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Natsuki Seika

Natsuki Seika

半ニートの漫画編集者. インドネシア人で自分勝手な人. 下手な日本語ですみません.
[仕事] これは金曜日じゃないですか!? -
raiski-gya: 金剛改二/艦これ -
[携帯] 何でも記録する -
Re: Will Light Field cameras kill the current “classic” DSLR-Mirrorless? -
"There's still strongholds of film users, such as in APUG. Like any other tech news that say "kill" in its headline, we need to agree on a certain threshold to declare it "dead". Else, as long as there's still one film camera working, the proponents will say digital has failed to kill film. The only acceptable defeat is a 100% wipeout. This would be the case in the internet for this light field vs traditional. As long as there's still one camera still working, even though the support has ended years ago, they will stubbornly stand like the Black Knight in Monty Python." - Natsuki Seika
[日記] 選挙はまるでゲーム・オブ・スローンズ -
[日記] そのバスはムカつく -
[買い物][ガジェット] 運動量計 -
[週末] このサークルはきつい -
Re: Real-time coaching with Health Mate 2.0 -
"Any plan on integration with HealthVault to keep copy of the recorded datas ?" - Natsuki Seika
[買い物] 郵便です -
[買い物][ガジェット] 新しい携帯 -
白(CV.茅野愛衣) – オラシオン -
ちょうちょ – 優しさの理由 -
Continuing the previous rants, since Microsoft aren’t showing any prospective in short term for Windows Phone to close the gap with the other two platforms, I’ve... -
[携帯] もっと暫く待ってて -
[仕事] 忘れちゃった -
[仕事] 明日から -
[家][仕事] 集中出来ない -
[仕事] 終わった -
[仕事] 持ち帰り仕事 -
[お題] 選んだカメラ -
[週末] 海に行きます -
週末はエコーパークに行きました. 写真はほぼ全部エアガン場で撮りました. -
週末はエコーパークに行きました. 写真はほぼ全部エアガン場で撮りました.
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