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Eric Logan
Thanks to fracking, U.S. carbon emissions are at the lowest levels in 20 years. -
Thanks to fracking, U.S. carbon emissions are at the lowest levels in 20 years.
Weather conditions around the world this summer have provided ample fodder for the global warming debate. Droughts and heat waves are a harbinger of our future, carbon cuts are needed now more than ever, and yet meaningful policies have not been enacted. But, beyond this well-trodden battlefield, something amazing has happened: Carbon-dioxide emissions in the United States have dropped to their lowest level in 20 years. Estimating on the basis of data from the US Energy Information Agency from the first five months of 2012, this year’s expected CO2 emissions have declined by more than 800 million tons, or 14 percent from their peak in 2007. The cause is an unprecedented switch to natural gas, which emits 45 percent less carbon per energy unit. The U.S. used to generate about half its electricity from coal, and roughly 20 percent from gas. Over the past five years, those numbers have changed, first slowly and now dramatically: In April of this year, coal’s share in power generation plummeted to just 32 percent, on par with gas. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
I'm still opposed to fracking despite the claims of lower CO2 emissions - Greg GuitarBuster
Is it better to pollute the water than the air? - Jenny H. from Android
The EPA is supposed to release a report soon. - Eric Logan
Amusing since I thought CO2 didn't matter. - Todd Hoff
It matters it's just not the control knob that it was touted to be. I think it's safe to say we don't want to be much above 600 PPM and energy innovation is the answer. - Eric Logan
Fracking is hardly innovation. It's the last gasp of an industry chewing up the world trying to maximize profits. - Todd Hoff
And since co2 now matters, imperfect control knob or not, I guess we should do something about it? - Todd Hoff
Natural gas is supposed to be a bridge fuel. I have concerns about methane and obviously water also. - Eric Logan
I oppose fracking for all the obvious reasons. - Sean McBride
What are the obvious reasons ? If continued carbon "pollution" is truly catastrophic ? - Eric Logan
"Is it better to pollute the water than the air? - Jenny H. from Android" Neither. But if they're polluting the water, they're doing it wrong. They've been fracking since 1949, so you would think they'd know by now. 65 years. They're not supposed to be using the water table or the drinking supply. They're supposed to be using waste water. - MRW_8
International Energy Agency doc on CO2 Emissions. - MRW_8
OSHA 8-hour limit on CO2 is 5,000 PPM. Submarine is 8,000 PPM. - MRW_8
CO2 Pollution level, dangerous, is 50,000 PPM (5% of atmosphere). - MRW_8
You breathe out 40,000 PPM of CO2 every five seconds of your life. - MRW_8
Unfortunately, that's not the way they use the water in the Barnett shale in Texas. They use fresh water and truck the fracking waste to open pits and injection wells. Not to mention the crappy casing work. - Greg GuitarBuster
Then who the hell is regulating them? They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. It's like painting baby cribs with lead paint. - MRW_8
The fracking 'waste' is supposed to fill the holes after it squeezes the gas to the surface. - MRW_8
The operators and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality make "There will be Blood' look like a Sunday social. - Greg GuitarBuster
Eric, et al, I think you should read Andy Revkin (Dot Earth: NYT) and a discussion on this very topic today, in fact, tonight. Revkin, rightly so, is doing what I admire: getting someone expert to interpret the single studies for him instead of running around like Chicken... more... - MRW_8
The ultimate "regulators" are the legislators who are doing everything they can to undercut/eliminate funding and staffing to agencies who *should* be doing onsite testing and sampling at these operations (mostly frack sand mining here in Wisconsin, though also some fracking extraction.) And they're the same legislators who, here in Wisconsin, have passed multiple laws limiting or... more... - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Great points, Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ. The Oil Sands in Fort McMurray Alberta are so highly regulated that you can get an Environment Canada Widget for your Mac that gives you outdoor day and night air quality. Grant you, the widget itself only gives you a single-digit average of the various air pollutants, but I use it because when I was up there, I was shocked by the provincial measurements kept... more... - MRW_8
If anyone wants the widget: I use two: Fort McMurray and Montreal PQ for comparison. - MRW_8
Thanks - Eric Logan
Interesting to know, MRW_8. We've got frack sand mining operations popping up everywhere around here because of the type of sand we're sitting on. Some of them are proposed to be sited across from neighborhoods established 40 or 50 years ago. My hometown used to be surrounded by family farms, but now there are 3 frack sand mining operations in close proximity. There have always been... more... - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ. I don’t blame you for being royally pissed. In Alberta, It’s against the law—I mean fines and jail time—if you do not restore the ground you dig up back to the same or better condition. They started this with the oil companies coming into farming country (Leduc) in 1949. This was way before the Oil Sands. Applies to gold, uranium, water, backyards for power lines, copper, anything. - MRW_8
Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ. Contd. After the Oil Sands started in the late 60s, they cranked up the laws and demanded proof of a plan and money in the bank before drilling started to make sure the oil companies would repair what they dug up. Then they *really* tightened it. These days no oil company (majority are American) can start extracting (it’s not really drilling, they extract) without... more... - MRW_8
Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ. Contd. This is a mine reclaimed in the early 90s by Syncrude, which is a crown corporation (private/public) You can see the reclaimed land and the regulated measurement instruments at around 5 min. "Canada's Oil Sands - Come see for yourself... (Part 1 of 2)” These days it can take up to a year to get approval from the Province before an oil company can start extracting. Albertans would never allow what you describe in Wisconsin. - MRW_8
Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ. Last One. Just to be clear (I find all this shit really interesting ;-)) the tailings ponds could take 20 years to drip back into the ground and THEN IT’S AN EXTRA 15 YEARS that the oil company has to stick around to make sure all the original plant and tree and soil stuff they saved is growing properly. Get it? So it could take 35 years for reclamation AFTER the oil... more... - MRW_8
Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ. Just to prove what I said about the measurements being taken, go to this Royal Society of Canada EXPERT PANEL REPORT "Environmental and Health Impacts of Canada's Oil Sands Industry." It's 417 pages written over 13-14 months because there were claims that the Indians at Lake Athabasca were getting cancer, so the Canadian Government ordered a major scientific study to study... more... - MRW_8
Eric Logan
Kansas City Shooter Frazier Glenn Miller Was Protected FBI Informant. -
Kansas City Shooter Frazier Glenn Miller Was Protected FBI Informant.
Frazier Glenn Miller, the 72-year-old suspect in this month’s Kansas City shootings, in which three people were killed, was a well-known anti-Semite and former Ku Klux Klan leader with a long, public history of hate. He was also, ABC News reports today, an FBI informant who struck a deal with authorities in the late 1980s in which he gave up information about fellow white nationalists for a reduced prison sentence, along with protection and a new name upon his release in 1990. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
IIRC, he turned states evidence in another case to save himself. What a nice man. - MoTO ChilliSauce
IIRC=if I recall correctly, if I remember correctly /acronym // for my own benefit :) - Sean McBride
Is there any reason to believe that he was still under the control of the FBI in 2014? (One can see where you are trying to go with this.) - Sean McBride
I don't know -- you tell me. What is difficult to believe is that the government would have encouraged him to commit this act while permitting him to live. That doesn't make sense. If there was an op in play, Miller could expose it. - Sean McBride
Isn't this case and others like it a form of negotiating with terrorists? He obviously belonged in prison. - Eric Logan
Did you consider the possibility that the targets were either intentional or secretly unhurt? - WJones
But there is no evidence to support that speculation. - Sean McBride
Without evidence, speculations are just speculations. And it doesn't make sense that Miller would survive this incident if it were a government op -- he is a huge loose thread. The more reasonable explanation is that he is a hate-filled drunk who went postal. - Sean McBride
I keep being struck by the enormous gulf between conspiracy research (of the type that Glenn Greenwald has been doing) and conspiracy theorizing. Conspiracy research is carefully grounded in hard facts and solid documents, not speculations. - Sean McBride
One needs solid facts in the Miller case specifically to make a case for conspiracy -- not by analogizing it in a vague way to other cases. - Sean McBride
I remember the victims' families' reactions being compared to S.H. and IIRC police or family statements being very ready. - WJones
You will have to read the websites to trawl for more evidence. - WJones
Conspiracy theorists don't do real history or investigative journalism -- they haven't mastered those crafts -- they should get into the novel-writing trade. - Sean McBride
Suit yourself. I became much more skeptical about official news. - WJones
I will. :) I have seen too much conspiracy nonsense posted on the Internet -- much of it no doubt deliberate disinformation. I stick as much as possible to hard facts when sorting out truth from fiction. (But by no means do I automatically believe official stories.) - Sean McBride
I think S.H. was more interesting. - WJones
An example of the exposure of a real conspiracy: the recent Ukrainian antisemitic leaflets. We know that the leaflets were bogus (but we don't know yet who was behind them). - Sean McBride
What usually cracks open conspiracies: credible documents and/or credible testimony from members of the conspiracy. Think Watergate and Iran-Contra. - Sean McBride
I think this guy was a sponge brain. He didn't even have enough brains to know who his target was. - Chu_
Too much alcohol over too long a time will do that to one. - Sean McBride
sh = sandy hook? - JustTheFactsPlease
Yes. - WJones Sandy Hook hits as a hurricane, then there is a national news event in a city by that name. Now there are 18 Sandy Hook kid memorials in towns hit by the hurricane of that name. All a coincidence? - WJones
Sean McBride
What's Next For Google+ Now That Its Leader Has Suddenly Left? -
"Google+ has never gotten the respect its creator hoped, let alone gained much ground on its supposed target, Facebook. Now, Google’s attempt at a social network has lost its leader and chief evangelist, Vic Gundotra, who announced today that he’s leaving Google after almost eight years at the company." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Given Gundotra’s departure, a shakeup of Google+ and Google’s social strategy generally seems almost certain. Already, the group may have been reorganized, according to the Wall Street Journal. That doesn’t mean it’s dead. For one, Page himself has always been its biggest evangelist and shows little sign of losing interest in it." - Sean McBride
Todd Hoff
That explainst it - Google+ Is Walking Dead | TechCrunch -
That explainst it - Google+ Is Walking Dead | TechCrunch
"Google has apparently been reshuffling the teams that used to form the core of Google+, a group numbering between 1,000 and 1,200 employees. According to a source at Google, there’s a new building on campus, so many of those people are getting moved physically, as well — not necessarily due to Gundotra’s departure." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
My guess is Vic Gundotra lost an internal battle and having lost there was nothing much to stay for. - Todd Hoff
How is Google+ trending these days -- up or down? I never managed to bond with it. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Rand Paul To Neocons: 'Sharpen Your Knives' For The GOP Foreign Policy Fight | ThinkProgress -
Rand Paul To Neocons: 'Sharpen Your Knives' For The GOP Foreign Policy Fight | ThinkProgress
"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) lashed out at neoconservatives on Tuesday for criticizing his efforts to inject a brand of libertarianism into Republican Party foreign policy dogma, telling them that he won’t back down from the internal opposition. “The knives are out for conservatives who dare question unlimited involvement in foreign wars,” Paul wrote in a National Review piece:" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Foreign policy, the interventionist critics claim, has no place for nuance or realism. You are either for us or against us. No middle ground is acceptable. The Wilsonian ideologues must have democracy worldwide now and damn all obstacles to that utopia. I say sharpen your knives, because the battle once begun will not end easily." - Sean McBride
"The fight was rekindled earlier this month when Mother Jones reported that back in 2009, when he was running for the U.S. Senate, Paul didn’t have kind words for neocon icon Dick Cheney, suggesting he may have wanted to invade Iraq for Halliburton’s financial benefit. The neocons didn’t like that. The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens — last seen throwing around the “anti-Semite”... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Architect Philip Johnson Was an Anti-Semite. I Still Love His Buildings – Tablet Magazine -
Architect Philip Johnson Was an Anti-Semite. I Still Love His Buildings – Tablet Magazine
"With people lined up around the block to see the crumbling but still imposing structures, it’s also a good time to point out some of Johnson’s less admirable achievements, notably his warm, and never renounced, embrace of fascism. As Matt Novak pointed out on Gizmodo, Johnson was an avowed anti-Semite, a man who referred to Jews as “a different breed of humanity, flitting about like locusts.” Johnson, writes Novak, “visited Germany in the 1930s at the invitation of the government’s Propaganda Ministry. He wrote numerous articles for far right publications. He started a fascist organization called the Gray Shirts in the United States. He was with the Nazis when they invaded Poland and wrote about how it wasn’t as bad as the American press was making it out to be. He was an ardent supporter of the notoriously anti-semitic Father Coughlin. And he was so in the tank for the Nazis that the FBI even suspected him of being a spy.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"It’s very tempting, this disqualification of art due to the failings of the artist. And yet, when we deny ourselves the appreciation of beauty, for whatever reason, we’re denying ourselves the very humanity its unpalatable creators would take from us. To refuse to appreciate the work of Wagner, or Johnson, or Celine, any of the other many, many, many artists whose virulent... more... - Sean McBride
what an air-headed conclusion. She's not going to let antisemitism get in the way of her appreciation of aesthetics. Because the artists wanted a segregated world of art [jewish/non jewish], she is not going to let that happen? (To refuse to appreciate the work of Wagner, or Johnson, or Celine, any of the other many, many, many artists whose virulent anti-Semitism has darkened their... more... - Chu_
The interesting question that Rachel Shukert might address: why have so many great artists and Western cultural leaders held anti-Jewish views? (The larger question: why has antisemitism been a universal historical phenomenon is so many times and places?) - Sean McBride
Surely she would come to the conclusion that the world was jealous of the Jews and their achievements like the microchip, cherry tomato and cous-cous. - Chu_
The starting point for answering this question: collect the world's anti-Jewish literature into a single dataset and sort the main themes by frequency and prominence. (This is not the end point, however: one must analyze those themes and uncover their deepest roots.) - Sean McBride
"many, many, many artists whose virulent anti-Semitism has darkened their legacy" -- three manys. - Sean McBride
# famous antisemites 1. Alexander Solzhenitsyn 2. Arnold Toynbee 3. Bertrand Russell 4. Carl Jung 5. Celine 6. Charles Dickens 7. Christopher Marlowe 8. Cicero 9. D.H. Lawrence 10. D.W. Griffith 11. Denis Diderot 12. Edward Gibbon 13. Ernest Hemingway 14. Ezra Pound 15. Frank Norris 16. Frederick Law Olmsted 17. G.K. Chesterton 18. George Orwell 19. Goethe 20. Gore Vidal 21. Gottlieb... more... - Sean McBride
Their work holds up quite well. They arguably define the core of Western civilization. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel's nightmare: Mobsters with the tactics of terrorists and the tools of the Israeli army | GlobalPost -
Israel's nightmare: Mobsters with the tactics of terrorists and the tools of the Israeli army | GlobalPost
"In the last year, fewer Israelis were killed by terrorist attacks than at any point since the outbreak of the second intifada. But as Palestinian terrorism has receded, bombings haven’t stopped. In fact, they may be increasing. This time the perpetrators aren’t jihadists, but rather much more technologically advanced organized crime groups. Israelis are discovering the drawbacks of a society where everyone serves in the army: a whole lot of citizens know how to use explosives." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"These were the opening shots fired in a mob war that has been raging throughout Israel for much of the last six months. There have been at least twenty assassinations and attempted assassinations of organized crime figures since October — many of them using powerful explosives and carried out in major cities in broad daylight. The attacks have included motorcycle hitmen gunning down a... more... - Sean McBride
"The ebb of terrorist attacks and rise of organized crime in recent years has sparked drastic changes in police enforcement. “In 2001 we were dealing with 80 percent terrorism and 20 percent criminal and now it’s the opposite,” national police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld says. “In 2014 the police deal with 80 percent criminal and organized crime and only 20 percent terrorism.”" - Sean McBride
"According to Rosenfeld, the police arrested roughly 500 people connected to the major Israeli organized crime families in 2013, but their job has been made more difficult by the frequent use of targeted explosives. These devices leave no fingerprints and are easy to acquire — partly because the entire population serves in the army, so there are a large number of civilians capable of building precision detonators." - Sean McBride
"The criminals have other tools at their disposal as well. When a well-timed police raid in February caught a crime family safe house by surprise, officers were shocked to find equipment for tracking the cellphones of rivals, sophisticated devices for hi-resolution mapping of their movements, and screens showing footage of the targets under surveillance by the gang’s field operatives.... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Kansas, Ukraine, Israel: Is anti-Semitism being overhyped? (William Saletan) -
Kansas, Ukraine, Israel: Is anti-Semitism being overhyped? (William Saletan)
"Anti-Semitism, like other kinds of prejudice, is real. But it can be hyped or fabricated as a political weapon." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The Ukraine hoax. On April 16, a Ukrainian website reported that masked men were handing fliers to people outside a synagogue in Donestsk. The fliers told Jews to register with local pro-Russian separatists. Across the world, politicians and news media pounced on the story. Ukraine’s prime minister said Russia was exporting the “practice of pogroms.” U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry... more... - Sean McBride
"Within a few days, however, Donetsk’s chief rabbi, Pinchas Vishedski, dismissed the fliers as a hoax. The pseudo-official order they depicted was unsigned. The stamp on it looked fishy. The fliers also misidentified the leader of the separatist group. A pro-Ukrainian, anti-separatist organizer called it “a brilliant piece of disinformation” against the separatists." - Sean McBride
Why did the Obama administration fall for this hoax hook, line and sinker? And why hasn't it acknowledged its error? - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Plight of a Strawman - The Adelson Secret Grand Jury -
The claims here remain to be verified. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Some Friendfeed features one needs to fully master to "get it"
1. Best of Day, Week and Month 2. Bookmarklet (for fast sharing of Web pages to Friendfeed from one's browser) 3. My Discussions (keep track of your discussions across multiple feeds and groups) 4. advanced search operators 5. blocks (hide what you don't want to see) 6. change picture 7. change theme 8. direct messages (communicate directly in private with other Friendfeed users) 9. groups (create your own groups on the fly) 10. imported feeds (add outside feeds to any FF feed) 11. likes 12. lists (bundle multiple feeds and groups into single streams) 13. manage subscribers in groups 14. privacy settings 15. saved searches 16. subscriptions - Sean McBride
I still much prefer Friendfeed to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as a social media platform, on the basis of features and look and feel. If it disappears, it will have to be reinvented. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
F.B.I. Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad - -
F.B.I. Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad -
"An informant working for the F.B.I. coordinated a 2012 campaign of hundreds of cyberattacks on foreign websites, including some operated by the governments of Iran, Syria, Brazil and Pakistan, according to documents and interviews with people involved in the attacks. Exploiting a vulnerability in a popular web hosting software, the informant directed at least one hacker to extract vast amounts of data — from bank records to login information — from the government servers of a number of countries and upload it to a server monitored by the F.B.I., according to court statements." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The sentencing statement also said that Mr. Monsegur directed other hackers to give him extensive amounts of data from Syrian government websites, including banks and ministries of the government of President Bashar al-Assad. “The F.B.I. took advantage of hackers who wanted to help support the Syrian people against the Assad regime, who instead unwittingly provided the U.S. government access to Syrian systems,” the statement said." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Ex-KKK Leader Was Given a New Identity Years Before Shooting - ABC News -
The problem with antisemitism: - Sean McBride
"Less than three years earlier Miller had been a fugitive from justice, the subject of a nationwide manhunt after he had declared war on blacks and Jews, exhorting his thousands of followers to violently overthrow the very government that would soon become his protector. “Let the blood of our enemies flood the streets, rivers and fields of the nation,” Miller wrote. “[R]ise up and throw... more... - Sean McBride
"“I realize fully that I will be caught quickly,” Miller had written in his letter. “[B]ut I will die with contempt on my lips and with sword in my hand. My fate will either be assassination or the death penalty.” But faced with an array of charges that could have put him behind bars for 20 years or more, Miller’s bombast was quickly reduced to a squeal. Within days of his arrest, he... more... - Sean McBride
"excessive alcohol consumption" - Sean McBride
"bombast was quickly reduced to a squeal" - Sean McBride
"In a series of ensuing interviews with federal and North Carolina investigators, Miller never denied his racist and anti-Semitic views, but claimed he had always denounced violence and illegal activity. “Miller wanted nothing more to do with the movement,” according to an FBI account of an interview in June of 1987. He was “willing to turn his back on it in order to return to his family. His problem in the past had been intolerance linked with excessive drinking.”" - Sean McBride
"A month later, in an interview with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, during which he accused two of his former comrades of murder, he described his time on the run from the law as little more than a lark. “I was on vacation, flirting with girls and drinking beer and going red-necking,” Miller told the agents. “I love to go out and drink a beer with rednecks…do the Texas Two-Step. I’m a pretty good dancer by the way,” he said." - Sean McBride
Drudge headline: "Jewish Center Shooter Was FBI Informant" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Nobody Tell Chris Christie, But Colorado Might Have A Better 'Quality Of Life' Than New Jersey -
Nobody Tell Chris Christie, But Colorado Might Have A Better 'Quality Of Life' Than New Jersey
Compare the vital stats on New Jersey and Colorado. - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
There are too many unflattering photos of Christie floating around. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Colorado 2016 poll: Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton - Jonathan Topaz - -
Colorado 2016 poll: Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton - Jonathan Topaz -
"Sen. Rand Paul appears to be the man to beat in Colorado in 2016, a new poll says. Colorado voters would favor the Kentucky Republican over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by 48 percent to 43 percent in a potential 2016 presidential race, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Paul also has a higher favorability rating than the other three possible Republican presidential contenders listed in the poll — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush." - Sean McBride
The point is not whether you like or dislike Rand Paul -- the point is, how much political juice does he have? Quite a bit more than many people expected. - Sean McBride
The old and stale factor is going to come into play for Hillary Clinton in a matchup with Paul, just as it did in her matchup with Obama. And Americans are really weary with corrupt nepotism in American politics. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Madingley model simulator predicts fate of all life on Earth | Mail Online -
Madingley model simulator predicts fate of all life on Earth | Mail Online
"Climate science has been transformed by huge computer simulations that can predict changes in lands, oceans and atmospheres. Now researchers are hoping they can do the same for ecology by creating an ambitious model that simulates entire ecosystems, anywhere in the world. Researchers at Microsoft and the UN are hoping the model could provide a better understanding of how the planet's fragile ecosystems fit together." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The Madingley model could radically improve understanding of the biosphere and help inform policy decisions about biodiversity and conservation." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Rand Paul slams Cliven Bundy's racist rant - Jonathan Topaz - -
Rand Paul slams Cliven Bundy's racist rant - Jonathan Topaz -
"Republican Sens. Rand Paul and Dean Heller on Thursday both denounced as “offensive” and “racist” Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s recent comments about African-Americans. “His remarks on race are offensive and I wholeheartedly disagree with him,” Paul said in a statement, according to Business Insider." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Banning Affirmative Action: The California Story | On Point with Tom Ashbrook -
Banning Affirmative Action: The California Story | On Point with Tom Ashbrook
"The Supreme Court’s ruling that states can ban affirmative action in college admissions is still reverberating this week. Of course, eight states have already done it. California was the first, sixteen years ago. And the California story is eye-opening. In the first year of the ban, black and Latino admission rates plummeted by half. They’re still way down. And Asian-American admissions soared. Way beyond their percentage of the population. Now Asian-Americans are California’s number one opponents of affirmative action." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Comment: "I am a WASP American citizen who just got a Masters degree from MIT. If 50% of my class wasn't Asian, then it was 65%. And I'm not talking about kids from Brookline; these kids came directly from China (mostly) who learned their English in high school (you try taking math in Mandarin sometime). Scary smart and hard-working; admirable." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Interesting remark by David Doppler on conspiracy theories (from Mondoweiss) -
"The deriding of conspiracies has at least two valid bases: 1) the suspicious but not too bright person who builds a conspiracy theory that leaves out important facts that make the theory a dud, and takes action based on faulty assumptions, embarrassing himself or harming others. 2) Conspiracy theory combined with prejudice, which assumes facts not in evidence to build a false theory, at the expense of innocents who belong to the group discriminated against." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
There are many real conspiracies in the world; there are also many false conspiracy theories. Some of those false conspiracy theories are disseminated by real conspirators to create confusion about real conspiracies. - Sean McBride
In sorting through this mess, stick as closely as possible to the most solid and reliable facts available. Don't let your imagination run away from you. - Sean McBride
in other words, the holocaust narrative, which leaves out important facts; relies almost exclusively on anti-German prejudice; assumes facts not in evidence -- that gas chambers were used to kill "millions of Jews"; at the expense of innocents who belong to the group/s discriminated against -- for example, the millions of Russians killed by Stalin while Wise & American zionists were... more... - ChasMark
If you want to develop your critique of the official Holocaust narrative, please do it in Good for the Goose. - Sean McBride
My comment was Civil, Well informed, readily and reliably documentable. Your rejoinder is the equivalent of "shut up." - ChasMark
My polite rejoinder is that I would prefer for this group to focus on contemporary Mideast politics. You are free to develop your ideas about the Holocaust in other groups. One presumes that you wouldn't welcome a large volume of posts from Pamela Geller supporters in Good for the Goose. - Sean McBride
Holocaust is preeminently germane to Mideast politics, Sean. It is the entire raison d'être for the I/P conflict. At National Summit last March, Phil Weiss said "the west owes a debt to the Jews [because of holocaust], and the west also owes a debt to the Palestinians [for the same reason]. If that is the case, then the "true truth" of the holocaust must be studied and made known, lest... more... - ChasMark
Feel free to pursue this discussion in Good for the Goose. Nothing is preventing you from developing it into an influential forum. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
March global warming: The 349th straight month of above-average temperatures. -
March global warming: The 349th straight month of above-average temperatures.
"Despite United States temperatures ranging from "obnoxiously cold" to "WTF this was supposed to be spring," last month was in fact the fourth-warmest March since 1880 globally, and the 349th-straight month of global temperatures above the 20th-century average for that month. "But I was so cold!" you might be saying. "How can this be, Al Gore?" Apparently the answer involves the fact that there are other countries in the world besides the United States." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Some Friendfeed features one needs to fully master to "get it"
1. Best of Day, Week and Month 2. Bookmarklet (for fast sharing of Web pages to Friendfeed from one's browser) 3. My Discussions (keep track of your discussions across multiple feeds and groups) 4. advanced search operators 5. blocks (hide what you don't want to see) 6. change picture 7. change theme 8. direct messages (communicate directly in private with other Friendfeed users) 9. groups (create your own groups on the fly) 10. imported feeds (add outside feeds to any FF feed) 11. likes 12. lists (bundle multiple feeds and groups into single streams) 13. manage subscribers in groups 14. privacy settings 15. saved searches 16. subscriptions - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Time to choose: Liberalism or Zionism? - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz (Dov Waxman) -
"How much longer can liberal Zionists uphold Jewish self-determination at the expense of Palestinian self-determination?" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"It’s not easy being a liberal Zionist. Denounced by right-wing Zionists for being insufficiently pro-Israel and disparaged by left-wing anti-Zionists for being insufficiently universalist, liberal Zionists have long been on the defensive. How can they square their commitment to Jewish statehood with their commitment to liberal democracy? How can they support Israel when it oppresses Palestinians?" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
SARASOTA: Federal judge waits for FBI in Sarasota Saudis case - Florida - -
"Relatives of 9/11 victims are eagerly watching the legal struggle over information held by the FBI concerning a Saudi Arabian family in Sarasota that possibly had ties to terrorists, even as calls in Congress ramp up for more disclosure about how the attackers were funded. On Friday, a federal judge in Fort Lauderdale is expected to receive FBI documents pertaining to the agency’s investigation of the Saudi family that abruptly left Sarasota just before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"If the judge eventually makes those documents public, the 16-month-old lawsuit could dovetail with a larger effort to shed more light on who financed the jet attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. One effort is underway in New York federal court, where a 12-year-old case seeks $1 trillion in damages for the relatives of almost 10,000 9/11 victims. In that case, families are attempting to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and charities that it established." - Sean McBride
"In Congress, meanwhile, there is a growing drumbeat to make public a censored 28-page chapter about the terrorists’ financing that was pulled by unnamed government censors from the report, “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001.” The joint Congressional report, minus the censored chapter, runs about 800 pages and was... more... - Sean McBride
If Saudi Arabia was the sole mover behind 9/11, the neocons would be all over this story, trying to inflict as much damage on Saudi Arabia as possible. But they are dead silent on the controversy -- which means that they don't want this investigation to be pursued. Do the math. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
"Every knee will bow before You Oh God Holy one of Israel and every nation will declare that YOU ARE KING."
Interesting ideology -- one that envisions the absolute domination of Israel over every other nation. - Sean McBride
Abrahamism -- authoritarianism pushed to the ultimate limit -- absolute world domination. - Sean McBride
Dominance and submission -- "every knee will bow." - Sean McBride
MW's commentors are going to start looking elsewhere to have discussions soon. If you cut it at 2 days' time, people practically cannot have more than two exchanges with eachother. I recommend adding a link to MW on Friendfeed in our MW Personal Profiles, so that people will know about Friendfeed.
I would actually suggest a new FriendFeed thread devoted only to MW articles - sort of a mirror site. That might help make it more of a neutral place, especially if someone like you for example volunteers to be the owner. This Sean feed is broader and it can get confusing plus it has a history and a 'relationship"/"history" with the geese who enjoy flocking here now and then. Sometimes... more... - Danaa
The alternative is to start another blog maybe using one of the free forums for starters. Trouble is, as MW and everyone else has found out, moderation becomes a must. - Danaa
Danaa -- Friendfeed provides a flexible platform on which to create groups and discussion spaces on the fly, based on any combination of Friendfeed users, and to perpetually reconfigure them according to any criteria, but it requires a proactive effort by users to exploit these tools. Most people are passive -- they like to be herded within predefined channels -- they don't know how to take the initiative. - Sean McBride
MW commenters should make an effort to build communications channels with one another outside of MW. But few of them are taking the initiative. They don't seem to understand yet that the Internet has revolutionized the world. They are living in a pre-Internet mindset. - Sean McBride
Philip Weiss has shown great leadership abilities in creating and developing Mondoweiss -- he has forced the world to revolve around him. That takes vision and energy. - Sean McBride
Compare the content streams of Mondoweiss and Good for the Goose -- it requires a great deal of talent and hard work to create a high-value Web publication and forum. Nothing is preventing Good for the Goose from creating a content stream that is superior to Mondoweiss -- other than talent and effort. - Sean McBride
Danna -- creating a pure mirror site for Mondoweiss is simple (it takes only a minute or two to set up). But you will need a moderator to keep it on track. The current Mondoweiss on Friendfeed permits users to make their own original posts -- not simply respond to Mondoweiss articles. I like it that way. - Sean McBride
Hostage loves to lay out detailed legal ideas. His writing will take a hit as he likes to discuss with others. - WJones
Sean, it's one thing to say people have no initiative, it's anotherto get people to contribute. The fact is MW commenters do not flock here for a reason. There is something about the simple format of friendfeed that is a bit of a turnoff for many knowledgeable and thorough commenters. Hostage MUST have quotation capability in order for his posts to make sense, for example. Others like... more... - Danaa
No way someone like me will not post lengthy paragraphs. It's just the way I woek. I can edit it later but don't always have the time or the justification. - Danaa
That being said friendfeed is great for one-on-one or a very small group discussions where interference from others not interested in the topic is kept to a minimum. - Danaa
just my own little thoughts. I was always interested in the question of which interface works for whom. - Danaa
OK, I updated my MW profile to tell people to come to FF. - WJones
Danaa -- Friendfeed is much more powerful and flexible than old school blog platforms for sharing and discussing news and information. Many Mondoweiss members are quite old and not tech-savvy (quite a few of them can barely manage HTML), and so I am not surprised that the sophisticated feature set of Friendfeed is impenetrable to them. Friendfeed is to old school blogs as a Ferrari is... more... - Sean McBride
# Some Friendfeed features one needs to fully master to "get it": 1. Best of Day, Week and Month 2. Bookmarklet (for fast sharing of Web pages to Friendfeed from one's browser) 3. My Discussions (keep track of your discussions across multiple feeds and groups) 4. advanced search operators 5. blocks (hide what you don't want to see) 6. change picture 7. change theme 8. direct messages... more... - Sean McBride
I'll wager that most long essays don't get read in the comment sections of blogs -- I know I tend to skip over them (even Hostage's). Brief comments usually have much more impact than verbose essays. It is easy to post long essays on platforms like Tumblr and point to them in one's forum comments. And it is easy to break paragraphs and quotes into separate comments on Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
Perhaps one could append this to the end of Mondoweiss comments: [If this discussion is closed, it can be continued here: ] - Sean McBride
This group got off to a bad start because some hardcore antisemites tried to hijack it from the start -- their activities were very damaging and it took awhile to sort out that problem. - Sean McBride
# Friendfeed vs. traditional blogs 1. bottom-up vs. top-down 2. more "libertarian" (less authoritarian) 3. more agile 4. more democratic 5. more flexible 6. more user-centric 7. speedier - Sean McBride
Friendfeed is for fast brains. - Sean McBride
Sean, I skip over most short comments -on MW - the undeveloped or partially developed thought is of no concern to me, which is why I don't even notice many of the posters. I despise twitter too - it's completely useless to me - just a time swamp. Some people tend to interact with the world like it was some kind of a reality show, with little quips and side-bars. By all means they can do their thing, as long as I am not forced to consult their one-liners or pointless kudos or other half-formed sentences. - Danaa
The creator of Friendfeed, Paul Buchheit, also created Gmail -- which is a brilliant mail reader. Most people don't know how to exploit most of its features. (For his efforts, Paul is now worth in the neighborhood of $600 million, last I checked. :)) - Sean McBride
Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook) purchased Friendfeed from Paul and his associates and has done nothing with it. - Sean McBride
Friendfeed presents a lot of issues for people who prefer to think more deeply. Real important ideas or concepts cannot be developed in 100,000 one-liners - that's just not the way it works for some of us. - Danaa
It took me just a few minutes to toss off these comments and post them here immediately -- I can't do that on Mondoweiss. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- there is no restriction on the complexity and depth of thoughts one can post here -- you just need to develop a different model in your head of how this interface works. - Sean McBride
As far as Zuckerberg and his pathetic facebook goes, no wonder everyone is gravitating elsewhere. I have every expectation that this nerdy social worker will do nothing with friendfeed. In fact, if he did it would probably be just to ruin it. - Danaa
Friendfeed is very different than Twitter: from an initial post one can develop your ideas to whatever level of depth you choose. - Sean McBride
I have never been able to stand Facebook -- yuck. It's a mess. - Sean McBride
Sean, I have absolutely no desire to develop another "model" of interfacing with others. Given the huge number of ideas I'm still wrestling with and need to get to, plus the books and essays I still need to read, there is but scant time left for one liners, unless they beget the in depth analysis I'm interested in. - Danaa
The exchange we are having right now, basically in chat mode -- it can't happen on Mondoweiss. Mondoweiss is as slow as molasses -- assuming that your posts even get through. - Sean McBride
The best place to post long articles is on one's own blog -- Tumblr is a good choice; there are other worthy platforms. - Sean McBride
Also, I despise the iPhone model of "communicating" and usually refuse to reply to any text messages. My inbox is full of them and people either get a call back or they are ignored. I also don't care for GPS because I like getting lost there. Speed of communication is hardly the thing that bothers me the most. It is the absence of content worth considering that bugs me. - Danaa
Have you really noticed no valuable and thoughtful content in this group? :) - Sean McBride
I have done intense comparisons of Friendfeed and Google+. Google+ does indeed permit traditional paragraphs, but I've found that the overall Google+ experience is too messy and cluttered compared to Friendfeed. Conversations do not move as fluidly. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss is really not for real-time chats and frankly, just as well. They deal in highly controversial and touchy subjects, many literally life and death issues. The last thing they need is the Facebook style of curses, retorts and assorted mendacities. It is, after all, a blog and [used to be] a forum for exchanging ideas. Like all blogs it is subject to the whims and preferences of... more... - Danaa
The pressures that Mondoweiss is under can be avoided entirely on a platform like Friendfeed, where there is no centralized control. Think about it. - Sean McBride
I am not saying that I didn't come across valuable thoughts, references and ideas in this forum. I like exchanging ideas with you on most things. It's just that I am confounded by the fact that there are not more who gravitate here. may be confounded is not the right word. - Danaa
Most MW commenters feel comfortable with centralized control and authority -- they would feel completely adrift here. On Friendfeed you need to establish your own ground of operations. Friendfeed is a perfect example of a self-organizing system (or an infinitely expanding collection of self-organizing systems). - Sean McBride
I do agree that friendfeed - being a free-for-all can avoid some of the problems that plague MW. However this too will change if the forum became popular. I don't think you had to deal yet too much with the nutty ziobots (some of whom are really avatars rather than actual persons). Frankly, individuals like pepsi are a joy compared with the real crazy bots. I guess I'm saying that... more... - Danaa
More later - time's up for me now. Gotta get some [real] work done. - Danaa
Moderators of Friendfeed groups can easily weed out the bad apples. And the bad apples can easily create their own groups -- which is as it should be. - Sean McBride
Later. Let me point out once again: we couldn't have had this kinetic real-time conversation on any blog. - Sean McBride
One can do amazingly clever things with Friendfeed advanced search. For instance, all the items I have "liked" recently: Mondoweiss (and blogs in general) do not operate anywhere near this level for quick and dirty data mining. As I said, it's all about fast brains. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Wall Street, War Hawks Fund Challenger To Only Anti-War, Anti-Wall Street Republican -
Wall Street, War Hawks Fund Challenger To Only Anti-War, Anti-Wall Street Republican
"Wall Street billionaires, financial industry lobbyists and neoconservative hawks are throwing money behind a primary challenge to Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican and veteran congressman." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This rogue moderation cost Jones his seat on the House Financial Services Committee after the 2012 elections, and now it has brought powerful interests out to back Jones' main primary opponent, Taylor Griffin, a onetime George W. Bush administration official and former consultant to some of the most predatory financial firms. Griffin, a first-time candidate, raised $224,250 through the... more... - Sean McBride
Danaa -- I didn't have to wait for Mondoweiss to address this story -- I took the initiative and posted it here myself. That is why I like this platform. - Sean McBride
"The biggest single source of Griffin's funds were employees of Elliott Management, a hedge fund run by Republican mega-donor Paul Singer, and their families. They kicked in $46,850 to Griffin's campaign." - Sean McBride
"Singer, known as a "passionate defender of the 1%," a proponent of pro-war policies against Iran and a backer of right-wing elements in Israel, also funds a super PAC to help Griffin. Along with another pro-war billionaire investor, Seth Klarman, Singer has pumped $800,000 into the Ending Spending Action Fund, a super PAC founded by TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, which is running ads to defeat Jones." - Sean McBride
"The Emergency Committee for Israel, a "dark money" nonprofit headed by neoconservative pundit Bill Kristol, has already spent a six-figure sum on ads targeting Jones for being "the most liberal Republican in Congress," opposing sanctions on Iran, and obtaining the endorsement of the Zionist group J Street, which the ad labels an "anti-Israel group."" - Sean McBride
Danaa -- do you find it difficult to read these paragraphs? I don't. - Sean McBride
"In 2005, Jones blasted Bush official and leading neocon Richard Perle for not taking responsibility for the false intelligence used to sell the war to Congress and the public. In a 2013 talk before the conservative group Young Americans for Liberty, he laid into former Vice President Dick Cheney. "Lyndon Johnson’s probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Guidelines for Mondoweiss on Friendfeed: be civil, reasonable, well-informed and well-documented.
Simple. - Sean McBride
Don't be abusive or bullying. Know what you are talking about. - Sean McBride
Don't try to incite hatred against entire ethnic groups or religions. Be surgical in your criticism. - Sean McBride
The practical reason for being civil: it encourages useful exchanges. Abusive posters undercut their own message and ability to communicate effectively. - Sean McBride
lots of people on MW (eg, the ziobots) are hardly interested in condusive discussions. They just want to disrupt the flow. You are assuming the net world is full of people interested in "civil" exchange. A cursory look at any comment section anywhere will show that there will be a substantial percentage of people who are not into civility. - Danaa
and phil doesn't want to disrupt the flow? Just the ziobots that he lets run wild? - pepsi
everybody deserves to have their too-precious red lines crossed, and be called out. - pepsi
hostage could do the circle jerk with the bots forever. What makes you alterna-bots think he's unhappy in the repressive mondoghetto? - pepsi
Sean McBride
Israel Foe Robert Malley Obama's New MidEast Man | The SUA Blog | Stand Up America US -
Israel Foe Robert Malley Obama's New MidEast Man | The SUA Blog | Stand Up America US
"From the “Shake My Head” files, Obama and Kerry want Robert Malley to be the new Middle East man. However this is not really new, he appears to have been retained all along as their man, and this goes all the way back to the Clinton Administration." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
File under attacks by the Israel lobby on Americans. - Sean McBride
# set; attacks by the Israel lobby on * 1. American politicians 2. American presidents 3. Americans 4. George H.W. Bush 5. James Baker 6. Jimmy Carter 7. John Kerry 8. Mondoweiss 9. Peter Beinart 10. Rand Paul 11. Robert Malley 12. Ron Paul 13. Zbigniew Brzezinski - Sean McBride
Gradually all of these attacks begin to accumulate and add up to something of great significance. - Sean McBride
The Israel lobby increasingly creates the impression that it is lashing out wildly against the entire world. - Sean McBride
One wonders about the effects of these attacks on their targets. Resentment and anger are the most likely responses. In other words, the Israel lobby is mainly in the business of creating enemies. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The future of the Palestinians
You know, there is a major factor in the Palestinian situation that I don't see many people noticing or commenting on: the Arab world overall seems to be showing decreasing interest in the plight of the Palestinians and in fighting for their rights. - Sean McBride
Many Americans and Europeans may be thinking, if Arab governments themselves aren't up in arms about the suffering of the Palestinians, why should we be? - Sean McBride
The future of the Palestinians could be very bleak indeed. Israel and the Israel lobby are determined to crush their spirit, and possibly to spirit them out of them of Greater Israel in large numbers. Power elites in the United States and Europe seem to be unwilling to get into a real fight with Israel and the Israel lobby over these policies and plans -- the personal costs of doing so... more... - Sean McBride
They had an "Arab boycott." And it's important to Middle Easterners. But it's not an issue in front of their faces. They care about their own countries too. - WJones
Yeah. In case of a war, what is stopping them from driving out the Pals? I think some people left in the Nakba because they thought it might be a total genocide, but it didn't happen, so they didn't all leave. It will be tough for the Israelis to kill or deport most Palestinians logistically and in terms of politics. They were not so open about the Nakba when it happened and they still aren't, and that makes it harder to implement in the face of opposing factors. - WJones
How many Iraqis did we kill, maim or displace in the Iraq War? How many Americans care? - Sean McBride
Destroying the shrines on the Temple Mount and ethnic cleansing the West Bank are two things that would be difficult to achieve. - WJones
Easy to achieve under the cover of a generalized war between the West and Islam. - Sean McBride
The Israel lobby, through an endless stream of propaganda in popular culture, has largely succeeded in dehumanizing and demonizing Arabs and Muslims in the minds of most Americans. - Sean McBride
There are what, 5 million Palestinians? They would have to kill and expel maybe 4 million of them to replicate the 5-1 ratio Slater had in mind for the land inside the Green Line. It will be harder to expel them than the Nakba. That is why the Naksa didn't work. hey realized the israelis weren't going to kill them all like the Turks did to the Armenians. - WJones
They've been dehumanized, but not enough that Americans would be OK with the deaths. They would not like it. Now would they actually stop it? If the elites were OK with it, probably not. I don't know if the Elites are mostly OK with such a genocide, and I think most Israelis aren't. - WJones
Bush said privately that the occupation was really bad. - WJones
Where was the American concern over Iraqi deaths? Madeleine Albright: the deaths of a half million Iraqi children were worth it (regarding sanctions). Americans are being primed to commit or accept genocide. - Sean McBride
Weak concern by a minority. - WJones
I see you are being realistic. I want to too. - WJones
There would have to be generalized war and a desire by enough Israelis to kill them and the US elites "OK-ing" it. - WJones
I am not saying it is going to happen, but there is a chance that it could happen. - Sean McBride
An observer, maybe Finkelstein, said they are looking for the chance. - WJones
They were not always proactive. They waited for the chance and then took it in 1967 to seize the land. - WJones
The chance would have to present itself. It would require a big operation to deport or kill 4 million people when they will be less willing to leave. They left because they thought the Nakba was going to be temporary in 1947. - WJones
Where there is a will there is a way. - Sean McBride
Privately Netanyahu spoke of killing them like sick animals. Publicly he has said that ethnic cleansing is not acceptable. - WJones
You know how these things work -- there are the public statements and there are the actual thoughts and deeds. - Sean McBride
Ok, so Yes, like I said, the US elites would have to OK it because they rely on the US. Granted, they did not need anyone's OK in 1947-48. - WJones
Someone should collect genocidal statements by modern Israeli leaders to show this. - WJones
Off to a restaurant -- will pick this up later. - Sean McBride
No, stay. - WJones
My wife is nagging me. :) Hold that thought. - Sean McBride
Yeah, I guess your right. If they get into a war with Egypt and Lebanon, they could expel them. But I dont think they will fight Egypt again. They already fought Lebanon in the 1980's and didnt do the expulsion then. - WJones
Herzl's plan was to deny them jobs and get them to leave that way. - WJones
This seems to be what they do- deny them opportunities to stay and get along. - WJones
W. Jones - you better believe that day and night the brilliant Jewish minds of israel - and not too few outside - are trying to figure out a way in which they could "get rid" of the Palestinians. They don't yet have an answer, but like Sean says, they are waiting for an opportunity. The shocking thing is that most israelis (say, 80%, to be generous?) would find a way to sleep OK if all... more... - Danaa
What's stopping it all? actually, believe it or not, it is partly the American Jews. The majority of whom, including those who care little about I/P just are not ready to stomach a real genocide or even a serious exile. The American jews, unlike the israelis, will NOT be able to get a good night sleep, while their bretherns do the evil deeds. That, you might say, is the positive role... more... - Danaa
But that's only now. Tomorrow, who knows? and therein lies the trouble. I believe that's why the shenanigans of humanitarian intervention a-la-Syria and Libya play such an important role. they serve to split that progressive gatekeeping community. Ukraine too. Throw a stink bomb right in the midst of this crowd - have them turn on each other. isn't that what happened on MW when the... more... - Danaa
OK, I am not saying that it's ONLY "progressive" jews that are preventing israel from doing ewhat it so desires to do. There are the Christian denominations, and the real humanists, jewish and not, around the world. Trouble is, to israel, it is only the Jews that count. And you better believe that too. There's hardly a universal bone to be found in the entirety of the Holy land among the so-called chosen. - Danaa
And speaking of "chosen", I have it on good authority that 'choseness' has been kind of redefined by them that chose in the first place. All myths have an expiration date and the stamp for this one is drawing near.... - Danaa
"They don't yet have an answer, but like Sean says, they are waiting for an opportunity. The shocking thing is that most israelis (say, 80%, to be generous?) would find a way to sleep OK if all the palestinians somehow disappeared tomorrow."..."As long as there are enough jewish Americans who won't be able to sleep on genocide, Israel will not be able to proceed as it wishes." Wishful... more... - pepsi
If America's Jews didn't support genocide of palestinians and arabs generally, the mondojews wouldn't be silent on Syria, Ukraine, and the obvious plan to cleanse the west bank as soon as a war can be started with iran. Lebanon will get genocided too, and the strong majority of us jews knows all of this when they demonize iran like jon stewart does regularly. - pepsi
When Leb 06 and Cast Lead 08 were going down, most american jews were in Kahane mode. Facts were details to be twisted to support the mass murder. Same thing when they framed assad for the gas attack in syria last fall, and the millions of syrian, iraqi, and palestinian refugees. America's jews overwhelmingly couldn't care less, at best, and mostly relish this 20 year ongoing genocide, which Danaa likes to pretend are separate 'wars'. - pepsi
And probably the real reason most american jews support toppling Iran, Russia, and Ukraine is because those places were/are no longer controlled by Jews. The same overwhelming majority that thinks jewish rule of the US and the media are good things, also resents that Putin and the Iranians are bastards for limiting the jewish power over those countries. The Shah's secret police were trained by mossad, after all. - pepsi
The Iranian people and government have not abandoned the Palestinians, and are paying the price for it. Last summer the American Iranian Council hosted an event in NYC. Among others, former ambassador Robert Hunter spoke, and said that "Iran should get over its Israel thing; they don't care about the Palestinians, they should just stay out of it." - ChasMark
The predominantly Iranian-American audience was unambiguous and highly assertive in contradicting Hunter's poorly thought out declamations. An Iranian-American professor at a university in Connecticut summarized the consensus view: Israel is abusing Palestinians and Muslims; Iranians find that behavior intolerable. Among the factors that Iranians protested as early as 1973 and thru 1978 was the treatment of Palestinian Muslims and the failure of the Shah to speak out on their behalf. - ChasMark
Iraq paid the price for supporting palestine as well. 1.5 million+ dead, and millions of refugees. - pepsi
the ottoman empire paid the price for supporting palestine 100 years ago. The jewish led and financed young turks genocided the armenian christians to empower the court jews. - pepsi
how do you know the young turks were Jewish? At least, the people who did the killing were generally not Jewish. - WJones
Pepsi, I'm afraid you didn't quite get my point, which was about a subset of American jews, ie, those that consider themselves "progressives" AND voice opinions on matters of foreign policy and I/P. All I said is that their opinions and positions do matter to israel, if only because Israeli powers understand the influence members of this group have within the Democrat American... more... - Danaa
IMO, pepsi you are generalizing to the point that can only lead to a complete paralysis of action. Personally I have no interest in defending Jews as a class or feeding them to the wolves. But I do have great interest in seeing more voices speak out against evil carried out and still greater evil planned. So, Democracy Now cannot go everywhere (like 9/11 or 7/7) and remain on the air.... more... - Danaa
As you can see Pepsi, your direction and mine, are kind of on different plains. You spend much time parsing blame for malfeasance (of which there is plenty) and fortelling repercussions. I look at the tactics and strategies Israel is likely to employ - along with its like-minded tribal enablers, of left and right - in the hope that some of those could at least be blunted or delayed by... more... - Danaa
Danaa, you still think it is okay for Chomsky to say it doesn't matter if 911 was an inside/outside job. And then you pretend to want to minimize and delay the next one. You like to bs and wring your fingers, but you still have some massive red lines that are more important to you than seeing the world as it is. I can understand how depressing it all must be, but their are other things in the world that matter, like genocide and shock doctrine based world wars. - pepsi
The problem with you pepsi is that you care more about the "who done it" of 9/11 than about the fate of the palestinians, or for that matter, the fate of the Syrian people subjected now to destruction by the PTB of the US/Britain/French/Turkish/saudi Arabian axis of evil. Or the fate of the east Ukrainians, or that of the people subjected to torture and mayhem by an unholy combination... more... - Danaa
As for Chomsky - he may have said all kinds of things over the years, many of which I would no doubt not agree with. he may have been more of a liberal zionist than he admits and he may have tortured all kind of truths to make them yield something more to his liking. But he is over 80 years old now, and If I ever reach his age and find myself guilty of just one major fib or sidelining... more... - Danaa
It wouldn't occur to you to research what chomsky said about 911, how many times he said it, and with what sophisticated linguistic diabolicality. You come from the same sociopathic cult ideology as him, where all is forgiven for the right people. Choose your own reality and pretend there's nothing sociopathic about that. - pepsi
I bust you not really giving a shit about 9/11, and you cheaply and defensively and baselessly accuse me of not caring about the genocide in syria, iraq, and ukraine. Only in magical danaa land. - pepsi
Yes, Chomsky deserves credit for speaking out about Gaza. He is very outspoken on IP. But I question some of his positions, and Finkelstein said Chomsky is his main mentor. Finkelstein talks about how we must rally around International Law. International law says refugees get to return to their homes. But Chomsky and Finkelstein are against that. - WJones
Unfortunately, the world has seen psychopathic rulers like in Chile, Indonesia, Germany, and 1918 Turkey who do not care much about what other rulers or other countries' publics think. Turkey has a really hard time recognizing the Armenian genocide, and I am sure that most Germans would not have supported genocide. It of course helps tremendously the more that Americans and American Jews are opposed to ethnic cleansing. - WJones
Finkelstein's blueprint for success is retarded, no offense to retards. He says that we should not look for the Palestinian solidarity to be a main force, equality can only happen if Palestinians lead the way. Excuse me, but is that the attitude we have toward prison reform? That prisoners must be the main force of resistance if they are to be treated like people with basic rights? - WJones
Hello, Pepsi. You said to Danaa: " You come from the same sociopathic cult ideology as him." Please give her break. Thanks. - WJones
Not sure why you are tearing into Danaa, Pepsi. She isn't Chomsky and she doesn't admire him like say Keith of whomever. This last Finklestein thing made me really sick. What the fuck is wrong with this guy to say these things about BDS? I feel like all the decades he was making noise and drawing attention in the USA to the conflict, and now he is shitting on a plan that would work that... more... - Chu_
Finkelstein said that after no longer being a Maoist, he turned to Chomsky. It's cool if you are talking about SE Asia or South America, bu Chomsky has a bias, he admits he may have, about he Holy Land. - WJones
I am appalled by the attacks on Danaa but I am staying out of it this time around -- previously Danaa has expressed the view that I have been exaggerating the degree of antisemitism and Judeophobia in some sectors of the anti-Zionist camp. Ok. - Sean McBride
Danaa, you understand that Israel did 9/11, correct? - JustTheFactsPlease
There is no firm proof that Israel was involved in 9/11 -- only circumstantial evidence and speculation. In the cases of Watergate and Iran-Contra we had concrete and solid evidence. In any case, there is no way that Israel could have participated in a 9/11 false flag op without the full cooperation of powerful factions within the American government that are dominated by non-Jews. - Sean McBride
So its the fault of the goyim that Israel did 9/11, gotcha - JustTheFactsPlease
We still don't know who was behind 9/11 -- it's shrouded behind an iron wall of obfuscation. - Sean McBride
All the evidence available points to Israel, fact. - JustTheFactsPlease
The *circumstantial* evidence points in numerous directions -- including towards Saudi Arabia. - Sean McBride
I respect Alan Sabrosky, but there is no concrete proof or evidence in that article to support the claim that Israel was behind 9/11, either as the sole actor or as a team player. He is speculating -- and speculations can be dangerous when pushed forward without sufficient grounding in the real world. The circumstantial evidence pointing to Saudi Arabia as the culprit is at least as strong as that pointing to Israel or the American military-industrial-intelligence complex. - Sean McBride
One good guess? 9/11 was a neocon op involving elements of the American, Israeli, Saudi and British governments -- but that is still just a guess, not a nailed-down case. - Sean McBride
"The circumstantial evidence pointing to Saudi Arabia as the culprit is at least as strong as that pointing to Israel " List it - JustTheFactsPlease
nope, i want a McBride style list - JustTheFactsPlease
All the info you need is available in the top 100 hits for that search -- explore on your own. I am working on other matters at the moment. - Sean McBride
McBride is a just a common man, workin hard with his hands, he's AMERICAN DREAM! - JustTheFactsPlease
"After the 9/11 attacks, the public was told al Qaeda acted alone, with no state sponsors. But the White House never let it see an entire section of Congress’ investigative report on 9/11 dealing with “specific sources of foreign support” for the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals. It was kept secret and remains so today. President Bush inexplicably censored 28 full pages of... more... - Sean McBride
28 censored pages weigh more than the combined mass of the five dancing Israelis, surely.... - JustTheFactsPlease
*Smart* people look at *all* the data and try to figure out how it fits together. They don't pick and choose among the data or try to jam it into a predefined conspiracy theory. Perhaps Dusty Rhodes hasn't instructed you in these basic truth-seeking methods. - Sean McBride
"The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in... more... - Sean McBride
I have wined and dined with kings and queens and I’ve slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans, but I must admit that I am having a hard time seeing how the Saudis look to be implictaed MORE than the Israelis, given the available evidence. - JustTheFactsPlease
We don't know the more or less yet -- not enough data. But we have good reason to suspect that multiple high-level players were involved. - Sean McBride
Admit it, you've been watching wrestling clips on youtube the last few days - JustTheFactsPlease
"LOS ANGELES: Saudi consulate official Fahad al-Thumairy allegedly arranged for an advance team to receive two of the Saudi hijackers — Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi — as they arrived at LAX in 2000. One of the advance men, Omar al-Bayoumi, a suspected Saudi intelligence agent, left the LA consulate and met the hijackers at a local restaurant. (Bayoumi left the United States two months before the attacks, while Thumairy was deported back to Saudi Arabia after 9/11.)" - Sean McBride
"SAN DIEGO: Bayoumi and another suspected Saudi agent, Osama Bassnan, set up essentially a forward operating base in San Diego for the hijackers after leaving LA. They were provided rooms, rent and phones, as well as private meetings with an American al Qaeda cleric who would later become notorious, Anwar al-Awlaki, at a Saudi-funded mosque he ran in a nearby suburb. They were also feted at a welcoming party. (Bassnan also fled the United States just before the attacks.)" - Sean McBride
"WASHINGTON: Then-Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar and his wife sent checks totaling some $130,000 to Bassnan while he was handling the hijackers. Though the Bandars claim the checks were “welfare” for Bassnan’s supposedly ill wife, the money nonetheless made its way into the hijackers’ hands." - Sean McBride
What does Alan Sabrosky have to say about these facts? - Sean McBride
"they needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office." - JustTheFactsPlease
Haven't seen anything new from him since last september, I will do a more thorough search later. You keep on keepin on with that common man boogie daddy - JustTheFactsPlease
Bottom line on my best guess: there is a better than even chance that 9/11 was a neocon op that involved factions within multiple governments. But I can't go beyond that speculation based on the current available information. About the 9/11 anthrax attacks, I don't have the slightest doubt: they were a false flag op. - Sean McBride
Glad you brought up the anthrax attacks, Sean. Those were so totally obviously a false flag, yet, for some strange reason the 9/11 people seem to ignore it. Why? may be biological mysteries are less intriguing than missiles and bombs? or may be it's too much of a foregone conclusion to give enough material? or may be just not enough people died and some were "just" postal workers? - Danaa
Also, I agree that whatever went down on 9/11 would have required multiple agencies to co-operate. Israel (mossad) would be just one. They would however have to have had logistics and tactical support by an American agency or two. Which could be rogue cliques in the CIA/FBI, among others, supported/aided by the Cheney office. Plus, of course, Saudi Arabia for providing the terrorists... more... - Danaa
Naturally, my interests would be unsatisfactory for pepsi and the like. For whom the "Israel done it" is enough. For me it's no more enough than saying that Mossad was involved in the kennedy assassination (which I believe it was). But the emphasis is on "involved" and "More than one agency", in which case, the "how could they pull it off" becomes the overriding question. - Danaa
Where i come up against the largest obstacle - the US military. If we, out in the world, speculate, so do they. Possible for some or another military agency to have been involved but they couldn't possibly swear all the branches into silence. I am quite certain there are many military people speculating and wondering and likely asking questions. But I'm having serious issues figuring... more... - Danaa
There, I divided my original lengthy comment into two parts. just to make you happy Sean :) - Danaa
Danaa -- our thinking seems to be in sync on this issue. I agree that if there was an insider plot, only very few people (from multiple nations) were in on it. As to why so many high-level patriots have remained silent on the controversy (many haven't, by the way), one assumes that the conspirators are so powerful that they could destroy the lives of troublemakers -- cut them down the moment they raised their heads. - Sean McBride
People who push this controversy into "the Jews did it" meme -- completely off their rockers. Much worse than charging that "the Jews" were behind the Iraq War. Unhinged. - Sean McBride
When it comes to conspiracy speculations, my approach is relatively simple - once the Qui Bono allows whittling down of the perpetrators to just a few key players, then it's all about the ability to execute, the complexity of the job and the power to provide effective post-operation cover-up. Which almost invariably requires multiple players, all acting in unison. So, for example, the... more... - Danaa
So, now we have a whole new major conspiracy tale unfolding: MH370. Alas, here we still have not a clue about the Qui Bono. Another one: hastings' auto "accident". My gut tells me he was done away with. In which case the interesting part is why have the conspiracy buffs been so quiet about this lately? it is this kind of silence that makes me wonder sometimes about who some of those on-line conspiracy buffs really are. - Danaa
Danaa, you admit the obvious that jews control our media, and then you ask why goy whistleblowers havent come forward, lol. Too cute. - pepsi
And if a handful of goyim assisted in 9/11, you jump at the chance to describe it as really complicated and complex, just like a zio talking about the latest ritual mass murder in khazarstan. - pepsi
Jews are the biggest opponents of conspiracy theories whenever they dominate a country. Nobody wants to give up the jewish vice-grip on our media and 'democracy'. Ask a thousand jews about 911, and 950+ will tell you the official zelikow prewritten narrative is legit. - pepsi
the plot was underway as far back as the late 70s, danaa, with the founding of the jonathan (netanyahu) institute. Research it. Hw bush brought the neos into power in 1980, and the jewish mafia replaced bush with clinton in 92, and two months later we got the 93 wtc bombing, with jews and helper goys in all key positions of power. - pepsi
louis freh, fbi director. Albright, secstate. Cohen secdefense. Martin indyck, rahm emanuel, dennis ross, 911 commission co-author jamie gorelick, aka the mistress of disaster, sandy berger, on and on it goes, and that was just the clinton white house, before zelikow led the bush transition 8 months before 9/11. - pepsi
the next thing you'll be telling us is that saudi controls israel, and the jewish media monopoly in the us is really working for the saudis. Anything to spread the blame around, and to run interference for chomsky and greenwald and mondoweiss and all the other gatekeeper heroes of yours who run interference for jewish power and jewish tribal warfare. - pepsi
checkmate, sean and danaa. You lose again. - pepsi
As usual, pepsi, you don't get my point. I didn't ask about the players. I asked about how the play was executed. You tell me (and no, planning from 70's won't help a bit in figuring out how exactly it was pulled off, who needed to be in the know, what the logistics might have been, etc etc. I want to have an idea of the plan on the days and weeks before the attack - not the years of... more... - Danaa
This is not a a "game" for me, pepsi, though may be it is for you. It's a matter of life and death. You may not care about the many dead on that day, but may be some of us do. As we do about the Anthrax victims, a plot which really does point to a conspiracy and which, for some reason you don't want to touch. What, not exciting enough for you? biological warfare not your gig? - Danaa
In case you didn't notice, I care about tactics more than grand geo-political alignments. I am too limited to comment knowledgeably enough on those so a certain refrain may be the better part of valor. - Danaa
I do find it kind of funny that you'd bring up Rahm emanuel and Indik. What, did they train the saudi hijackers? did they provide funding and back-up support? safe houses? what exactly was Emanuel's role on 9/11? sit on a deck for a suntan? please give me instead the names of the military commanders that HAD to be in the know to pull it off, and the units that would need to be informed.... more... - Danaa
pepsi -- I carefully sifted through all this material years ago -- there is not a single concrete fact or solid piece of evidence here that proves that Israel was the mastermind of 9/11 -- just sloppy speculations and wild allegations. You really need to up your truth standards if you want to play with the big boys. - Sean McBride
By the way, I was one of the very first people on the Internet to wonder if Mossad might be involved in 9/11 -- you can look it up (it was published on -- but wondering is one thing, coming to certain and strident conclusions quite another. The Saudi angle on 9/11 has been looking especially promising over the last year or two -- that might be the best line of attack to blow the case open. - Sean McBride
Not Jews: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, John Ashcroft, George Tenet, Tom Ridge, Robert Gates, George Schultz, etc. Perhaps you dismiss them all as dumb goyim who had no idea about what was going on right under their noses. And what about JCS (the Joint Chiefs of Staff) -- it's not exactly a Jewish club. - Sean McBride
Danaa, still with the cheapshots, and the subect change. Of course i care about the anthrax, and the biologicals that will be released on the nazi goyim as soon as we stop serving israel. This is why 911 and holocaust truth are so important. But 99% of jews are appointed or selfappointed gatekeepers for hebrew nation international. Help us goyim fight the good fight, and leave chomsky, greenwald and the other tribal warriors in your past. - pepsi
Here is a homework exercise for you, Pepsi - the military, for the most part is non-Jewish - at every level - from high to low. Jewish americans do not serve in the military in any substantial numbers. Yet, there HAD to be military participation in the plot somehow. Much was made for example of those jets that were not scrambled on time. So why would any military man, non-Jewish most... more... - Danaa
Note carefully: I am not ruling out the possibility that a faction in Israel may have been involved in 9/11 -- in fact, I stated that I think there is a greater than even chance that 9/11 was a neocon op. But I am not leaping to certain conclusions without solid evidence. - Sean McBride
Sean, I agree about the Saudi angle being a promising one. Though if it is, surely the PTBs can't afford to let it out into the open. I do, BTW< believe that with the saudis in, the mossad involvement is not far behind. In fact, it should be in tandem. - Danaa
yeah, in tandem. With the jews leading the way, as always. - pepsi
Danaa -- I think the PTB are obstructing an honest investigation into the Saudi angle on 9/11 not to protect the Saudis -- but to conceal the involvement of other players. Once the cover-up begins to unravel, everything will come out. - Sean McBride
Also, I do have a vaguish idea of how 9/11 could have been pulled of, with minimal collateral involvement by those who could not be trusted to keep a secret. That's why I keep bringing up the London 7/7 - that's what gave me some ideas. My own interests remain, as always, tactical and strategic. I live the geo-political conflagrations to others with more expertise than myself.... more... - Danaa
Danaa, read my link in the checkmate post above. - pepsi
Well, Sean, we kind of agree on that. The Saudis is what will lead to the others. So now, pretend to be a PTB member-in-good-standing for a second. What will they be willing to do to prevent this thread from unraveling? who will have to be sacrificed? - Danaa
OOps, not to disappoint you humans 9assuming you are) but I got some kitties that are calling to be attended to. Sorry, first things first... - Danaa
Phillip Zelikow was in charge of the counter-terrorism aspects of the bush transition team. He set it all up, making sure plotters were in every key position to make 911 happen. He was the 911 Commission Director Danaa!! He prewrote the 911 report and never changed a thing. He also wrote the Bush Doctrine, which was Clean Break/pnac reworded. - pepsi
Danaa -- like you, I think it's all about the *operational details*. But the US government has prevented the 9/11 "masterminds" from testifying about what precisely those details are. Highly suspicious. Few Americans seem to have noticed that there has been no satisfactory resolution to this case. - Sean McBride
Rumsfeld, Wolfie, and Feith were the top 3 command of the pentagon. Jews don't serve in the military, but they sure are well represented in civilian leadership of pentagon. And Michael Chertoff was Assistant Attorney General in charge of enforcement, which put him above even the fbi director and allowed everything to be covered up in colab with the media cabal. - pepsi
Do you really think that Philip Zelikow could operate independently from the US military-industrial-intelligence complex in the engineering of a direct attack on Manhattan? That is a preposterous scenario -- it doesn't pass the smell test. - Sean McBride
Rumsfeld is not Jewish -- and he was in charge of the Defense Department. - Sean McBride
"Few Americans seem to have noticed that there has been no satisfactory resolution to this case. - Sean McJew" ... Bullshit sean. It just doesnt get reported by the cabal, which every single jewish media personality seems to serve when it comes to 911. Jews couldnt possibly be this stupid and uncritical, unless it was good for Hebrew Nation. - pepsi
McJew, you don't pass the smell test. Another gatekeeper. Self appointed. - pepsi
Rummy, Cheney, and a small number of other shabbas goyim sold out their country for a few pieces of silver. - pepsi
lucky larry was on the phone with netanyahu every single sunday. - pepsi
pepsi -- if you want to continue to post in this group, you will need to expunge all the abusive language from your posts and write like a civil and rational adult. You come across as someone who is perpetually on the verge of going postal -- that style of communication is not conducive to useful discussions. You have your own group, so no one is denying you your right of free speech. - Sean McBride
Once again, in these last comments of yours there is not a single fact or piece of evidence that proves that Israel was behind 9/11. Your brain is much too overheated and inflamed by your congenital hatred of Jews to think clearly about any issue. - Sean McBride
Okay sean, keep playing dumb in your truthful seach for real truth seeking and the prophetic. And danaa can feed the cats and read her chomsky. Then she can head over to the intercept, lol, and then get a ukraine update from mondoweiss and call it a night. - pepsi
danaa doesnt even know about wtc7 or the israeli 'art students' handling the 'hijackers' all across the country. She doesn't know about the dancing israelis or the 150+ israeli spies rounded up just before and after 911, and released by israeli michael chertoff. - pepsi
I was on top of all that info while it was being released. You are still left with the problem of explaining why the US government, which is largely controlled by non-Jews and non-Israelis, would let all this pass without notice or objection. - Sean McBride
keep playing dumb McJew. - pepsi
What is your explanation? Spell it out. - Sean McBride
Pepsi couldn't stop using abusive language -- he will have to develop his ideas about 9/11 in his own group. I made my best effort to accommodate him, but no go. - Sean McBride
re "But the White House never let it see an entire section of Congress’ investigative report on 9/11 dealing with “specific sources of foreign support” for the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals." quoted in a comment by Sean McBride. - - - There are many diverse and antipathetic factions in KSA; Bandar has different interests from the now-reigning monarch; Bin Laden's own... more... - ChasMark
On the other hand, Israel, specifically Israeli government, is generally more cohesive in ideology and in history of carrying out false flag & other similar operations. It's built this reputation, and must live with it or change it. So far, no moves toward change are in evidence. Further, Israeli leaders stated that they stood to benefit from 9/11; Olmert was at the ready in a BBC... more... - ChasMark
Why is the US government trying to cover up the Saudi role in 9/11? - Sean McBride
In addition to Jewish elements in USA, non-Jewish factions within the USA are more closely aligned with broadly zionistic interests -- i.e. finance dominance; monopoly on terror/military supremacy; control of resources, and a belief in their right to dictate the political form and leadership of other people's sovereign nations. John Bolton, Jeanne Fitzpatrick, Scoop Jackson, George... more... - ChasMark
"Why is the US government trying to cover up the Saudi role in 9/11?" - Sean McBride - - - Out of friendship and also the ned to preserve revenue flows and protection of the petrodollar. Those Saudis who were involved (allegedly) in 9/11 would have been an embarrassment to other elements in KSA government. Bush values their friendship and would protect KSA elites out of friendship, and... more... - ChasMark
There is enough evidence out there now to lead to the strong conclusion that high-level Saudis were involved in 9/11. How do you know they were rogues and not acting as official representatives of the highest levels of the Saudi government, in coordination with the highest levels of other governments? - Sean McBride
Saudi Arabia is not nearly as important to us as it once was. I wouldn't bet on the future of the Saudi regime. - Sean McBride
Sean -- 1. "there is enough evidence out there ..." --- provide that evidence; and 2. answer the question, cui bono? What benefits did KSA derive from 9/11? - ChasMark
The chief beneficiary of 9/11 was the US military-industrial-intelligence complex (to the tune of trillions of dollars). Saudi Arabia is totally dependent on that complex for its survival. I've already provided pointers to articles which discuss the Saudi role in 9/11 above -- this is currently the hottest topic in 9/11 research. Israel was also clearly a major beneficiary of 9/11 -- we used it as an excuse to crush one of Israel's most formidable enemies (Iraq). - Sean McBride
>>> sort people worldwide by earnings from the Global War on Terror <<< It's that simple. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Some Jews I've known mock the Easter-driven “He is Risen” church billboards which, surprisingly, aren’t much different from the Facebook postings by our more enlightened Christian comrades in arms. Our thoughts: Christians can’t help themselves. They’re on self-congratulatory auto-pilot. But then, how do our Passover liberation greetings sound to those outside the Jewish community?
Ellis is increasingly unable to disguise his visceral hatred of Christianity. Is this the nature of the "prophetic"? - ChasMark
My impression is that Marc Ellis has been trying to open up interfaith dialogue, starting by acknowledging the failings within his own tradition -- all three major monotheistic faiths have their problems. I think interfaith dialogue is a good thing. Jews, Christians and Muslims should be able to speak honestly and openly about these matters in a positive spirit of good will. - Sean McBride
Use of terms like "hocus locus" scarcely signals the intent to function in a positive spirit of good will. I think Weiss did Ellis a favor when he gave Ellis a slot on MW, after Ellis was sacked by Baylor. I notice that Ellis now says he's "retired" from Baylor, but when he first came to MW, he alluded to having been shuffled out less decorously. imo Baylor's gain is MW's loss. - ChasMark
Chas, did Ellis get the boot at Baylor? He certainly sounds like a disgruntled employee, with all his Christian trashing. - Chu_
If I recall correctly, some of Ellis's first posts on MW talked about his unhappiness at the circumstances surrounding his leaving Baylor. - ChasMark
Sean McBride
Ukraine's leading presidential candidate visited Israel in secret, asked for public support - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz -
Ukraine's leading presidential candidate visited Israel in secret, asked for public support - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz
"The leading candidate for the Ukrainian presidency, former Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko, visited Israel over the weekend and met with President Shimon Peres and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Poroshenko told Lieberman he expected Israel to clearly declare support for maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which Israel has refrained from doing since the beginning of the crisis." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Since the start of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, Israel has maintained its neutrality. Jerusalem did not join the United States and the European Union in expressing support for Ukraine, and did not condemn the Russian invasion. The fact that Israel is “sitting on the fence,” along with the fact that Israel’s United Nations representatives did not report for the vote in the... more... - Sean McBride
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