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RT @AlexanderPageSY: This is Monstrous: "When Genocide is Permissible" #Gaza #Israel
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @shellen @RyanJones
RT @UNGeneva: UNSG: More than 10 mln ppl in need of urgent humanitarian assistance within #Syria, including 6.4 mln IDPs. Report:
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @marshallk @RyanJones
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @LordManley @SebastianX @shellen
RT @SyrCoalition: 2,378 Syrians Massacred by Assad During Ramadan #EnoughwithAssad
RT @Mario_Greenly: (after killing girl) 'Anything moving in the zone, even a three-year-old, needs to be killed' @jaketapper @AlOraibi
RT @hadialbahra: في ذكرى اختطاف الأب باولو الذي حمل راية الثورة ومد الجسور مع كافة أطياف المجتمع السوري وما أسمعه بالنسبة لأخواننا...
The Hague has not enough cells to host all war criminals of the middle east. That's tens of thousands! #ICC4Israel #ICC4Syria #ICC4Iraq ...
This shady IDF spox dude @IDFSpokesperson clearly is a Goebbels reincarnation like @mfa_russia and @Presidency_Sy. Disgusting. #fascists
RT @OSilent4: Keep in mind that many Syrians and even Palestinians continue to die under torture in Assad's regime prisons, sadly forgotten. #Syria
Still on my wish list: BHO ordering Iran, Russia, Syria et al to stop their state terrorism or else, and actually meaning it. Sigh. #PT
President Obama to Bibi: The ball’s in Israel’s court, and it must end all its military activities: via @Doranimated
RT @Brian_Whit: Debunking Israel's 11 Main Myths About Gaza, Hamas and War Crimes via @HuffPostUKPol
RT @wajdicm: A heart wrenching piece by @AmalHanano on #Eid in #Syria. "The world has turned its bored gaze away from Syria"
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @thatadamguy @kalena @lorenbaker
Throwing firebombs at synagogues in Europe in retaliation for Israel's shelling of churches/mosques in Gaza == counter productive BS.
RT @YallaIr7al: What a Syrian hospital looks like. Victims who are bombed by Assad are bombed again in a hospital. Via @sams_usa
"Every rocket flying into Gaza could bear the imprint 'Courtesy of Washington'" Who said that? In other news: Iran supports Syrian genocide.
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @stonetemple @gsterling @hugoguzman
Eid Mubarak !
The Sebastian Daily is out! Stories via @missmcj @daxherrera @LordManley
RT @anitamcnaught: This is a must-read. RT @QueenNoor: fascinating interview with former Israeli security chief #GazaUnderAttack
The Sebastian Daily is out!
RT @SyriaCivilDef: The 512 volunteer members of @SyriaCivilDef have saved the lives of 2,514 people since March 2013. #Eid mubarak
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RT @javierespinosa2: History: #Israel used 100s times Palestinians as human shields as military tactic until israeli High Court forbid that practice #Gaza
RT @SamAdlerBell: All of @sharifkouddous's reporting from Gaza is riveting, horrifying. On Israel's attack on UNRWA School:
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