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Linguistic necromancy: a guide for the uninitiated | OUPblog -
Linguistic necromancy: a guide for the uninitiated | OUPblog
"It’s fairly common knowledge that languages, like people, have families. English, for instance, is a member of the Germanic family, with sister languages including Dutch, German, and the Scandinavian languages. Germanic, in turn, is a branch of a larger family, Indo-European, whose other members include the Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, and more), Russian, Greek, and Persian." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Being part of a family of course means that you share a common ancestor. For the Romance languages, that mother language is Latin; with the spread and then fall of the Roman empire, Latin split into a number of distinct daughter languages. But what did the Germanic mother language look like? Here there’s a problem, because, although we know that language must have existed, we don’t have any direct record of it." - Maitani
"The earliest Old English written texts date from the 7th century AD, and the earliest Germanic text of any length is a 4th-century translation of the Bible into Gothic, a now-extinct Germanic language. Though impressively old, this text still dates from long after the breakup of the Germanic mother language into its daughters." - Maitani
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Judt on Brooks and Friedman’s role in pushing the criminal invasion of Iraq -
The late Tony Judt on David Brooks and Tom Friedman pushing the Iraq war: "catastrophic acquiescence in authority and plain, old-fashioned dumb ignorance masquerading as commentary. These were the circumstances which allowed a criminal political action to be pushed through the public space with very little opposition."
Louis Gray
Cloud Powered Near Instant PC, Mobile Upgrades Are the New Reality -
Cloud Powered Near Instant PC, Mobile Upgrades Are the New Reality
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Last week I got my wife a new laptop. She didn't have to install anything or migrate any data. It had everything she needed just by logging in. This is the new reality on desktop and mobile, if you live a Cloud-centric lifestyle. - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
The way it should be and the way it will be. - Sean McBride
Love love LOVE mine! - Sherry BakerBrio
Our perception of reality is reversed. We see the imagined world as real, when all along it is being created by billions of coders without keyboards. Time appears to flow like a river, when it is really an ocean. Within the ocean there is everything that appears to exist and everything that appears to be gone.
Your childhood is in that ocean. - Heisenberg
Your previous incarnations are in that ocean. - Heisenberg
Everyone and everything you have ever loved is in that ocean. - Heisenberg
"...all your better deeds / Shall be in water writ, but this in marble; / No chronicle shall speak you, though your own" -- Philaster., or Love Lies A-bleeding,.by Beaumont and Fletcher, Act V, Scene III ( - Stephen Mack
Imagine the luddites of the fire age. This generation is going to hell. No longer will people appreciate the warmth of the sun.
Eh? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It just ain't natural. We're playing with fire here. - Eivind from Android
More than that, imagine the very first Clovis who threw food in the fire to cook it.... #ruiningperfectlygoodrawmeat - WarLord
Louis Gray
Five years later, I still point people to the FriendFeed changelog as an example of best practices for transparency.
"Description: too tired to finish this right now" lol - Brent Schaus
^ Sleep is unproductive and a waste of time. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"steampunk tweaks from kevin" - Steve C Team Marina
"Because I have to stop working now, computer is going away :(" - L'Andre
That is strangely fascinating - Laura Norvig from iPhone
That changelog is a beautiful thing. - Sean McBride
So....Friendfeed hasn't changed since 2009? - Shey
@Shey the people have all gotten much better! - Louis Gray
Thanks for sharing Louis; what a blast to the past. Really fun glancing over those logs. - Benjamin Golub
"handle pickle errors" - Laura Norvig
I wonder if I could find the change they had to make to deal with me. - Brian Johns
Todd Hoff
Spark: A Novel by John Twelve Hawks
The right wing wants corporate control and a return to a past that never existed. The left wing wants government control and a future that will never exist. - Todd Hoff
Our problem is not machines acting like humans—it’s humans acting like machines. - Todd Hoff
Wonderful book. Well written. Very different in perspective. If you are looking for some good scifi it's worth a look. Some great thinking on the implications of a total surveillance society. - Todd Hoff
Iván Abrego
The robot servants that FOLLOW you: Droids designed to help you with everyday chores
The robot servants that FOLLOW you: Droids designed to help you with everyday chores
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Israel wields ‘significant US domestic power’ to foil peace process — NY Review of Books -
The NY Review of Books leaves till the last paragraph of an article on the failed peace process that a "domestic" power of Israel in the U.S. foiled the efforts. When is the journal going to address the Israel lobby directly? are missing my pissing contest with Moser. "Mooser October 15, 2014, 3:09 pm “I call it coming from the ”Jewish religious culture’ by looking at the tribe from ancient days to today.”....American))-------Mooser says .So you think those “tribe from ancient days to today” are the same people? What distinguishes them. And what are the characteristics of that “Jewish religious... more... - American
Where do American and Mooser rank respectively on the ethnocentrism index -- the number of times one mentions one's ethnic identity, issues, problems, conflicts and enemies? That's all you need to know about this subject. It's all about several thousand years of extreme ethnocentrism (often expressed as ethnic or ethno-religious nationalism). Some people are much more ethnocentric than others -- some people even make a messianic religion out of their self-obsessed ethnocentrism. - Sean McBride
lol-- Mooser keeps trying to get something out of me that he can condemn and wont accept my honesty about my views which I describe and admit are just my views, not expert opinion. He seems to want me to either totally 'condemn the Jews or totally 'capitulate to the or his Jewish view. - American
Hummmm...where do I rank on the ethnocentrism scale? I would say pretty low most of the time .Lately in keeping with my new theory of 'desensitizing' the Jewish - Gentile enemies thing I have been using my gentile hat to describe how we see certain Jews or certain statements made by Jews just to see if any commenters object to it -so far no one has...except Mooser that is. - American
Quite low, overall. Mooser, extremely high -- in fact, it is his only topic of interest. - Sean McBride
Sometimes one gets the impression that Jewishness is the condition of being recursively preoccupied with being Jewish -- it's not a religious or secular issue -- more a psychological issue. - Sean McBride
Weirdly enough, Gilad Atzmon is also obsessed by titanic struggles with his Jewishness -- think about it. The Jewishness in this situation is the struggle with Jewishness. When you peel off all the layers of this onion, what is at the center? - Sean McBride
Fascinating -- I just discovered this: [book; Bernard Lazare; Antisemitism: Its History and Causes; 1894] - Sean McBride
How many times has Jeffrey Goldberg mentioned Jews and the enemies of Jews during his career? This syndrome is a mental "tic," apparently. I am beginning to think that there might be a genetic basis for some or many mental "tics" -- patterns of obsessive-compulsive behavior. - Sean McBride
American, "the skunk juice machine?" are too funny. - weareone
'' more a psychological issue. - Sean McBride).....I agree. - American
LOL yea wao, we need a skunk juice machine! . - American
That one just got to me. :))) - weareone
Amit Patel - “Making of” page for my interactive A* tutorial
Now that I've written several tutorials with interactive diagrams, I'm going to start writing up notes about how I made the diagrams, both high level pages like this, and detail pages like - Amit Patel
Great article Amit. - Todd Hoff
Thanks! I got a lot more twitter favs from the "making of" than the original article. I suspect it's because when I posted the original article I didn't include an image. - Amit Patel
There's a reason everything is about images now. It works! - Todd Hoff
It has worked on FF; I should've known it would work on Twitter :) - Amit Patel
The Linguistics of LOL - Britt Peterson - The Atlantic -
The Linguistics of LOL - Britt Peterson - The Atlantic
"When two friends created the site I Can Has Cheezburger?, in 2007, to share cat photos with funny, misspelled captions, it was a way of cheering themselves up. They probably weren’t thinking about long-term sociolinguistic implications. But seven years later, the “cheezpeep” community is still active online, chattering away in lolspeak, its own distinctive variety of English. lolspeak was meant to sound like the twisted language inside a cat’s brain, and has ended up resembling a down-South baby talk with some very strange characteristics, including deliberate misspellings (teh, ennyfing), unique verb forms (gotted, can haz), and word reduplication (fastfastfast). It can be difficult to master. One user writes that it used to take at least 10 minutes “to read adn unnerstand” a paragraph. (“Nao, it’z almost like a sekund lanjuaje.”)" - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"To a linguist, all of this sounds a lot like a sociolect: a language variety that’s spoken within a social group, like Valley Girl–influenced ValTalk or African American Vernacular English. (The word dialect, by contrast, commonly refers to a variety spoken by a geographic group—think Appalachian or Lumbee.) Over the past 20 years, online sociolects have been springing up around the... more... - Maitani
The other day, Andrew mention how Yelp has it's own sort of language. I thought about the spaces I occupy online and how some of those particular sites or interests have their own language. Even though I don't participate, I can certainly understand what is being said. I found it frustrating trying to explain something to my husand in full English because he wouldn't understand the full slang of the group. - Anika
Todd Hoff
Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6,000 years, says study -
Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6,000 years, says study
"Research finds 20cm rise since start of 20th century, caused by global warming and the melting of polar ice, is unprecedented" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
BBC News - Nobel Prize: How English beat German as language of science -
BBC News - Nobel Prize: How English beat German as language of science
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""If you look around the world in 1900, and someone told you, 'Guess what the universal language of science will be in the year 2000', you would first of all laugh at them. It was obvious that no one language would be the language of science, but a mixture of French, German and English would be the right answer," says Princeton University's Rosengarten professor of modern and contemporary history Michael Gordin." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
""So the story of the 20th Century is not so much the rise of English as the serial collapse of German as the up-and-coming language of scientific communication," Gordin says." - Maitani
There were still a few books on Regelungstechnik floating around my institute when I was in university, but most people of my generation aren't literate enough in German to easily make use such textbooks. - Eivind
Love me some Beilstein and Gmelin! - Meg VMeg from Android
"The Bibliotheca Polyglotta (BP) is a multilingual corpus of historically important texts. As such it is a resource to access the global history of concepts as displayed in a number of languages, and it demonstrates how concepts diffuse historically into new languages, and thus into new cultural contexts. The BP is in a phase of being constructed, and contains so far the following libraries: - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"The Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae (TLB) contains a number of Buddhist multilingual texts (Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, English, etc.). The TLB was the first library to be established under the project; Biblia contains the Biblical Books of the Old Testament in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, and the complete New Testament in Greek, Latin, English, etc. More versions will be added with... more... - Maitani
"One can search any word or phrase in the corpus or in a chosen set of texts and have the search results written out, and further access any search result in its sentence by sentence multilingual mode by clicking on the reference in the search result. Every sentence in the BP has a Permanent link as a unique identification. The permanent link may be extracted by clicking on "Permanent link" on the bottom of the screen, and may be used as a reference to access the multilingual record which it refers to." - Maitani
"How much more relaxing to sit alone and let your impressions form, and then digest and recollect in tranquility "– The Joys of Seeing Movies Alone, Sadie Stein -
"How much more relaxing to sit alone and let your impressions form, and then digest and recollect in tranquility "– The Joys of Seeing Movies Alone, Sadie Stein
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Bill Maher Isn’t a ‘Politically Incorrect’ Liberal, He’s Just a Bigot -
The talk-show host's bizarre unraveling over the past several years has been agonizing to watch. The post Bill Maher Isn’t a ‘Politically Incorrect’ Liberal, He’s Just a Bigot appeared first on The Intercept.
Maher is a liberal ziotard. The occasions that he's hosted Netanyahu on his show Real Time , it was a big show of loving affection, no critique for the Likud party told you he wasn't a serious person/moderator. - Chu_
# Bill Maher: key categories 1. anti-Christian militant 2. anti-Muslim militant 3. anti-Roman Catholic militant 4. atheist 5. CCFP (Creative Community for Peace) member 6. former Roman Catholic 7. Irish American 8. Jew 9. Jewish Islamophobe 10. Jewish nationalist 11. Likud Zionist 12. mainstream media pundit 13. pro-Israel activist 14. pro-Israel militant 15. Zionist - Sean McBride
# personality traits 1. abusive 2. arrogant 3. bullying 4. fanatical 5. hectoring 6. narcissistic 7. obscene 8. preening 9. self-congratulatory 10. strident - Sean McBride
At some point, Bill Maher jumped the shark. - Sean McBride
Bill Maher has been using libertarianism and liberalism as a cover to promote his real agenda -- neoconservatism and Likud Zionism. Many of us were taken in by the scam for quite some time. He's clever, but too much drug use has apparently made him incautious -- he's fully out of the closet. - Sean McBride
Bill Maher is a militant Jewish nationalist who hates Christians and Muslims. End of story. He is basically a Kahanist who specializes in especially vicious hate speech against his ethnic enemies. Forget about the liberalism and libertarianism -- that's a sham. - Sean McBride
Getting this guy into focus -- a challenge -- but worth the effort -- and quite a revelation once all the tumblers click into place. - Sean McBride
Bill Maher is one of literally thousands of Israeli gatekeepers in the mainstream media, all across the political spectrum. - Sean McBride
Maher should come out of the closet already. That liberation may cool his hate. - Chu_
set; neoconservative guests on Bill Maher's Real Time - Sean McBride
Bill Maher has treated his many neocon guests with deference and camaraderie, and with plenty of wink-winks. - Sean McBride
No doubt - he is a slippery guy. You wonder with information so immediately accessible, why doesn't Israel clean up it sloppy occupation/apartheid? It should be embarrassing for most Jews, they are destroying their cred. I've stopped talking to a lot of pro-Zionist morons because they are warped/deranged when it comes to Israel. Although maybe some of them enjoy the deception (the we're the 2000 year old victims here nonsense) as it's part of their little war against the world. - Chu_
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
The Futility of the Long U.S. War in the Middle East -
by Paul Pillar Andrew Bacevich has done a tally of the number of countries in the Islamic world that, since 1980, the United States has invaded, bombed, or occupied, and in which members of the American military have either killed or been killed. Syria has become the 14th such country. Several of the countries have been the
"The discovery of 40,000-year-old cave paintings in Indonesia suggests that the ability to create representational art had its origins further back in time in Africa, before modern humans spread across the rest of the world." -
"The discovery of 40,000-year-old cave paintings in Indonesia suggests that the ability to create representational art had its origins further back in time in Africa, before modern humans spread across the rest of the world."
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"That's kind of my gut feeling," says Prof Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London. "The basis for this art was there 60,000 years ago; it may even have been there in Africa before 60,000 years ago and it spread with modern humans". - centralasian from Bookmarklet
Could a Newly Launched Metaphorical Search Engine Really Work? | Big Think | Neurobonkers -
Could a Newly Launched Metaphorical Search Engine Really Work? | Big Think | Neurobonkers
Could a Newly Launched Metaphorical Search Engine Really Work? | Big Think | Neurobonkers
"When I first heard of Yossarian Lives, a website that bills itself as the metaphorical search engine, I thought "no way!" Good metaphors are inherently artistic and depend on a nuanced understanding of related topics, both very human qualities. Indeed, when I had a chance to fool around with the alpha version of Yossarian Lives it seemed to function as a glorified "random" button on your average stock photo library." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
I am not yet sure how this is supposed to work. I think I'll check it out. - Maitani
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
It looks like Obama is checking out on Israel -
Martin Indyk says Democratic politicians are having less to do with Israel because the party base doesn't support the country, and Obama's recent indifference to Israel suggests he wants nothing to do with the country. He told Israel what it had to do years ago and Israelis ignored him.
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah -
Last Thursday Rabbi Shalom Lewis of Congregation Etz Chaim outside Atlanta gave what can only be understood as a call to genocide in his Rosh Hashanah sermon to welcome in the Jewish new year. The sermon calls for a war on Islam and Muslims worldwide. Lewis says a "holy crusade" against Islam is needed to"exterminate it utterly and absolutely." Lewis is no fringe figure. He has served this popular suburban congregation for nearly 40 years and was given a commendation by the US Congress
By now, my mind shouldn't be boggled by stories like this -- I've seen hundreds or thousands of them -- but it still is. He couldn't possibly have said that. - Sean McBride
Will the ADL strongly criticize Rabbi Shalom Lewis for trafficking in extreme hate speech -- genocidal hate speech? Watch and see. - Sean McBride
Make note that a week has gone by and not a peep from the ADL. Funny how the media largely ignored this as well. If it were Obama's Pastor Jeremiah Wright it would be front page news. But Jewish creeps like this rabbi get a pass. Rabbi Shalom Wright: “The fury of ultimate evil is upon us and we must act – not to contain it. Not to degrade it. Not to manage it. Not to tolerate it, but to exterminate it utterly and absolutely,” he added. Isn't this incitement to his Jewish congregants? - Chu_
and what a nice 'hate-fest' to usher in the new Jewish new year 5775 - Chu_
FBI should pay them a visit "Congregation Etz Chaim is a progressive, egalitarian Conservative synagogue that provides meaningful Jewish experiences in a welcoming, engaging environment." - Chu_
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Fineman and Robinson blast Sam Harris and HBO for promoting ignorance about Islam -
The debate triggered by Bill Maher’s comments about Islam on his HBO show Friday night, alleging that it is inherently violent and intolerant, continued on Hardball last night. Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Howard Fineman of Huffington Post, and host Chris Matthews all condemned Bill Maher’s and Sam Harris’s comments about Islam– on a show
Too little pushback, too late, from the mainstream media -- but better than no pushback at all. - Sean McBride
Bill Maher and Sam Harris are little Pamela Gellers -- they should be embarrassed to present such an ignorant and ridiculous face to the world. - Sean McBride
Amit Patel
I would "like" it but, as is typical with Google Trends, the total lack of a vertical scale means that we don't know whether "interest" dropped from "so little as to be not worth mentioning" to "even less" or something more interesting. - Walt Crawford
100 = its peak search value. 29 is 29% of peak. - Louis Gray
Louis: Well, sure, I can interpret from the graph that the current value is around one-third of the peak--but the peak doesn't *mean* anything, even if you label it "100." (Heck, you could just as easily label it 1,000,000: it would be precisely as meaningful.) - Walt Crawford
See, to me the concept that "interest has dropped 70% from its peak four weeks ago" is a meaningful stat in and of itself. I understand both sides (people wanting to know how many total searches there were, and Google not wanting to share that proprietary information) but I think all Amit was trying to get across with his post is that there is data to back the impression some of us have discussed here that interest is waning. - Stephen Mack
But if at the peak, interest was infinitesimal, what does it really mean that it dropped 70%? It doesn't seem like it would be statistically meaningful if that were the case. - Victor Ganata
Thank you, Victor. That's what I'm trying to say. It's like sales of ebooks going up 200% from one year to another when sales were $100 in the first year (a mythical example)--just having the numbers (Exploding sales! Up 200%!) doesn't mean very much, statistically or otherwise. - Walt Crawford
I understood that point when Walt first stated it. But Google is intentionally not populating the scale, presumably to keep the data proprietary. In this case, we know there was a flurry of interest in Ello, and we know it dropped. The scale doesn't need to be filled in for Amit's post to prove a point and to be interesting. - Stephen Mack
Oh, I agree it may be of interest, but I'm not certain it's meaningful. Without the absolute numbers, I really think it's impossible to interpret. #MoreStudyNeeded - Victor Ganata
If I knew it was 50 searches per minute, what would I conclude differently? What does 50 mean? - Amit Patel
You're right, even the absolute number isn't much context. Ideally, it would be in comparison with other dominant trends. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Looks like I got the URL wrong for being able to compare with other words and phrases. Try - Amit Patel
The comparative trends graph is at least somewhat meaningful; thanks, Stephen. - Walt Crawford
Amit deserves the thanks! - Stephen Mack
Thanks Amit, then. - Walt Crawford
LOL. Ello: even less popular than Ebola. #justkidding - Victor Ganata
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Ted Cruz’s bible-thumping, carpet bombing Israel-centric foreign policy -
By Maidhc Ó Cathail The Passionate Attachment October 7, 2014 Philip Giraldi, former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer currently executive director of the Council for the National Interest, links to my article on the “In Defense of Christians” D.C. Summit in his latest UNZ Review column: The disturbing thing about Cruz is that […]
# o; Ted Cruz; category; * 1. born in 1970 2. Christian evangelical 3. Christian fundamentalist 4. Christian Zionist 5. Cuban American 6. Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy executive editor 7. Harvard Law Review primary editor 8. Harvard Law School J.D. 9. Hispanic 10. Houston, Texas resident 11. Irish American 12. Italian American 13. Princeton University A.B. 14. pro-Israel... more... - Sean McBride
and what does hillary's list look like? It'd be useful to compare them side be side. - Chu_
set; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared categories - Sean McBride
How to build that set (a few examples): - Sean McBride
1. c; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; Christian 2. c; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; Iraq War supporter 3. c; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; Israel lobby leader 4. c; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; Ivy League graduate 5. c; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; non-Jewish Zionist 6. c; Ted Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; presidential... more... - Sean McBride
And a more compact expression of the same assertions: - Sean McBride
# c; Ted/Cruz/Hillary Clinton shared category; * 1. Christian 2. Iraq War supporter 3. Israel lobby leader 4. Ivy League graduate 5. non-Jewish Zionist 6. presidential candidate 7. pro-Israel activist 8. US senator 9. Zionist - Sean McBride
It's no longer about the Republican and Democratic Parties -- it's all about Zionism. - Sean McBride
Todd Hoff
Fish failing to adapt to rising carbon dioxide levels in ocean | Environment -
Fish failing to adapt to rising carbon dioxide levels in ocean | Environment
"Rising carbon dioxide levels in oceans adversely change the behaviour of fish through generations, raising the possibility that marine species may never fully adapt to their changed environment, research has found. The study, published in Nature Climate Change, found that elevated CO2 levels affected fish regardless of whether their parents had also experienced the same environment. Spiny damselfish were kept in water with different CO2 levels for several months. One level was consistent with the world taking rapid action to cut carbon emissions, while the other was a “business as usual” scenario, in which the current trend in rising emissions would equate to a 3C warming of the oceans by the end of the century." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine (Glenn Greenwald) -
Long before Americans were introduced to the new 9/11 era super-villains called ISIS and Khorasan, senior Obama officials were openly and explicitly stating that America’s “war on terror,” already 12 years old, would last at least another decade. At first, they injected these decrees only anonymously; in late 2012, The Washington Post - disclosing the administration’s secret creation of a>> The post Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine appeared first on The Intercept.
"A state of endless war justifies ever-increasing state power and secrecy and a further erosion of rights. It also entails a massive transfer of public wealth to the “homeland security” and weapons industry (which the US media deceptively calls the “defense sector”)." - Sean McBride
"Just yesterday, Bloomberg reported: “Led by Lockheed Martin Group (LTM), the biggest U.S. defense companies are trading at record prices as shareholders reap rewards from escalating military conflicts around the world.” Particularly exciting is that “investors see rising sales for makers of missiles, drones and other weapons as the U.S. hits Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq”;... more... - Sean McBride
"The last thing the Washington political class and the economic elites who control it want is for this war to end. Anyone who doubts that should just look at the express statements from these leading Democrats, who wasted no time at all seizing on the latest Bad Guys to justify literally decades more of this profiteering and war-making." - Sean McBride
Fujitsu to design Japanese exascale supercomputer: The machine may hit 1 quintillion calculations per second in 2020 -
Fujitsu to design Japanese exascale supercomputer: The machine may hit 1 quintillion calculations per second in 2020
Quintillion is 1 followed by 18 zeros. That's per second. - centralasian from Bookmarklet
The R programming language looks interesting.
The Barrier of Meaning « Another Word For It -
"The author discusses the “AI-problem” with Stanislaw Ulam. Ulam makes reference to the history of the “AI-problem” and then continues:" - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Well, said Stan Ulam, let us play a game. Imagine that we write a dictionary of common words. We shall try to write definitions that are unmistakeably explicit, as if ready to be programmed. Let us take, for instance, nouns like key, book, passenger, and verbs like waiting, listening, arriving. Let us start with the word “key.” I now take this object out of my pocket and ask you to... more... - Maitani
Everything You Need To Know About the GOP’s 2016 Candidates On National Security:
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