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DIA debunks conspiracy theories - KWGN - http://www.kwgn.com/news...
DIA debunks conspiracy theories - KWGN
Deep inside DIA's dark tunnels where conspiracy theories are born. DIA's Jeff Green says the airport staff has heard the rumors about secret bunkers, underground concentration camps, even a hiding place for aliens. But Green says the actual reason the tunnels were built, were to house miles and miles of underground tracks for an automated baggage system that was supposed to be "state-of-the-art" but never worked. That's why the tunnels are now used by thousands of baggage handlers who speed through the underground maze delivering luggage from one place to another. Green admits it is an underground city of sorts. But he says there are no secret bunkers. When asked if he had shown us everything underground, Green said, "I'm showing you...everything...that I can find...that I know is here." And as for the "strange" and sometimes "scary" art, DIA art director Matt Chasansky says one mural depicts the destruction of the environment, another: the horrors of war, but right next to them are... more... - Secret Society from Bookmarklet
BEYOND UTOPIA With the advent of future developments in science and technology, we will assign more and more decision making to machines. At present this is evident in military systems in which electronic sensors maintain the ideal flight characteristics in advanced aircraft. The capacities of computers today exceed five hundred trillion bits of information per second. The complexity of today's civilization is far too complex for human systems to manage without the assistance of electronic computers. Computers of today are relatively primitive compared to those that will evolve in the future. Eventually the management of social systems will call for require electronic sensors interconnected with all phases of the social sequences thus eliminating the need for politics. Today modern industrial plants have built in automatic inventory systems, which order materials such as bearings and other mechanical replacements well in advance. We believe it is now possible to achieve a society... more... - Secret Society from Bookmarklet
The TSA, CIA and Farouk Abdulmutallab: Connecting the Odd Dots - DBKP - http://deathby1000papercuts.com/2010...
The TSA, CIA and Farouk Abdulmutallab: Connecting the Odd Dots  - DBKP
Many opinion pieces have linked the TSA outrages to last year’s “Christmas bomber” incident, which remains a very mysterious affair. This timeline is of use: * In 2008, former U.S. Department of Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff authored a 38 page report warning of terrorists exploiting our security deficiencies – including air travel. * On Christmas Day 2009, just before the “attempted bombing incident” on board flight 253, there were a total of 40 body scanners in use in 19 airports in the U.S. * On Christmas Day 2009, numerous witnesses watched while Abdulmutallab, the supposed ‘terrorist’ was escorted TO the plane by several men in suits. * After the ‘bombing attempt’ Chertoff made a flurry of media appearances suggesting that the “attempted bombing incident” could have been avoided if all airports were using full body scanners. * The Washington Post printed an article on January 1, 2010, calling Chertoff out for using his government credentials to promote a product... more... - Secret Society from Bookmarklet
One line of thought: the entire Global War on Terror has been manufactured by neoconservatives with the help of a campaign of laughably transparent false flag ops, including the "Christmas bomber" incident. (Try researching all the facts on that incident for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Pay special attention to the testimony of Kurt Haskell.) The neocons are working hard... more... - Sean McBride
"The trumpet will fling out a wonderful sound through the tombs of all regions, it will drive everyone before the throne. Death will be aghast and so will nature, when creation rises again to make answer to the judge. The written book will be brought forth, in which everything is included whereby the world will be judged." - Thomas of Celano
The weird evolutionary story of cranberries - http://io9.com/5694828...
The weird evolutionary story of cranberries
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This Thanksgiving, take your cranberry sauce with a dollop of irony. You're eating cranberries mostly because cranberries stopped trying to get mammals to eat them. Although there are a few plants that migrate, the vast majority of them are stuck in one place. This saves on energy, but has many disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is the lack of any ability to stake out a territory for one's young. Seedlings that drop directly below the plant end up competing with their progenitor for survival. Having a family battle itself is not the way to perpetuate a genetic line, so more successful plants adapted a way to disperse their seeds. They buried them in tasty fruit; fruit that animals would both enjoy and derive nourishment from. When the animals snapped them up, the seeds were either scattered immediately, or carried in the intestinal tract, through the world until they, uh, dropped, far from their parent plant. To discourage animals from eating the fruit before the seeds matured,... more... - Secret Society from Bookmarklet
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