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Now You Can Tell Facebook Friends Where You’re ‘Traveling To’ -
Dear @BarackObama, may the restless souls of hundreds of thousands slaughtered, tortured, and detained Syrians get you endless nightmares.
.@AmbassadorPower There's very credible evidence of regime attacks with chemicals in Kafr Zita, Hama and Harasta, Damascus comitted today.
.@AmbassadorPower Despite your fraudulent CW deal, Assad deploys chemicals daily, killing scores of civilians. Why don't U target the perp?
Marketing Day: Google Q1: $15.4B But Misses, Paid Clicks Up, CPCs Down -
.@AmbassadorPower ... and by 'you' it totally refer to your boss, who turned out to not be the good guy I once wholeheartedly supported.
.@AmbassadorPower As long as you don't show your support of the Syrian people by actions, stop pretending, It's pathetic, and insulting.
.@AmbassadorPower As a first step I'd suggest that you STOP all sabotage of the Syrian self defense forces ASAP. Let KSA and others help.
Google Revs $15.4B But Misses, Paid Clicks Up But CPCs Down -
.@AmbassadorPower Don't get your whining + blathering on Twitter while you're doing NOTHING 2 actually help the victims of Assad's genocide.
RT @MillerMENA: Yes @AmbassadorPower but they'll also judge the broken promises of a 2nd President who could have done something and didn't |re Syria=Rwanda
.@AmbassadorPower To make that totally clear: having enemies like a Russian dictatorship in the UNSC is no excuse to let a genocide happen!
.@AmbassadorPower 20 years since #Rwanda. 20 years from now, world will judge the US admin's divisions over stopping the slaughter in #Syria
RT @AmbassadorPower: Been 20 years since #Rwanda. 20 years from now, world will judge the UN Security Council's divisions over stopping the slaughter in #Syria.
This planet's worse pandemic ever ain't pestilence nor cholera, it's homo sapiens.
After 15-Hour Sale, Google Says All Glass Units Are Sold Out -
Obviously in western politics, 'common sense' 'lesson learned' 'facing reality' etc etc are curses. Corrupt amateurs. Planet Earth, RIP. :-(
Spring Cleaning: Why You Lost Instagram Followers -
No alternative: Eliminating dictators like Putin, Assad, Rohani, Jong-sth., et al incl all their cronies, is the only way to stop genocides.
Handling criminal tyrants 'lawfully' ain't possible coz there's no such intl law. Diplomacy fails, no need to try it. Apply force. Now.
.@intensionality Regardless where you come from, read + re-read this analysis #UN #IntlLaw #R2P #GenocideWithImpunity
Simply Measured Offers Facebook Insights With Ads Report -
RT @AletheiaLibya: Thought experiment for policy makers: pretend #Russia 2014 is #Germany 1938 and do all the things your predecessors failed to do. #Ukraine
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The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @sznq
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