will drink some beer in my old friend @Sippey's honor since I can and he probably can't.
Twitter has some bad solstice juju
Now more blog posts embedding "The Wire: The Musical" than the number of people who ever watched The Wire. Well done, Funny or Die.
In a quick glance of @imdb's "Star Meter" the only TV stars to make the list are from GAME OF THRONES. Wacky, but happy for Maisie Williams
Did MLB send out a memo insisting announcers and analysts use the word scuffling when they really mean struggling?
shocker: Sony wanted more episodes for syndication even if it meant firing show runner. Two words: 'Til Death. #ifyouresurpriseditsyourfault
POWER RANGERS Sunday Noon = 2.207 million viewers. Sat. noon was higher w/2.876 million
That's a huge audience! - Young Mullins
Sunday Night ARMY WIVES = 4.794 million viewers , BREAKOUT KINGS = 2.118 million.
RT @JenniferArrow: I just need one more prominent show runner to bitchslap Matt Weiner on Twitter and I have a trend story! C'mon, you guys can do it!
RT @jfuentes: Don't have Showtime? Watch the season three premieres of NURSE JACKIE & UNITED STATES OF TARA online now: http://www.sho.com/site...
RT @BastardMachine: Yes, final episodes of Lights Out will air. Now it joins Terriers as unexpectedly excellent "miniseries."
Netflix.com is down...blame SHOWTIME! Kidding, but Netflix.com is really down.
RT @calibadger: best college hoops announcers/studio guys? vote here: http://content.usatoday.com/communi... (i go GUS, RAFT, SETH and GREG)
RT @PopinjayRose: @TVbytheNumbers #Japan in ruins, war in #Libya, #PaulReiser returning to television... just one more horsemen to go. #ohdeargodno!
POWER RANGERS Sunday March 20 @Noon averaged 2.756 million viewers
RT @franklinavenue: After a week-long Japan hiatus, nice to see Charlie Sheen back grabbing the headlines again. #sigh
RT @spotupj: Could the "way down" #ACC land more Sweet 16 teams than the "best conference ever" #BigEast (or any other conference)? Shocker.
For @CherylHeuton - NUMB3RS reruns edged out DR. OZ in household ratings syndication rankings for week ending March 6.
Saturday noon POWER RANGERS was highest of the Week. SUNDAY noon was 2.68 million.
Saturday noon POWER RANGERS = 2.834 million viewers.
Sunday's ARMY WIVES = 3.356 million viewers; BREAKOUT KINGS = 2.387 million viewers
RT @scottcollinsLAT: Charlie Sheen's meltdown might be good news for 'The Chicago Code' ratings http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtra... via @LATshowtracker
Wow. A damn fine launch by @MattMitovich @MichaelAusiello and the TV Line team. Congrats. http://www.quantcast.com/tvline...
Amen. RT @franklinavenue: Couldn't stand listening to the CNN idiot anymore.
If Sheen vs. Warner Bros & Lorre goes to court and is televised, would that make an extra $100+ Million for Time Warner?
V dropped to a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating, DETROIT 1-8-7 down to a 1.1. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011...
out of 16,916 basic cable telecasts last wk, 1,600 averaged 1 million viewers or more. 236 > 2 million, 43 > 3 million, 13 > 4 million.
the Internet would explode if today's story was "Charlie Sheen Disses Netflix, Will Distribute 'Sheens Korner' only on Facebook"
Saturday BIG TIME RUSH = 3.39 million viewers; Victorious = 3.457 Million
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