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Sean McBride
Once you slacken your truth standards and buy into one kooky conspiracy theory, you'll buy into several or many more. It's a slippery slope into madness.
So far we got 9/11 and that kooky Bin Laden thing documented for you. Madness seems to be beckoning. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Thinking that there are major problems with the official stories on 9/11 and the 9/11 anthrax attacks doesn't make one a believer in or proponent of any particular conspiracy theory. Sometimes one strongly suspects that matters are being covered up, but you don't know precisely what. Leaders of the 9/11 Commission didn't believe their own report -- they were convinced that they had been given the runaround. And there are still those 28 censored pages on the Saudi connection that are raising questions. - Sean McBride
Ditto for the JFK assassination: asking questions and pointing to problems with the official story is sane. Pushing a particular conspiracy theory in a dogmatic way without concrete and solid evidence -- only speculation -- isn't. - Sean McBride
Here is a kooky conspiracy theory I have bought into explained by a Princeton Physics professor. - Eric Logan
Sean McBride
Texan Ted Cruz, ’16 Hopeful, Woos New York Jewish Donors | New York Observer -
Texan Ted Cruz, ’16 Hopeful, Woos New York Jewish Donors | New York Observer
"Last night, Mort Klein’s Zionist Organization of America dinner featured Mr. Cruz, known for his steadfast and aggressive support of Israel, in a prominent speaking role. Attendees included Alan Dershowitz, Pastor John Hagee, and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus. Those who made the scene at a fancy VIP pre-dinner buffet included billionaire Ira Rennert, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, public relations authority Ronn Torossian, Bernstein Global Wealth Management (and recent Observer subject) Jeff Wiesenfeld, plus Rabbis Avi Weiss and Shmuley Boteach. Reviews of Mr. Cruz were uniformly positive as many New York Jews got their first taste of the tea party darling and discovered, to the shock of some, that the Princeton-educated lawyer was rather well-spoken and engaging." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The Observer can report that Mr. Cruz had a private two-hour meeting with the most highly sought-after donor of all. After sitting next to Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire owner of the Venetian casino who was the single largest donor to Republican causes in 2012, at Sunday night’s ZOA dinner, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Adelson met for two hours this morning at the Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue.... more... - Sean McBride
"Another surprise is that Mort Zuckerman, the developer and owner of the New York Daily News who usually backs moderate Democrats, hosted Mr. Cruz for a lunch yesterday before the ZOA dinner." - Sean McBride
"And then a final surprise show of interest in a candidate who would perhaps have appeared outside the usual centrist spectrum of Jewish political giving. Michael Steinhardt—the investing legend and mega-philanthropist who chaired the same Democratic Leadership Council that catapulted Bill Clinton to the White House—hosted Mr. Cruz at his investment firm’s office." - Sean McBride
"From the 34th floor of Mr. Steinhardt’s 5th Avenue office, Mr. Cruz thundered, “That is a grotesque and offensive analogy. This administration has been the most antagonistic toward Israel in memory.” He also said, “Standing for Israel is a deep passion of mine. But it’s also a manifestation of a basic principle that if I say I’m with you I’m really with you…”" - Sean McBride
# some key players 1. Alan Dershowitz 2. Avi Weiss 3. Bernard Marcus 4. Ira Rennert 5. Jeanine Pirro 6. Jeff Weisenfeld 7. John Hagee 8. Michael Steinhardt 9. Michele Bachmann 10. Mort Zuckerman 11. Morton Klein 12. Ronn Torossian 13. Sheldon Adelson 14. Shmuley Boteach 15. Ted Cruz - Sean McBride
Follow the clusters -- and, of course, the money. - Sean McBride
It's like Ted Cruz is auditioning for a part in a Broadway production -- pitching himself to the financiers, managers and directors -- the real powers behind the scene. - Sean McBride
# some key players (updated) 1. Alan Dershowitz 2. Avi Weiss 3. Bernard Marcus 4. Dan Arbess 5. Daniel Pipes 6. David Brog 7. Edward Turen 8. Gary Bauer 9. Ira Rennert 10. Irwin Hochberg 11. Jack Halpern 12. James Tisch 13. Jeanine Pirro 14. Jeff Weisenfeld 15. John Hagee 16. Ken Abramowitz 17. Kenneth Bialkin 18. Martin Gross 19. Michael Steinhardt 20. Michele Bachmann 21. Mort... more... - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
When Hagee vilifies Obama as ‘anti-Semitic,’ Cruz and Dershowitz don’t walk out -
Rightwing Texas Senator Ted Cruz is trying to raise money from Sheldon Adelson, Mort Zuckerman, Michael Steinhardt, and other big pro-Israel Jewish donors in New York. You thought he was the Tea Party? Guess again
"So let’s get this clear. The Israel lobby transcends political party. Alan Dershowitz supported Obama, but he participates in a gala at which Obama is called an anti-Semite. Sheldon Adelson, who favors abortion, is flirting with rightwing anti-abortion Senator Ted Cruz. Shmuley Boteach can be friends with Adelson, who wants to bomb Iran, and also with Samantha Power, the US ambassador... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
[Rotten Tomatoes] is arguably the best designed website on the planet -- maximum functionality, minimum clutter and noise. Intelligent.
Great design is the product of intelligence; ugly design is the product of stupidity. Regarding design, the motto should be: don't be stupid. - Sean McBride
The opposite of maximum functionality and minimum clutter: maximum clutter and minimum functionality. Ugly and stupid websites abound -- why in the world does anyone create them? - Sean McBride
Websites should be as well-designed as a Porsche, BMW or Audi -- understated power, craft, elegance, excellence. (German engineering?) - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Data From Satellites Confirm: Glaciers Are Retreating | Popular Science -
Data From Satellites Confirm: Glaciers Are Retreating | Popular Science
"Glaciers are having a hard time all around the world. A new book outlines the findings of a years-long effort by researchers and research groups across the world. Titled Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS), the book isn't going to hit bestseller lists anytime soon (it's a scientific tome, geared towards professionals), but it is the first truly comprehensive look at the state of the glaciers all over the globe. And that state is... not good." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"“We have definitely confirmed that the great majority of the world’s glaciers are retreating, thinning, or losing mass” says Jeffery Kargel, a hydrologist from the University of Arizona and principal investigator of the GLIMS project." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Illicit money from Jews abroad threatens Israel, government warns - Business Israel News | Haaretz -
Illicit money from Jews abroad threatens Israel, government warns - Business Israel News | Haaretz
"The Israeli government has concluded that allowing money to come into the country from Jews who are residents of foreign countries but didn’t pay taxes there is detrimental to Israel's reputation and economy, said Paul Landes, head of the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"“There are still some in Israel who see in a positive light money-laundering and illicit fund transfers by foreign residents,” said Landes, speaking at Tuesday's Sderot Conference for Society at Sapir College. The fact that Israel has become a tax shelter for Jews from around the world has become a source of irritation to Western nations, he added." - Sean McBride
"Money laundering in the real estate sector involves Israelis and foreign residents alike, who purchase homes with funds whose source is unreported, pay for renovations performed off the books and do not report rental income. The major presence of laundered money in the real estate sector has helped push housing prices upward, Snir added." - Sean McBride
"For their part, Landes stressed, Western nations are no longer willing to put up with Israel serving as a shelter for money being brought over illicitly by Jews who are foreign citizens." - Sean McBride
"“When we’re considered a tax shelter, they start making accusations. The United States, France, Germany and Austria aren’t willing to put up with Israeli-enabled tax evasion any more. Israel has changed its approach when it comes to tax collection and has concluded that taking in money from foreign Jews who didn’t pay taxes in their home countries is causing major damage to Israel’s image and economy,” Landes said at the conference." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg: US constitution doesn't mention collective punishment, an abomination even in 1787. Israel utilizes it as if its normal.
The US Constitution doesn't mention collective punishment, house demolitions, ethnic nationalism, religious nationalism, censorship of controversial speech, etc. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Reuters Top News: Israel poised to pass a bill that would declare it the homeland of the Jewish people only:
Picture it: Germany poised to pass a bill that would declare it the homeland of the German people (an ethnic group) only. The United States poised to pass a bill that would declare it the homeland of the Anglo-Christian people (an ethno-religious group) only. Would German Jews and American Jews object? - Sean McBride
Picture it: Germany is the mystical homeland and official state of ethnic Germans worldwide. The United States is the mystical homeland and official state of Anglo-Christians worldwide. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
It was a political mistake for civil rights activists to try to turn the Michael Brown shooting into a cause célèbre.
What were they thinking? -- they weren't thinking. They failed to do due diligence on the situation. - Sean McBride
Many people locked themselves into a position on this case before carefully examining all the facts -- always a high-risk proposition. - Sean McBride
['Burn this bitch down!': Michael Brown's stepfather shown in footage encouraging Ferguson riots] - Sean McBride
Lesson learned: be careful about what cases you use to try to build momentum for political and social movements -- they had better be rock solid. It's a matter of practical politics. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Paying for the Neocon Moment: Sacrificing Lives, Liberty, and Wealth for Nothing | Doug Bandow -
Paying for the Neocon Moment: Sacrificing Lives, Liberty, and Wealth for Nothing | Doug Bandow
"With President Barack Obama further tarnishing his Nobel Peace Prize by starting yet another Middle Eastern war, exuberant Neoconservatives claim their moment has arrived. And that was before Chuck Hagel, long the Neocon bête noire, was tossed underfoot. In fact, their moment has arrived, though not in the way they believe. The spectacle of Washington using the military in Iraq to destroy equipment provided by Washington in its last Iraq war illustrates the absurdity of the Neocons' claim that war-mongering and nation-building serve America's interests." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Candidate Obama ran against the Bush presidency, but little changed U.S. foreign policy. President Obama followed his predecessor's exit plan from Iraq, pursued the Bush program in Afghanistan with additional troops, promised even greater support to populous and prosperous Asian and European allies, launched deadly drone campaigns in Pakistan and Yemen, increased military spending... more... - Sean McBride
"Neocons have no answer to any of these. They imagine a world of immaculate intervention, in which foreigners welcome being killed and never strike back. Washington should just bomb, invade, and occupy, never mind the enemies created or hostilities engendered. If there is blowback, the U.S. should double down and bomb, invade, and occupy some more." - Sean McBride
"One doesn't have to look far to see the wreckage left by today's interventionist consensus, generally advanced by Neocons, nationalist hawks, and liberal interventionists. Washington has attempted to fix the Middle East and Central Asia for decades. The result? War, instability, autocracy, brutality, collapse. Which Neocon triumph is falling apart more spectacularly--Iraq, Libya, or... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# a few revelations about the 5:2 diet
1. 600 calorie days are doable and painless once you fine-tune them through experimentation, trial and error - Sean McBride
2. it's easy to lose 2 pounds a week over months (or even years) - Sean McBride
3. fast days force you to become quickly educated about the minute details of food and nutrition - Sean McBride
4. fast days permit you to permanently break bad eating habits -- to completely reboot - Sean McBride
5. fast days do not trigger binge-eating on non-fast days -- in fact, they make it easier to eat less on on-fast days - Sean McBride
6. it's a great relief not to be focused on calorie-counting 5 days a week - Sean McBride
7. a single chocolate chunk (3 calories) can be as satisfying as a chocolate chunk cookie (300 calories) - Sean McBride
8. once you master the 5:2 diet, doing 1500 calorie days at will and on a whim is a snap - Sean McBride
9. once you master the 5:2 diet, you realize that most Americans are overeating to a degree that is insane -- restaurant servings in particular are grotesque - Sean McBride
There are many satisfying food options to mix and match on fast days: almonds, apples, bacon, balsamic vinegar, bananas, beans, beef broth, beef jerkey, black coffee, black espresso, blueberries, cantaloupe, celery, chicken, chicken broth, chocolate bits, coconut, cucumbers, edemame, egg whites, eggs, fish, frozen fruits, grapes, grated cheese, hot sauce, lemon juice, lettuce, lime... more... - Sean McBride
The trick to fast days: find the most nutritious foods with the least calories that are the most delicious and filling for you personally. Once you get that figured out, you are good to go. You want to minimize the pain and maximize the pleasure within a 600-calorie limit. - Sean McBride
Fast days are very difficult during the beginning weeks of this diet but become increasingly easy -- until they require no thought, pressure or feelings of deprivation at all. If you can get through the first two months, you will probably be permanently on track. - Sean McBride
The 5:2 diet teaches us that we eat for many reasons that have nothing to do with hunger or nutritional needs -- boredom, the need for distraction, habit, addiction, anxiety, self-sedation, gluttony, advertising and marketing stimuli and mind control, the craving for particular tastes, etc. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
World locked into 'alarming' global warming: World Bank -
World locked into 'alarming' global warming: World Bank
"The world is locked into 1.5°C global warming, posing severe risks to lives and livelihoods around the world, according to a new climate report commissioned by the World Bank. The report, which called on a large body of scientific evidence, found that global warming of close to 1.5°C above pre-industrial times – up from 0.8°C today – is already locked into Earth's atmospheric system by past and predicted greenhouse gas emissions. Such an increase could have potentially catastrophic consequences for mankind, causing the global sea level to rise more than 30 centimeters by 2100, droughts to become more severe and placing almost 90 percent of coral reefs at risk of extinction." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A world even 1.5°C [warmer] will mean more severe droughts and global sea level rise, increasing the risk of damage from storm surges and crop loss and raising the cost of adaptation for millions of people," the report with multiple authors said. "These changes are already underway, with global temperatures 0.8 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times, and the impact on food security, water supplies and livelihoods is just beginning." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Artificial Intelligence Company Sentient Emerges From Stealth - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ -
Artificial Intelligence Company Sentient Emerges From Stealth - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ
"Sentient, which has about 60 employees, has been operating in stealth in San Francisco under the name Genetic Finance Holding Ltd. The company was started nearly seven years ago by a team that worked on the technology that later became Siri, the voice recognition software in Apple Inc.’s iPhone that understands and learns from human speech." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Sentient was inspired because of its team’s work on Siri, which exposed them to “actual real applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Mr. Blondeau said. They saw what they thought was a unique opportunity to combine that technology “with what the Internet gives us now in terms of the ability to reach and harness enormous amounts of compute—things that couldn’t be dreamt of 10 years ago, and could be done five years ago but nobody had done that.”" - Sean McBride
"He said Sentient combines technologies in evolutionary computation, which mimics in software the way biological life evolved on Earth, and deep learning, which looks at the way nervous systems are architected and work. These technologies are used either independently or together and are scaled across millions of nodes." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Even Global Warming Can't Convince Republicans That Global Warming Exists | Mother Jones -
Even Global Warming Can't Convince Republicans That Global Warming Exists | Mother Jones
"Scientists and science journalists like to say that one of the best ways to tell that climate change is real is to take a look at the changes we can already see: This year is on track to be the hottest ever recorded, and glaciers, corn, and even grizzly bears are responding to the warming. But all those shifts won't be enough to convince most conservative climate skeptics, a new study in Nature Climate Change finds." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A growing body of recent research suggests a person's political ideology, economic philosophy, and religious beliefs tend to overwhelm observed facts about global warming. The new study, which was released Monday, put that hypothesis to the test by analyzing Gallup polls taken just after the unusually warm winter of 2012. It found that both Democrats' and Republicans' perceptions of... more... - Sean McBride
"In other words, the actual temperature had no bearing on whether people believed in climate change. Instead, McCright says, "one of the strongest predictors" is party affiliation: Republicans were far less likely to attribute the warming they felt to man-made climate change than were Democrats. Other variables—gender, age, and level of education—were far less reliable as predictors of a person's global warming beliefs." - Sean McBride
Top comment: "Debating with right wingers about global warming is a complete waste of time and energy. It was 190 years from the time of Galileo's argument with the Pope until the Catholic Church officially accepted the fact that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth. Climate change is no different." - Sean McBride
"Conservatives are so emotionally and ideologically invested in their position, and are so inherently anti-science by nature, that they will never admit they are wrong...period. Just as the leadership of the Catholic Church had to 'die off' and their opinions relegated to distant memory before truth prevailed over dogma, so it is with contemporary science deniers. Forget it...just laugh at 'em and let it go...." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
[Google > global warming > past month > sorted by relevance]
How is expert analysis and opinion currently sorting out on the issue of global warming? Mine the top 100 hits. - Sean McBride
[Google Scholar > global warming > since 2014 > sorted by relevance] - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The more messianic the political movement, the more likely it is to self-destruct. Messianism tends to encourage magical thinking, delusional ideation, misreadings of reality, political miscalculations, etc. Just stand back and watch.
# messianism -- a few key signs 1. bombastic 2. declamatory 3. ecstatic 4. euphoric 5. grandiose 6. overconfident 7. ranting 8. strident 9. weepy - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Ted Cruz: Joe Lieberman for Defense secretary - Seung Min Kim - POLITICO -
Ted Cruz: Joe Lieberman for Defense secretary - Seung Min Kim - POLITICO
"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has a person in mind to replace outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Joe Lieberman. Cruz floated the former Connecticut independent senator as a “strong” option to succeed Hagel, who announced his resignation earlier Monday. President Barack Obama has not yet named a proposed replacement." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Stating the obvious: this recommendation is all about Israel and nothing but Israel. - Sean McBride
Ted Cruz wants to hand over control of the US Defense Department and the American government to the Israeli government. - Sean McBride
Laura Norvig
RT @pourmecoffee: If only there were some process to test these contradictory accounts with each side zealously representing their view before peers.
That is an AI problem that is open to being solved. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel Narrows Its Democracy - -
Top comment: "Legislation limiting rights by ethnicity would not mean the narrowing of Israeli democracy but rather than ending of it. Israel needs to be a state respecting the rights of peoples of all ethnicities to be democratic." - Sean McBride
ENDING, not narrowing -- by the standards of modern Western democracies.. The NYT is up to its usual rhetorical tricks. - Sean McBride
Comment: "If this bill becomes law, then Israel cannot claim to be a democracy. It is as simple as that. How can the US and other democratic countries continue to support a blatantly racially and religiously segregated Israel?" - Sean McBride
Comment: "A classic example of the irrationality of religion. It is not different than those fundamentalist Southern Baptists who believed Jesus gave them the right to make subjects out of black people. The Puritans who believed the American Natives had to be saved, The Nazis who believe in a superior race." - Sean McBride
I hope israel passes its Apartheid legislation and makes it (dark) law. Makes my job easier. - Taxi
The more messianic the political movement, the more likely it is to self-destruct. Messianism tends to encourage magical thinking, delusional ideation, misreadings of reality, political miscalculations, etc. Just stand back and watch. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
AIPAC Leads Call for Sanctions to Sabotage Iran Talks -- News from -
AIPAC Leads Call for Sanctions to Sabotage Iran Talks -- News from
"AIPAC is now riled up at the prospect of another seven month extension of the nuclear talks, and is demanding that Congress immediately impose some new sanctions on Iran to show Iran they really mean business." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Lots of Congressmen will go along with AIPAC as a matter of course, but some didn’t need any convincing. This is particularly true of the incoming Senate leadership, including John McCain (R – AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R – SC), who were already demanding sanctions and veto power over any future deal." - Sean McBride
"The interim nuclear deal in place requires Iran to keep its enrichment to a low level, in return for some sanctions relief. Imposing new sanctions now would violate that pact, and would throw the talks into doubt. That, of course, is not lost on those officials, so while they insist they want the sanctions for “leverage,” sabotaging the talks is very much the point." - Sean McBride
The Israeli government and the Israel lobby are trying to coerce Americans into going to war against Iran. Their clear endgame is to use American military power to utterly crush Iran on behalf of Israeli interests and Greater Israelism. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
abbreviations - When "etc." is at the end of a phrase, do you place a period after it? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange -
Google is an amazing tool for resolving questions about grammar and usage -- the equivalent of having thousands of language reference works instantly at one's fingertips. - Sean McBride
Michele Flournoy emerges as front-runner to replace Hagel:
"But one source who spoke anonymously with The Washington Times said officials close to Mr. Obama believe the 53-year-old Mrs. Flournoy will have the easiest time being confirmed by a Republican-controlled Senate. She has a close professional relationship with former Bush administration Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates but also previously worked closely with the Obama White House, serving at the Pentagon early in Mr. Obama’s first term. A source close to both Mrs. Flournoy and the administration said Monday that if Mrs. Flournoy is offered the job of defense secretary, “she’d take it.”" - Taxi
# start filling in the blanks 1. o; Michele Flournoy; affiliation 2. o; Michele Flournoy; age in 2014 3. o; Michele Flournoy; article by 4. o; Michele Flournoy; article on 5. o; Michele Flournoy; associate 6. o; Michele Flournoy; book by 7. o; Michele Flournoy; category 8. o; Michele Flournoy; date 9. o; Michele Flournoy; degree 10. o; Michele Flournoy; dislike 11. o; Michele Flournoy;... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
U.S. responds to 'Jewish nation-state' bill: Israel must stick to its democratic principles - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz -
U.S. responds to 'Jewish nation-state' bill: Israel must stick to its democratic principles - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz
"Coalition heads postpone Knesset vote, but Netanyahu insists that he is 'determined' to have law passed enshrining Israel as nation-state of Jewish people." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
As Hagel's star withers, will a blunt-talking policy wonk drop her kids to take the Pentagon? | The Times of Israel (December 25, 2012) -
As Hagel's star withers, will a blunt-talking policy wonk drop her kids to take the Pentagon? | The Times of Israel (December 25, 2012)
"Michele Flournoy has been touted by conservatives, Israel supporters, women’s rights activists and Democrats for the US defense secretary post. But does she even want the job?" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A senior Republican Senate aide told Politico that Flournoy was well versed in Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system, which is partially funded by the US, as well as regional arms sales and the importance of Israel’s military edge over its neighbors." - Sean McBride
A "liberal Zionist"? To be determined. - Sean McBride
Oh don't be so naive, Sean: they're lining up their ducks. - Taxi
Comment: "She sounds like a real possibility - and far more promising than Hagel! For Israel's sake and for world peace, I hope she is appointed! Always Live Israel!" - Sean McBride
Her husband is W. Scott Gould, he is Jewish, I dont know if he is a I-first zionist or not. - American
Hagel resigning as Defense secretary:
"Among the leading contenders to replace Hagel is Michele Flournoy, who served as the Pentagon's policy chief for the first three years of Obama's presidency. Flournoy, who would be the first woman to head the Pentagon, is now chief executive officer of the Center for a New American Security, a think tank that she co-founded." - Taxi
"Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who is poised to become chairman of Armed Services Committee, said Hagel has been "frustrated with aspects of the administration's national security policy and decision-making process. "His predecessors have spoken about the excessive micromanagement they faced from the White House and how that made it more difficult to do their jobs successfully," said McCain, referring to public criticism from Robert Gates and Leon Panetta. "Chuck's situation was no different." - Taxi
"Just last week Hagel was asked about speculation he might be leaving during an interview on the Charlie Rose show. He was asked whether he was concerned. "No. First of all, I serve at the pleasure of the president," Hagel said. "I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity I've had the last two years to work every day for the country and for the men and women who serve this country. I don't get up in the morning and worry about my job. It's not unusual by the way, to change teams at different times."" - Taxi
What's really going on here? - Sean McBride
The zios are desperate, Sean - that's what's going on. They must have their war at our expense, as well as at all other shades of goy's expense. The irony is, they will lose if they don't get their war and they will certainly lose if they do. - Taxi
Hagel and Obama fell out over a disagreement about ISIS mainly. Hagel criticized WH for not being 'clear'. So now....who can make sense of Hagel identifying ISIS as a threat to the US interest and that pissing Obama off? While Obama is at the same time willy nilly bombing ISIS? Is Obama's willy nilly bombing just for 'show"? Does team Obama actually want ISIS to wipe out Shitte power in... more... - American
The one thing that is probably useless is trying to figure US interest 'reasons' for what the Obama adm does because there are no US interest figured into it--- his decisions and policies are simply a 'collection of agendas' from his 'advisors' who are all either Jewish Pro Isr people or 1st generation European liberal neo interventionist who cant get over weak Europe not stopping... more... - American
Stephen Walt: Hagel is the fall guy & not just for the WHouse. Taproot is dysfunctional, threat-inflating, secretive & unaccountable FP establishment. - Sean McBride Why Chuck Hagel is resigning - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Clemons: Hagel Deeply Frustrated By Obama Team's Lack Of Discipline -
"Whether Hagel's resignation serves as a pivot point for Obama's foreign policy will depend on who the president picks to succeed him, but Clemons said that he expects a shift at the Defense Department from Hagel's strategic realism to more of a national security hawk. "Obama himself has not been able to articulate and stick to a strategically coherent plan. ... His administration has become overly reactive to problems, and not strategic. Hagel is a strategic guy," Clemons said. The change "really will make permanent the notion that Obama not only didn't dismantle the national security state, he reified it and doubled-down in the end, that he didn't have the courage of his convictions in a way to go a Hagel route."" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Former Mossad chief: For the first time, I fear for the future of Zionism (Shabtai Shavit) -- Opinion Israel News | Haaretz -
"The nation of Israel is galloping blindly toward Bar Kochba's war on the Roman Empire. The result of that conflict was 2,000 years of exile." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
To read the full text of this article, click on its link from Haaretz's Twitter feed. - Sean McBride
"I am concerned because I see history repeating itself. The nation of Israel is galloping blindly in a time tunnel to the age of Bar Kochba and his war on the Roman Empire. The result of that conflict was several centuries of national existence in the Land of Israel followed by 2,000 years of exile." - Sean McBride
"The religious Zionist movement, by comparison, believes the Jews are “God’s chosen.” This movement, which sanctifies territory beyond any other value, is prepared to sacrifice everything, even at the price of failure and danger to the Third Commonwealth. If destruction should take place, they will explain it in terms of faith, saying that we failed because “We sinned against God.”... more... - Sean McBride
Shabtai Shavit needs to ask the key question: are there psychological factors at the core of Jewish civilization which propel it to seek out apocalyptic confrontations with "the nations" -- with the world at large? Do the same patterns keep emerging again and again over centuries or millennia? - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# c; alternative news source; *
1. 2. 3. Above Top Secret 4. Alternet 5. American Free Press 6. 7. Axis of Logic 8. Blacklisted News 9. Boiling Frogs Post 10. Common Dreams 11. Consortiumnews 12. Corbett Report 13. Counterpunch 14. Democracy Now! 15. Disinformation 16. Dissident Voice 17. Gilad Atzmon 18. GlobalResearch 19. Information Clearing House 20. Informed Comment 21. Infowars 22.... more... - Sean McBride
Somewhere in that noise you might acquire a few clues as to what is really going on. - Sean McBride
The mainstream media have largely succeeded in censoring and marginalizing all of the information and points of view that are regularly presented in these publications -- but they are instantly accessible with a few keystrokes at the Google prompt. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel's leftists: Exiled in their own country - Haaretz (Tal Niv) -
Israel's leftists: Exiled in their own country - Haaretz (Tal Niv)
"In a place where fascism rears its head, there is no deity but the prime minister. He is all. In his body, in his name, in his spirit. There is none but him." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"With the end of the bloody summer and this fall, in which the madness is self-evident, Netanyahu’s kingship is an accomplished fact. The head of the Shin Bet, which is no charitable organization, is the enemy of the people as well, because he insulted both the chief of staff and even Netanyahu by contradicting him. And in a place where fascism rears its head, there is no deity but the prime minister. He is all. In his body, in his name, in his spirit. There is none but him." - Sean McBride
"Benjamin Netanyahu is currently king of Israel because people who do not see themselves as citizens in a democratic state, but rather as “Jews” and mainly as persecuted Jews, think that Netanyahu, the mystical entity who embodies “Israel,” knows better than anyone what is “good” and what is “bad.” There is a good reason that the most popular children’s program for 8-to-12-year-olds is about a royal family – a scion of the Davidic line, no less – played not funnily by Rami Vered and Orna Banai." - Sean McBride
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