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RT @websecurify: Scanner vs. Recon - What is the difference between Scanner and Recon you may ask? In this blog post we will explor...
RT @kfalconspb: aNmap - Android Network Mapper (Nmap for Android)
Improving Malware Detection in Firefox
The complexities of the Retail World – A PCI:DSS Perspective
RT @RandomStorm: Jim Seaman writes 'If each payment card record = £86 there's a clear business case for investing in PCI:DSS support'
RT @DanLinden: Such an incredibly sad scene at Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands
RT @websecurify: Escapemode, Screenshot and Auto-formatting Improvements - Over the past couple of days we made three awesome impro...
this is really scary...
RT @EduardKovacs: Black Hat conference talk on how to break Tor cancelled
RT @helpnetsecurity: EFF releases Firefox, Chrome plugin to stop online tracking -
RT @websecurify: For a detailed preview of some of the features of just follow this link:
RT @scipvulbot: Tenable Nessus up to 5.2.7 Web UI 2.3.4 /server/properties information disclosure
RT @jlshaw87: Burp Suite Professional v1.6.02: @Burp_Suite
Stealing unencrypted SSH-agent keys from memory :
RT @kesgardner: The Ukraine plane story gets worse: Dutch banks say that victims’ credit cards may have been looted and used.
RT @MAS: [#MASalert] Statement by Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Najib Razak on #MH17 Incident -
RT @r_netsec: SSL Blacklist - database of SSL certificates used by malware or botnets. -
RT @Reuters: #BREAKING: Number of dead from crash of #MH17 more than 300, includes 23 U.S. citizen: Interior Ministry adviser, quoted by Interfax
How elite hackers (almost) stole the NASDAQ
RT @MaximEristavi: Russia's @lifenews_ru crew is at the #MH17 crash site
and again another Malaysian Airlines Boing777
RT @_mwc: Article: Google bug-hunting Project Zero could face software developer troubles: Google's launch of a... #infosec
RT @JardineSoftware: .@irongeek_adc This is what I use with Fiddler
RT @manunkind: Google Creates Elite Team To Fight Hackers -- And Maybe The NSA
RT @jeremiahg: 'DEF CON Black Badge - FREE entry to DEF CON for life! ‘ Current Bid: $1,600
RT @netsparker: New version of Netsparker is available for download. Here is a features highlight: #netsparker #release
RT @masontech: @RandomStorm publishes book on human nature security risks -
Active Directory flaw impacts 95% of Fortune 1000 companies
RT @AlexConstantinD: Apulia film festival - Official Selection @DareSideOfMoon
RT @ethicalhack3r: Asked @owtfp for some stickers for my sticker frame, got 100 stickers! :D Ask me for some if you see me at a con! // @7a_
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