Re: Comic Book Gift Guide for the Reader That Has it All -
"Seeing how much power it took to take him down, not sure how they will pull this off in the movies with the limited firepower they have." - Sean P. Aune
Re: High Tech (and Low Tech) Men’s Grooming Gift Guide -
"I have that specific Wahl, it's awesome. I actually ordered a spare for the sale price on Amazon. Too good to pass up." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Two-Face Is Not Ready for His Close-Up, <em>Gotham</em> -
"1. Riddler has never been intimidating. 2. There are precedents for Harvey being unhinged prior to the scarring. Batman: The Animated Series dealt with this extensively. It's fine to critique a show, but before you condemn it for getting the source material wrong, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with it." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Here’s 7 Minutes of Uncut Halo 5 Multiplayer Gameplay -
"Joey can definitely have a bit of a sarcastic edge to him, but I would never say it is directed at the community. If anything, his biggest target is usually himself... or me. ... the number of times I've cried myself to sleep after working with him all day -quivering lip- I digress. If I ever felt Joey was being rude to the audience, I would tell him so. In general though, as he said, it's only ever with the readers that have been overly aggressive with him." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Holiday Gift Guide 2014 – Sean’s List -
"Just Manchester this year, and possibly Liverpool for a day. No plans for a meetup. Never thought there would be much demand to meet just me." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Star Wars: Episode VII Title Announced -
"Well... we do know there is a desert planet in this one." - Sean P. Aune
Agent Carter Sets a Premiere Date and Unleashes its First Clip -
Chappie Trailer Introduces the World to the Newest Young Robot -
Re: Holiday Gift Guide 2014 – Sean’s List -
"+1. Literal LOL." - Sean P. Aune
Re: Disney Originals Join in on the Disney Infinity 2.0 Fun -
"Technically, yes. But Disney keeps playing with that labeling for some reason." - Sean P. Aune
Minions Trailer Tell Us a New Spin on History -
Nightcrawler Thrills its Way to the Top of the Box Office -
First Wonder Woman Movie Said to be Set in the 1920s -
Furious 7 Trailer Shows Off Stunts and Paul Walker -
Bad Judge and A to Z Both Canceled by NBC -
Supergirl TV Series Begins Casting -
American Gigolo Eyed for a Television Reboot -
Marvel Announces Nine Movies for Phase 3 -
Benedict Cumberbatch May be Set to Play Doctor Strange -
Ouija Scares Up a Win at the Box Office -
Manhattan Love Story Becomes First Canceled Series of the Season -
Lex Luthor May be Heading to the Suicide Squad Movie -
Fox Gearing Up for a Series Based on Archie Comics -
Bewitched Sequel Series Being Set Up at NBC -
Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Brings on the Evil -
Re: First Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Leaks, and It’s AWESOME -
"Ah, got ya. No, don't think it's an IM suit." - Sean P. Aune
Re: First Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Leaks, and It’s AWESOME -
"Hacked suit? Ultron is going to have a new origin in this film, but no alien in him. That goes for both the movie and comics. Super-sized Iron Man is the Hulkbuster armor. Tony built it specifically in case the Hulk ever went wildly out of control. Tony is inside it." - Sean P. Aune
Re: First Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Leaks, and It’s AWESOME -
"We just swapped in another copy." - Sean P. Aune
Re: TechnoBuffalo’s Android Licorice Stock Pictures – What Could Have Been -
"They're all made by Dead Zebra." - Sean P. Aune
Re: 343 Industries Responds to Concerns about Halo’s 20GB Patch -
"ZJR - Consider this your one and only warning. You are welcome to disagree with other commenters, but there is no reason to invoke imagery such as rape in your responses. It is unwarranted and unwelcome." - Sean P. Aune
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