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Question for the American Jewish Establishment: Where does Zionism end and Judaism begin? -
It has happened again. The rift between America’s Jewish Establishment and young, liberal-minded Jews has widened in the wake of the Gaza War.
Isn't it time to move past this topic? It seems most of the world has, as evidenced by the numbers in the streets worldwide protesting Zionism. If a tiny fraction of the worldwide population, even though in positions of power for the moment, cling to the idea of a racist,colonialist, genocidal regime, let them argue among themselves. For most young people that I know, Jews and... more... - weareone
I agree wao....only jews find this worth pondering.... - American
Or those who cling to the idea of Zionism-jews or non-jews. I know that I'm not interested in focusing on this and it's nice to have other perspectives on this site. - weareone
Correction: I should say, those who benefit from Zionism, rather than "cling to." - weareone
The vast majority of human beings on the planet are not preoccupied with the problematic relations between Judaism and Zionism -- in fact, they couldn't care less. They are focused on their standard of living and quality of life in their respective nations. (But I think it is a good thing that the Jewish establishment is beginning to undertake the task of disentangling Judaism from Zionism.) - Sean McBride
I suppose so, and good luck to them, but ultimately whatever this small group of small-minded individuals decide is irrelevant, They're still arguing something that most humans have figured out long ago-at least 70 years ago. Zionism is self-destructing and is also being destroyed from the outside via movements such as BDS. Other issues are predominating except within a small group with tunnel vision. - weareone
Sorry if I come off as a little(or a lot) preachy, but you can tell I've had it with this issue. - weareone
Many people are tired of discussing Israeli issues and problems -- those controversies are sucking up all the oxygen in the room. - Sean McBride
That's very true. I should have been more specific-I really meant more the issue of Zionism, but it's very good that we are now finally hearing the voices of Palestinians and other oppressed peoples thanks to alternative media. I wasn't referring to that discussion. - weareone
I am completely tired of the jewish tribe period....and by that I mean the mind boggling, sick to the core narcissism and self worshipping of the tribe. ...the Jews that write about gaza write about in terms of ' what its done to israel'....I am sick of it, really, really sick of it. Every time I see mention of their holocaust now I throw up a bit. Herzl was right, the tribe should be... more... - American
I understand American, but I always remember that there are Jews that have never supported Zionism, not just those that have come lately for whatever reasons. I greatly admire those Jews because they have been persecuted, even killed for their advocacy for human rights. They have "walked the walk, not just talked the talk" for almost 70 years and they are very humble-still no... more... - weareone
Many Jews will continue to be high achievers and culture creators in domains that have nothing to do with Judaism or Zionism -- that's a safe prediction. - Sean McBride
In the face of injustice and inhumanity I think that we have to be careful about generalizing and attributing to all members of a racial or ethnic group, the characteristics of it's worse members. Who among us would like to be identified with the most egregious members of our "tribes?" I prefer to think of myself and others as members of the human family or tribe. - weareone
I think we should all work to overcome negative patterns of group interaction all across the board among all ethnic, religious and cultural groups -- and seek a higher ground. One can dream. - Sean McBride
I agree. - weareone
I, in total honesty, see no worth while 'culture that the jewish tribe has created anywhere. Point out to me some world or civilization improving contribution that the tribe has created-----I have ask a 1000xs for a listing of the supposed contributions of 'the tribe'----and no one has yet been able to provide me with a "List" of their contributions to the universe. Usually the only reply I get is they invented the bible ..and cherry tomatoes...and marched for black civil rights..and got some nobel prizes.. - American
'' Who among us would like to be identified with the most egregious members of our "tribes?" )....Who among us would continue to protect and support a tribe, the *majority' of which supports nazi zionism? Nope I am done with the concern' for jews as a group.'.....they have a problem and are a problem. The rare birds that are against zionism have denounced it and the tribe. If you didnt apporval of what the KKK did you renounced your membership in it----jews can do the same. - American
'Saving the Jews" is done. ..they dont get to be saved again--- (particularly (from themselves) . Save us, save us!!!, we cant stop stealing and killing!!!!---No thanks. - American
American,fwiw, I agree with you more often than not and there is a certain "group think" for lack of a better phase that ,I have come to understand reading MW, is pervasive in the Jewish community. I don't understand it and I don't need to understand it, but I guess I resist seeing Jews as a collective, even though it seems that many see themselves that way. Still, some don't. Anyway, I... more... - weareone
wearone, I understand where you are coming from, I think. All this discussion of jews vs zionism is and has gotten pretty tiresome. Is there anything new to say about the subject? I kind of doubt it. I am also on the same page as you regarding a return to self-producing locally based economies - that global trade business is one balloon that's popped up big time. Now we all see who it... more... - Danaa
So yes, I see Zionism as a very disruptive ideology, which unfortunately is backed by a country that's armed to the teeth and has an emotional hold over many stake holders in other countries (namely, Jews. many of them). One cannot easily escape the clutches of this one ideology because it's come to permeate way too many institutions, from the halls of academia, to charitable... more... - Danaa
I don't think it should be all up to the jews to resolve their "little" zionism/Judaism problem for the reason that the dissonance is all of our problem. The solution is not to become totally uninterested, as uninteresting as the subject may be, but to get more people interested who are not jewish. Today, I was able to explain Gaza to 4 more people who asked, non-Jewish all. And they... more... - Danaa
For this purpose I always keep a rotating selection of 5-10 articles that I know I can send around - just one at a time - as follow-up. Sometimes I choose something from Marc Ellis (I have two on my list) because his writing seems to hit a cord with more religious/spiritually inclined people.Sometimes my own hand-picked selections from Finkelstein where he really knocks the ground from... more... - Danaa
Well you'all have a lot more patience than I do---if it was up to me I'd hit the delete key on Israel--60 years of this shit is 58 years too long. However I will take one thing back.....the Mooser made a comment the other day about being sorry he'd always been so flip and jokey--said Gaza had really gotten to him---so it is possible for some to open their eyes to something besides their own judaism or tribal angst. - American
Mooser has acquired a harder edge, a more serious tone -- it's impressive. But one always knew there was a serious person there beneath the japes. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- something I've noticed -- often one's best writing flies off one's fingertips, spontaneously, with no elaborate crafting or laborious composition. The thoughts are just there, in the moment, baked just right. - Sean McBride
Thanks for your perspective, Danaa. It's great that you're educating and informing people and that they're receptive. I agree that " the solution is not to become totally uninterested, as uninteresting as the subject may be, but to get more people interested who are not jewish,"but my thought is that other perspectives should be heard. When discussing Zionism other voices should... more... - weareone
<<I don't think it should be all up to the jews to resolve their "little" zionism/Judaism problem for the reason that the dissonance is all of our problem>> Zionism is not being left to Jews to resolve, as the world is demonstrating. It seems the world does not trust Jews to resolve a problem that they're perceived of as creating or at the very least, complicit in creating and haven't... more... - weareone
I believe in treating people as individuals, not as cookie cutter members of stereotypical groups -- certainly innocent until proven guilty. Of course, some members of groups do in fact encapsulate the worst qualities of those groups. Ardent followers of messianic ideological movements -- especially ethnic and religious nationalist movements -- do all tend to conform to negative stereotypes and lose the precious traits that make them original and thoughtful individuals. - Sean McBride
Yes, Sean, I agree that people should be treated as individuals, but Zionism is insidious and pervasive and involves many who may or may not be characterized by anti-zionists as "ardent followers of messianic ideological movements." A much larger community has endorsed and supported the Zionist "project" for a very long time. I think you may have discussed it's support by many in the Jewish religious establishment. - weareone
Zionism is an ethnic/religious nationalist movement. If you buy into Zionism -- and especially if you embrace it passionately -- you assume responsibility for the policies and actions of the Israeli government -- you own them. In my experience, most passionate Zionists have abandoned their creative individuality -- they are unpleasant clones of one another. They tend to be bots -- often angry and aggressive bots. - Sean McBride
<< assume responsibility for the policies and actions of the Israeli government -- you own them>> I agree. - weareone
So there are many individuals who "own" the actions of the Israeli government. - weareone
To ever end the Jewish and zionist problem you are going to have to' treat the tribe in a collective manner'. Why? Because the tribe does have 'a group core problem'. And that core problem---one of believing in their exceptionalism, in their eternal entitlement for victimhood is pervasive throughout the majority of the tribe. Until you take those away from the tribe as a whole you will... more... - American
Jewish victimhood entitlement must be 'decommissioned completely'. Or this will never end. - American
I disagree, American -- the most effective way to disagree with particular ideologies and movements is to challenge the particular individuals and groups that lead those ideologies and movements. Otherwise you are yourself succumbing to a collectivist mentality -- and collectivist policies almost always lead to grave injustices and war crimes. - Sean McBride
The golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated. One presumes that you don't want to be treated as a member of a stereotypical collective. All of us are vulnerable to being treated that way. Which of our cultural groups is without sin? - Sean McBride
''The golden rule" is a great platitude which you can repeat endlessly. But it has nothing to do with the fact that the tribe itsef has these core belief problems. You could apply the same thing to the nazi ideology for German individuals---but the fact is the core beliefs of nazism had to be defeated. The eternal entitlement of Jews as victims is exactly what has spawned the jewish and... more... - American
American -- again: you would be more effective if you directed your criticism at specific individuals and groups that hold specific ideological beliefs -- and not over-collectivize and over-generalize your critique. That is my opinion. I would not react well to being classified and attacked on the basis of coming from an Irish Catholic or Anglo-Episcopalian background and under the assumption that all individuals with that background are collectively guilty of anything. - Sean McBride
You are entirely missing the point of the necessity of having to destroy or end the ideology (of entitlement) of a 'group'. This is what has to be done to the' group ideology'---it has nothing to do with the some or all of individuals. - American
Go argue this with Atzmon. He (and some others, like Avagail) have nailed this time after time and they are right. - American
If your argument is that you oppose the notion of group entitlement held by *some* Jews (and presumably other groups as well), then by all means develop your argument. But when you address your criticism at "the Jewish group," matters become murky and problematic very quickly. - Sean McBride
The issue with Mooser is not so much that he has "bad" or "good" views, but that it is simply difficult to make a reasonable or easy, logical discussion on the relationship between nationalism and religion: Neither he nor I are trying to equate the two, yet he gets too excited, more than is helpful. - WJones
I saw your comment the other day Jones. I really didn't expect him to comment, but in the least I'd expect a put down (are you daft?), but at least he didn't call you boy-chik. I often wonder if all the ghetto dwelling of Jews within other nations made some of them complacent and ultimately bitter toward society (the nations) or did that condition occur before? But look no further than... more... - Chu_
Here is an interesting distinction, one Iheard Gliad also make, between the religious and secular jews, especially in Israel: the religious ones get their tanakh along with the commentaries made over centuries by learned rabbis, who sought to qualify some of the worst chapters, adapting them to more modern sensibilities (like that eye for an eye and adultress stoning business that got... more... - Danaa
As for "Jews as a group" in the US, it's going to be tough. Contrary to what Sean seems to imply, I don't believe jews have leaders, though some may take the mantle upon themselves. There are, instead different centers of consensus, each with its own "thought leaders". Some are more observant than others and some are more, or less, militant in their pro-Israel zealotry. Ultimately,... more... - Danaa
Here is a thought I have been turning over in my head - how far would israel have to go before it loses the support of the jewish establishment? My answer to that question, based on all I know and been able to process, is far from comforting. That's why I agree with some of things American says - reluctantly. This is not the place to elaborate but I think more people should think through this question. Come up with their own answers. - Danaa
WJones -- keep in mind that Mooser has read no scholarly books or articles about the intellectual history of Judaism and Zionism, knows nothing about the subject, is totally incurious about the subject, and is intensely emotional about the subject. It is not possible to pursue a well-informed discussion with him on that subject without being verbally abused by him. Any questions or conversations about the relations between Judaism and Zionism make him angry -- his sense of humor evaporates completely. - Sean McBride
Judaism and Zionism share several core memes: sacred territory, sacred peoplehood, sacred nationhood and never-ending conflict with "the nations." The worldwide Jewish religious establishment has passionately embraced Zionism and fused Judaism and Zionism into a single ethno-religious nationalist ideology. - Sean McBride
Mooser would like to make these issues magically disappear with the wave of a wand or a mean jape, but they won't. - Sean McBride
<<Here is a thought I have been turning over in my head - how far would israel have to go before it loses the support of the jewish establishment? My answer to that question, based on all I know and been able to process, is far from comforting.>> They were already OK with wartime massacres and mass expulsions of 75% of the people in the Green Line (the Nakba events), so whatever would... more... - WJones
The other thing that would make them lose support would be if they were openly Apartheid and denied being democratic toward Palestinian Israelis. Pro-Israeli nationalists rely on trying to portray the state as a democracy. It would have to be if Netanyahu or the parliament said something like "We used to be a democracy, but now we decided that's in the past and Apartheid is better." - WJones
crowther makes a good point to mooser. (and see Lozowick's point #1) -And Lozowick is an intellectual in Israel - but his comment about killing children is very crude as Phil notes. - Chu_
I posted this reply to Dan Crowther: - Sean McBride
Dan Crowther, - Sean McBride
The worldwide Jewish religious establishment has projected an image of itself and of Judaism to the entire world that is entirely Zionist -- for the last half century (at least) it has been fusing Judaism and Zionism into a single ethno-religious nationalist ideology and political program. - Sean McBride
Simply consult the official statements issued during that time frame by the leading organizations representing Judaism. - Sean McBride
You can find a list of them here: - Sean McBride
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations: Member Organizations - Sean McBride
In all the controversies surrounding Zionism, this issue strikes me as the most consequential by far -- the one that needs to be addressed most forcefully. - Sean McBride
The behavior of the Israeli government is not only delegitimizing Zionism -- it is delegitimizing Judaism. Zionism and Judaism are now joined at the hip. - Sean McBride
As for Mooser's dream of a non-Zionist Judaism emerging in any significant way -- I'll believe it when I see it. Matters are trending in the opposite direction -- especially in Israel. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Crowther quote: " This isn’t about judaism, it’s about jewishness." ~It's really the core issue. At this point it feels like [Jewishness] is the parent of Judaism and Zionism. Judaism is an old photograph that new Jews like to look at every so often. - Chu_
One could make the argument that all Jewish ideologies, including Judaism, Marxism and Zionism, are the products of Jewishness -- a set of mental and personality traits that are largely grounded in ethnicity and distinct ethnic characteristics. There is probably a biological/genetic basis for many expressions of human culture. - Sean McBride
Chu "Judaism is an old photograph that new Jews like to look at every so often". Me like. - Danaa
One tends to know Irishness, Englishness, Frenchness, Germanness, Europeanness, Russianness, Indianness, Chineseness, etc. when you see it -- on the basis of many complex traits and factors, many of them unconscious. - Sean McBride
Louis Gray
I'm Joining the Google Analytics Team to Help Make Data Count
Grats! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Todd Hoff
BBC - Future - How to speak the language of thought -
BBC - Future - How to speak the language of thought
"For instance, using this technique, the team was able to show that the specific sequence of cell firing repeated in the brain of the rat when it slept after running the maze (and, as a crucial comparison, not in the sleep it had enjoyed before it had run the maze). Fascinatingly, the sequence repeated faster during sleep – around 20 times faster. This meant that the rat could run the maze in their sleeping minds in a fraction of the time it took them in real life." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Related topic at least tangentially. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Todd Hoff
Utopian for Beginners - The New Yorker -
Utopian for Beginners - The New Yorker
"Quijada’s invented language has two seemingly incompatible ambitions: to be maximally precise but also maximally concise. Photograph by Dan Winters. CREDIT TYPOGRAPHY BY AJ FRACKATTACK There are so many ways for speakers of English to see the world. We can glimpse, glance, visualize, view, look, spy, or ogle. Stare, gawk, or gape. Peek, watch, or scrutinize. Each word suggests some subtly different quality: looking implies volition; spying suggests furtiveness; gawking carries an element of social judgment and a sense of surprise. When we try to describe an act of vision, we consider a constellation of available meanings. But if thoughts and words exist on different planes, then expression must always be an act of compromise. Languages are something of a mess. They evolve over centuries through an unplanned, democratic process that leaves them teeming with irregularities, quirks, and words like “knight.” No one who set out to design a form of communication would ever end up with... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
"Brown never succeeded in creating more logical thinkers, and today the stronger versions of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis have “sunk into . . . disrepute among respectable linguists,” as Guy Deutscher writes, in “Through the Looking Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages.” But, as Deutscher points out, there is evidence to support the less radical assertion that the... more... - Todd Hoff
"Human interactions are governed by a set of implicit codes that can sometimes seem frustratingly opaque, and whose misreading can quickly put you on the outside looking in. Irony, metaphor, ambiguity: these are the ingenious instruments that allow us to mean more than we say. But in Ithkuil ambiguity is quashed in the interest of making all that is implicit explicit. An ironic statement is tagged with the verbal affix ’kçç. Hyperbolic statements are inflected by the letter ’m." - Todd Hoff
"“For me [Lakoff], as a linguist looking at this, I have to say, ‘O.K., this isn’t going to be used.’ It has an assumption of efficiency that really isn’t efficient, given how the brain works. It misses the metaphor stuff. But the parts that are successful are really nontrivial. This may be an impossible language,” he said. “But if you think of it as a conceptual-art project I think it’s fascinating." - Todd Hoff
What language will computers use to talk to each other at higher levels? REST/JSON etc aren't really a language at all, the are ways to bind parts of a grammar. In a way computer to computer communication will be a kind of telepathy. Thoughts and data showing up in the mind of another. - Todd Hoff
It's all just bits, no? - Victor Ganata
That's the same as saying language is all phonemes. True, but it's an emergent layer or two too low. - Todd Hoff
I mean, when you say computers, do you mean what we have now, or do you mean AI? Because for what we have now, all meaning is supplied by the programmer and the user. - Victor Ganata
Like, a computer doesn't know that 1=true, 0=false. The programmer assigns those bits those meanings. - Victor Ganata
If knowing is doing then doesn't a computer know this in the very heart of its CPU? - Todd Hoff
But you could just as easily assign 1=false, 0=true, and write code accordingly, and the computer will still do what it does. - Victor Ganata
I mean, I guess we do have programs that write other programs without being a full-blown AI, so you'd really need to teach it a language, but it would nevertheless still be designed by humans and therefore be a human language. - Victor Ganata
Languages evolve out of utility. They accomplish something. There's nothing a human could devise that would last beyond the first emergent layer. So I guess it's silly of me to wonder what they would come up with. But I still wonder. - Todd Hoff
Well, the original spec wouldn't survive, but whatever emerges will use the original spec as raw material. - Victor Ganata
In the same way that a quark that makes up the proton in an atom relates to your typing the above message. You can drill down the emergent layers of life, which built on chemistry, which is built on physics, which is built on whatever the underlaying bits of the universe are made out of, but that quark has no direct relevance to your behaviour. - Todd Hoff
All I'm saying is that computers (at least today) don't have intentionality. They just process bits as instructed. You need intentionality to generate language. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
But that was the wonder. When they do, what will the language look like? I'm not sure what you are arguing about. - Todd Hoff
"intentionality" -- an interesting topic. I am not sure we fully understand what intentionality is. Intentionality may run seamlessly through the fabric of the entire universe -- or it may be an illusion. In any case, *simulating* intentionality as human beings understand it in machine intelligence shouldn't be too difficult. - Sean McBride
Ah, gotcha. I was unsure what you meant by "computer". - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Real-time face tracking & projection mapping - wow!
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 08.45.18.png
when you find yourself defending a position instead of learning new POVs, you're in trouble. #protip
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Hillary Clinton’s 11th-hour diplomacy -
Imagine you are Netanyahu and you just screwed up, carrying out a brutal war that alienated world opinion and only lifted Hamas, and Israelis and the US political class are about to discover your error. And who comes to your rescue but... Hillary Clinton, lifting the pressure from Netanyahu in an interview that signals complete support for his brutal strategy, and preserving Israeli control of the West Bank to boot.
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Jewish Voice for Peace stomps AIPAC and J Street in latest online traffic figures -
Jewish Voice for Peace used to get way less website traffic than the big Israel lobby group AIPAC and the liberal Zionist lobby J Street. Now the Gaza slaughter has vaulted JVP over those other groups, which have condoned the massacre.
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Gov. Cuomo annexes Jerusalem to Israel — and ‘NYT’ echoes him -
Gov. Andrew Cuomo struck a belligerent tone on his trip to Israel and repeatedly placed occupied Jerusalem inside Israel. The New York Times echoed this pro-Israel propaganda without demurral.
Eric Logan
BBC - Blogs - Adam Curtis - WHAT THE FLUCK! -
BBC - Blogs - Adam Curtis - WHAT THE FLUCK!
Every month or so there is a new scandal - mass snooping by the NSA, allegations of price-fixing by giant energy companies, major banks corruptly rigging interest rates, giant modern bureaucracies like Serco and G4S ripping off the taxpayer, children's entertainers from the past charged with sexual abuse. But these stories never seem to add up to a bigger picture. They are isolated events . And our reaction is always the same - shock and horror, and then it all subsides and we are ready to be shocked and horrified when the next scandal comes along. It's like a ritualised dance - or the surprised kitty. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
This is a really good article from Adam Curtis. - Eric Logan
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
You Can Get Hacked Just By Watching This Cat Video on YouTube -
Many otherwise well-informed people think they have to do something wrong, or stupid, or insecure to get hacked—like clicking on the wrong attachments, or browsing malicious websites. People also think that the NSA and its international partners are the only ones who have turned the internet into a militarized zone. But according to research I am releasing Read more The post You Can Get Hacked Just By Watching This Cat Video on YouTube appeared first on The Intercept.
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Israel got tank shell that killed 20 at UN school from US without Obama’s approval — WSJ bombshell -
A Wall Street Journal report by Adam Entous says that Israel relied on allies in the Obama administration and Congress to dip into US weapon stocks as it carried out a massacre in Gaza, even as President Obama was trying to restrain Israel. The proof of Israel's autonomy inside the U.S. government has angered Obama and brought relations to a new low, says the Journal. We can hope.
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Gaza has at last come to matter. For the spectator world, it is an opportunity to vicariously sample – from a safe distance, of course - the heart of darkness that casts such a pall over much of humanity’s barbaric past, to the dark forces of conquest that have all too often strayed into outright genocide, as conquistadors, hordes and “settlers” of days gone did what they could to “clear the land”’ of its inconvenient natives. And yes, to Nazi persecution of WW2, says Danaa Marec at Mondo.
Our Danaa I presume. - Sean McBride
My reply was--->''I think internal consensus has been achieved in the Israeli government and a large segment of its society…….Israel has just not yet found world powers willing to let them go quite that far…or who would foot the bill for their transfer solutions. Various plans for the final transfer or disposal of Palestines from their land have been out for a number of years. One particularly odious one under the guise of a ‘humanitarian solution’ (below). - American
continued----"The Israel premise for the humanitarian transfer begins with a familiar refrain—-if you want to make German or Jewish holocaust comparsions to Gaza and Palestines. ’’Dispassionate analysis of Palestinian behavior for well over the last half-century strongly supports the heretical assertion that the Palestinians are neither genuinely desirous nor deserving of statehood. ‘’... more... - American
Marek is a Czech name. - WJones
Its her pen name. - American
good news. maybe she can start that blog. But Danaa has written stuff for MW in the past. One article I recall, when they were asking for contribution pieces. - Chu_
The piece seemed to me somewhat forced and' winding'....doesnt sound like her usual takes here and in comments section......bu then again thinking about it twice , I see one or two similar themes in it. - American
Can you cite her past articles? I could not find them. - WJones
I could be mistaken Jones. The search feature is not so good at MW. Taxi around the same time wrote an article for MW, and I can't find that easily. And if you know, MW has deleted some old posts, ones that had controversial debates - flushed right down the memory hole. - Chu_
Try using Google to search Mondoweiss, for instance: [Google; danaa] - Sean McBride
I don't think there are any other articles by Danaa on the site now. "Danaa Marec" is listed as having only one article. If you do a google search for: _____site: danaa____ , then all that comes up is Danaa Marec and Annie, and I don't know why Annie comes up, but anyway there is no other author listed as Danaa. - WJones
I'll find it for you W.Jones. It was from January 2012 I believe when MW had all those submissions contest. There were quite a few good ones, and mine was one (it didn't win .... but got a nod, so something). I was going to turn in something in february when the hoopla was going on about Yarmouk in Syria, to try and balance the scales. I was almost done (it was difficult - needed lots... more... - Danaa
BTW, thanks for the good words, WJones, and the interest. I know this one turned out "a bit" long but next time, I'll try and make American happy too and take some scissors to it. It's good to have room for improvement, isn't it? - Danaa
Truth is, I am not nearly done with what I have to say about gaza. I just saw Weisel's ad again - which the Guardian accepted, for some reason. Stomach churning. We can expect the israelis - and friendsin the US - to continue to go overboard with their blood libels against hamas. the latest is - they are trying to draw a straight line between hamas and ISIS.really. Just like that. So that's my next material. - Danaa
Danaa....I thought it was good but it didnt sound as 'surgical' or laser like ,for lack of a better term ,as your usual remarks. - American
W.Jones - here is the link to that entry. It was 2011 not 2012 (how time passes!). It was called Elegy : - Danaa
American, not to worry, the sharp will return, in due course. An aside: we all have more than one side, don't we? and you haven't seen my poetry yet - just you wait..... - Danaa
Danaa, You can still submit your outdated article on Yarmouk someplace. You can call it an article on "hindsight" about Yarmouk, and include a paragraph or two to update the reader. The Syrian conflict, continues, anyway. - WJones
I just read Danaa's older essay she linked to. It was listed under Annie Robbins' articles by says Danaa in the subtitle as the author. I liked the essay. - WJones
Danaa, you write beautifully. In a comment after your earlier essay you wrote: "In time, I intend to do more weaving in of some of the riveting accounts from the “other side” "– Thank you for doing that. - weareone
Although, we may think that the vile inhumanity of the situation should be obvious, you may be able to reach some who are not fully awake to it. - weareone
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
US branch of the Jewish ‘family’ owes the homeland ‘unconditional love’ — Rosner -
Shmuel Rosner's attack on liberal Zionist American writers for going wobbly over the Gaza slaughter rather than show family loyalty is proof of the overbearing narcissism of the Israeli establishment. Sad that it is published in the NYT and echoed at Slate.
Actually, many pro-Israel activists demand unconditional love for Israel from all people worldwide, based on the assumption that Israel is God's chosen nation and enjoys a special status vis-a-vis "the nations." And if they don't receive that love they can become incredibly angry, abusive and vindictive. - Sean McBride
Imagine if Germans, the Irish, the French, etc. demanded unconditional love for themselves and their nations from all members of their respective tribes worldwide -- AND from everyone else worldwide. The notion is insane on its face -- but Shmuel Rosner doesn't seem to notice. What kind of mental glitch is in play? - Sean McBride
Diaspora Jews, of course, have often been forceful critics of the nations in which they have resided (quite a few them are now tearing Barack Obama and John Kerry to shreds). Apparently all the love is supposed to flow only in one direction. - Sean McBride
"Narcissism" is really not an adequate term to describe what this is all about. "Megalomania" might be closer to the mark. - Sean McBride
Megalomania: "delusion about one's own power or importance (typically as a symptom of manic or paranoid disorder)." - Sean McBride
MJ gave Rosner a thumbs up in the past. He describes Rosner as a "popular and provocative conservative". - Chu_
Sean MJ deleted his post you referenced. - Chu_
I wonder why he deleted it. - Sean McBride
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RT @MazMHussain: This Google Location tracking will tell you exactly where you've been on every day of the calendar:
Bluesun 2600
Stacked solar cells could make solar power cheaper than natural gas : TreeHugger -
Stacked solar cells could make solar power cheaper than natural gas : TreeHugger
" Researchers everywhere are working on developing better solar cells: ones with higher power output, ones that can adhere to any surface, ones that cool or clean themselves, etc. Upping the efficiency of solar cells is probably the biggest focus. Right now, commercial solar cells can convert about 15 to 25 percent of the energy from sunlight into electricity. The holy grail for years has been reaching a 50 percent conversion efficiency. In labs, researchers have been able to hit efficiencies as high as 44.7 percent, but the start-up Semprius says they have a technique for stacking solar cells that would lead to that magic 50 percent number, and not just in a lab. Not only that, but because the solar cells are small and cheap to manufacture, the company believes that this technology could also lead to solar power cheaper than natural gas. MIT Technology Review says, "Semprius has come up with three key innovations: a cheap, fast way to stack cells, a proprietary way to electrically... more... - Bluesun 2600 from Bookmarklet
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Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for ‘another war and another war and another war and another war’ -
Dan Cohen reports from a recent pro-war prayer vigil held at Jerusalem's Western Wall where young Israeli Jews spouted racist, hyper-violent rhetoric directed at Palestinians. "Kahane was right," one young woman chanted, while another man said, "We have God. God help us to beat the Arabs." The footage is a window into the besieged mentality and anti-Arab racism that is entrenched in Israeli society.
RT @inadarei: Hypermedia Resources — a great list curated by @davidgoldberg
Robert Scoble
A better Siri? Yes, on Android with Sherpa:
Todd Hoff
The Way We Live Our Lives in Stories | -
The Way We Live Our Lives in Stories |
"When we call the species homo sapiens that's an argument in the debate. It's an argument that it is our sapience, our wisdom, our intelligence, or our big brains that most sets our species apart. Other scientists, other philosophers have pointed out that, no, a lot of the time we're really not behaving all that rationally and reasonably. It's our upright posture that sets us apart, or it's our opposable thumb that allows us to do this incredible tool use, or it's our cultural sophistication, or it's the sophistication of language, and so on and so forth. I'm not arguing against any of those things, I’m just arguing that one thing of equal stature has typically been left off of this list, and that’s the way that people live their lives inside stories." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
RT @vladanichkin: "You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” -Robin Williams
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RT @pmarca: Age of wonders: Machine learning algorithm at CMU can predict heart attacks 4 hours ahead of time: HT @fllordachs
RT @joewalnes: JSON Editor by is the absolute shizz. JS library to generate a nice form for editing JSON.
Chineasy: The easiest way to learn Chinese by ShaoLan Hsueh — Kickstarter -
Chineasy: The easiest way to learn Chinese by ShaoLan Hsueh — Kickstarter
Chineasy: The easiest way to learn Chinese by ShaoLan Hsueh — Kickstarter
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Daily News publisher, Gov. Cuomo, Yankees president, and NE Patriots’ owner are latest to rush to Israel’s side -
Netanyahu once said that the US is something that can be easily moved, and the roster of prominent Americans rushing to israel's side in the middle of the Gaza massacre show he's right: the Yankees president Randy Levine, the NE Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman, and Gov. Cuomo all rush to embrace Israel.
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Quiz: Who Said This? Hillary Clinton or Benjamin Netanyahu? -
###Hillary Clinton speaks during the 2010 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference March 22, 2010, in Washington, DC. Photo credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images Leave your scores in the comment section: 1) “Israel has a right to defend itself. The steps Hamas has taken to embed rockets and command-and-control facilities and tunnel entrances in civilian areas, this makes a response by Israel difficult.” 2) “Israel did what it had to do to respond to the rockets.” 3) On civilian casualties Read more The post Quiz: Who Said This? Hillary Clinton or Benjamin Netanyahu? appeared first on The Intercept.
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Is the firing of Steven Salaita the beginning of a new Blacklist? -
Steven Salaita’s landmark case is a clear gag order. Because the Arab-American scholar dared to tweet on behalf of Gaza's people, he now has no job, no personal home to live in, and no insurance for his family, including his two year-old son. His case shows that much like suspected Communist sympathy during the Cold War, support for Palestine is the “third rail” of political expression from which Universities continue to retract their professed support for both academic freedom and free speech. And the decision by University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise demonstrates that universities are not some neutral venue in the battle of ideas, and that the BDS movement was right to target support for Israel inside the academy.
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A Very Informative Post — but not the way they think it is | Open Mind -
A Very Informative Post — but not the way they think it is | Open Mind
A Very Informative Post — but not the way they think it is | Open Mind
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[via Victor] "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the truly informative aspect of Watts’ post. His analysis is useless but he still touts is as a clear demonstration of “… ‘the pause’ in the U.S. surface temperature record over nearly a decade.” I’d say it is very informative indeed — not about climate (!) but about about Anthony Watts’ blog — that he (and most of his readers to boot) regards a useless trend estimate as actual evidence of “the pause” they dream of so much." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
[and about last two graphs] "Notice that Eschenbach’s upper and lower limits are not curved lines, they’re bent straight-line segments? I think it’s safe to conclude that Willis Eschenbach doesn’t know how to do this calculation. Which makes him the perfect choice to be Anthony Watts’ “go-to guy” for data analysis." - Andrew C (✔)
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Data Is Beautiful is a hidden gem for gorgeous data visualizations via @feedly
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RT @024601: .@ggreenwald this comment system on @the_intercept is shit. I miss seeing the vibrant discussions you used to host on your old blogs.
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