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And it’s all Russia’s fault. All of it.
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RT @THE_47th: indeed MT @Beirutspring: best cartoon ever made on the history of the Mid East.. , big kudos to its maker @ninapaley
"Obama administration knew Islamic State was growing but did little to counter it" (I'd day NOTHING, not little)
RT @tparsi: .@BarackObama, you're fond of the phrase "right side of history." But you're alone on the side you've chosen on #Gaza
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RT @aaronjmate: A 36-hour flight ban on Tel Aviv drew more Senate opposition/U.S. media coverage than a 7-year land/air/sea/economic blockade of Gaza.
If any western power should operate an intelligence service reporting on MENA, their spooks are either incompetent or not listened to.
If any western power should operate an intelligence service reporting on MENA, they're either incompetent or not listened to.
In fact, Israel commits all the crimes it accuses Hamas of, with impunity thanks to unconditional western support. Israel is not the victim.
Worst lie is Israel's 'Hamas broke the truce'. Bibi broke it by his unjustfied crackdown on Hamas. He still owes the world the 'evidence'.
The Israeli people missed just another chance 2 ship their whole fascist government to The Hague in order to start over peacefully & 'legit'
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The propaganda techniques used by both are identical, but Israel adopted them to the state of the art. The amount of lies spread is the same
The scale of Israel's war crimes in Gaza in as unbearable as their dishonest attempts to explain + whitewash them. #GoebbelsFlashBack
The totally underreported scandal is how MH17 as well as the 2 SU-25 sneakily attacked peaceful Russian missles. #HandsOffRussia
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IS(IS) military capabilities clearly developed since they pretended to fight on the side of the Syrian people + came late to the battles.
Meanwhile one needs a strong army to counter IS(IS). Kurds as well as Syrian rebels have that army, but US/EU+Everyone refuse them arms+ammo
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