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Germany Wins World Cup 2014 -
Gotham Pilot Episode Images Gives You a Feel for the Series -
Re: Constantine Going in “New Direction” Before it Even Begins -
"There are exceptions to every rule, and those are two excellent examples... BUT (you knew that was coming), notice you had to reach back 20 years for the most recent example of when it turned out ok. As of late changes such as these don't bode well. I'd love Constantine to work out, but I have a sinking suspicion this show isn't going to last." - Sean P. Aune
Constantine Going in “New Direction” Before it Even Begins -
Re: SanDisk SD Cards Up to 92% Off on Amazon -
"They are. You just have to click on the capacity you want once you're on Amazon." - Sean P. Aune
Re: SanDisk SD Cards Up to 92% Off on Amazon -
"Wasn't our intent to fool anyone. That just happened to be the first SanDisk image in our image archive. I've changed it out." - Sean P. Aune
Re: SanDisk SD Cards Up to 92% Off on Amazon -
"If you hover over any of the links you will see it pops up with "affiliate link." We are open about the fact we belong to the Amazon affiliate program and disclose such as per FTC regulations." - Sean P. Aune
Re: SanDisk SD Cards Up to 92% Off on Amazon -
"You need to file a complaint with Amazon. They frown on fake products being sold through their site." - Sean P. Aune
Tatiana Maslany Robbed Once Again by the Emmys -
Guardians of the Galaxy Final Trailer Nails It -
Star Wars Episode VII Announces New Cast Members and a Filming Hiatus -
Transformers Wins a Quiet Weekend at the Box Office -
Transformers: Age of Extinction Set to Become Top Film in China -
Re: Protesters Invade Google I/O 2014 -
"The Grand and Illustrious Joseph Davidson has spoken! And we do call him "Ray"... not sure why, but we do." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Protesters Invade Google I/O 2014 -
"We actually call him "JR" most of the time. (Not "junior," but "JR") Or Jon... or "Hey! Why aren't you at your computer replying to my IMs?!?"" - Sean P. Aune
Kevin Feige Discusses Details of Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange -
Rian Johnson Reportedly Heading up Star Wars Episode VIII -
Final Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer Ratchets Up the Tension -
Transformers 5, G.I. Joe 3 and More Coming From Paramount in 2016 -
Guardians of the Galaxy UK Trailer is the Best Yet -
Harrison Ford to Miss 8 Weeks of Filming on Star Wars Episode VII -
22 Jump Street Arrests the Top Spot at the Box Office -
Comic Book Movies Set to Take Over the World for Years -
Jason Momoa Reported to be Aquaman in Batman V Superman -
DC Comics Planning a Massive Slate of Films -
Re: Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 Live Blog: Join Us! -
"iPad - ASUS Transformers - Nexus 7 for me." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Valiant Hearts: The Great War E3 Trailer – This Game Has a Sad Puppy in It -
"Pretty much!" - Sean P. Aune
Re: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer Leaks Early – Tough to Watch? -
"We found another copy." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Apple Stock Splits 7-for-1 Today, Opening at $92 a Share -
"I love all tech companies. End of story." - Sean P. Aune
Re: 2014 World Cup: The Long, Turbulent Journey of Goal-Line Technology -
"Thanks for the info! It's good to hear examples of it working. As a football fan, I am hoping we won't have issues like the Lampard goal of 2010 this year." - Sean P. Aune
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