Security Justice Episode 37 – All Good Things Must Come To An End -
Security Justice Episode 36 – Security Turtles, Podcast Updates, DEFCON and Black Hat -
Security Justice Episode 35- THOTCON Edition -
RT @matthewneely: At the @ohioinfosec getting ready to present on EAPeak. Public EAPeak release next week!
RT @ohioinfosec: Tomorrow night at OhioInfosec: OpenCW, EAPEAK demo (@matthewneely) and Ethical Hacking; come join us:
RT @matthewneely: Tuesday I'll be at the Pittsburgh ISSA meeting doing a hands on Introduction to NMAP Workshop.
RT @travisgoodspeed: I'm still looking for this model of SecurID tag, expiring sometime before 2007:
RT @hadesarrow: Tshirts from @matthewneely 's epic Pen Testing talk at #notacon available online!
No 4:40 podcast. The @securityjustice crew will be checking out the ground breaking 4:40 talk instead. Sorry for the confusion folks.
Streaming live not from @thotcon!
RT @securid: Going live in a few minutes! #securityjustice (Broadcasting live at
Two live podcasts from @thotcon today at 1:20 and 4:40 Central time. Special guests @g_mark, @Wh1t3Rabbit and @tmacuk.
RT @RafalLos: Jäger shots at 10am with @jafriendz and @davemarcus ...what could possibly go wrong? #THOTCON
RT @matthewneely: New version of EAPeak will be released to @thotcon attendees during our 10:50 talk. Public release in May.
RT @tmacuk: looking forward to be podcasting with the @securityjustice guys today at #THOTCON
RT @matthewneely: At @THOTCON setting up the @securityjustice table!
RT @isdpodcast: Save @exoticliability They need stripper pole, duct tape, microphones, Maker's (cases) & mixing board. http://Http:/...
Only *slightly* better than a Rebecca Black video, we proudly present Security Justice Episode 34!
Security Justice Episode 34 – THOTCON, Notacon and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard with @kaospunk -
We're back! Tonight it's Cyberdouchery, Notacon and PTES discussions 9pm EDT Stream: #securityjustice
RT @0xAli: I'm watching securityjustice's live broadcast on @Ustream! Come join me #BSidesCLE live stream!
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