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Disa Albanese

Disa Albanese

Mom to 3 sons; Gammy to 2 g/daughters! Retired early from Teaching :-( My Father God & Jesus sustain me~
Hey there friends! It's so nice to drop in months later & see that ur old friends....are still your friends! Hope this finds you well~ Disa
Facebook removed my Vote Republican badge Sat! Friends & I demanded our Free Speech rights and it re-appeared today. Is this censorship?!
Facebook removes Republican badge on my wall! Is this censorship?!
Facebook removed my Vote Republican badge Sat! Friends & I demanded our Free Speech rights and it re-appeared today. R U Dems that afraid?!
@amous Still love those profile pics! I'm crazy about my pets. Rest well~
@StephanieMDavis Hi Stephanie, praying for Chuck Devore. Y'all definitely need to get sanity back in that office.....for us all! Good Luck
RT @worldprayr: When God is in the center of your life you can rest. "
Definition of bureaucracy: a system of administration marked by officialism, red tape, and proliferation (webster) Me: errogance, control
Nobama & dems to announce THEIR HC plan this wk. To create 4 million jobs. R U kidding me?! Calculate taxes for NEW 118 bureaucracies! DUH!!
RT @JanSimpson: Nursing Homes Give Big Donations - why don't they give great care? Charlie Crist? healthcare Cos for U?
@TPOs_Daily_Love Hi Tom! Yes, that's me. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Sunday.
Consider the postage stamp. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there. -J. Billings-
This is day the Lord has made~ Rejoice and be glad in it~ Have a blessed day~
@libertysarmy3 @DougPreston @TPO_Hisself You guys are amazing. Can't tell U what it means that I'm not forgotten. Poor health-ask Monika-TWW
@pinwheelgirl Thnx 4 the Inspiration in '09! Twenty-ten will be blessed with healing, new beginnings & FAITH leaping. May yours be blessed~
MelissaTweets RT @sarahk47: Love. RT @isfullofcrap: BREAKING NEWS: Texas executes 2009. "Yes WE did..and better days are coming for us all!"
@Abeeliever Hey girlfriend! I pray twenty-ten is full of heavenly blessings for you and your precious family! Thankful for our friendship~
@praytweets Looking forward to your Inspiration in twenty-ten. Staying focused on God, Family and Country will bring Blessings to us all~
RT @conservagirl Remember when, in twenty-ten, we took our country back again. -What a ring that has!!! WE THE PEOPLE...RULE!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to my awesome Tweets! May 2010 be filled with good health & God's Blessings upon us all~ Pray for our Military and AMERICA~
@ImaGladysFriday are hillarious! Didn't know about the comedian talent you have. Refreshing~ Thx for the kind words. Disa
@RayBeckerman Really? I just used that button! What's the mistake?
@TPO_Hisself BTW, at 54, I still get my lovin', hugs & kisses from my 81yo Dad! But...I'm normal! M/O...NOT!!! U crack me up...
@deafvillage I believe in young deaf ppl blossoming in this world. My past students r F/B friends. All married, children- I'm NOT that old!
@TPO_Hisself Hey there friend. I knew y'all wld forget me one day. JJ Thinking of others...nice to see. Still fighting the battle! Pray plz~
Not really - ill. But, tomorrow's a new day! HAPPY THANKSGIVING
God llove you. You've brightened my outlook for the day! THANKS-
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