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Oh, the joy of hitting cmd+S every time you type whatever, wherever! I gotta love my dissertation report! :)
RT @selia_lahugeea: Gaddafi's government has declared an immediate ceasefire. On Friday. Coincidence? #RebeccaBlackSavesTheDay #FunFunFunFun
RT @sebkomianos: Hello world, I am the new @sebkom, please follow me and ignore him! kthxbai
RT @paulg: My original emails with Fred Wilson about Airbnb:
Yup, that strange new follower you just got is me. Project: Inbox 0 (email, google reader, twitter, everything pretty much) so far so good!
Οπουδήποτε στην Δύση να είχαμε κάτι τέτοιο θα μιλούσαμε τώρα μόνο για τον αντιδραστήρα ή για χιλιάδες νεκρούς;
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