani was smart adn a reminder what a nutjob he could be - so a perfect fit for this crowd. - Chu_
the times comments are revealing. One guy says this 'has stirred so much controversy I am buying tickets'. Another guy indicates that this is symbolic of the Jewish Holocaust, and doesn't get the over-reaction. And after Israel just slaughtered about 1500 women and children in the Gaza prison this summer, the death of Klinghoffer doesn't warrant this much attention. Guiliani's at the podium last night came off like a real greasy demagogue. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Isaac Asimov's Newly Published 1959 Paper for DARPA on Creativity -
Isaac Asimov's Newly Published 1959 Paper for DARPA on Creativity
"Isaac Asimov was one of the great sci-fi writers of the 20th century. So naturally, at the dawn of the space age, the military wanted to tap his brain. In 1959 he was approached by ARPA (now known as DARPA) to "think outside of the box" about how ideas are formed. His brief work for the organization has never been published, until today." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"As MIT Technology Review explains, Asimov took a few meetings with ARPA and Allied Research Associates in Boston, but ultimately decided against long term involvement with the organizations. Asimov was apparently afraid that any access to classified military material would limit his freedom of expression. And rightly so, since it would have no doubt hampered his ability to publish fiction freely. However, Asimov did produce a single paper for the organization that has never been published until today." - Sean McBride
"Probably more inhibiting than anything else is a feeling of responsibility. The great ideas of the ages have come from people who weren't paid to have great ideas, but were paid to be teachers or patent clerks or petty officials, or were not paid at all. The great ideas came as side issues. To feel guilty because one has not earned one's salary because one has not had a great idea is the surest way, it seems to me, of making it certain that no great idea will come in the next time either." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Lefty journalism professor tries to discredit the Tea Party by passing along sensational footage to his buddies at the Times!!! » Pressthink (Jay Rosen) -
"Yesterday I was the target of a “sting” operation by right wing trickster James O’Keefe. I will tell you what happened." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Fwd: Philosophy Monkey: Steven Pinker - Linguistics as a Window to Understand the Brain - (via
Fwd: Philosophy Monkey: Steven Pinker - Linguistics as a Window to Understand the Brain - (via
"One of the things I first enjoyed when I was introduced to philosophy was its recursive nature: we could use thought to investigate the nature, the rules, the structure and the limits of thought itself (and what that could tell us about the human mind). For a very similar reason I have a certain appreciation and fondness for linguistics. Most of our communication takes place through language, and linguists are hard at work trying to understand what they can about human cognition, nature and culture, by paying close attention to the way in which we use language." - Sean McBride
"In the following lecture, Steven Pinker provides a fascinating introduction to questions such as how syntax (the study of linguistic structure), phonology (the study of sound), semantics (the study of meaning) and pragmatics (the study of the social and cultural role and context of language), all help us to understand how language works. He also provides a lesson on the nature of the... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Content Analytics Tool To Rule Them All? -
"With BuzzSumo, you can easily see what content is trending across the web for a given topic. You can also learn which content is performing well on any given website. Additionally, you can discover who the big influencers are in your industry. It’s like magic! All you have to do is type in your keyword, phrase, or URL into the search box, and you have organized, readable data in seconds. The data is sortable and exportable, enabling you to easily do additional analysis on it. BuzzSumo also has tons of add-ons so you can customize your experience – and you don’t have to be a techie to figure out what the heck the reports are really saying." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Have any of you been successful in persuasively discussing Israeli policies with their militant supporters?
One of the more disconcerting things is that I don't see a way to persuade otherwise seemingly leftwing pro-Israeli nationalists that they should not be crushing Palestinians, who are very persistent in defending the harsh treatment. I see Palestinians, including Christian villages, suffering while America backs it, and feel helpless. Meanwhile, strong nationalists inhabit Christian forums and constantly repeat a very harsh viewpoint favoring occupation and targeting Palestinians. They don't really lay out, in my opinion, an open explanation of their motivations for their views since on other issues many of them are very left wing. They don't say, for example, "I was raised this way, this is my community and nationality, and my culture tells me to very strongly support its nationalism when it's in conflict with other groups or values." What they will say is things like the nationality was persecuted without a state, it needs its own state, there are other nation states, there are... more... - WJones
Explaining why some of those claims aren't true doesn't seem to do any good, as they will argue or ignore things ad absurdam. although they will occasional make "out of character" comparisons between Israeli policies and Jim Crow or conquering the Indians. Like Rabbi Buchdahl, they might not actually be well accepted in Israeli society because they don't belong to the correct... more... - WJones
Even if the UN imposed a 2SS, liberals in the media and politicians changed their tune like the UK parliament, or the state became more openly discriminatory and right wing, it seems like militant nationalists would still make the same arguments about how nationalism is good and <strikethrough>Palestinians</strikethrough Arabs are bad, and support efforts to take over Jerusalem and... more... - WJones
Most Zionists are irrational and highly emotional cultists -- you can't reach them through logical arguments, facts, appeals to pragmatic self-interest, the invocation of universal ethical and moral standards, etc. Zionism=messianic ethno-religious nationalism -- these folks are off in their own world -- off the reservation. - Sean McBride
Never! And I"ve been at it for 40 years! - Taxi
Agree with Sean and Taxi. I've rarely found "militant supporters" of any cause to be receptive to other people's ideas....but zionists are in a class by themselves. - weareone
My question for Phil for the Telesummit, based on his experience in years of interactions, is this: What motivates the PEPs to value militant nationalism to the exclusion of leftist values? Just saying that they are nationalist or intolerant does not explain what makes them this way, and I am afraid that it is hard to get a direct answer from them. Their first answer that Muslims are... more... - WJones
The agenda of many PEPs is transparent and consistent -- it's all about the pursuit of group interest. Liberalism is good for the group in the Diaspora; racism and fascism are good for the group in Israel. From which one must conclude that Diaspora liberalism in some cases has been bogus all along -- a Machiavellian stratagem -- a battering ram for knocking down the established powers that be (in many cases, "Euro-Christians"). - Sean McBride
The way they resolve the contradiction may be saying that normally countries should be based on separation of church/ethnicity and state, but in the case of Israel or other previously persecuted nationalities, it's necessary for security. Palestinians need to be relocated safely because their inconvenience is less important than the _existential_ safety of Israelis due to pervasive... more... - WJones
Their explanations for their self-contradictory behavior are intellectually dishonest -- useful only as specimens to deconstruct. - Sean McBride
Over the decades, I have tried the sweet-talk, the sweeter-talk, and yet the sweetest honey-drippest talk methods with ziofucks and it didn't work. Over the decades, I've submitted thousands of historic and legal documentation to back up my argument and STILL no shift in their thinking. For the past 10 years, I've mostly been using the mallet-on-head method and that doesn't seem to work either, but at least I enjoy this method so I'm sticking to it ;-) - Taxi
taxi, I only tried a couple of times before realizing that I was speaking to members of a cult, and therefore they are impervious to reason. Could reason have worked with members of the David Koresh branch davidians? does it work with certain mormon sects? probably only with those on the edge, who are already trying to get out. I spent time studying the patterns of someone like Witty,... more... - Danaa
Their fragile sense of self is completely enwound with their identification with Israel and Zionism -- without that prop, they would fall to pieces psychologically. Classical cult syndrome. When you challenge the ground of their being, they become fearful and violent -- to lose their belief system would be equivalent to dying. Thus the high level of verbal abuse and personal attacks from pro-Israel activists -- they feel intensely threatened by any questioning of their beliefs -- they are quick to lash out. - Sean McBride
Annie doesn't seem to understand what i am talking about, yet answers my questions about it at length: - WJones
I noticed that. - Sean McBride
Am I trying to swim in a non-viscuous fluid? I am trying to explain to her something but am incapable of it. - WJones
I try to ask her what are the motivations for PEPs, in order to understand where they are coming from, and she basically says they are hypocrites like intolerant people in America. I said OK, but why are they choosing to be that way, when they are normally liberal? Just saying that they are hypocrites or motivated by their ideas or positions in society doesn't explain why liberal people would be. - WJones
It can be taxing -- a real challenge to one's patience. - Sean McBride
Sean, is there a better way that I could phrase my question to Annie? I seem to be asking her the same thing over and over: - WJones
I think you've hit a stone wall with which I am quite familiar -- banging one's head bloody on it is not advised. - Sean McBride
There is an irrational subtext in these exchanges with Mooser and Annie that is impossible to discuss in a reasonable way. This is an intensely emotional topic for them. - Sean McBride
Why should it be so intense and emotional for Annie, though? Are her close friends PEPs, or what? - WJones
She hasn't been very transparent or forthcoming about that question, which has been directly addressed to her several times. - Sean McBride
How would you reword my main question to make it as clear as possible? - WJones
WJones. Give it up. There is no way you could phrase the question that will get you an answer. What I would suggest is that when wondering about PEPS, books on pasychopathology are more likely to provide you with an answer. Besides, why or how would Annie know any more than you do? She is not a PEP, after all, and isn't a member of the tribe. As for Mooser, he knows where he stands and... more... - Danaa
I'll hazard a guess and say that you asking the questions on MW may be seen as a double sword. Since the only good answer is psychological in origin, rather than political or religious or even ideological, providing it for you, the obvious answer, would only mean trouble. So, people will either state things as they are (as I do and a few others) or they'll skirt it in rder to avoid a... more... - Danaa
The other thing I'm wondering about, as I said above - why are you asking Annie? and why are you not addressing my answer(s) - which I provided several times over? stated differently, what's so difficult to understand when you are dealing with members of a culty? ever tried to have a debate with jeohova Witnesses? Jewish lib zios and right wing zios are much the same as the jehovah... more... - Danaa
Danaa, Your explanation that is that it's cult worship and self-identity wrapped up with it, a psychological problem. OK. - WJones
This time Annie repeated four times that it boils down to strong "familial" "programming" and that I should look up what "familial" means. It sounds like she is saying that it's a cultural issue. - WJones
WJ -- what Danna said -- I agree. No matter how you rephrase your questions on this issue, you are going to bang your head against the same irrational stone wall. - Sean McBride
Jones, when they talk about Palestine/Israel they almost want a different set of justice applied. Hophmi explained it once that until all the Jews are restored from the Holocaust he will continue being a fanatic. Also TokyoBK said (this year, but cant find the quote) how Jews in Israel need to feel safe and reassured, which basically supersedes Palestinian's right to self determination.... more... - Chu_
'In reality they suffer from a serious case of Israel-worship, which masks self-worship.' - right on danaa. How is it that you get it, but the other 99% of Israelis and American Zios don't? Must be the scientific analytical background I guess. I think you said you had decent parents also. - Chu_
Chu, I think that actually, many Israelis and American zios do exactly "get" it. They know where they are with the Israel issue and they know why their "hearts" are where they are. They know why they justify the murder of children and many are more than a little aware that there is a plan for a creeping ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. They know the Gazans suffer but their "hearts"... more... - Danaa
I "get" it for some of the reasons that Abigail, and Motti Peled and many other israelis and Stieglitz and 'repentant" american zios do. These reasons have much to do with a process where you find yourself looking at the tribe from the outside in. How each person came to leave the cult and try to undo the programming is, of course, unique to each of us. I wish Chu you were right, and... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- one is reminded of Alfred Hitchcock's [film; Rope; 1948] regarding the psychology in play in some instances. - Sean McBride
"tribal programming" -- noteworthy phrase -- which suggests the associated phrase "tribal deprogramming." - Sean McBride
That's a good analogy Sean. There are other analogies that are more disturbing. Like how did some of the known Nazis, who were otherwise "good" people who cared much for their own families, manage to all that aside when signing on to campaigns against Jews and other undesirables? Some of the answers to israel's collective mentality are found in the many psychological treatises written... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- we need much more scientific research into the psychological dynamics of group psychosis across all human groups -- it's a universal phenomenon, and incredibly dangerous. Human beings in the mass are capable of extreme sociopathic and psychopathic acts against other human groups. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment -
President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment
"The time has come to honestly admit that Israel is a sick society, with an illness that demands treatment, President Reuven Rivlin said at the opening session on Sunday of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities’ conference on ‘From Hatred of the Stranger to Acceptance of the Other’." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Seriously, they aren't ever going to admit to the sick parts of Jewish culture and we have all seen that it isn't just confined to Jews in Israel, its been supported by Jews from around the world. Its bigger than just Israel. The nazis facing hanging for war crimes went to the gallows still doing their 'Heil Hitler" - American
Good that there is an emerging voice of moderation, but I think Israel is trending toward a darker path indefinitely. some things on Rivlan 1. supporter of minority rights in Israel 2. For 1 state solution 3. wishes to recognize the Armenian genocide. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Israeli Billionaire Asks Clinton to Run for President -- Arutz Sheva -
Israeli Billionaire Asks Clinton to Run for President -- Arutz Sheva
"Haim Saban of Power Rangers fame asks for Hillary Clinton campaign announcement at his surprise 70th birthday party." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Israeli billionaire Haim Saban was thrown a surprise 70th birthday party by his wife Cheryl Saban on Saturday night, and he used the occasion to call on former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run in the 2016 presidential elections." - Sean McBride
"The surprise party at a residence Saban owns in Los Angeles featured 220 guests, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, singer Barbara Streisand, and other famous personalities and leading business owners, reports Yedioth Aharonoth." - Sean McBride
"Clinton spoke at the party, thanking Saban for "his great contributions to the relations between Israel and the United States."" - Sean McBride
"Saban responded by saying "I would be happy, madam, if you would announce on my birthday that you will run for the presidency of the United States." Clinton responded with a smile, deferring from making such an announcement." - Sean McBride
"The billionaire, who is worth an estimated $3 billion, has reportedly promised to donate "as much as needed" to get Clinton elected." - Sean McBride
It would be interesting to see the full guest list. - Sean McBride
# A few members of the liberal Zionist wing of the Israel lobby mentioned: 1. Barbra Streisand 2. Cheryl Saban 3. Haim Saban 4. Hillary Clinton 5. Tony Blair - Sean McBride
The true powers behind the throne at the Democratic Party. - Sean McBride
6. George Soros - Chu_
Sean McBride
Self-driving cars will be safer than us. How long until human drivers are banned?
Self-driving cars will be safer than us. How long until human drivers are banned?
30 years, tops, before humans are banned from driving on most public U.S. roadways In urban areas. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Possibly sooner. - Sean McBride
many many decades. - Brian Johns
Cars individual transportation modules may themselves be banned long before "driverless" cars become even a blip on the radar much less human operators banned Please See aircraft and locomotives et al - WarLord
The article brings up a valid point. It may be more about legal and ethical issues than technical ones. Besides, I want to see a driverless vehicle drive me to work in winter time with snow and ice covered roads through four foot snow drifts without clear visual references as to where the road actually is. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Sean McBride
# accusers of antisemitism
1. Abraham Foxman 2. ADL 3. Alan Dershowitz 4. Ari Shavit 5. Atlas Shrugs 6. Benjamin Netanyahu 7. Caroline Glick 8. Commentary Magazine 9. Daniel Greenfield 10. Daniel Pipes 11. David Horowitz 12. Einat Wilf 13. Elie Wiesel 14. Frontpage Magazine 15. James Kirchick 16. Jamie Glazov 17. Jeffrey Goldberg 18. John Podhoretz 19. Lee Smith 20. Leon Wieseltier 21. Mark Oppenheimer 22. Martin Peretz 23. Matti Friedman 24. Melanie Phillips 25. Michael Rubin 26. Mike Huckabee 27. Naftali Bennett 28. New Republic 29. Pamela Geller 30. Richard Perle 31. Robert Wistrich 32. Shmuley Boteach 33. Simon Wiesenthal Center 34. Tablet Magazine 35. William Kristol - Sean McBride
Nothing does more to inflame real antisemitism than false accusations of antisemitism. - Sean McBride
HOWEVER: if you are boiling over with violent rage towards "the Jews" -- all of them -- and have no interest in any other aspects of the world -- you may in fact be a real antisemite. /understatement - Sean McBride
Atzmon thinks that Jewish culture is very closed and that it explains Israeli nationalism. Max Blumenthal, Adam Horowitz and others respond that Atzmon is anti-semitic. Is their position that criticizing Jewish culture and connecting it with nationalism is anti-semitic? - WJones
I would love to see an online discussion about these issues between Gilad Atzmon on the one side and Max Blumenthal, Adam Horowitz and Phil Weiss on the other. I am not sure that Max, Adam and Phil possess the confidence to undertake such a debate. - Sean McBride
Sure, Atzmon could write to the signers of the petition against him and invite them to a debate over whether he is A-S. But I don't think it would go anywhere. I think that the debate boils down to what I wrote in the last paragraph, except that Atzmon's detractors are not going to lay it out that way- they are not going to say that considering Jewish culture to have a closed mentality is anti-semitic, right? However, I think that their debate would (and does) basically revolve around that issue. - WJones
They cant even win that debate with MW commenters. There is no such thing as 'inherent anti semitism' , there is no such thing as inherited hatred of blacks--there is no hate 'gene'. And there is no such thing as being persecuted 1001 times for 21 centuries by e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e without at least once bringing some of it yourself. Both of these fallacies are 'learned' and 'taught.' - American
So far, from my perspective, they have been vague and evasive on these issues -- not substantive and rational. Atzmon is a no-nonsense straight shooter and fairly serious thinker. - Sean McBride
Highly recommended on this subject: [book; Bernard Lazare; Antisemitism: Its History and Causes; 1894] - Sean McBride
I need to pull together some key Bernard Lazare quotes. - Sean McBride
If you are wound-up, messianic, chauvinistic, belligerent, xenophobic and paranoid about your ethnic identity, you will provoke strong pushback -- this is basic human nature. There is nothing mysterious about it -- nothing could be more predictable. - Sean McBride
Bernard Lazare: "If this hostility, this repugnance had been shown towards the Jews at one time or in one country only, it would be easy to account for the local causes of this sentiment. But this race has been the object of hatred with all the nations amidst whom it ever settled. Inasmuch as the enemies of the Jews belonged to divers races, as they dwelled far apart from one another,... more... - Sean McBride
A controversial quote, to say the least, and one that I neither embrace nor condemn. What I would like to see are some strong arguments making the case that that passage doesn't make sense or is irrational. It certainly appears to be sensible on its face. - Sean McBride
Any party that keeps running into the same pattern of conflict in every time and place all around the world probably bears some responsibility for what is going on. The argument that everyone in the world but that party is solely to blame doesn't make much sense. - Sean McBride
I read the Bernard Lazare link material you posted the other day. I think he's honest up to a point in admitting to Jewish cultural faults. What I didnt admire was he then tried to "justify" bad Jewish traits like greed and deception toward goys by saying basically Jews had 'no choice' because of their ghettorized condition. Which was really like going full circle back to saying... more... - American
Its bit of the pilpul again. Set up the faults of the collective. But maintain the 'core' truth that the collective is what others made, not what Jews made it. - American
I haven't read the second half of Lazare's book yet -- I will later this week. I can't comment until then. - Sean McBride
I dont think that Lazare quote is controversial at all......its totally logical and rational. Much like the question I just posted---what do you say to someone who believes that there exist a 'group of humans' who never transgressed against another group and were always persecuted for no reason every time. No such humans exist on earth. - American
Can you imagine if, say, Andrew Sullivan were as obsessed about Irish nationalist issues as, say, Jeffrey Goldberg is about Jewish nationalist issues? Would Goldberg quickly come to feel that Sullivan is a tiresome and obnoxious human being? Especially in the *American* context? - Sean McBride
The main point: obsessive-compulsive ethnic nationalists like Jeffrey Goldberg bear a large responsibility -- arguably the primary responsibility -- for the ethnic conflicts in which they find themselves endlessly embroiled. Once again, this is a psychological issue -- a psychological problem. People like Goldberg have no perspective on their own behavior. They are always wailing away on the other -- on their eternal enemies. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Many leading Jewish Zionists keep insisting that Israel and Zionism represent Judaism and "the Jews" -- all of them.
They are pushing the most inflammatory antisemitic trope in the book. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# mastering any domain -- the key building blocks
1. articles 2. books 3. charts 4. dates 5. events 6. experts 7. facts 8. forums 9. funders 10. lists 11. meetings 12. organizations 13. photos 14. projects 15. statistics 16. tables 17. thought leaders 18. trends 19. triples 20. triplestores 21. vanguard groups 22. videos 23. websites - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Using semantic triples to collect, organize and analyze data on 9/11 {o; *object; *property; *value}
# o; 9/11; *; * 1. article 2. blog 3. blogger 4. book 5. book author 6. category 7. charge 8. date 9. documentary 10. expert 11. fact 12. forum 13. Google search 14. list 15. mailing list 16. note 17. organization 18. photo 19. question 20. quote 21. skeptic 22. topic 23. video 24. website - Sean McBride
And a timeline view of the subject: - Sean McBride
# timeline; 9/11; *date; *property; *value 0. property 1. article 2. book 3. documentary 4. event 5. photo 6. quote 7. video - Sean McBride
The 9/11 official story makes less sense in October 2014 than it ever has. - Sean McBride
You can develop your entire knowledge of any domain in a single plain text list of semantic assertions that is easy to edit, browse, filter, search and sort. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel’s mainstream critics -
From Naftali Bennett to Ari Shavit to Matti Friedman, Israelis are slinging the anti-Semitism charge against western media and leaders who express criticism of Israel.
# c; accused of antisemitism; * 1. American media 2. Barack Obama 3. Chuck Hagel 4. European governments 5. Europeans 6. Human Rights Watch 7. Jack Straw 8. Javier Bardem 9. John Kerry 10. John Mearsheimer 11. Kenneth Roth 12. liberal Protestants 13. Mondoweiss 14. Penelope Cruz 15. Philip Weiss 16. Stephen Walt 17. the nations 18. the West 19. the world 20. United Nations 21. US government 22. US State Department 23. world media - Sean McBride
The world is out of sync with Israel -- Israel isn't out of sync with the world. It all makes sense if your head is wired a certain way. - Sean McBride
# c; accuser of antisemitism; * 1. Ari Shavit 2. David Horowitz 3. Einat Wilf 4. Mark Oppenheimer 5. Matti Friedman 6. Mike Huckabee 7. Naftali Bennett 8. Shmuley Boteach - Sean McBride
Which group seems more sane: the accused or the accusers? - Sean McBride
If your life revolves entirely around messianic and xenophobic ethnic nationalism, you may not be entirely sane. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
c; *person1/*person2 shared affiliation c; *person1/*person2 shared associate c; *person1/*person2 shared...
# category; *person1/*person2 shared * 1. affiliation 2. associate 3. association 4. category 5. dislike 6. employer 7. Facebook friend 8. Facebook like 9. family member 10. favorite * 11. friend 12. Friendfeed like 13. Friendfeed subscriber 14. Friendfeed subscription 15. hot button 16. interest 17. like 18. mentor 19. professor 20. publisher 21. school 22. teacher 23. Twitter favorite 24. Twitter followee 25. Twitter follower 26. Twitter retweet - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
News Fact-checking: One Practical Application of Linked Statistics
"This paper presents an example of practical application of Linked Statistics to the problem of checking facts in news articles. We consider a use case of verifying a news article that exploits statistical facts from the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). To realise the use case, we publish a subset of ISTAT as Linked Data, thus, contributing to the presence of statistics on the Web of Data. We discuss how links from the news article to LinkedSTAT can enable creation of automated tools and services for fact-checking. We received a positive evaluation of our demo use case from ISTAT experts. With our work we hope to promote the value that could be obtained by publishing statistics as Linked Data by official statistical agencies and organisations." - Sean McBride
Louis Gray
Cloud Powered Near Instant PC, Mobile Upgrades Are the New Reality -
Cloud Powered Near Instant PC, Mobile Upgrades Are the New Reality
Show all
Last week I got my wife a new laptop. She didn't have to install anything or migrate any data. It had everything she needed just by logging in. This is the new reality on desktop and mobile, if you live a Cloud-centric lifestyle. - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
The way it should be and the way it will be. - Sean McBride
Love love LOVE mine! - Sherry BakerBrio
When a top GOP foreign-policy aide--(a Zionist member of the Emergency Committee for Israel) met a well-connected white nationalist at a mountain ski resort, a long-simmering right-wing feud almost came to blows
Jewish Zio picks fight with White Nationalist---Zio loses. - American
This time, with ample evidence to back his case, Scheuneman complained to the club’s organizers, outraged that they had offered someone (especially a highly controversial public figure) full membership without consulting other members, an apparent breach of protocol. And so Scheunemann offered an ultimatum: Kick Spencer out, or he would leave. - American
The club chose to keep Spencer. None of its leaders responded to queries from The Daily Beast. - American
# Randy Scheunemann's associations 1. 9/11 exploiters 2. Afpak War ringleaders 3. Clash of Civilizations 4. CLI (Committee for the Liberation of Iraq) 5. FPI (Foreign Policy Initiative) 6. Global War on Terror 7. Iraq War ringleaders 8. Israel 9. Israel lobby 10. Jewish lobby 11. Jewish nationalists 12. Jewish neoconservatives 13. Joe Lieberman 14. John McCain 15. Likud Zionists 16.... more... - Sean McBride
Are Randy Scheunemann and his fellow neocons in a position to complain about the ethnic nationalism of anyone else without being laughed at? - Sean McBride
I think I see a 'trend' developing or on the 'cusp' of development. And I think it comes from a long private 'simmering' resentment among nationalist, patriots, whites....that has begun to put down or spit back at the other elite supremacist. Don't have time to elaborate on this with examples but there are lots of little episodes of put downs or ignoring the Scheuneman types in the '' non headline' news here, there and yonder. - American
The Zios are losing their----'you're a racist or you're a anti semite---attacks on people more and more frequently.. .particulary in Europe law venues, cant think of a one they've won in last yr or two. And now they losing in US private 'social' circles. - American
What could be a more losing strategy, from the standpoint of good social relations, than being abusive, belligerent, confrontational and demanding about one's ethnic nationalist issues with ethnic outsiders? That kind of behavior is guaranteed to turn off nearly everyone. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Microsoft Targets IBM Watson with Azure Machine Learning in Big Data Race -- -
Microsoft Targets IBM Watson with Azure Machine Learning in Big Data Race --
"Nearly a year after launching its Hadoop-based Azure HDInsight cloud analytics service, Microsoft believes it's a better and broader solution for real-time analytics and predictive analysis than IBM's widely touted Watson. Big Blue this year has begun commercializing its Watson technology, made famous in 2011 when it came out of the research labs to appear and win on the television game show Jeopardy." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Greg Mitchell: Great to see Miliband on Maher show humiliating Frum on Iran nukes issues (Frum in service of Israel).
# Randy Scheunemann/David Frum shared categories 1. 9/11 exploiter 2. Iraq War ringleader 3. Islamophobe 4. Israel lobby leader 5. Israeli gatekeeper in the Republican Party 6. Israeli op 7. Jewish activist 8. Jewish nationalist 9. Jewish neoconservative 10. Likud Zionist 11. neoconservative 12. pro-Israel activist 13. Republican 14. Weekly Standard writer 15. Zionist - Sean McBride
For them it's all about Israel and Zionism -- Jewish nationalism -- and nothing else. Most neocons are interchangeable clones of one another. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# timeline; Rothschilds; *date; *property; *value
0. property 1. article 2. book 3. chart 4. dissertation 5. documentary 6. event 7. film 8. net worth 9. novel 10. photo 11. play 12. poem 13. quote 14. video - Sean McBride
You can't understand Zionism without understanding the Rothschilds. And that is a huge and complex topic. - Sean McBride
I can't really understand why it was so important for Red Cross's founder, Henry Dunant, to support the early Zionist movement and go to its congresses. He connected his efforts to this effect to his search for donations from R. - WJones
[Henry Dunant, ’first Christian Zionist’, honored at international commemoration event in Geneva] - Sean McBride
"Henry Dunant was a Christian activist (he helped found the World Alliance of YMCA in 1855), and a fervent believer in the restoration of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland of Palestine. Already in 1866, 30 years before the first Zionist Congress, Dunant had proposed a repopulation of Palestine by Jews. As a personal friend of Theodore Herzl he was one of only a few non-Jews to... more... - Sean McBride
Wonder if this comment will make the cut or be censored to protect the Mooser-Annie team.
Annie says..... ''I don’t know what you arguing here—that Jews aren’t really Jews if they don’t follow Judaism—- or they are—or what?..American ) american, that’s not what mooser is arguing, it’s what you think as evidence by IMO Jewishness is defined by religion –do they or don't they practice Judaism. while you might be powerless to change the way “any Jews define or want to think of themselves.” you are not powerless to change the way you think about it. so we’ve all witnessed time and again in these threads right wing jews ‘de-jewing’ secular jews, claiming they are not really jewish and ideas like that based on whether they meet certain criteria like support for zionism or religion or whatever and the way it appears to me here you are basically agreeing with them. and mooser makes the point “And of course, you are powerless to change anything about it, even the way you think about it” and your response is yes?]] ------> American says......''Well annie you arent "getting it"... more... - American
Lets see if it gets passed. - American
When Annie intervenes to speak for Mooser, to defend him, she makes both of them look ridiculous -- Mooser comes across as weak and pathetic (hiding behind Annie's skirts) and she comes across as an annoying and uninformed busybody. - Sean McBride
Annie knows very little about the intellectual history of Judaism or Zionism and is utterly incoherent on the subject -- but she is strongly opinionated on those topics for reasons that that are quite mysterious. It's a waste of time trying to pursue a rational discussion with her on these issues -- she has no interest in educating herself about them. - Sean McBride
Annie should NOT be moderating conversations on Mondoweiss in which she is an emotional participant -- she has a track record of abusing her power in those situations by holding up or deleting the posts of those she is debating. - Sean McBride
On other topics, Annie's posts are solid and valuable -- but this is rather an important topic to deal with fairly and intelligently -- the ideological linkages between Judaism and Zionism. As for Mooser, he knows absolutely nothing about the topic -- but he can become hysterical about it with the slightest challenge. Crazy stuff. - Sean McBride
American -- the tone that Annie strikes in discussions about these topics is bizarre -- strident and bullying -- as if she were an *authority* on these issues -- not someone who knows next to nothing about them. Something is going on there that isn't immediately apparent. - Sean McBride
It is bizarre how she jumps in on Moosers fights and Mooser cant even really make a coherent case for anything. Read his comments to me and how they dont even fit whatever I said, they are just' picking' comments to start something. - American
I think though we can say its really not bizarre---its a pattern, so there is some established agreement between them ---OR---annie was moderating that thread --where she btw, had not made a previous comment--and decided to defend Mooser and insult me. - American
I have noticed that anytime you forget to ' praise' annie for one of her articles and then somewhere in threads make a comment that isnt totally agreeing or in line with whatever conclusion she made about the subject she will jump on you and insult you......very, very unprofessional..she's done that to me several times in a venomous manner when I wasnt even addressing her but some other commenter. be it, I will ignore her and her articles from here on---if I last on MW. - American
Tell them this old Russian proverb: "The yes-man is your enemy, but your friend will argue with you." - Chu_
Mooser doesn't make arguments, he throws his Jewish spaghetti that is always bubbling and over cooking in his Jewish navel at commenters to provoke both gentiles and other Jews. - American
i know what you mean. He's a joker and deflects a lot of stuff. did he ever explain why he went on a sabbatical last year? Seems like he might have even read a book or two during his absence. - Chu_
Has anyone ever seen Mooser express any compassion for or make a comment about the Palestines? Nope, he's never made one. Cases closed, he is exactly what Sean has said he ethnocentric on steroids. I asked him once if he ever had cause I couldn't find one but he wouldn't answer. He might as well be a Zionist because his only concern is what happens to him and just switch the zionist obsession with protecting Israel to Mooser's obsession with protecting his Judaism and there you have it. - American
dunno - see link. mooser seems like he's there to ridicule zionists, but I haven't been reading MW in a while. He was funny taking on Wondering Jew, Witty, and a lot of others. - Chu_
Yea he does ridicule zionist----out of his jewish self interest.....he's definitely not a Max B. or a Seigler who are standing up for 'right'...instead of jewish identity. - American
Listen to this talk by Max...... - American
Well my reply isnt up but Mooser did send his thanks to annie .....Mooser October 16, 2014, 3:40 pm...... Thanks so much, Annie. And American, always remember, Jews are just like other people, only more so. ''..Unfortunately he has now disappeared. I was going to be the bigger person and try to help his painful lying problems by calling The National Park Service and having them go look for a Moose with his antlers stuck up his ass. But with no location I don't know where to send them. - American
Annie tilts MW moderation to help and protect Mooser as much as possible -- and he needs all the help and protection he can get in straightforward debates about substantive issues. It's a rigged game. - Sean McBride
Mooser has one issue and one issue only: the threat that Zionism represents to Jews generally and to a particular Jew, himself. All of his posts are obsessively ethnocentric and Jewish-centric. Outgroups and their problems don't appear to register on his consciousness. Critical analysis of Judaism and Jewish issues by non-Jews greatly agitates him -- causes his sense of humor to evaporate. Then we see a grim moose indeed. - Sean McBride
Thank you, American, for the podcast. It's shocking and horrifying to hear the stories from a witness. Max states that he was told by many Palestinians, "You're an American. Your country is responsible."......absolutely. - weareone
O.K. now I am done with those two. - American
@ annie .... Evidently you dont have the ability or didnt take the time to follow the ‘evolution of my comment and explanation —–>’ on the evolution of Jewish identity or culture from a religious one to one that is not based on religion for all Jews. I have no respect for people who deliberately waste other commenters time and deliberately misrepresent what they say when they are giving... more... - American
@ Mooser.....'No, I am perfectly capable of changing my opinions on new information—that is why I said my view was always that Jews were those who practiced Judaism. But due to the discussions here on how and what different Jews define themselves as, I believe a Jewish culture exist and that is how some Jews define themselves–by the culture, not the religion. The HISTORICAL FACT however... more... - American
I would love for these two to venture here where they have no MW protection and try to defend their statements...but they are too cowardly to do it. - American
American -- Mooser and Annie are extremely emotional in these exchanges, but about what? They come across as confused and incoherent whenever the issue of the ideological linkages between Judaism and Zionism arises. Since this debate first erupted on Mondoweiss, the argument that Judaism is facing a historic crisis over Zionism has gone mainstream -- there is nothing controversial about it. But Mooser and Annie have done everything in their power to try to torpedo that conversation on Mondoweiss. Why? - Sean McBride
'' But Mooser and Annie have done everything in their power to try to torpedo that conversation on Mondoweiss. Why?...Sean)....You've already nailed Mooser's case. Annie's problem I dont know. What got me so inflamed is wasting my time explaining in detail first to Mooser and then to her my opinion on religious and nonreligious Jews---and then it going right over their stupids heads---or they 'pretended' it went over their heads just to keep up their passive aggressive tag team act on another commenter.. - American
I raised the issue several times on MW of the responsibility of the larger Jewish community for Zionism and the response was silence. They seem to avoid that discussion, perhaps by design. - weareone from iPhone
After I had spent 3 comments saying that I was raised to see Jews as member of a religion not as a race or ethnic---. BUT--- that I believed there was a 'Jewish culture' and traditions that *evolved* over the centuries that had its 'nucleolus' in the' shared' religion----AND that Jews who were not religious identified as Jews because of that 'Jewish culture' not because of Judaism. How... more... - American
All of us regularly engage in vigorous debate with one another on Mondoweiss without the need for protection from a moderator, with a single exception -- Mooser. Annie has repeatedly intervened on Mondoweiss to do Mooser's debating for him. - Sean McBride
I commented long ago on my position on Jews and all other 'identities' which Phil in a rare comment to me agreed with entirely. It was that people can 'define themselves however they want to. If someone has parents or ancestors who practiced Judaism even though he doesn't but he identifies as a Jew due to family heritage--then he's a Jew. If someone born of Jewish parent who doesn't... more... - American
What Mooser and annie try to do is 'bully' commenters into accepting them as authorities. Both of them are stupid. If annie trots out her little wiki def of 'ethnics' one more time I will throw up.'Ethics' and 'cultures dont spring up like grass from out of nowhere. They begin with something 'shared' and the something shared for Jews that 'evolved' into what they call their 'ethnic--was in the beginning, Judaism. - American
Mooser and Annie are trying to pretend that Judaism and the Jewish religious establishment bear no responsibility for Zionism and Israeli policies -- but the truth is that Judaism and Zionism have melded into a single ideological movement and political interest -- with the full cooperation and encouragement of all the leading Jewish religious organizations -- Orthodox, Conservative and... more... - Sean McBride
When Annie sees comments which challenge her views on this issue, often she simply deletes them. She and Mooser are unable to engage in meaningful conversation about this topic. - Sean McBride
If Annie is a paid employee of Mondoweiss and Cersa (Center for Economic Research and Social Change) perhaps there are guidelines set by CERSA that she need to adhere to? Donald is probably on that payroll as well. ~listening to the podcast now, thanks. Max is getting a lot better public speaking, crowd is laughing. - Chu_
There was no such people as "Jews' until Judaism--that is a absolute historical fact. No ' ethnicity' of Jews existed before Judaism. The pagans that took up Judaism were Arabs who themselves were actually a mixture of different 'ethnics' from the ME....i.e... Arab, Persian, Greek, even Asian. I seriously doubt those two have ever cracked a real history book on origins in the ME. - American
A serious problem with all Abrahamic religions is that they consign all humanity that came before Abraham, billions of people who'd lived for hundreds of thousands of years before him - all them people are consigned to the fires of hell for not believing in the one god. - Taxi
American, there was no judaism when Abraham was around (if he ever existed). Abraham did not call himself a 'jew' or a 'hebrew' or an 'israelite'. These definitions came much later from ancient pagan Arabs who abandoned the multi-gods of paganism for the one god idea. - Taxi
Sean McBride
The Neocons — Masters of Chaos | Consortiumnews (Robert Parry) -
The Neocons — Masters of Chaos | Consortiumnews (Robert Parry)
"If you’re nervously watching the stock market gyrations and worrying about your declining portfolio or pension fund, part of the blame should go to America’s neocons who continue to be masters of chaos, endangering the world’s economy by instigating geopolitical confrontations in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Of course, there are other factors pushing Europe’s economy to the brink of a triple-dip recession and threatening to stop America’s fragile recovery, too. But the neocons’ “regime change” strategies, which have unleashed violence and confrontations across Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran and most recently Ukraine, have added to the economic uncertainty." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This neocon destabilization of the world economy began with the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 under President George W. Bush who squandered some $1 trillion on the bloody folly. But the neocons’ strategies have continued through their still-pervasive influence in Official Washington during President Barack Obama’s administration." - Sean McBride
"The neocons and their “liberal interventionist” junior partners have kept the “regime change” pot boiling with the Western-orchestrated overthrow and killing of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the proxy civil war in Syria to oust Bashar al-Assad, the costly economic embargoes against Iran, and the U.S.-backed coup that ousted Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych last February." - Sean McBride
At some point, neoconservatives will come to be defined as the most dangerous enemy ever faced by the West (America and Europe). An easy call. - Sean McBride
That's Victoria Nuland in the photo. - Sean McBride
Not to be a alarmist about yet another sector---- but I would tell people to watch carefully and maybe move money they have in the market to something else. I took all mine out the end of September. I don't think a crash is happening any time soon but I do think here going to be another REIT failure related to WS securitizing rental units bought up the foreclosure storm. 48 % of... more... - American
Sean McBride
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0. property 1. *job-title 2. address 3. budget 4. CEO 5. competitor 6. email address 7. employee 8. Facebook page 9. founder 10. funder 11. Google Play page 12. homepage 13. number of employees 14. number of users 15. programmer 16. topic 17. Twitter page 18. wish list - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israeli actress threatened for photograph with 'Hamas sympathizer' Selena Gomez -
Israeli actress threatened for photograph with 'Hamas sympathizer' Selena Gomez
"One of Israel's biggest success stories in Hollywood has been the subject of controversy in recent days after online zealots made death threats against her for appearing in a photograph with fellow starlet Selena Gomez. Odeya Rush, the Haifa-born thespian who has appeared in numerous films and television shows, sat alongside Gomez in Paris for a fashion show put on last week by the popular high-end brand Louis Vuitton." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
# timeline; pro-Israel activists > * by; *date; * 1. arson 2. assassinations 3. assaults 4. censorship 5. death threats 6. email threats 7. phone threats 8. swastika graffiti 9. vandalism - Sean McBride
These issues keep coming up again and again. - Sean McBride
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