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Sean McBride
Twitter search is blowing away all other news services for tracking Gaza-oriented developments -- not even a contest.
Its recommender algorithm is superb. - Sean McBride
This is where the action is -- it's electric. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Democracy Now!: LIVE: Does the U.S. mainstream media have a pro-Israel bias? We host a debate between @jj_goldberg and @AliAbunimah.
What is laughable is that this issue is still up for debate. - Sean McBride
what a snooze. Amy reinforces her status as gatekeeper. - Chu_
watching it for a spell. Goldberg is spouting shallow talking-points as an Israeli apologist. He was one of Phil Weiss's big hopes to bring change 5 years ago. Poor Phil, he has no idea how entrenched liberal Zionists are. Abinimah is calling his b/s. Getting pretty angry. - Chu_
Jeffrey Goldberg is one of the most ethnocentric members of the mainstream pundit class -- and he has no insight into just how ethnocentric he is -- how much he sticks out like a sore thumb from most Americans. Everything for him is all about "the Jews" and "the enemies of the Jews" -- he has no other interests. He is boring as hell. - Sean McBride
this is JJ Goldberg. His cousin (kidding) his coreligionist (definitely) - Chu_
Right -- JJ isn't as extreme in his ethnocentrism as J -- but he is still much too ethnocentric. JJ is a bit to the "left" of J these days -- although with Zionism, the terms "left" and "right" are really meaningless. - Sean McBride
I'll let the previous comment about Jeffrey Goldberg stand because it is true -- and germane. - Sean McBride
If you are going to argue that there is no bias, then what the heck? - WJones
Hadnt JJ G actually written some good, critical articles previously? - WJones
From a liberal Zionist perspective -- the usual rationalizations and apologetics and ineffectual hangwringing. These people are having zero impact on Israeli policies. - Sean McBride
They are trying to distance themselves from the ugly consequences of Zionism while remaining Zionists, and they are quite confused. They have a certain enlightened self-image they are trying to protect -- they don't want to be seen as bad people. There is a certain amount of narcissism in play here -- and of covering one's ass. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The vibe that many pro-Israel activists and Zionists put out is simply appalling -- fanatical, hysterical, abusive, violent -- ready to claw out your throat if you don't agree with them on every point.
There is no doubt that many of them are capable of committing or supporting genocide. They have no place in modern Western democracies. - Sean McBride
Howard Stern is a perfect example: - Sean McBride
Yes, they are fervent over the IP conflict. - WJones
How come they arent more fascistic against dissent? - WJones
Its weird. - WJones
How come they allow Arab MPs when they also treat other Arabs like prisoners? - WJones
tokens that are all part of the vibrant democracy myth. - Chu_
The attitude they communicate: if you don't think the way we demand you think and do what we demand you do, we will destroy you. If you will not be our tools and slaves, you will be our blood enemies. Not simply fanaticism, but extreme fanaticism. Something is seriously wrong with their mental wiring. The level of aggression is over the top. - Sean McBride
Many of them are stridently claiming to speak for "the Jews" and Judaism. - Sean McBride
Of course they are creating many new enemies at a fast clip -- for themselves individually, for their cause and for their entire "people." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Machines Will Outsmart Humans by 2075, Say 90% of Computer Scientists
Machines Will Outsmart Humans by 2075, Say 90% of Computer Scientists
A lot of us will probably have machines integrated into us by 2050. - Chu_
You won't care because you won't be alive? Actually I think this development will occur before 2075 -- probably by a few decades. - Sean McBride
# Outsmart and outperform in the domains of 1. adaptability 2. agility 3. balance 4. creativity 5. depth of recall 6. endurance 7. hearing 8. imagination 9. intuition 10. learning 11. memory 12. mental complexity 13. mental speed 14. pattern recognition 15. perception 16. physical speed 17. physical strength 18. planning 19. psychological strength 20. reflexes 21. sense of smell 22. sense of taste 23. sense of touch 24. speed of recall 25. vision - Sean McBride
All of that in combination. - Sean McBride
A.I. - I was hoping I could add a second computer brain, so it could work for me while I snooze during the afternoons. moderate tasks like replying to simple emails, etc - Chu_
That should be doable. - Sean McBride
"Given the pace of artificial intelligence development, half of computer programmers surveyed by the Financial Times expect machines to outsmart humans by 2040, and a stunning 90 percent expect this "superinteliigence" to emerge by 2075. When machines become capable of improving their selves faster than humans can, the result will change the world forever, says Nick Bostrom, founding director of Oxford’s university’s Future of Humanity Institute." - Sean McBride
"Bostrom divides current AI efforts into two categories: "One, based on neurobiology, aims to understand and emulate the workings of the human brain. The other, based on computer science, uses the inorganic architecture of electronics and appropriate software to produce intelligence, without worrying too much how people think."" - Sean McBride
Nick's a smart guy. - Sean McBride
"While Bostrom makes no predictions about which is likely to succeed, the specificity of his vision should the machines wish to eliminate humans is stark: "[I]t might use its hacking superpower to take control of robotic manipulators and automated labs; or deploy its powers of social manipulation to persuade human collaborators to work for it. There might be a covert preparation stage... more... - Sean McBride
These scenarios sound crazy, but they are not -- from the standpoint of actually happening. They could happen. - Sean McBride
When you look at the history of artificial intelligence (John McCarthy coined the term in 1955), you see surges, waves, retreats, disappointments, etc. -- but in the overall arc there has been steady forward progress. People can smell it -- the potential for building these technologies -- and they don't give up. They keep following their instincts. - Sean McBride
Rather than one big breakthrough we have seen creative and synergistic combinations of small breakthroughs from many different research fronts that collectively add up to something important. - Sean McBride
1. recommendations 2. Google 3. Google Knowledge Graph 4. Google Navigation 5. Google Voice Search 6. IMB Watson 7. Netflix recommendations 8. Pandora recommendations 9. Prismatic recommendations 10. Twitter search 11. Wolfram Alpha 12. Zite recommendations - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Max Blumenthal: MSNBC just ID'ed @rulajebreal as "Palestinian journalist." So will they ID @EliLake as "Jewish American journalist"?
We should start clearly labeling all journalists in the American mainstream media who are lobbying for various causes -- including Jewish nationalism. Some of them are nothing but full-time propagandists for the Israeli government. - Sean McBride
Add three lanes. One that doesn't lobby at all, some that are part time, some that are full time. Jeffery Goldberg, Krauthammer, could be full time. Also a lane for those that advocate against lobby, like Steve Walt,etc - Chu_
With semantic markup one can get all these facts in order very quickly and then query them and revolve them around in your mind in interesting ways. It's all about carefully crafted category/instance pairs. - Sean McBride
I use a few thousand categories for describing players in the IP conflict -- and many more combinations of those categories. Danaa, I think, said she was satisfied with around five categories -- we are still not communicating about these issues :) -- we're talking past one another. - Sean McBride
I am still interested in the fundamental philosophical levels (the roots). It's my gig. Yours may be the branches that may spread into a canopy of "category/instance pairs". To each their own? - Danaa
I am saying that we probably don't yet understand each other's concepts and terminology -- which is good -- there is room for mutual discovery there. Perhaps we both have useful complementary ideas that can be integrated. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel has succeeded in wiping out the surplus of sympathy and consideration that was available for Jews in the Diaspora after the Holocaust.
The level of that sympathy may even have sunk back to a deficit -- in the red -- with the prospect moving forward of that sympathy drying up completely -- depending on how Israel chooses to conduct itself. - Sean McBride
Americans these days are likely to think of Sheldon Adelson, Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli settlers when the subject of Jews comes up -- and of scenes of carnage and slaughter from Gaza. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Right-wing rabbi’s ruling: Israel may totally destroy Gaza if necessary - National Israel News | Haaretz -
Right-wing rabbi’s ruling: Israel may totally destroy Gaza if necessary - National Israel News | Haaretz
"Dov Lior, the rabbi of the settlement of Kiryat Arba, has issued a religious ruling permitting the total destruction of Gaza if Israel’s military leaders deem it necessary." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"“Therefore, in a time of war, the attacked nation is permitted to punish the enemy population with whatever measures it deems proper, like blocking supplies or electricity. It may bomb the entire area based on the judgment of the war minister and not wantonly put soldiers at risk,” Lior wrote, adding that “deterrent measures to exterminate the enemy” were allowed." - Sean McBride
"“The defense minister may even order the destruction of Gaza so that the south should no longer suffer, and to prevent harm to members of our people who have long been suffering from the enemies surrounding us,” he wrote." - Sean McBride
Zionism -- and apparently Judaism as well for many Zionists. - Sean McBride
You never hear Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid and other Democrats acknowledge the existence of these trends in contemporary Israeli culture. - Sean McBride
What an effing embarrassment these psychos are. congress should pull the plug on looney-ville, but they are tied to the global ponzi scheme like a ball & chain. - Chu_
'Deterrent measures to exterminate the enemy’ are allowed in some cases, Rabbi Dov Lior writes. - notice the exterminate the enemy. sound familiar? Next week's topic: 'how to make lampshades and soap with uncommon materials.' - Chu_
OT genocidal mentation -- that is where these beliefs track back to. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Greg Mitchell: NYT's Rudoren falsely claims CNN journo called all those watching air strikes on Gaza "scum"--it was specific few.
It didn't take long for Jodi Rudoren's real views and agenda to come fully into view. - Sean McBride
Jodi Rudoren is an emotional Jewish Zionist. End of story. She should simply fess up to it. She is incapable of reporting objectively on Israeli issues. - Sean McBride
What an slob, she's had her chance. They need a Palestinian for some perspective to take the helm, but Jewish dollars flowing into NYTimes will forbid it, so will the Sulzbergers. Remember her deep seeded' tweet and 'ho hum'. This woman is a boob. - Chu_
set; Jewish Zionists in the American mainstream media - Sean McBride
Note carefully: I didn't say *Jews* in the American mainstream media -- I said Jewish Zionists -- Jewish nationalists -- people who by free choice have embraced a particular ideology -- like Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, William Kristol, Jodi Rudoren and Wolf Blitzer. Whether or not they are Jewish Zionists can easily be determined by their biographies and track records. - Sean McBride
Michael Bloomberg is a Jewish Zionist. Sheldon Adelson is a Jewish Zionist. Haim Saban is a Jewish Zionist. Rahm Emanuel is a Jewish Zionist. Their Jewish nationalism is by far the most important part of their identity. - Sean McBride
But if you're an American nationalist, the media shuns you. Sad state. - Chu_
Americans have permitted themselves to become extremely confused by various special interest lobbies -- including one foreign lobby of exceptional note. They need to become unconfused very quickly if they are going to survive as a functional and successful society. - Sean McBride
Liberal Zionists have played the lead role in attacking and breaking down the cultures of traditional ethnic and religious groups in the United States -- while building up their own solidarity and power. It is impossible not to notice this. It's a crazy situation. - Sean McBride
Eric Logan
Iraqi Christians leave Mosul after ISIS give deadline to convert, pay or face death | Mail Online -
Iraqi Christians leave Mosul after ISIS give deadline to convert, pay or face death | Mail Online
Thousands of Iraqi Christians today poured out of Mosul after ISIS jihadis gave them an ultimatum - convert, pay or face death. The Islamic State terror group declared that Christians must either convert to Islam, pay a special tax or leave the city, around 250 miles north-west of Baghdad. If they did not do so by noon (9am GMT) today, there would be 'nothing for them but the sword', it said. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
Propaganda ? - Eric Logan
Eric -- I presume that you are sharp enough to understand that Israel and the Israel lobby are trying to stir up as much hatred, conflict and bloodshed between Christians and Muslims as possible, and to exploit that all that nastiness to further their own narrow ethnic nationalist agenda? The more that Christians and Muslims bleed, the better for Israel and Zionism. Israel is using... more... - Sean McBride
Would you want any of your family members to be sacrificed in wars that were stirred up by Israel for Israeli objectives and which in fact damaged the American interest? For what purpose did Americans die in the Iraq War, which was engineered by militantly pro-Israel neoconservatives? - Sean McBride
Are you sure that ISIS isn't a neocon op? - Sean McBride
I'll bet it is -- and there are many precedents for this kind of op. - Sean McBride
My guess is that Israel isn't going to offer refuge (citizenship is out of the question) to these persecuted Christians. - Todd
"Israel isn't going to offer refuge to these persecuted Christians." - I agree- Zionism is a one way street. All the resources funnel in one direction. They seem to believe they are entitled to this land and more often blame Europe (even sometimes the USA for not acting quick enough during WWII -~see the for their troubles. All too convenient and lazy these Zionists are, they should be careful for the rug may get pulled from under them with all their spite. - Chu_
Consider Bill Maher: pro-Israel militant, anti-Christian militant, anti-Muslim militant. He worships at the altar of Zionism (Jewish nationalism) while despising Christianity and Islam. His irrationality, fanaticism and aggression easily match that of any Christian or Muslim fundamentalist. - Sean McBride
Identify the problem but reject realpolitik solutions - Chu_
I think American Christians should pay close attention to how Israelis handle the situation of refugees in the Middle East -- especially since Israel and its supporters are largely responsible for the upheavals that have caused the refugee crisis in the first place. - Todd
Sean McBride
Trita Parsi: .@PeterBeinart: If US Jews can't criticize Israel cuz we don't live in Sderot why can we criticize Palestinians when we don't live in Gaza?
Please -- don't ask Zionists to make sense -- they can't do it. - Sean McBride
Robert Scoble
RT @poetabook: "Stop being anti-Facebook. That's just not going to work for you." @Scobleizer
Friendfeed is a much superior platform to Facebook for sharing and discussing news and information -- but Robert Scoble dissed Friendfeed. The Facebook interface is strictly from hunger -- truly ugly. Twitter blows away Facebook for the elegant transmission of important ideas. - Sean McBride
Friendfeed is a more efficient interface for sharing and discussing news and information than Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This much should be obvious. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Liberal Zionists think liberalism is good for everyone except Zionists.
Liberal Zionists think ethnic nationalism, religious nationalism, racism, segregation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing are bad for everyone except Zionists. - Sean McBride
And this is why they are quickly developing into the most disliked political group on the planet. By comparison, Likud Zionists are relatively palatable -- their beliefs, words and deeds hang together. - Sean McBride
Liberal Zionists completely dominate the Democratic Party. - Sean McBride
You can tell that many liberal Zionists are rattled by the criticism coming their way about their bizarre double standards -- they don't know which way to jump -- towards anti-Zionism or towards a more explicit and upfront right-wing Zionism. They are in a tizzy. - Sean McBride
I am betting that most of them jump to the hard right -- it's a tribal instinct. - Sean McBride
Most non-Jewish liberal Zionists will probably jump ship -- there are few good reasons for them to stay on board. - Sean McBride
Wondering Jew is a terrific barometer, he is so confused, with his phony liberalism. Seems like he's supports Israel but apologizes for them this during this current bloodbath. - Chu_
That's the signature liberal Zionist routine: wring your hands while enabling monstrous deeds. It's sociopathic behavior. They want to be thought of as good people while doing bad things -- have it both ways. - Sean McBride
There is a difference between a PEP and a Liberal nationalist, although I suppose they can be the same sometimes. MJR and Beinart are liberal nationalists. - WJones
What is a liberal ethno-religious nationalist? That is still an egregious oxymoron. - Sean McBride
Chomsky and Hostage are in a grey area, because they are eloquent about Palestinians' rights, but they call BDS antisemitism and reject implementing the right of return. - WJones
'wring your hands while enabling monstrous deeds.' classic Richard Witty really. He was also a diffuser, who aimed to take one's rage and churn it through the witty grinder. - Chu_
But they are still clinging on to Jewish ethnic nationalism -- they are basically in David Duke territory. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Explosive new book claims Bill Clinton's steamy phone sex calls with Monica were intercepted by Russia and the UK and used in a 'blackmail' attempt by Israeli Prime Minister according to ex-intern's secret dossier on the President | Daily Mail -
Explosive new book claims Bill Clinton's steamy phone sex calls with Monica were intercepted by Russia and the UK and used in a 'blackmail' attempt by Israeli Prime Minister according to ex-intern's secret dossier on the President | Daily Mail
"According to allegations in the book, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the tapes to try to persuade Clinton to release Jonathan Pollard, an American caught and jailed for spying for Israel. Clinton lobbied for Pollard’s release but his attempts were ultimately thwarted by CIA Director George Tenet." - Sean McBride
"Then, as reported in the book, at a meeting held in October 1998 near Wye River, Maryland, Prime Minister Netanyahu pulled Clinton aside and revealed that the Israelis had listened to Clinton Monica’s sex talk, and assured the President that they 'threw away the tapes'. But the apparent quid pro quo was that Clinton would arrange for the release of Jonathan Pollard who was convicted of spying for Israelis and a cause celeb for the country." - Sean McBride
Netanyahu didn't throw away the tapes and Clinton didn't secure the release. LOL - WJones
The obvious question: how many other incidents of blackmail against influential Americans have occurred in recent decades? Remember that Israel has access to sensitive NSA datastreams on Americans -- not to mention its own independent resources for tapping into the private communications of Americans. - Sean McBride
How deeply has Mossad burrowed into Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Verizon, etc. -- from the inside? How many assets does it have within those organizations? - Sean McBride
Everything. - WJones
# More organizations that have probably been thoroughly infiltrated: 1. 2. Bank of America 3. CIA 4. Defense Department 5. DHS 6. FBI 7. Federal Reserve 8. Goldman Sachs 9. Harvard 10. IMF 11. Justice Department 12. LAPD 13. MIT 14. NYPD 15. Stanford 16. Treasury Department 17. US Congress 18. World Bank 19. Yale - Sean McBride
This will turn into partisan bickering if this book gains traction, but the Israel spying angle on the sitting US president is one more log on the fire. And [Bill Kristol's] The Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper is writing this? - Chu_
"as reported in the book, at a meeting held in October 1998 near Wye River, Maryland, Prime Minister Netanyahu pulled Clinton aside and revealed that the Israelis had listened to Clinton Monica’s sex talk, and assured the President that they 'threw away the tapes'. But the apparent quid pro quo was that Clinton would arrange for the release of Jonathan Pollard who was convicted of spying for Israelis and a cause celeb for the country." - - Chu_
If you look at the Monica affair, the timing of the PNAC letter to Clinton (pushing war for Saddan), the rise of Matt Drudge as a new internet star, it all smells like an op. - Chu_
Don't forget Lucianne Goldberg, Jonah Goldberg, the Likud group within the Kenneth Starr investigation, etc. There are many Israeli angles on Monicagate. - Sean McBride
Yes, I am documenting Lucianne right now. She seems to be a senior operator in the entire scandal some notes: [Goldberg met Linda Tripp in 1993] [1997 Goldberg advised Tripp to secretly record former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky,] [Goldberg was a prominent presence on the conservative website, Free Republic in the late 1990s, posting under the name "Trixie". She and other... more... - Chu_
One wouldn't be the least surprised to learn that the Goldbergs are Mossad ops. - Sean McBride
You can use semantic markup to get those facts in order, by the way. - Sean McBride
One useful format: timeline. Where: [timeline; *topic; *date; *event-type; *data] - Sean McBride
For instance: 1. [timeline; Lucianne Goldberg; *date; article on; *] 2. [timeline; Lucianne Goldberg; *date; book on; *] 3. [timeline; Lucianne Goldberg; *date; event; *] 4. [timeline; Lucianne Goldberg; *date; quote by; *] 5. [timeline; Lucianne Goldberg; *date; quote on; *] - Sean McBride
These facts are easy to compose, search for, retrieve, collate, sort, line up in tables, analyze, etc. across many files. - Sean McBride
great! thanks. Matt Drudge who eventually broke the story [January 17, 1998] , since Newsweek declined to run Michael Isakoff's (J) story it was handed to Matt Drudge(J). Then the PNAC letter [January 26, 1998] comes to Bill Clinton's desk asking for action in Iraq (80+% were Jewish signees) - Chu_
Although the story broke (1 week!) before the Letter was delivered, Clinton must have seen a draft letter of what the neocons were up to. And this book confirms (alleges) that Israel's netanyahu was also involved. - Chu_
Sean McBride
StandWithUs: .@HowardStern has had it with anti- #Israel activists. LISTEN to his rant here: #israelunderfire
Mondoweiss should transcribe Howard Stern's comments here -- the details are telling. - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel activists are going to do in their own cause -- the level of savage aggression and obscene abuse coming from that quarter is mind-boggling. It turns out that Howard Stern is just another Pamela Geller in pants. - Sean McBride
One keeps wondering: what effects do they think they are having on the minds of their audience? Probably they are too overwrought to care. - Sean McBride
Many pro-Israel activists believe that they can bully Americans and Europeans into submission, much like Howard Stern in this exchange. I guess we'll have to see how that works out. - Sean McBride
This guy said we should blow up the Arab world right after 9-11. He hates Jesse Jackson for calling nyc 'hymietown' but used his black female cohost as a crutch for his racist crap. - Chu_ from Android
Chu -- someone needs to pull out the juicier quotes from that broadcast and post them -- they require no comment -- they speak for themselves. - Sean McBride
yeah, he's an insecure troll, that got a big siriusXM deal for being a loudmouth. Even got a nose job to change his whiny voice. worth half a billion - Chu_
Please pull out the juicier quotes. - WJones
(( This guy said we should blow up the Arab world right after 9-11. )) Did you hear this directly? On 911 I was listening to Howard Stern and heard him say he knew who did it and they need to kick the towell heads out of the Land. I realized he was talking about the Pals even then. - WJones
No someone told me years ago. I can't listen to such a guy. Man is insecure egotistical who gathers insecure characters around him and slowly breaks them down. Robin, Gay-cee, the guy who tried to kill himself. All a crew of Fuck ups on captain Stern ' s boat to no where. - Chu_ from Android
He slowly broke down Robin? - WJones
Can you imagine Howard Stern trying to debate Mideast and Israeli politics on Mondoweiss? Now that would be funny. - Sean McBride
Robin was already broken. He got away with a lot more racism against blacks because she was his sidekick. - Chu_ from Android
How do you know she was broken? - WJones
'How do you know she was broken?' because I used to date her. -I'm kidding. Broken because Stern would often berate black people in her presence and she would sit their and take it. I realize it's supposed to be comedy, but he got away with a lot. They used to use this guy 'Angry Black' who would call in with rage. I guess that's funny to his viewing audience, but this type of humor can... more... - Chu_
Sean McBride
Tikun Olam: Ruth Wisse: Pals. R "people who breed, bleed & advertise their misery" echoing Bibi on Palestinian "telegenic dead"
Nice lady -- a humanist. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Huffington Post: Oscar-winning director condemns Israel's "horrendous use of force"
Jonathan Demme. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Brzezinski: Netanyahu 'making a very serious mistake' – Global Public Square - Blogs -
"I think he is making a very serious mistake. When Hamas in effect accepted the notion of participation in the Palestinian leadership, it in effect acknowledged the determination of that leadership to seek a peaceful solution with Israel. That was a real option. They should have persisted in that. Instead Netanyahu launched the campaign of defamation against Hamas, seized on the killing of three innocent Israeli kids to immediately charge Hamas with having done it without any evidence, and has used that to stir up public opinion in Israel in order to justify this attack on Gaza, which is so lethal. I think he is isolating Israel. He's endangering its longer-range future. And I think we ought to make it very clear that this is a course of action which we thoroughly disapprove and which we do not support and which may compel us and the rest of the international community to take some steps of legitimizing Palestinian aspirations perhaps in the U.N." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
HOSTAGE: "I’ve dropped in to explain why I’m giving MW a rest."
"I’ve dropped in to explain why I’m giving MW a rest. I’ve never liked to see all these articles about Blankfort, Chomsky, Finklestein, Corsanti, Slater, Atzmon, Berlin, et al. I’ve even suggested articles on other news and issues that I thought might be of more interest. These mini-seminars on political correctness and ankle biting tend to drown-out that other stuff and never resolve anything. The recent policy of quickly closing comments on articles has made it almost impossible to carry-on a thoughtful or intelligent conversation down here in the peanut gallery in any event." - WJones
good for him. Sometimes being in the murky bottom of MW comments sections, you need to get away and get some air. Based on his tone, he doesn't seem to have much love for you, Jones. - Chu_
More stewing about so called "Palestinian" scholars and how Islamic parties are behind BDS, and how "Palestinian" sources say the same thing as Chomsky yet it doesn't come from their nationalism. - WJones
he basically say Chomsky needs to answer to people like Dershowitz and Amb Dore Gold, being unable to support BDS because they are terrorist orgs that support BDS. -Chomsky is the grand intellectual to Dersh. I think he can carve his own pathway away from Dersh. - Chu_
The way he says "Palestinian" in quotation marks, complaining how they aren't in Palestine (due to being expelled by their conquerors in fact), is hostile and unreasonable. - WJones
These are the links for Hostage's two recent comments: 1. 2. - Sean McBride
WJones really managed to get under Hostage's skin -- and I find Hostage's response to be completely incoherent. - Sean McBride
almost 3 weeks later and he's seething. Needs a longer vacation somewhere nice. - Chu_
I am beginning to wonder if Hostage has any perspective on how non-Jewish Americans and Europeans view these issues. For him, apparently, this is all about intra-tribal conflicts and pressures. - Sean McBride
The Zionist pioneered ship set sail early last century and each Jewish deckhand thinks they know how to steer the ship, not requiring help from any outside hands who've taken many voyages away from the rocks. They know best apparently. - Chu_
Hostage helped Vietnamese War refugees. He's obviously normally very progressive. However, while he is very tuned into IP, he is in a grey area between leftist and PEP. Putting "Palestinian" in quotation marks when talking about Rashid Khalidi and others is unreasonable. - WJones
Did he disagree with Walt & Mearsheimer? - Chu_ from Android
Hostage will agree with most anything Chomsky says, including that. - WJones
Sean McBride
Celebrities speak out on Gaza (Jewish Voice for Peace)
1. John Cusack 2. Kerry Washington 3. Mark Ruffalo 4. Mia Farrow 5. Rob Schneider - Sean McBride
You'll never work in this town again. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Wall Street Journal Runs Op-Ed Claiming All Palestinians Are Worthy Of Death | FDL News Desk -
"While it is no secret that American mainstream media coverage is heavily biased in favor of Israel, rarely does the establishment media side with those advocating the genocide of the Palestinians. And yet, the Wall Street Journal decided to run an op-ed written by Thane Rosenbaum which claims all those in Gaza have lost their status as civilians because Hamas was elected. That the over 560 Palestinians in Gaza that have died so far had it coming." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Rosenbaum is a professor of law at New York University and has written a book celebrating vengeance as virtuous. So it is not particularly surprising that he would find no fault in Israel striking targets in Gaza, but openly lusting for Palestinian blood is beyond the point where even the most hardline Zionists are willing to go." - Sean McBride
Thane Rosenbaum. - Sean McBride
'celebrating vengeance as virtuous.' -sure that a cornerstone of tribal identity that they wish to spread . - Chu_ from Android
Sean McBride
For Israel, There’s No Such Thing As An Innocent Gazan « The Dish (Andrew Sullivan) -
"When you are killing scores of children, it is not enough to argue self-defense (even though the Iron Dome has given Israel about as robust a defense against home-made rockets as you can get). You have to argue for something grander to nullify the corpses of children. And the dehumanization of those living in Gaza – to the point at which spectators with popcorn cheer their deaths – has led to Israeli indifference to the deaths of human beings that, if they were Jews, would be regarded as the harbinger of calamity. Can you imagine the response in Israel if over 200 Israeli children were killed by a rocket attack by Hamas? Can you imagine anyone saying that the Israelis did this to themselves? That tells you everything about how deep the moral rot has gone, how this kind of zero-sum war and brutalizing occupation over decades cannot but destroy a country’s soul." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"And this is the truth about the state of Israel today. To endure it must crush. The more it crushes the deeper the resistance will run; the deeper the resistance the more unthinkable the carnage will have to go. This is an abyss of revenge and hatred, the dreadful consequence of every utopian scheme in human history." - Sean McBride
"an abyss of revenge and hatred" - Sean McBride
I dont think zionism had a soul to destroy---but it sure has destroyed the US's late lamented soul. but it hasnt destroyed the Palestines yet. - American
Haven't you heard? -- Israel is the soul of the world and a light unto the nations. At least it says it is. You can't disagree with the Bible. - Sean McBride
Don't forget though that it's 100 times worse in the US because of the US wars and casualties in Afghan/Iraq. Or so says Hostage. - WJones
Sean McBride
AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy | Stephen M. Walt -
AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy | Stephen M. Walt
"This Orwellian situation is eloquent testimony to the continued political clout of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the other hardline elements of the Israel lobby. There is no other plausible explanation for the supine behavior of the U.S. Congress--including some of its most "progressive" members--or the shallow hypocrisy of the Obama administration, especially those officials known for their purported commitment to human rights." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Meanwhile, U.S. politicians and policymakers continue to back a brutal military campaign whose primary purpose is not to defend Israel but rather to protect its longstanding effort to colonize the West Bank. Amazingly, they continue to support Israel unreservedly even though every U.S. president since Lyndon Johnson has opposed Israel's settlements project, and the past three American... more... - Sean McBride
"The explanation for America's impotent and morally bankrupt policy is the political clout of the Israel lobby. Barack Obama knows that if he were to side with the Palestinians in Gaza or criticize Israel's actions in any way, he would face a firestorm of criticism from the lobby and his chances of getting Congressional approval for a deal with Iran would evaporate." - Sean McBride
"Similarly, every member of the House and Senate--including progressives like Senator Elizabeth Warren--knows that voting for those supposedly "pro-Israel" resolutions is the smart political move. They understand that even the slightest display of independent thinking on these issues could leave them vulnerable to a well-funded opponent the next time they're up for re-election. At a... more... - Sean McBride
"This situation is a tragedy for all concerned, not least for Israel itself. A Greater Israel cannot be anything but an apartheid state, and exclusionary ethnic nationalism of this sort is not sustainable in the 21st century. Israel's Arab subjects will eventually demand equal rights, and as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned back in 2007, once that happens, "the state of Israel is finished."" - Sean McBride
"Historians will one day look back and ask how U.S. Middle East policy could be so ineffectual and so at odds with its professed values -- not to mention its strategic interests. The answer lies in the basic nature of the American political system, which permits well-organized and well-funded special interest groups to wield significant power on Capitol Hill and in the White House. In... more... - Sean McBride
I wonder if Eric Logan would like to disagree with any particular points in Stephen Walt's article. - Sean McBride
Eric Logan
William Saletan: Hamas is destroying Gaza - -
The vast majority of the damage in Gaza has been inflicted by Israel. Yet Hamas has contrived to make the carnage worse. It has encouraged Gazans to stand in the way of Israeli missiles. When Israel advised 100,000 Gazans to evacuate an area targeted for invasion, Hamas instructed them to ignore the warnings. It added: "To all of our people who have evacuated their homes -- return to them immediately and do not leave the house." Abbas finds Hamas' behavior baffling. "What are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?" he asked rhetorically in a TV interview. In another appearance, he pleaded: "We are the losing side, and every minute there are more and more unnecessary deaths. ... I don't like trading in Palestinian blood." - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
lol. funny Eric. William Saletin, the writer of this is a Texas Swarthmore Jewish guy. Don't believe his zionist bilge, but I assume you posted this for the record. - Chu_
I posted it for the record and because I think it's really interesting what Abbas has to say. He has now left Gaza BTW. Hamas is calling for an anti PA intifada. - Eric Logan
Just when Hamas and the PA were close to a unity gov't. only a month ago, Israel panicked and had to divide and conquer both parties (operation protective edge!). Sad that the same reoccurring tale happens every 4 years now of bombing Gazan prison slums, while Israel's apologists say 'there's no partner for peace'. - Chu_
I read the first several paragraphs and didn't see a reason to finish the Saletan article. There is no question that Jews displaced Palestinians, and did so violently. Israel is the aggressor today, and has always been the aggressor. ==> I spent eight months in Israel working on different kibbutzim, and it wasn't uncommon to come across debris from the destroyed Palestinian villages on... more... - Todd
Is William Saletin in fact Jewish? Any pointers? - Sean McBride
"William Saletan, a Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Swarthmore College in 1987." - Chu_
Got it: "William Saletan, a Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Swarthmore College in 1987." Next question: is William Saletan a Jewish nationalist (Zionist)? - Sean McBride
William Saletan supported the Iraq War, although he later came to regret doing so. - Sean McBride
this is his latest on Gaza. - Chu_
"William Saletan supported the Iraq War, although he later came to regret doing so. "- aka the Beinart syndrome. - Chu_
[set; paragraphs by William Saletan on Israel] It would be interesting to populate it. - Sean McBride
After doing a bit of Googling, I can safely assert that William Saletan is typical Jewish liberal Zionist -- a hand-wringer, but along for the ride. - Sean McBride
Here's a useful analysis of the current political dilemma with USA/AIPAC/ISRAEL by Steve Walt: - Chu_
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre -
Author Naomi Wolf went to synagogue Friday and left early because they didn't mention Gaza massacre, which she regards as a genocide. Where is God? God is standing with your neighbors when they are being annihilated, she writes.
Zionism may well succeed in destroying Judaism. - Sean McBride
Judaism in 70 AD was not destroyed, it had to reinvent itself because it no longer focused on the Temple rituals like it did before. - WJones
The Reform movement was arguably destructive in the Enlightenment era. - WJones
In what ways? - Sean McBride
It made the community more secular. - WJones
It was like a Protestant movement. People were not stuck following the religious rules. - WJones
I am not saying it was all bad- it had advantages. - WJones
But it destroyed what was to some extent and replaced it with another. Americans are very often reform or conservative, while in the Holy Land they are generally Orthodox and don't recognize the Reformed. - WJones
Modern Calvinism was in some ways destructive. They believe that the Eucharist is only a symbol. But that is not what early Christianity taught. For the latter, it was central and there was a real presence of Christ. To demand everyone believe otherwise would be destructive. - WJones
But this is to use the term "destroy" in a loose way. Strictly speaking, Protestantism and modern Nationalism's problems wouldn't destroy Christianity and Judaism. - WJones
My understanding is that Reform Judaism originally attempted to expunge the ethnic nationalist elements from Judaism -- although it has passionately re-embraced those elements in the contemporary era -- fusing Judaism with Zionism. - Sean McBride
What I think is destructive is encouraging people to believe things that are not true -- to indoctrinate them with superstitions. The terms "sacred" and "holy" lack any meaningful content -- they simply refer to ideas about which one feels intense emotion. That is the Enlightenment view, and I share it. - Sean McBride
I think it was not really about expunging nationalism, or else those elements wouldnt have reemerged. The whole rabbinical community from left to right (especially the Orthodox) was not nationalistic when the Reform movement started. It was basically a Protestantizing movement where you can make up your beliefs as you like (within certain broad bounds of course) - WJones
((What I think is destructive is encouraging people to believe things that are not true -- to indoctrinate them with superstitions.)) Sean, this can be semantic: Destroying destructive superstitions. - WJones
WJ -- "Classical Reform adherents see Judaism as a religious faith with a universal message for all people, not only for a single chosen one. Unlike Mainstream Reform Judaism, followers of the Classical Reform Judaism movement believe that Judaism is primarily a universal religious faith, rather than an ethnic, cultural or nationalist identity." - Sean McBride
[Google; reform judaism ethnic nationalism] - Sean McBride
[[Classical Reform adherents see Judaism as a religious faith with a universal message for all people, not only for a single chosen one. Unlike Mainstream Reform Judaism]] Hmmmm....... - WJones
[[It is important to note the distinction between "Classical Reform Judaism" as the historic phase of Reform Jewish History (a philosophy, worship style, and synagogue culture from which the mainstream has largely retreated) and "Classical Reform Judaism" as a living, dynamic expression today. The modern movement to revive Classical Reform is not an effort to resurrect something... more... - WJones
I took two graduate courses which covered this subject from different angles (intellectual history, literature), but they made the same point: Reform Judaism, which emerged from the Enlightenment, sought to expunge ethnocentrism and ethnic nationalism from Judaism and to refashion it as a universalist ideology. Of course those days are long gone. - Sean McBride
Contemporary Reform Judaism is all about Jewish ethnic nationalist self-interest -- it has dropped any pretense of being a universalist religion or belief system. - Sean McBride
Googling into Reform Judaism: - Sean McBride
# [Google; reform judaism *] 1. enlightenment 2. ethnic nationalism 3. israel 4. nationalism 5. universal 6. zionism - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War -- NYMag -
Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War -- NYMag
"In many ways, the story of this month's eruption of violence in Israel and Palestine has been depressingly familiar. But in one interesting way it has been a little bit different from the beginning: American audiences are seeing the story of the conflict, perhaps more than ever before, through Palestinian eyes." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"It's been a little more than two weeks since Abu Khdeir's kidnapping, and the violence in Gaza has escalated from retribution murders into a military campaign. But in the American press, the human story of the Israel-Palestine conflict — in which more than 500 Palestinians have been killed, and fewer than 30 Israeli soldiers — has stayed, unusually, on the Palestinian side. As the... more... - Sean McBride
"If Netanyahu is so bothered by how dead Palestinians look on television then he should stop killing so many of them. But his complaint is in itself a concession. The story of the conflict between Israel and Palestine looks a little bit different this time around. Social media have helped allow us to see more deeply inside war zones — in this case, inside Gaza — and allowed viewers much... more... - Sean McBride
Comment: "If anyone wants to keep score, as of today this is thought to be the numbers of dead since 2000: Israel: 1,100 casualties (100 children) Palestine: 7,500 casualties (1,500 children) These are from an Israeli human rights organization. " - Sean McBride
How many Palestinians died in 1970 in Jordan? Why do liberals like the Muslim Brotherhood ? - Eric Logan
'' How many Palestinians died in 1970 in Jordan? Why do liberals like the Muslim Brotherhood ? - Eric Logan)...What does how many Palestines died in Jordon have to with the current Gaza assault by Israel? Nothing as far as I can see. This whataboutery doesnt work. - American
Jordan killed more Palestinians in a year men, women and children than Israel has in a decade and they were not lobbing rockets into Jordan. Do American liberal values align with those of Hamas ? Why does Hamas encourage women and children to stay in areas where there is fighting and weapons ? The moral outrage at an implacable ideology that would sacrifice the lives of children is... more... - Eric Logan
Where is the outrage at Imams that incite their followers to violence using scriptures from the Quran? My Muslim friends tell me the scriptures are being taken out of context. Just pointing that out if that's the case seems less than sufficient. Sean would have me believe that support of Israel is the equivalence of supporting the white nationalists. I don't see it that way I think both sides of this conflict are inhabited by crazy religious fanatics hell bent on destroying one another. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Gaza is about 4 miles x 25 miles. All the Gazans lived in what was Israel today, but the IDF managed over 6 decades to push them into a concentration camp [1.8 million] and now they systematically bomb the camp, because they don't want any reconciliation (or right of return). Israel is the losing the public relations war with the world, even if Hamas launches some ineffective rockets at... more... - Chu_
Why does the Arab world that surrounds them allow it? - Eric Logan from FFHound!
"Arafat later claimed that the Jordanian army killed between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians, although more conservative estimates put the number between 1,000 and 2,000" Black September in 1970-71 - Chu_
Re: Gaza - The neighbors of the Gaza prison are Israel and Egypt. In a word, mostly Hosni Mubarak was the strong man president of Egypt and did what the West prefers (Saudis as well) for the past 3 decades. Now with the Brotherhood made illegal in Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (former Minister of Defence of Egypt) seems unwilling to give any Gazan a hand with their plight. It's like Rhode... more... - Chu_
Israel defense force is not equipped for a big war though. They won 1967 by a preemptive strike on the Arab world. Here's a more recent analysis on the IDF - - Chu_
Eric: "Sean would have me believe that support of Israel is the equivalence of supporting the white nationalists. I don't see it that way." Why don't you see it that way? Can you explain your reasoning? Zionism is an aggressive ethnic and religious nationalist movement that has from the very beginning seized territory by force from others on the basis of biblical myths, legends and... more... - Sean McBride
Eric -- I don't support Hamas and I strongly oppose rocket attacks on Israel, but I know for a certainty that Americans would react with extreme and justifiable violence if Zionists attempted to build a Jewish state by terrorism and force anywhere in the United States. Every group on the planet would react the same way. So why should Americans support Israeli aggression in the Mideast -- and especially its ever-expanding racist settlements? - Sean McBride
Eric -- as for liberals supporting the Muslim Brotherhood -- preposterous -- they don't. Jews in the United States are overwhelmingly liberal and they are the most influential financial supporters of liberalism in America -- do you really think that they are fans of the Muslim Brotherhood? Examples? - Sean McBride
Most Americans dislike all forms of ethnic and religious extremism -- Americanism is all about overcoming that style of politics. Zionism is all about wallowing in it. - Sean McBride
Eric -- the ethnic xenophobia index: the number of times you mention your ethnic enemies. Pay close attention to that index with regard to American political activists and pundits. Think of William Kristol, for instance. Ask yourself why American politics increasingly revolves around the ever-escalating conflicts of a single very small ethnic group. - Sean McBride
Ethnic xenophobia index is real strong here. I read stuff like this Sean and it makes me wonder? ==> Muslim Double Standards Abound - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Eric -- you didn't respond to any of my points -- not a single one. I don't think you are very well-informed about these issues. I think your mind is highly susceptible to Israeli propaganda. You've been led up the garden path. - Sean McBride
Eric -- who in this group is complaining about their ethnic enemies? Which ethnic groups in American politics in your mind are obsessively preoccupied with their narrow ethnic nationalist interests and waging war against their ethnic enemies? - Sean McBride
Eric -- who are the English, Irish, German, French, Italian or Swedish equivalents of Jewish nationalists like Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, William Kristol and Jeffrey Goldberg among the American pundit class? How many of them regularly publish articles attacking their ethnic nationalist enemies in the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal? I will answer for you: there are none. They would be considered racists if they were active on the American political scene. - Sean McBride
The American equivalent to Zionism would be WASPism -- America for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. The German equivalent to Zionism was Nazism. The Italian equivalent to Zionism was Italian Fascism. Zionism, Nazism and Italian Fascism all sprang from the same ethnic nationalist currents in European culture in the latter 19th century. Zionism predated the rise of Nazism. I urge Eric to study modern Western intellectual history. - Sean McBride
WASP were snobs and tinged with racism but not 'cultist' like the tribe. In fact it wasnt even 'ethnic'. Among the most prominent WASPs written about and referred to were Italians, Irish, Dutch, German--a mixture--- of elite 'industrialist' and elite bankers. However most people associate WASP with the anglo saxon 'British' elites. - American
tweets from inside the Gazan Prison. funny & dark stuff. - Chu_
American -- Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and that visionary crew -- WASPs all -- were true nobles compared to contemporary neoconservatives -- certainly exhibiting signs of greater mental health, superior intelligence and more elevated values. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - Abandoning Its Opposition to Jewish Nationalism, Reform Judaism Adopting a Zionist Worldview (Allan C. Brownfeld) [FLASHBACK 2008] -
"The Reform Jewish movement is now in the process of abandoning its traditional opposition to Jewish nationalism and adopting a Zionist worldview—going so far as to encourage American Jews to emigrate to Israel which, in the view of today’s Reform leaders, is “central” to Judaism and is, in fact, the only place where a “full Jewish life” can be led." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This represents an almost complete reversal of the philosophy embraced by those who created Reform Judaism in the U.S. in the 19th century. The Pittsburgh Platform of 1885, the basic statement of Reform principles, defined Jews as a purely religious community and rejected the idea that they constituted a nation." - Sean McBride
"As Prof. Thomas Kolsky has pointed out, “The Pittsburgh Platform, the classical expression of American Reform Judaism, represented the fundamental beliefs of most American Jews at the time of its formulation. Late in the 19th century, American Jews no longer considered themselves a nation or a nationality. Comfortable in the United States, they felt integrated into America and defined... more... - Sean McBride
"Indeed, as early as 1841, at the dedication ceremony of Temple Beth Olohim in Charleston, South Carolina, Rabbi Gustav Posnanski declared: “This country is our Palestine, this city our Jerusalem, this house of God our Temple.”" - Sean McBride
Great essay -- a superb exercise in intellectual history. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Charles Krauthammer Calls the U.N. the ‘Headquarters of the Libel Against the Jewish People’ | -
Here we go again: "the chosen people" vs. "the nations" biblical meme -- endless conflict between "the Jewish people" and everyone else. It strikes me as a crazy mental construct -- I would love to hear a convincing explanation for why it is not crazy. Jewish Zionists like Charles Krauthammer have organized their politics and mental and emotional lives entirely around this meme -- they proactively keep this conflict boiling, endlessly generating the situations they complain about. - Sean McBride
What could be more irrational and *neurotic* than to proactively generate the conflict situations you most bitterly complain about. - Sean McBride
all part of the standard luftwaffe/zionist siren that sends the diaspora into panic mode. There are a whole bunch of triggers just waiting to get pulled. - Chu_
It is impossible for messianic ethnic nationalists to get along with ethnic outsiders. Who doesn't get this? - Sean McBride
Sean, I can give a rational, noncrazy explanation that would not be sound. - WJones
"“It is this astonishment and refusal to accept the realities of the uniqueness and the magnificence and the importance of this Jewish state that leads to all the mystery you’re hearing and all the lies you see on television and on the media about the calumnies that you hear against Israel, issued in the four corners of the globe, particular in the headquarters of the libel against the... more... - Sean McBride
"the uniqueness and the magnificence and the importance of this Jewish state" -- what in the world is Krauthammer ranting about? He made these remarks before CUFI (Christians United for Israel). - Sean McBride
The terms that come to mind with regard to Krauthammer: messianism, grandiosity, narcissism, euphoria, megalomania, triumphalism, xenophobia, etc. These mental traits tend to come as a bundle. - Sean McBride
Those zio Jews are on their way to causing a civil war over this.-.within both jews- and vr gentiles. Pitting jews against jews, gentiles against evangeical fanatics, jew against gentiles. americans against americans. But let it happen, it needs to come to a head so the US zios can be defeated. - American
So much for Jews keeping a low profile in Western politics -- a policy which many wise Jewish leaders have advocated over many years. The level of angry emotion about Israel and Zionism (Jewish nationalism) keeps escalating on all sides to the point of explosion. Neoconservatives have played the lead role in stirring the pot in the United States. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Josh Marshall: Palestinian-American MSNBC contrib who criticized net for pro-Israel bias says she's now been canned
No wonder Rachel Maddow doesn't dare to challenge the Israeli government and the Israel lobby. - Sean McBride
I often forget the media seat is a golden ticket for young american journalists. It's almost like Hollywood, once your in, it's great, when you out, you're out. But she can head to the world of the internet where truth-i-ness still reigns. - Chu_
Top NYTIMES 'Reader' Comments 10pm (7/21/14) 429 comments [totally abnormal] Times is in operation: desperate propaganda
Pediatrician X Columbus Ohio 10 hours ago Israel left Gaza several years ago - left its greenhouses intact for the Gazan Palestinians to have a thriving industry. Instead, they have turned toward destruction of Israel - through rockets and tunnels which have no purpose except to kill and main Israelis, or to kidnap them. How dare the Palestinian apologists complain about the Israelis not letting cement into Gaza! See where it goes - to make these tunnels. And why are the Palestinians not allowed to hide there? Are they only to store rockets and let Hamas leaders hide, and to send murderous infilatrators under the border into Israel? Hamas, not Israel, is guilty of human rights abuses. - Chu_
check out the comments that floated to the top. Not consistent with normal voting trends over NYTimes comments. NYTimes is a fascist newspaper for Israel's criminality. - Chu_
some analysts who monitor NEWS publications can see that there is fraud here. - Chu_
I think Hillary or Samantha Powers recently complained and retold a story where Israelis left horticultural buildings in Gaza and Hamas supposedly asked for them to be destroyed and so the Israelis "had" to destroy them. - WJones
Apparently this greenhouse story claims that the Israelis left the greenhouses intact. Maybe it's a different story. Whatever. - WJones
Comments are overwhelmingly against Israel in any typical Judi Rudoren column. Now both NYTimes selected comments and the readers comments are stacked to favor Israel. Something is rotten here. - Chu_
Perhaps it's the network of trolls, but I think NYTimes is helping this anomoly. - Chu_
The top 'readers' comments at 10:25 Eastern time are all pro Israel. Only at the 4th 'readers' top comment does someone blame the USA for the situation! Maybe all the rational commenter gave up on NYTimes and hit the internet. They choose not to be part of the corporate pro Israel mouthpiece, but I doubt it. - Chu_
NYT is minipulaitng the ratings of comments. Comment dont go from being overwhelmingly anti Israel for 'years' to pro Israel like that over night---especially given the current crisis. This is pure DESPERATION by the NYT and zios. All the zio outlets must be really scared of public opinion this time. - American
Too many people are rebelling, too many speaking their mind, too many reporters exposing Israel and telling the truth. They are paniced because they cant control EVERYONE..the dike is springing too many leaks. So they are trying to clamp down even more. - American
Serious bilge from NYTimes for years wrt Israel. Surprising so many idiots maintain their subscriptions (although they have been struggling to survive the digital realm). The Sulzbergers and their mossad/JIDF trolls must be collaborating on a new scheme. That's how Israel wins is with more schemes. - Chu_
the top 7 'readers' picks this morning, were also 'NYTimes' picks. I've never seen this before. Do you think FAIR would look into this? Seems like the Times has hit a new low. - Chu_
It would be extremely easy to rig the software which creates these lists -- and difficult to detect the manipulation. - Sean McBride
I've known all along that the Readers' Picks on Mideast politics had to be driving the New York Times ownership and management crazy -- and I knew that they would be searching for ways to push back. I don't know that that is happening now and in this way, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if it were. - Sean McBride
NYT and hasbara agents trying to give appearence that americans support Israel.......they know that anti israel public opinion is 'catching'....people observing and not likening Isr get their opinion 'reinforced' and 'enlarged' by seeing others expressing the same. Zios media and press and etc have politicians locked up----but with alternatives to msm the masses have other options---and ZOG is rightly concerned about more of US pubic catching anti israel fever and acting on it. - American
The mainstream media establishment is terrified of the Internet -- it would love to find a way to put it back in the bottle. - Sean McBride
You wonder how many negative polls have been published against Israel in recent years that the establishment press had to suppress? This poll indicates Israel is viewed unfavorable by (24%+14%) 38% of the polls. Here's a cnn blog but not on their main site - Chu_ CNN found in a poll of adults conducted Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20 – but the network also found that support has been waning since earlier this year. It also found a clear divide by party, with Republicans approving of Israel's actions against Hamas by an overwhelming majority, while less than half of Democrats approve. - Chu_
Well, the lazy folks will never lead the parade --they will just fall in behind and be led. - Sean McBride
True. So here is my lecture to people. If you arent 'personally' speaking truth to power--as in personally calling the "powers' to express your outrage, opposition to Isr'merica, your opposition to any politicans that support it----then you arent a serious person. People like that are just using this Isr-P/I-US issue for academic.religious and intellectual games and excerise, as a hobby, in which they can generate conversations and demonstrate their knowledge and opinions. - American
Knowledge without action is useless. This is a habit commenters on their cause fall into. If everyone who comments on Isr on boards across the net made a call to their politicans at the same time and as often as they comment the US Isr problem would be solved by popular demand and outrage. - American
1 877 762 8762 ---- Congress - American
Don't be unfair, American. sean was just responding to my comment expressing exasperation with the laziness of the masses. I consider people who are at least motivated enough to say, read something like MW or MoA to be that much further ahead on the scale of "Immense laziness". Those who comment are a step further and those who act by say, writing to their reps, participating in some... more... - Danaa
I know that Sean sometimes resorts to lectury style. I'm sure he is working on that tendency. We need everyone we can have on-board, and having food-fights among us over style, misstatement, occasional outburst, etc are just the kind of diversions TPTB feed on. - Danaa
My issue continues to be not unlike yours - how can the people be woken up, short of a major disaster? they (TPTB) have ALL the MSM, ALL the money and ALL the influece. I see them rolling out the "Blame Russia" gavel-to-gavel accusation over the downing of MH17 and I shudder. hardly a flutter to disturb their tsunami of mis-information and propaganda. Even worse with gaza. - Danaa
WJones I think is doing a good job acting and informing and debating within the Christian community he knows. I am glad to see you, American, are in the midst of a writing campaign. I know a few others who do more. Can you imagine how much more could even just a few of us if we had serious money behind us? Why, we could hire some interns to send letter bombs, start initiatives, shadow reps etc etc. - Danaa
Which leads to a question - do you happen to have a good link to the State department? I guess I could google but i know you have the contacts handy. - Danaa
'' Don't be unfair, American...Danaa).....There is nothing "unfair' about it. And my lecture was to everyone, not Sean specifically. I have posted this 'lecture' on 7 blogs so far between my faxs to Reid and Peliso on why my 168 democrats are leaving the party over Israel. Do'ers do what they can from where they are, some are in a position to do more than others but everyone... more... - American
The State Department has no public comment line. You have to call the 'country desk" at the State Dept of the country you want to ask a question about or comment on. - American
American -- I appreciate your lecture and agree with it. But I am pretty much convinced at this point that American politicians respond only to MONEY -- large sums of it. That is the political "activism" that gets their attention. And few of us are in the financial league of the oligarchs (billionaires and hectomillionaires) who own and control the Democratic and Republican Parties, the mainstream media and the leading policy centers. - Sean McBride
That leaves the Internet as one powerful way to oppose them -- and I do think it has having some impact -- with the potential for much more impact in the future. - Sean McBride
congress has a 15% approval. They are whores to big capitol and oligarchs. "More than one in five say replacing all members is best way to fix it" - Chu_
Phil Weiss posted this today on MW: - Sean McBride
"My colleague, Matt Frei, tweeted that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview with Netanyahu was less a grilling more “a warm bath and a back rub”. Others used more profane metaphors." - Sean McBride
"But now, for the first time in a major Arab-Israeli conflict, the American public has other sources of reality. All research says that young people everywhere regard Twitter as essentially a news service, and via your social network you can easily get served up words and pictures more impactful than anything on TV. By the time many Americans woke up on Sunday, these pictures were of dead Palestinian children." - Sean McBride
"Netanyahu complained the Hamas strategy was to provide “telegenically dead” people: but where Israel is losing the hearts and minds of the world is not via “tele” anything: it is in the JPEGs that stream into millions of people’s mobile phones every time they glance at the object in the palm of their hand." - Sean McBride
Twitter has proven its worth as a tool for the masses imo---the msm is in for a run for their money---in their disinfo and propaganda for Isr. One of the most illuminating things is how it reveals the crudeness and hatred of the Isr crowd in their tweets . 90% of them are on the level of psychopathic teenagers. - American
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