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RT @_sinn3r: Hi all, do we have any Brazilian #Metasploit hackers that can verify this ms08_067 patch works?
RT @sirdarckcat: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)
RT @sirdarckcat: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)
Nuclear exploit kit - complete infection cycle
RT @r_netsec: I was just asked to crack a program in a job interview -
RT @msftsecurity: How Vulnerabilities are Exploited: the Root Causes of Exploited Remote Code Execution CVEs: #security
RT @ukjimbow: Exploiting XPath injection vulnerabilities with XCat
Learning Exploitation with FSExploitMe
RT @w3af: Message to the community: "Don’t write your own web application security scanner"
RT @balkanleaks: Forbes: @Wikileaks cable predicted The Bulgarian Banking Disaster.
RT @RandomStorm: .@StevewGold Reports on woeful state of password security and shares best practice advice from @Gavin_h_Watson
"Danish man takes taxi from Odense to Rome,traveled three days and paid 4000 euros" <- that's crazy! lol
RT @cnnbrk: Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen:
RT @codelancer: The Syrian Malware House of Cards Full report (PDF)
RT @briankrebs: Reuters: Hackers stole personal data on 4.5 million Americans from healthcare co. < blames China, so sigh of relief?
RT @NCCGroupInfosec: NCC Labs: in development by @shaikh_sharique - a physcial bruteforce tool for devices when it is the only way left
RT @Reddit_NetSec: Medusa ‘combo’ word lists (default usernames and passwords) for SSH and Telnet services
RT @pdp: Landing Encoder - Most of you are already familiar with Websecurify Arena - the swiss army knife for doing almost ...
RT @RandomStorm: Why we need a tighter framework for social engineering penetration testing: @gavin_h_watson writes in @scmagazineuk
RT @MALWATCH: Malware Analysis: FBI Shellcode Payload - & (@unixfreaxjp) (#Malware #Reversing #REMWA)
Web Server Attack Investigation - Installing a Bot and Reverse Shell via a PHP Vulnerability
RT @0xrb: Dendroid Source Leaked @AdityaKSood
RT @binarypool: SpiderFoot 2.2 out in the next couple of days - simultaneous scanning, targeting of IPs, hostnames and subnets and search functionality.
RT @w0rm_commynity: #hacked #wordpress #0day On src : acces to server. config to DB. Mail server config.
RT @ron190jsql: #jSQL internationalization with #i18n. All languages accepted: Arabic, Hindi, Chinese contributors required #java
RT @kalilinux: Hats off to the @rapid7 devs for fixing the Kali #Metasploit build so quickly. You can update Kali now and ignore the MSF warning on load.
Grocery shoppers nationwide probably had credit card data stolen
RT @sambowne: Ty @Viss: Scanning the entire Internet
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