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RT @michaeldweiss: "High-minded rhetoric does not do well against tanks."
Internet still has a joke of the day category? @Reuters Germany's Merkel says we're prepared to talk with Russia about a political solution.
RT @AletheiaLibya: If IS believes God wants them to act in the way they do, they will have a rude surprise when they meet their maker. #Syria #Iraq
Can someone -anyone?- explain why America and Europe not only abandon but sabotage their best allies in the 'war on terror'? #SyrianRebels
Folks, calm down. Ferguson is NOT Syria and Obama certainly is not a friend of Syria but he's definitely not comparable to Assad or Baghdadi
RT @SHeydemann: #Assad attacks #ISIS in #Syria in cynical bid to show value to West. Only way to defeat ISIS is first to remove enablers in Damascus.
According to SOHR the AQ cell in my henhouse recruited 6,000 cocks today. I swear they didn't pledge alliance to IS and I feed only some 15.
The Sebastian Daily is out!
RT @Doranimated: The Obama paradox: His aversion to mil matters has "made use of the military instrument almost unavoidable" |
RT @Dr_mz13: “@RevolutionSyria: Don’t exhaust yourself! #Syria #BreathingDeath”
RT @Salim_SYR: A real #Syria policy starts with saving #Aleppo,president of Free Aleppo Governorate Council writes @AtlanticCouncil
The Sebastian Daily is out!
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @peteyoung @missmcj @sznq
RT @michaelarria: There are Americans who think a black teenager reached for a cop's gun, from 35 feet away, but demand further proof for global warming.
RT @PentagonPresSec: Tweets & press reports abt US airstrikes in Syria completely false.
RT @itvnews: Mother creates app to make it impossible for children to ignore parents' texts and calls
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @SebastianX
BHO lied trying to whitewash his criminal assistance to the Syrian genocide. #FoeObama wasn't inactive, he actively blocked help for #Syria.
RT @souhiyl: When it comes to oil ,#Assad is the main customer for #IS ... how would #UNSC apply his Chapter VII ?
RT @SyrCoalition: “Islamic State” Advances in Rural Aleppo
RT @SyrCoalition: Syrian Coalition Calls for Targeted Airstrikes in Syria and a Comprehensive Approach to Defeating ISIS
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @dewitt @NathanJohns
Turkey really tries to protect refugees. In Lebanon the army, err, ahem, Hezbollah, shells refugee camps. #Arsal
Obviously the American tribes ain't yet ready to develop civilized, anti-racists manners, not to speak of a non-corrupt democracy. #Ferguson
Where the f* is #Ferguson? Iraq Syria Ukraine Afghanistan? Judging from coverage it's clearly not in the peaceful North Korean highlands ...
RT @oneunderscore__: "Why do black people always protest by destroying goods?"—White people who literally named a political party after throwing tea in the ocean
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @LordManley
RT @SyrCoalition: Immediate US Military Assistance Needed to Stop ISIS Advance in Aleppo
A tiny engagement in MENA is too little too late; making things worse if not followed by massive support of Syrians, Kurds, Iraq's Sunnnis..
Does anyone in the US/UK/EU governments realize that the Daesh onslaught in Aleppo unfolds a worse atrocity than the Mount Sinjar crisis?
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