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Tor Begins Blacklisting Exit Nodes Vulnerable to Heartbleed:
RT @Netcraft: Netcraft releases Heartbleed indicator for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
RT @EduardKovacs: Romanian man arrested for stealing card data and attempting to hack the website of the President of Romania
RT @virusbtn: Is you organisation running Java? Make sure Friday won't be a Bad Friday by applying the most recent patches
Exploiting CSRF under NoScript Conditions
RT @Burp_Suite: Burp Suite v1.6 released, with new Free and Pro Editions
RT @s3rp3n: FBI to have 52 million photos in its NGI face recognition database by next year
RT @lennyzeltser: 3 excellent explanations of client-side (rather than server) #Heartbleed vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques:
Crossdomain.xml Proof of Concept Tool
US Airways Just Tweeted Out One Of The Most Graphic Things You’ve Ever Seen A Brand Tweet #LOL
Burp Suite Heartbleed Bug Extension
RT @acunetix: What happens when #XSS helps #CSRF attacks?
The NSA knew about Heartbleed bug for two years, claims report
Microbe – simplified Pentesting tool for Chrome users
RT @pwntester: Yet another XXE out there. But google pays $10000 for them ...
RT @TenableSecurity: Heartbleed Dashboard for SecurityCenter centralizes scanning, sniffing and log gin detects in one place :
RT @digininja: Pipal analysis of 68k passwords from the Boxee forum hack Thanks to @m3g9tr0n for the dump
Hobby hackers: white hats help web security
10 ways your mobile phone leaks your sensitive information
RT @noptrix: I just released sn00p. An automation framework for security tests and tools. Check out at RE pls. #nullsecurity
RT @mubix: Anyone using #heartbleed against botnets and C2 yet? Prime opportunity for take downs? @briankrebs
RT @binarypool: Wondering if integrating #SpiderFoot with a vulnerability scanner would make sense, perhaps a plug-in to integrate with one like #wapiti ?
RT @securityninja: Zed Attack Proxy 2.3.0 by @owasp is out!
RT @mashable: #Heartbleed has the potential to be one of the biggest, most widespread vulnerabilities in the modern web's history.
RT @ptracesecurity: A Close Look at RTF Zero-Day Attack CVE-2014-1761 Shows Sophistication of Attackers #exploitdev #vulnerability #0day
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